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The Office of International Health and Biodefense: Leading the Department's strategy for global health security. Whittington, Tracy Jun 1, 2020 981
Fear of 'bio-terrorist' attacks aired by UN chief. Apr 11, 2020 216
Co-Diagnostics chief scientific officer to address Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense in Washington. Mar 13, 2020 706
Emergex Completes First Step in the Development of a Vaccine Candidate Against Intracellular Bacterium and Bioterrorist Agent Francisella Tularensis. Dec 12, 2019 805
Iran Rejects Biological Terrorism against Envoy. Oct 7, 2019 325
France, India holds counter-terror, nuclear, biological warfare exercise Delhi pressurise Sweden to stop defence deals with Pakistan. Oct 4, 2019 411
Armed forces need to be in forefront to tackle bio-terrorism: Rajnath. Sep 12, 2019 539
Biomedicine can save lives but bio-terror is a concern. Sep 6, 2019 822
Bioterror suspects tell court to halt trial over evidence. Jul 18, 2019 531
Soligenix awarded three-year $600K biodefense subcontract. May 28, 2019 129
CHARLES ONYANGO: Get your head out of bioterror sand. Mar 4, 2019 566
Next-Generation Sequencing for Biodefense: Biothreat Detection, Forensics, and the Clinic. Minogue, Timothy D.; Koehler, Jeffrey W.; Stefan, Christopher P.; Conrad, Turner A. Mar 1, 2019 7190
Biodefense Strategy Out Soon. Sep 1, 2018 118
The June 2018 Cologne Ricin Plot: A New Threshold in Jihadi Bio Terror. Flade, Florian Aug 1, 2018 2942
IRGC Security Commander: Iranian VIPs Protected against Bioterrorism. Jun 19, 2018 330
Meghan and Harry in 'racist' anthrax threat; PROBE AFTER SECURITY ALERT Counter-terror cops called in over white powder sent with vile letter. Feb 23, 2018 293
Interpol impressed with Malaysia's cross-agency cooperation during bioterrorism threat exercise. Feb 9, 2018 466
Protecting airports against bioterrorism. Feb 1, 2018 359
How Prepared Are We for Possible Bioterrorist Attacks: An Approach from Emergency Medicine Perspective. Erenler, Ali Kemal; Guzel, Murat; Baydin, Ahmet Jan 1, 2018 2788
The Weaponizing of Biology: Bioterrorism, Biocrime and Biohacking. Book review Nov 1, 2017 225
Army Commander Warns of Bioterrorism Threats against Iran. Oct 10, 2017 222
Flyover: The Potential Impact of Agroterrorism and Bioterrorism within Agricultural Aerial Application Operations. Robbins, John M.; Olexa, Michael T.; Grant, Lauren Sep 1, 2017 4754
Plant Biosecurity Governance Dilemma in Pakistan: The Case Study of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Jaspal, Zafar Nawaz; Khan, Amir Ullah Case study Jun 30, 2017 9455
Terrorists Could Kill Millions With Biological Weapons, Bill Gates Warns. Feb 20, 2017 519
Weapons of mass hysteria, faulty biothreat predictions, and their impact on national (in)security: a case-study of smallpox or the misuse of mathematical modeling to project biothreats, terrorism attacks, and epidemics. Billauer, Barbara Pfeffer Jan 1, 2017 29314
On patrol with America's top bioterror cop: will garage gene editing unleash a biological plague? Special agent Ed you is ready if it does. Regalado, Antonio Jan 1, 2017 1064
Microbial forensics and biological terrorism. Benecke, James M. Dec 22, 2016 1786
Iran Parliament Analyzed Islamabad-Gharb terrorist attempt and Clues to Bioterrorism. Jul 12, 2016 307
AsepticSure wins EU patent approval for bio-terrorism counter disinfection technology AsepticSure. Jun 14, 2016 179
Death in Paradise. Boe, Gerard P. Jan 1, 2016 2310
Questions for STEP Participants. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 315
Bioterrorism and Food Security - by Compliance Global Inc.. Sep 10, 2015 389
Action man Chris Ryan heads to Sage Gateshead with hair-raising new thriller; In new novel Hellfire Chris Ryan, who was brought up in Rowlands Gill, imagines Islamic State terrorists turning to acts of biological warfare. Aug 25, 2015 1353
Bioterrorism - a threat to food security. Saeed, Muhammad; Azam, Muhammad; Waqas, Aamir Aug 16, 2015 1127
UAE ready to deal with bioterrorism threats, experts say. Apr 29, 2015 622
Global Biodefense Market Size and Forecast Up to 2020: Grand View Research, Inc. Jan 22, 2015 211
The 2013-2018 Outlook for Bioterrorism Detection Equipment in India. Jan 20, 2015 270
