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United States : PositiveID's Chief Technology advisor chairs Healthcare Innovation Panel at National Defense Industrial Association Health Affairs Biodefense Summit. Oct 26, 2016 279
United States : For bioterrorism preparedness, HHS sponsors inhaled chlorine antidote. Sep 30, 2016 638
Development Of Therapeutic Products For Biodefense & Emerging Infectious Diseases. Sep 22, 2016 110
Australia : Bio-terrorism algorithm forecasting flu outbreaks. Jul 14, 2016 525
Iran Parliament Analyzed Islamabad-Gharb terrorist attempt and Clues to Bioterrorism. Jul 12, 2016 307
AsepticSure Receives EU Patent Approval for its Bio-Terrorism Counter Measures Application. Jun 13, 2016 420
Bioterrorism agent real-time pcr kit and other 3 items. Mar 17, 2016 124
Bioterrorism Expert Exposes Massive Vulnerability Gaps in our Food Supply - Phage by Mark Tamplin, PhD. Mar 16, 2016 448
DNA Forensic Market (Law Enforcement, Biodefense, Healthcare and Personal Security) 2016 Analysis and Forecasts to 2020. Feb 22, 2016 979
The U.S. Market for Biodefense-Related Rapid Pathogen Identification and Treatments. Jan 14, 2016 868
Global Biodefense Industry Analysis and Forecast - 2015 Deep Market Research Report. Report Dec 9, 2015 2319
Global Biodefense Industry Analysis and Forecast - 2015 Deep Market Research Report. Report Dec 9, 2015 2325
ProfNet Experts Available on Police in Schools, Bioterrorism, El Faro, More. Nov 4, 2015 1626
Hudson Institute Co-Releases Report on US Biodefense Readiness. Oct 28, 2015 580
Blue Ribbon Biodefense Panel Recommends Vaccines-on-Demand Approach Developed by EpiVax. Oct 28, 2015 1437
The U.S. Market for Biodefense-Related Rapid Pathogen Identification and Treatments - Reportlinker Review. Oct 14, 2015 863
Bioterrorism and Food Security - by Compliance Global Inc.. Sep 10, 2015 389
Biodefense Panel Expresses Grave Concerns over Findings at Nation's Research Labs. Jun 4, 2015 618
UAE ready to deal with bioterrorism threats, experts say. Apr 29, 2015 622
Latest Clinical Information On Bioterrorism Threats. Mar 4, 2015 432
Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Is Now Health Security. Feb 26, 2015 915
Biosensors Market by Application (Point of Care, Home Diagnostics, Research Labs, Biodefense, Environmental Monitoring, Food Industry), Product (Wearable, Non-Wearable), Technology (Electrochemical, Piezoelectric, Optical) & Geography - Analysis & Forecas. Feb 25, 2015 485
Ricin Toxin Vaccine Poster Presented at the 2015 ASM Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting in Washington, DC. Feb 13, 2015 2062
Preclinical Melioidosis Results Presented at the 2015 ASM Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting in Washington, DC. Feb 11, 2015 1562
Soligenix Announces Presentation and Poster at the 2015 ASM Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting in Washington, DC. Feb 2, 2015 2626
Global Biodefense Market Size and Forecast Up to 2020: Grand View Research, Inc. Jan 22, 2015 211
The 2013-2018 Outlook for Bioterrorism Detection Equipment in India. Jan 20, 2015 270
Biodefense Market Worth $13.33 billion By 2020: Grand View Research, Inc. Jan 19, 2015 1012
Biodefense Market Worth $13.33 billion By 2020: Grand View Research, Inc. Jan 19, 2015 1019
Hudson Institute Co-Hosts Blue Ribbon Biodefense Panel. Dec 4, 2014 429
Bioterrorist Attack And Other 'Megashocks' Could Devastate Australia. Nov 26, 2014 423
ANTHRAX TERROR; SCARE 999 CREWS RUSH TO SCENE Caller claimed he had deadly disease. Nov 13, 2014 346
Raising the stakes: a laptop seized in Syria suggests Islamic State is pushing to develop a nightmare Black Death terror weapon amid intelligence fears the jihadists, who have long sought chemical and biological capabilities, are planning major attacks on the West. Blanche, Ed Nov 1, 2014 729
PharmAthene and Nanotherapeutics Form Strategic Alliance to Advance Biodefense Programs. Sep 8, 2014 1263
Development of therapeutic medical countermeasures for biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. Mar 19, 2014 109
DoD's BioDefense Therapeutics Announces First Patient Enrolled in Phase 3 Clinical Trials for Favipiravir. Jan 7, 2014 577
Innovative BioDefense Announces Exclusive Partnership With Picketts Health to Sell Zylast(TM) for Patented Orbel(TM) Hand Sanitizer Applicator. Dec 3, 2013 543
DoD's BioDefense Therapeutics Announces Positive Results for Flu Treatment Drug. Financial report Oct 16, 2013 573
