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Biovelop AB launches PromOat oat beta glucan.

Biovelop AB has launched a revolutionary oat-based soluble fibre ingredient containing 35% beta glucan. PromOat is neutral in both taste and colour and is now set to open up opportunities for the wider application of oat-based beta glucans in a range of food and drink products. With many seeing soluble fibres as the next big growth area in the international functional foods sector, PromOat differentiates itself from competitors by containing no insoluble oat fibre or oat protein, which are the components that can prejudice the flavour and aesthetics of finished products. Also benefiting from being gluten free, Biovelop AB expects to see huge interest from international food and drink manufacturers looking to take advantage of the growing 'free from' and functional food sectors. Already trialled in fruit juices, smoothies, ready meals, condiments, dressings, processed meat and bakery products, PromOat enables products to provide or contribute to the recommended daily intake of 3 g of beta glucan, thereby allowing access to JHCI, EFSA and FDA health claims linking oat beta glucan to the maintenance of healthy blood cholesterol levels. With research showing that beta glucans may help to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension, help to regulate blood sugar, promote satiety and act as a prebiotic for improved gut health, PromOat is positioned to be a versatile, value adding ingredient, providing brands with key health USPs. PromOat also offers food and drink manufacturers other functional qualities, as it can be used as an effective fat replacer, powerful water binder, emulsifier, stabilizer and viscosity modifier, while providing products with a creamy, luxurious mouthfeel (


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Date:Nov 1, 2010
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