A homeland security net assessment needed now! Dahl, Erik J. Jan 1, 2015 10280
Bioterrorist Attack And Other 'Megashocks' Could Devastate Australia. Nov 26, 2014 423
ANTHRAX TERROR; SCARE 999 CREWS RUSH TO SCENE Caller claimed he had deadly disease. Nov 13, 2014 346
Raising the stakes: a laptop seized in Syria suggests Islamic State is pushing to develop a nightmare Black Death terror weapon amid intelligence fears the jihadists, who have long sought chemical and biological capabilities, are planning major attacks on the West. Blanche, Ed Nov 1, 2014 729
Ebola: not an effective biological weapon for terrorists. Hummel, Stephen Sep 1, 2014 2800
Bioterrorism workshop for greater safety measures. Brief article Apr 13, 2014 230
Experts warn of Al Qaeda biological weapons threat. Oct 1, 2013 635
Doomsday List for Apocalypse: Bioterrorism, Cyber-Attacks and Hostile Computers Threaten Mankind. Sep 13, 2013 428
BioDefense introduces new Zylast Lotion. Aug 1, 2013 115
BioDefense introduces new Zylast Lotion. Aug 1, 2013 111
The critical nature of building biodefense capacity in Africa. Kerr, Ralph F. Jun 22, 2013 4085
Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners Approves Biologix Solutions Online Bioterrorism Response Course for All State Licensees. Jun 15, 2013 256
William Florence, DTRA, to Present on Biodefense Vaccines at GTC's Vaccines Conf., July 8-10, Boston. May 23, 2013 428
Ricin: technical background and potential role in terrorism. Shea, Dana A.; Gottron, Frank Report Apr 1, 2013 2392
Local planning for terror and disaster; from bioterrorism to earthquakes. Book review Feb 1, 2013 201
Tabletop scenarios for realism in bioterrorism and threat preparedness. Abraham, Rachel T.; Walls, Richard T.; Fischer, Mark; Markovic-Reed, Sandra; Solovieva, Tatiana I.; Report Nov 1, 2012 3473
Bureaucracy versus bioterrorism: countering a globalized threat. Hoffman, Stephen G. Report Oct 10, 2012 5297
Storm brewing over BioWatch3 program. Magnuson, Stew Sep 1, 2012 449
'Foreign Minister Lieberman Warns 'Israel will Go to War if Hizbullah Gets Chemical Weapons'. Jul 25, 2012 486
Controversial avian flu paper that raised bioterrorism fears finally goes to press. May 3, 2012 718
Can censorship stop bioterrorism? Open science is the best defense against a deadly avian flu attack. Bailey, Ronald Column May 1, 2012 1162
Deadly bird flu studies to be kept secret for now over fear of bioterrorism risks. Feb 18, 2012 664
Deadly bird flu research paused amid bioterror fears. Jan 21, 2012 364
Bioterrorism: still a threat to the United States. Cole, Leonard A. Essay Jan 1, 2012 3257
Israel Prepares for Biological Terrorist Attack. Nov 24, 2011 208
Bio-terror threat adds new twist. Oct 21, 2011 363
Federal response to a domestic nuclear attack. Mercer, James C. Sep 22, 2011 11183
Report: gaps threaten bioterrorism defense. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Sep 15, 2011 1099
Technology only a small part of detecting bioterrorist threats. Ake, David C. Sep 1, 2011 1536
x US counterterrorism officials believe Al Qaeda still a threat. Jul 29, 2011 331
A vocabulary of dis-ease: argumentation, hot zones, and the intertextuality of bioterrorism. Ayotte, Kevin J. Report Jun 22, 2011 13081
"Dirty bombs": technical background, attack prevention and response, issues for Congress. Medalia, Jonathan Report Jun 1, 2011 633
Introduction. Medalia, Jonathan Report Jun 1, 2011 478
Overview: Congress and "dirty bombs". Medalia, Jonathan Report Jun 1, 2011 760
Radiation and radiological dispersal devices. Medalia, Jonathan Report Jun 1, 2011 4651
Are we prepared? Brief article Jun 1, 2011 227
U.S. strategy to combat bioterrorism takes global view. Jean, Grace V. Jun 1, 2011 1092
Always be ready: biohazard or pandemic, preparation is key. Lynn, Karen Jun 1, 2011 1044
The dangerous decline in the department of defense's vaccine program for infectious diseases. Hall, Kenneth E. Mar 22, 2011 7843
Packaging and shipping capabilities of New York State Hospital Laboratories: a 3-year drill assessment. Pennell, Paula A.; Brennan, Lynn E.; Burhans, Robert L.; Ostrowski, Stephanie E. Report Jan 1, 2011 4031
WikiLeaks: US voiced fears India could be target of biological terrorism. Dec 17, 2010 423