Innovative BioDefense and Golden State Medical Supply Will Joint Venture to Sell Zylast(TM) to the Government. Oct 2, 2013 1233
Contract Awarded to support the development of several antibiotics to fight antibiotic resistance and bioterrorism. Sep 30, 2013 326
Development of therapeutic medical countermeasures for biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. Sep 21, 2013 106
Development of therapeutic medical countermeasures for biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. Sep 21, 2013 117
Development of therapeutic medical countermeasures for biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. Sep 21, 2013 108
United Kingdom : GlaxoSmithKline gains US deal for delivering the U.S. bio-terror threat anthrax. Sep 20, 2013 154
Doomsday List for Apocalypse: Bioterrorism, Cyber-Attacks and Hostile Computers Threaten Mankind. Sep 13, 2013 428
Innovative BioDefense Introduces Zylast Antiseptic Lotion. Jul 30, 2013 570
The critical nature of building biodefense capacity in Africa. Kerr, Ralph F. Jun 22, 2013 4085
Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners Approves Biologix Solutions Online Bioterrorism Response Course for All State Licensees. Jun 15, 2013 256
Cempra Awarded $58 Million Contract to Develop Antibiotic for Pediatric Use and Biodefense by Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). May 28, 2013 965
William Florence, DTRA, to Present on Biodefense Vaccines at GTC's Vaccines Conf., July 8-10, Boston. May 23, 2013 428
Specific Technologies Detects and Identifies Potential Bioterrorism Pathogenic Bacteria. May 20, 2013 575
United States : $714 MILLION is offered by Obama for biodefense project in Kansas. Apr 15, 2013 299
Inovio Pharmaceuticals & U.S. Army Receive $3.5 Million Biodefense Grant to Further Develop Mass Vaccination Device. Apr 10, 2013 1330
New Bioterrorism Vaccine Gets First Test In Humans. Feb 26, 2013 739
Local planning for terror and disaster; from bioterrorism to earthquakes. Book review Feb 1, 2013 201
DTRA Awards US$3.3M Contract to PsiOxus Therapeutics to Develop Biodefence Vaccine Adjuvants. Jan 18, 2013 940
Preparing For Bioterrorism: The Sloan Foundation's Leadership in Biosecurity. Dec 12, 2012 636
Tabletop scenarios for realism in bioterrorism and threat preparedness. Abraham, Rachel T.; Walls, Richard T.; Fischer, Mark; Markovic-Reed, Sandra; Solovieva, Tatiana I.; Report Nov 1, 2012 3473
Rib-X Reports Preclinical Studies at ICAAC with Novel Classes of RX-04 Antibiotic Compounds Demonstrating Potent and Rapid Efficacy in a S. pneumoniae Lung Model of Infection and Activity Against a Diverse Spectrum of Biodefense Pathogens. Sep 12, 2012 1244
Storm brewing over BioWatch3 program. Magnuson, Stew Sep 1, 2012 449
Soligenix Announces Collaboration with Infectious Disease Research Institute to Develop Thermostabilized Biodefense Vaccines Utilizing Novel Adjuvants. Jun 27, 2012 1428
University of Washington, University of Texas Medical Branch and Kineta, Inc. Granted $8.1 Million for Biodefense Antiviral Drug Development. May 8, 2012 1293
Controversial avian flu paper that raised bioterrorism fears finally goes to press. May 3, 2012 718
Can censorship stop bioterrorism? Open science is the best defense against a deadly avian flu attack. Bailey, Ronald Column May 1, 2012 1162
Bio-Terror & Infectious Disease Outbreak: Detection Technologies and Global Markets - 2012 Edition. Apr 10, 2012 6164
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Receives Defense Department Funding for Bioterrorism-Related Synthetic Vaccine Program. Apr 2, 2012 1035
Deadly bird flu studies to be kept secret for now over fear of bioterrorism risks. Feb 18, 2012 664
Deadly bird flu research paused amid bioterror fears. Jan 21, 2012 364
SIPP International Industries, Inc. to Accelerate Revenues with Acquisition of Cutting-Edge Biological Anti-Terrorism Technology. Jan 4, 2012 932
Luminex Corporation Vice President of Biodefense to Speak at DTRA'S 2011 CBD S&T Conference. Conference news Nov 14, 2011 695
AIU Ph.D Asks: Could Invasive Species Become the Next Biological Weapon? Nov 9, 2011 545
Research and Markets: Complete A-Z Encyclopedia of Bioterrorism Defense: Related Science, Technology, Medicine, Politics, Law and History. Nov 3, 2011 254
Bio-terror threat adds new twist. Oct 21, 2011 363
WMD Research Center Gives the Country's Biopreparedness Effort a "D" for Medical Countermeasures Development and Availability. Oct 12, 2011 1009
Federal response to a domestic nuclear attack. Mercer, James C. Sep 22, 2011 11183