To counter bioterrorism, the key is boosting immunity. Beidel, Eric Nov 1, 2010 187
NIH funds advanced development of three biodefense vaccines. Oct 7, 2010 143
Super-antibiotic Research funded. Anderson, Jane Brief article Oct 1, 2010 122
A review of sentinel laboratory performance: identification and notification of bioterrorism agents. Wagar, Elizabeth A.; Mitchell, Michael J.; Carroll, Karen C.; Beavis, Kathleen G.; Petti, Cathy Anne Oct 1, 2010 10511
Federal efforts to address the threat of bioterrorism: selected issues for Congress. Gottron, Frank; Shea, Dana A. Report Aug 1, 2010 7776
Project BioShield: authorities, appropriations, acquisitions, and issues for Congress. Gottron, Frank Report Jul 1, 2010 7080
A counter-WMD strategy for the future. Mauroni, Albert J. Essay Jun 22, 2010 6600
Oz American scientists spooked by underground bio-terror threat in Darwin. Jun 20, 2010 258
Growing public interest in genetic science sparks some bio-security concerns. Magnuson, Stew Jun 1, 2010 1523
Project BioShield: authorities, appropriations, acquisitions, and issues for Congress. Gottron, Frank Report Jun 1, 2010 6827
Entomological terrorism: a tactic in asymmetrical warfare. Monthei, Derek; Mueller, Scott; Lockwood, Jeffrey; Debboun, Mustapha Apr 1, 2010 6377
Bioterror in the age of biotechnology. Gerstein, Daniel M. Apr 1, 2010 5604
NACDS reiterates case for Rx. Mar 15, 2010 455
Federal efforts to address the threat of bioterrorism: selected issues for Congress. Gottron, Frank; Shea, Dana A. Report Mar 1, 2010 7758
Breeding Bio Insecurity: How U.S. Biodefense Is Exporting Fear, Globalizing Risk, and Making Us All Less Secure. Zelkowitz, Rachel Brief article Feb 13, 2010 264
U.S. 'totally unprepared' to respond to large scale bioterrorism attack: Report. Jan 27, 2010 324
Llama proteins are potential bioterrorism weapons. Jan 21, 2010 428
HAZMAT Exercise Simulated Smallpox Terror Attack. Brief article Jan 20, 2010 80
State programs. Financial report Jan 1, 2010 21083
Commons in anthrax terror alert; SECURITY. Dec 31, 2009 97
WMD and terrorism awareness in the contemporary operational environment. Moilanen, Jon H. Dec 22, 2009 3569
Officials receive bioterrorism training devised by Interpol. Nov 17, 2009 254
Bioterrorism threat is real and deadly Need to prepare for bioterror attack stressed. Nov 16, 2009 618
A new day: DHS technology chief nominee can't escape past controversies. Aug 1, 2009 496
7 Deadly myths. Kirman, Irena; Middleton, Jeremy; Kilpatrick, Laura E. Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2009 930
Telehealth Ontario detection of gastrointestinal illness outbreaks. Caudle, Jaelyn M.; van Dijk, Adam; Rolland, Elizabeth; Moore, Kieran M. Jul 1, 2009 3401
Eczema herpeticum and clinical criteria for investigating smallpox. Boyd, David A.; Sperling, Leonard C.; Norton, Scott A. Jul 1, 2009 1810
"Glow or no glow" technique maybe used to defend against biological terror attack. Jun 18, 2009 315
7 deadly myths about weapons of terror. Erwin, Sandra I.; Magnuson, Stew Jun 1, 2009 4486
Laboratory-guided detection of disease outbreaks: three generations of surveillance systems. Sintchenko, Vitali; Gallego, Blanca Report Jun 1, 2009 6935
Detection of bioterrorism agents and related public health threats utilising matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS). Von Seggern, Christopher E.; Halden, Rolf U. Report Apr 1, 2009 6219
Terrorists Could Use 'Insect-Based' Biological Weapon. Feb 4, 2009 274
'Insect-based' biological weapons easier option than nukes for terrorists. Jan 6, 2009 274
New anti-viral drug may help fight potential bio-terrorism agents. Dec 3, 2008 559
If terrorists had biological weapons, Mumbai rampage would have been more devastating. Dec 3, 2008 493
New anti-viral drug may help fight potential bio-terrorism agents. Nov 25, 2008 559
'Dayton Daily News' Latest Hit with 'Anthrax'; Arrest Made in Probe. Brief article Oct 31, 2008 149
Preparedness for a CBRNE event. Dembek, Zygmunt F. Oct 1, 2008 3245
FBI describes the science used to trace source of anthrax spores: bacteria's genetic fingerprints prove critical to case. Ehrenberg, Rachel Sep 13, 2008 753
Iranian enmeshed in anthrax case-(but as an investigator, not as a terrorist. Sep 12, 2008 1194