Report: gaps threaten bioterrorism defense. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Sep 15, 2011 1099
Technology only a small part of detecting bioterrorist threats. Ake, David C. Sep 1, 2011 1536
x US counterterrorism officials believe Al Qaeda still a threat. Jul 29, 2011 331
Chimerix to Present at Infocast's 9th Annual Biodefense Vaccines & Therapeutics Conference. Conference news Jul 20, 2011 889
Growth in Immunochemicals Market being driven by Bio-terrorism, Healthcare and Agriculture sector demand: Jun 20, 2011 480
U.S. strategy to combat bioterrorism takes global view. Jean, Grace V. Jun 1, 2011 1092
Always be ready: biohazard or pandemic, preparation is key. Lynn, Karen Jun 1, 2011 1044
Are we prepared? Brief article Jun 1, 2011 227
Research and Markets: Francisella Tularensis: Biology, Pathogenicity, Epidemiology, and Biodefense. Mar 30, 2011 495
Aethlon Medical Discloses Emerging Opportunities in Biodefense Interview. Mar 25, 2011 872
The dangerous decline in the department of defense's vaccine program for infectious diseases. Hall, Kenneth E. Mar 22, 2011 7843
New National Biodefense Science Board Member Will Advise HHS Federal Advisory Committee that Provides Insight for Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. Jan 4, 2011 380
Packaging and shipping capabilities of New York State Hospital Laboratories: a 3-year drill assessment. Pennell, Paula A.; Brennan, Lynn E.; Burhans, Robert L.; Ostrowski, Stephanie E. Report Jan 1, 2011 4031
WikiLeaks: US voiced fears India could be target of biological terrorism. Dec 17, 2010 423
Aduro BioTech Receives "Outstanding Scientific Achievement" Award for Biodefense. Nov 30, 2010 472
'A Platform Technology to Address Bioterrorism' Released by Aethlon Medical, Inc. Nov 18, 2010 1102
To counter bioterrorism, the key is boosting immunity. Beidel, Eric Nov 1, 2010 187
NIH funds advanced development of three biodefense vaccines. Oct 7, 2010 143
Super-antibiotic Research funded. Anderson, Jane Brief article Oct 1, 2010 122
A review of sentinel laboratory performance: identification and notification of bioterrorism agents. Wagar, Elizabeth A.; Mitchell, Michael J.; Carroll, Karen C.; Beavis, Kathleen G.; Petti, Cathy Anne Oct 1, 2010 10511
Aethlon Medical Reestablishes Biodefense Programs. Sep 21, 2010 1789
Medizone International Files For Additional Bio-Terrorism Countermeasures Patent Protection. Sep 9, 2010 347
Universal Detection Technology Receives Purchase Order for Bioterror and Chemical Weapon Detection Equipment from Washington, D.C.'s Office of Public Safety and Justice. Jul 19, 2010 613
PharmAthene Presents New Data for Lyophilized rPA Anthrax Vaccine Showing Enhanced Immunogenicity. Jul 15, 2010 1489
Universal Detection Technology Responds to Congress' Proposed Cuts in Bioterrorism Funding. Jul 14, 2010 640
Bavarian Nordic Delivers 1 Million Doses of First Vaccine Developed Under U.S. Biopreparedness Program to the Strategic National Stockpile. Jul 13, 2010 1239
A counter-WMD strategy for the future. Mauroni, Albert J. Essay Jun 22, 2010 6600
Universal Detection Technology Bioweapons Detection Kits Combat Black-Market Botox, Bioterrorists. Jun 21, 2010 635
Oz American scientists spooked by underground bio-terror threat in Darwin. Jun 20, 2010 258
Bioterror Attack: Are We Prepared? Jun 2, 2010 696
Growing public interest in genetic science sparks some bio-security concerns. Magnuson, Stew Jun 1, 2010 1523
Universal Detection Technology Receives Purchase Order from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives for Bioterrorism Detection Equipment. May 3, 2010 433
Advanced Life Sciences' Restanza Effective Against Pathogen Representing Global Public Health And Bioterror Threat. Apr 21, 2010 1066
Entomological terrorism: a tactic in asymmetrical warfare. Monthei, Derek; Mueller, Scott; Lockwood, Jeffrey; Debboun, Mustapha Apr 1, 2010 6377
Bioterror in the age of biotechnology. Gerstein, Daniel M. Apr 1, 2010 5604
Universal Detection Technology Brings Anthrax Detection and Bioterrorism Prevention Training to FOSE 2010 and Homeland Security Finance Forum. Mar 19, 2010 586
Protalix Initiates a Phase I Clinical Trial of Acetylcholinesterase for Biodefense Indications. Mar 17, 2010 1353
Universal Detection Technology Receives Purchase Order from the City of Burbank Fire Department for Bioterrorism Detection Equipment. Mar 8, 2010 464
Universal Detection Technology Receives Purchase Order from the U.S. Army for Bioterrorism Detection Equipment. Mar 3, 2010 414
Breeding Bio Insecurity: How U.S. Biodefense Is Exporting Fear, Globalizing Risk, and Making Us All Less Secure. Zelkowitz, Rachel Brief article Feb 13, 2010 264
U.S. 'totally unprepared' to respond to large scale bioterrorism attack: Report. Jan 27, 2010 324
Universal Detection Technology Responds to Failure of U.S. Bioterrorism Prevention in Congressional Commission's Report Card. Jan 26, 2010 664
Llama proteins are potential bioterrorism weapons. Jan 21, 2010 428
HAZMAT Exercise Simulated Smallpox Terror Attack. Brief article Jan 20, 2010 80
State programs. Financial report Jan 1, 2010 21083
Commons in anthrax terror alert; SECURITY. Dec 31, 2009 97
WMD and terrorism awareness in the contemporary operational environment. Moilanen, Jon H. Dec 22, 2009 3569
Universal Detection Technology Files White Paper for Bioterrorism Detection Research Funding from the Department of Homeland Security. Dec 10, 2009 757
Former U.K. Health Protection Agency Director Rejoins Emergent BioSolutions to Head Biodefense Business. Dec 1, 2009 681
Research and Markets: Hand Sanitizers - US Market Trends; Global Threats Such as SARS, Outbreak of Flu and Bioterrorism Have Exemplified the Need and Importance of Hand Hygiene. Industry overview Nov 20, 2009 282
Officials receive bioterrorism training devised by Interpol. Nov 17, 2009 254
Bioterrorism threat is real and deadly Need to prepare for bioterror attack stressed. Nov 16, 2009 618
Universal Detection Technology Brings Anthrax Detection Kits and Bioterrorism Prevention Training to Milipol Paris 2009. Oct 29, 2009 639
Why Weren't H1N1 Vaccines Available For Children Before School Started? Oct 28, 2009 575
Universal Detection Technology to Present Hand-Held Bioterrorism Detection for 2012 London Olympics at the Terrorism & Security 2009 Conference, Endorsed by ACPO TAM and NYPD Intelligence Division. Oct 20, 2009 517
Universal Detection Technology Addresses Bioterrorism Threat to National Security at ASIS 2009. Sep 17, 2009 596
A new day: DHS technology chief nominee can't escape past controversies. Aug 1, 2009 496
Reportlinker Adds Bioterrorism. Jul 16, 2009 1562
Telehealth Ontario detection of gastrointestinal illness outbreaks. Caudle, Jaelyn M.; van Dijk, Adam; Rolland, Elizabeth; Moore, Kieran M. Jul 1, 2009 3401
7 Deadly myths. Kirman, Irena; Middleton, Jeremy; Kilpatrick, Laura E. Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2009 930
Eczema herpeticum and clinical criteria for investigating smallpox. Boyd, David A.; Sperling, Leonard C.; Norton, Scott A. Jul 1, 2009 1810
"Glow or no glow" technique maybe used to defend against biological terror attack. Jun 18, 2009 315
7 deadly myths about weapons of terror. Erwin, Sandra I.; Magnuson, Stew Jun 1, 2009 4486
Laboratory-guided detection of disease outbreaks: three generations of surveillance systems. Sintchenko, Vitali; Gallego, Blanca Report Jun 1, 2009 6935
Mobile BIS Debuts Two-Way Automatic Calling for Fashion Retailers, Pet Cemetaries, Police, Jails, Government Disaster, Bio-Terrorism Control Agencies. Apr 30, 2009 730
Detection of bioterrorism agents and related public health threats utilising matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS). Von Seggern, Christopher E.; Halden, Rolf U. Report Apr 1, 2009 6219
BioNeutral Group, Inc. Announces Dr. Dorothy Canter, Former EPA's Chief Scientist for Bioterrorism Issues, as Lead Homeland Security Consultant. Mar 20, 2009 844
Data on PolyMedix Antimicrobial Compounds Presented at American Society of Microbiology 7th Annual Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting. Feb 25, 2009 504
JMAR Technologies Raises Awareness of BioSentry[R] Protection against Bioterrorism. Jan 12, 2009 758
'Insect-based' biological weapons easier option than nukes for terrorists. Jan 6, 2009 274
New anti-viral drug may help fight potential bio-terrorism agents. Dec 3, 2008 559
If terrorists had biological weapons, Mumbai rampage would have been more devastating. Dec 3, 2008 493
New anti-viral drug may help fight potential bio-terrorism agents. Nov 25, 2008 559
Syntiron LLC Receives Notification of a $3.8M Pending Contract from the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to Develop Bioterrorism Vaccines. Oct 22, 2008 505
Merlin Secures Contract with Battelle National Biodefense Institute to Support National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center. Oct 14, 2008 449
Preparedness for a CBRNE event. Dembek, Zygmunt F. Oct 1, 2008 3245
FBI describes the science used to trace source of anthrax spores: bacteria's genetic fingerprints prove critical to case. Ehrenberg, Rachel Sep 13, 2008 753
Iranian enmeshed in anthrax case-(but as an investigator, not as a terrorist. Sep 12, 2008 1194
Deadly bugs: biological attacks on the horizon, warns expert. Erwin, Sandra I. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 158
Biodefense dollars not going where needed, experts warn. Aug 1, 2008 413
Bioterrorism and vaccine events remain threats. Bates, Betsy Aug 1, 2008 1010
Bioterrorism threat lives on, as do vaccine-related events. Bates, Betsy Aug 1, 2008 686
Aethlon Medical Featured in CBN Bioterrorism Report. Jul 10, 2008 516
Luna Announces $2.1 Million Grant for BioDefense Agent. Jun 18, 2008 525
Emergent BioSolutions and the European Corporate Security Association (ECSA) Sponsor a Conference on Bioterrorism. Jun 5, 2008 424
Aethlon Medical Submits Biodefense Contract Proposal to U.S. Government. Jun 4, 2008 950
Legislation for fiscal year 2008. Martin, Kenneth W. Jun 1, 2008 36224
Chevron and Keenan Inaugurate $100 Million Utility Plant at National Interagency Biodefense Campus. May 8, 2008 558
Aethlon Medical to Pursue U.S. Government Biodefense Contract. Apr 23, 2008 1138
The Israeli-Hizbullah 34-day war: causes and consequences. Alagha, Joseph Event overview Mar 22, 2008 9701
Innovative Biosensors, Inc. and SecureTeq Corporation Partner to Integrate Technologies for Biodefense Security Management. Mar 3, 2008 627
Data on PolyMedix Antimicrobial Polymers Presented at American Society of Microbiology 6th Annual Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting. Feb 26, 2008 563
CBI Services is Accredited by the Laboratory Response Network of Bioterrorism. Jan 22, 2008 383
SIGA CEO, Dr. Eric Rose, Selected to Serve as Member of National Biodefense Science Board. Dec 20, 2007 333
America Faces High Risk of a Terrorist Anthrax Attack; Six Years After 2001 Anthrax Incidents U.S. Still Largely Unprepared Warns Terrorism Expert Neil Livingstone. Nov 14, 2007 720
ExecutiveAction Announces Press Conference to Release Threat Assessment on a Terrorist Anthrax Attack Against America. Nov 12, 2007 220
AVI BioPharma to Present on NEUGENE Countermeasures to Biological Threats at U.S. Department of Defense 2007 Biodefense Research Conference. Conference news Nov 6, 2007 975
Disaster preparedness: your role as a dental professional and community member. Furnari, Winnie Nov 1, 2007 3290
BioFactura Announces Positive Results in Development of New Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Infections and Bioterrorism Threats. Financial report Oct 30, 2007 368
Corgenix Announces Initial Results in Development of New Tests for Viral Infections and Bioterrorism Threats. Oct 15, 2007 1239
Nanotherapeutics Awarded $20 Million NIAID/BARDA Contract to Develop Inhaled Gentamicin for Treatment of Aerosol Exposure to Bioterrorism Agents. Oct 11, 2007 1184
New Fort Detrick "biodefense" laboratory may reflect a Bush germ warfare effort. Ross, Sherwood Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2007 1138
EpiStem Successfully Complete First Year Of Mucositis Tests For NIH Biodefence Programme. Sep 20, 2007 721
Biosensors Go Beyond Medical Applications to Penetrate Security and Biodefense for Detection. Sep 18, 2007 389
VGX Pharmaceuticals Receives $1.9 Million Contract from U.S. Government to Develop Skin Micro-Electroporation for Improved Biodefense Vaccine Efficacy. Sep 10, 2007 387
Smallpox returns to Wales in terrorism simulation. Aug 20, 2007 698
Quantifying the ever-present danger: the federal government could benefit from continuing reinsurance coverage for acts of chemical, nuclear, biological or radiological terrorism. Imoisili, Aluyah Aug 1, 2007 1828
Intelligence Estimate Warns Al Qaeda Still Seeking Chem/Bio Weapons; America Remains Unprepared Says PharmAthene CEO David Wright. Jul 26, 2007 577
Islamic Terrorists Reach Significant Threshold in London Doctor's Plot, Warns PharmAthene CEO David Wright. Jul 12, 2007 420
Nanogen Announces Collaboration with Canadian Agencies to Develop Veterinary and Bioterror Diagnostics. Jun 12, 2007 552
AVI BioPharma Receives DoD Contracts for Bioterrorism Response Therapies. May 7, 2007 1139
Secrets and open societies. Kaebnick, Gregory E. Editorial May 1, 2007 550
A tale of two studies: ethics, bioterrorism, and the Censorship of Science. Selgelid, Michael J. May 1, 2007 6355
Bioterrorism. Brief article May 1, 2007 139
Congressman Rogers Honored as BIO Legislator of the Year. Apr 18, 2007 454
Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Explore Biodefense, Stem Cell Research Applications with OpenArray(TM) System. Apr 17, 2007 643
NanoViricides Becomes a Member Of Alliance for Biosecurity. Apr 16, 2007 500
Medical people concerned about detecting bioterror; Science-fiction devastation moves close to becoming factual. Apr 15, 2007 660
Vet plans for bioterror; $12M center has support, detractors. Apr 15, 2007 2196
U.S. struggles with bioterror defenses. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 200
Securitization of international public health: implications for global health governance and the biological weapons prohibition regime. Kelle, Alexander Apr 1, 2007 8240
Immunity for immunizations: tort liability, biodefense, and bioshield II. Mayer, Lincoln Apr 1, 2007 17819
Aethlon Medical Responds to U.S. Government Initiative to Develop and Acquire Broad-Spectrum Biodefense Countermeasures. Mar 28, 2007 920
CytoGenix and USAMRIID to Collaborate in Developing Biodefense synDNA(TM) Vaccines. Mar 27, 2007 452
Fisheries, bioterrorism bills approved. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 249
Terrorism's effect on buildings subject of seminar. Mar 21, 2007 324
United States Department of Defense Selects Ichor Medical Systems to Develop Biodefense Vaccine. Mar 12, 2007 534
Aethlon Medical Discloses Bioterror News Report. Mar 7, 2007 340
Biodefense: research methodology and animal models. Taylor, Kim Mar 1, 2007 409
Emergent BioSolutions Remains Committed to Development of Enhanced Anthrax Countermeasures. Feb 22, 2007 828
OXIS International To Submit Promising BioDefense Compounds For Evaluation to Key Government Agencies. Feb 22, 2007 849
Accium BioSciences to Provide Microdosing Services to Affinium Pharmaceuticals in Support of a Biodefense Research Contract. Feb 12, 2007 369
Treating bioterrorism with kid gloves. Gips, Michael A. Brief article Feb 1, 2007 176
Rhode Island Biotechnology Company Develops Tularemia Vaccine. Jan 31, 2007 712
Affymetrix and Tessarae Collaborate to Help Researchers Better Respond to Biodefense and Pandemic Infectious Disease Threats. Jan 23, 2007 1103
Aethlon Medical to Webcast Biodefense Treatment Update on January 25th at 4 p.m. EST. Jan 11, 2007 385
Assessing and improving bioterrorism preparedness among first responders: a pilot study. Robson, Mark Jan 1, 2007 4747
Methyl bromide fumigant lethal to Bacillus anthracis spores. Weinberg, Mark J. Jan 1, 2007 1611
Say what? Who? Me? Right here in the trenches? Collaborate on what?--Seeking common ground in regional all-hazards preparedness training. Bitto, Adenike Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 3589
Bioscience security issues. Dando, Malcolm; Epstein, Gerald L. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 1000
Protecting buildings against bioterrorism--review of guidance and tools. Yeboah, F.E.; Chowdhury, F.; Ilias, S.; Singh, H.; Sparks, L. Jan 1, 2007 8327
The Homeland Defense Journal Reports on Aethlon Medical in Bioterrorism Feature Article. Dec 20, 2006 479
The Washington Post Reports on New Bioterror Legislation -- Aethlon Medical Referenced as a Potential Beneficiary. Dec 14, 2006 502
AVI BioPharma Awarded $28 Million Biodefense Research Contract by Department of Defense/DTRA. Dec 4, 2006 749
Aethlon Medical To Submit Project BioShield Related Regulatory Plan. Nov 28, 2006 626
Emergent BioSolutions Celebrates Initial Public Offering; CEO To Ring Opening Bell on the NYSE. Nov 21, 2006 630
Nuke attack alert. Nov 14, 2006 87
XOMA Successfully Completes Initial $15 Million BioDefense Contract with NIAID. Nov 6, 2006 997
Bioterrorism. Anderson, Teresa Brief article Nov 1, 2006 83
Lab evaluation of chemical and biological terrorism. Kissinger, Peter T. Nov 1, 2006 931
Achaogen Awarded $24.7M Biodefense Contract by DTRA. Oct 26, 2006 426
Inovio Biomedical to Receive $1.1 Million from U.S. Department of Defense to Apply its Gene Delivery Technology to Vaccines Relating to Biodefense. Oct 19, 2006 1088
Dr. Robert P. Kadlec Joins PRTM Management Consultants; Homeland Security Veteran Brings Congressional, Executive Branch Leadership to Firm's Government Practice. Oct 17, 2006 502
PortBlue Names Infectious Diseases Expert Dr. Daniel Lucey Senior Advisor to CommandAware(TM). Oct 16, 2006 456
New Scientist Magazine References Aethlon Medical in Biodefense Trend Towards Broad Spectrum Therapeutics. Oct 16, 2006 529
Alnylam Notified of Defense Appropriation Funding for Ongoing Development of RNAi Therapeutics. Oct 4, 2006 783
NanoViricides, Inc. Bio-terrorism Response Strategies Presented at the NanoTX 2006 Conference. Oct 3, 2006 649
Aethlon Medical to Present at Italian Embassy Avian and Human Influenza Pandemic Conference. Oct 3, 2006 516
Integrated ERP software helps manufacturers multitask: installing ERP software not only aids compliance with the Bioterrorism Act but also can help increase efficiency and profitability. Deakins, Jay T. Oct 1, 2006 1599
DOR BioPharma Awarded Two Grants Totaling $5.3 Million to Advance Ricin Toxin and Botulinum Toxin Vaccine Programs. Sep 29, 2006 1715
RETRO REPORT-SEPTEMBER, 2001:Gas mask fever amid panic over attacks. Sep 26, 2006 309
Securing life sciences research in an Age of Terrorism: bioscientists must work closely with the government to minimize the possibility that vitally important research could be misused to threaten public health or national security. Atlas, Ronald M. Sep 22, 2006 4601
The rule of law and bioterrorism. Caskey, Cheryl R. Sep 22, 2006 5271
Biodefense and nanotech fuel new lab construction. Sep 15, 2006 1283
Bioterror focus changing public health systems. Gips, Michael A. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 301
No fooling the FDA. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 103
Coupons and counterterrorism. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 106
What the 1918 flu pandemic teaches us: yesterday's lessons inform today's preparedness. Barry, John M. Sep 1, 2006 2059
GenVec Receives NIAID Biodefense Program Grant for Development of Broadly Applicable Vaccine Technology. Aug 29, 2006 487
UCTV Joins National Preparedness Month with Emergency Preparedness Programming. Aug 23, 2006 390
Interpol experts unite to fight bioterrorism. Nuthall, Keith Aug 1, 2006 215
UTEK Corporation and Universal Detection Technology, Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance. Jul 31, 2006 792
XOMA Awarded New $16 Million BioDefense Contract with NIAID; Contracts Now Total $31 Million for XOMA to Produce Anti-Botulism Antibodies to Support Human Clinical Trials. Jul 31, 2006 1132
Cornerstone Ceremony Welcomes New Vaccine Production Facility to Michigan. Jul 21, 2006 460
NIBC Grows as Department of Homeland Security Begins Building $130 Million Bio Lab in Maryland, an Industrial Info News Alert. Jul 6, 2006 137
Gwathmey, Inc. Hires Gregory J. Davenport, Ph.D., as Executive Vice President; Move is to expand strategic relationships and pursue new business initiatives. Jun 23, 2006 411
Impact of a college course on perceptions of terrorism preparedness activities. Notoro, Stephen J. Jun 22, 2006 3200
Former DHHS Secretary, Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, Joins Board of Directors of Emergent BioSolutions. Jun 21, 2006 609
Inside Building 33: A Look Behind the Doors of the New $186 Million NIH Biodefense Lab in Maryland, an Industrial Info News Alert. Jun 20, 2006 248
AVI BioPharma to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 19, 2006 369
Inovio's Electroporation Technology Used by U.S. Army to Demonstrate Protection from Lethal Challenge with Possible Biological Warfare Agent; Pre-Clinical Study Shows Potential Benefit of Vaccine Against Lassa Fever Virus. Jun 19, 2006 766
Isonics Corporation To Present at Rodman & Renshaw's 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference on Monday, June 19th. Jun 16, 2006 465
Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Conference Presenter Profiles. Jun 16, 2006 2439
Hemispherx Biopharma to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference; Company's Biodefense Shield and Avian Influenza Program Highlighted. Jun 15, 2006 830
Medialink to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference on June 19. Jun 15, 2006 971
Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 14, 2006 450
Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Conference June 19th, 2006; Join Us for One of the Premier Events on the Technology Calendar! Calendar Jun 14, 2006 562
Wave to Present at Rodman & Renshaw Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference in New York, Monday, June 19th; Presentation to be Webcast Live at 4:10 p.m. EDT. Jun 14, 2006 228
Telkonet to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference in New York. Jun 14, 2006 342
SYS Technologies to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 13, 2006 435
NAPCO Security Systems, Inc. to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Third Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference; More Than Five Hundred Investment Professionals Expected to Attend. Jun 13, 2006 466
GigaBeam to Present at Rodman and Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 13, 2006 564
Bio-security, nonstate actors, and the need for global cooperation. Jones, Bruce Jun 1, 2006 1547
Enlisting tobacco in the fight against Anthrax. Stemp-Morlock, Graeme Jun 1, 2006 1678
New FDA recordkeeping rules to begin June 9. May 29, 2006 314
Mattman Secures Million Dollar Contract with Los Angeles Department of Water and Power; Federal Grants Continue to Bolster Mattman's Homeland Security Business. May 4, 2006 507
Investment Guide to Security Stocks(C) Now Available At May 3, 2006 531
Universal Detection Technology (``UDTT'') Engages Joseph Breen & Associates to Obtain Government Contracts under the GSA Schedule. Apr 20, 2006 586
Alnylam To Collaborate with United States Army on RNAi Therapeutics for Biodefense Threats. Apr 12, 2006 1030
Aethlon Medical CEO Named to Biodefense Panel at the 2006 Homeland and Global Security Summit. Apr 5, 2006 405
UDTT to Provide Training at the Institute for Criminal Studies at the Broward Sheriff's Office in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Seminar Organized with Partner, Security Solutions International, on ``Intelligence Gathering and Terrorist Activities''. Apr 5, 2006 684
Animals as sentinels of bioterrorism agents. Dein, Joshua Apr 1, 2006 5010
Ricin: one drop is all it takes. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 293
ViRexx Announces Collaboration with Defence Research and Development Canada-Suffield to Expand Chimigen'TM' Platform Technology for Use in Biodefense. Mar 31, 2006 494
Aethlon Medical and Commonwealth Biotechnologies Sign Cooperative Research Agreement. Mar 29, 2006 679
BAS Biological Alarm Systems Ltd Announces its New Biodetector for Real-Time Bioterrorism Detection. Mar 27, 2006 342
Bioterror defense and its impact on the clinical laboratory. Montoya, Isaac D. Mar 22, 2006 908
PharmAthene and SIGA Technologies Announce Plans to Merge to Establish Premier Biodefense Company. Mar 14, 2006 1385
Universal Detection Advanced Biothreat Detection Technology Featured in California Newspaper; Article in Glendale News Press Cites Universal Detection Product BSM-2000. Mar 8, 2006 614
UDT Enters Into Cooperation Agreement to Integrate BSM-2000 into Explosive Detection and Counter Terrorism Solutions; SAFETY Act Certified Firm Michael Stapleton Associates Collaboration to Combine Technologies with UDT. Mar 2, 2006 951
Vulnerabilities remain for bioterror threat. Lawrence, Marta Mar 1, 2006 347
GenVec Announces $1.7 Million Collaboration for Continued Development of a Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine. Mar 1, 2006 1149
Companies License Real-time Pathogen Detection Technology Developed at Kent State, NEOUCOM. Mar 1, 2006 337
UDT to co-Host Training for Protecting Government and Private Buildings Against Terror with Homeland Security Solutions Firm; Seminar with UDT Partner Security Solutions Intl. to Feature Solutions for Safer Private and Government Buildings. Feb 27, 2006 651
Universal Detection Technology Enters into Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Cotelsa for BSM-2000 Anthrax Detector; European Security Firm to Purchase UDTT's Advanced Bioterror Detection System. Feb 22, 2006 541
Universal Detection Technology Invited to Present at Security Growth Conference; UDT Invited to Present Bio-Terror Detection Systems to Leading Conference for Global Security Companies and Financial Community. Feb 21, 2006 567
Universal Detection Joins Homeland Security and Biodefense Industry Organization ``Coalition for Countermeasures''; Group to Bring Together Leading Homeland Security Industry Companies to Improve Battle Against Terrorism. Feb 16, 2006 753
Universal Detection Announces That It Has Received Notice for Exercise of Company Warrants at $0.15; Proceeds to Fund Strategic Initiatives to Develop Advanced Counterterrorism and Biothreat Security Technologies. Feb 15, 2006 606
Frost & Sullivan's 2006 Technology Innovation Award Goes To Aethlon Medical; Company's Medical Defense Fills Void in the War Against Bio-Terrorism. Feb 15, 2006 932
Survey Finds Emergency Departments Unprepared to Identify Bioterrorist Threats, Outbreaks and Flu; Technology Also Cited for Reducing Emergency Department Wait Times. Feb 13, 2006 675

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