Deadly bugs: biological attacks on the horizon, warns expert. Erwin, Sandra I. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 158
Biodefense dollars not going where needed, experts warn. Aug 1, 2008 413
Bioterrorism and vaccine events remain threats. Bates, Betsy Aug 1, 2008 1010
Bioterrorism threat lives on, as do vaccine-related events. Bates, Betsy Aug 1, 2008 686
Legislation for fiscal year 2008. Martin, Kenneth W. Jun 1, 2008 36224
The National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility: issues for Congress. Shea, Dana A.; Monke, Jim; Gottron, Frank Report Apr 1, 2008 8722
The Israeli-Hizbullah 34-day war: causes and consequences. Alagha, Joseph Event overview Mar 22, 2008 9701
New Fort Detrick "biodefense" laboratory may reflect a Bush germ warfare effort. Ross, Sherwood Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2007 1138
Smallpox returns to Wales in terrorism simulation. Aug 20, 2007 698
Better defining the role of public health nurses can improve disease surveillance necessary for bioterrorism preparedness. Brief article Aug 1, 2007 166
Quantifying the ever-present danger: the federal government could benefit from continuing reinsurance coverage for acts of chemical, nuclear, biological or radiological terrorism. Imoisili, Aluyah Aug 1, 2007 1828
Secrets and open societies. Kaebnick, Gregory E. Editorial May 1, 2007 550
A tale of two studies: ethics, bioterrorism, and the Censorship of Science. Selgelid, Michael J. May 1, 2007 6355
Emergency parking only. May 1, 2007 667
Bioterrorism. Brief article May 1, 2007 139
Medical people concerned about detecting bioterror; Science-fiction devastation moves close to becoming factual. Apr 15, 2007 660
Vet plans for bioterror; $12M center has support, detractors. Apr 15, 2007 2196
U.S. struggles with bioterror defenses. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 200
Securitization of international public health: implications for global health governance and the biological weapons prohibition regime. Kelle, Alexander Apr 1, 2007 8240
Immunity for immunizations: tort liability, biodefense, and bioshield II. Mayer, Lincoln Apr 1, 2007 17819
Fisheries, bioterrorism bills approved. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 249
Terrorism's effect on buildings subject of seminar. Mar 21, 2007 324
Syria Ready with Bio-Terror if U.S. Hits Iran Damascus Reportedly Hiding WMD Among Commercial Pharmaceuticals. Mar 7, 2007 1066
Biodefense: research methodology and animal models. Taylor, Kim Mar 1, 2007 409
Project BioShield: appropriations, acquisitions, and policy implementation issues for Congress. Gottron, Frank Mar 1, 2007 8952
Bioterrorism Preparedness in Public Health: Knowledge Needs for Robust Transformations. Ipe, Minu Feb 4, 2007 138
Treating bioterrorism with kid gloves. Gips, Michael A. Brief article Feb 1, 2007 176
Protecting buildings against bioterrorism--review of guidance and tools. Yeboah, F.E.; Chowdhury, F.; Ilias, S.; Singh, H.; Sparks, L. Jan 1, 2007 8327
Bioscience security issues. Dando, Malcolm; Epstein, Gerald L. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 1000
Assessing and improving bioterrorism preparedness among first responders: a pilot study. Robson, Mark Jan 1, 2007 4747
Methyl bromide fumigant lethal to Bacillus anthracis spores. Weinberg, Mark J. Jan 1, 2007 1611
Say what? Who? Me? Right here in the trenches? Collaborate on what?--Seeking common ground in regional all-hazards preparedness training. Bitto, Adenike Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 3589
Nuke attack alert. Nov 14, 2006 87
Lab evaluation of chemical and biological terrorism. Kissinger, Peter T. Nov 1, 2006 931
The National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center: issues for Congress. Shea, Dana A. Nov 1, 2006 6890
Bioterrorism. Anderson, Teresa Brief article Nov 1, 2006 83
Integrated ERP software helps manufacturers multitask: installing ERP software not only aids compliance with the Bioterrorism Act but also can help increase efficiency and profitability. Deakins, Jay T. Oct 1, 2006 1599
Chem/bio tools growing for Homeland Security: being prepared has been the watchword for the past five years as governments work to create a network of sensors and analytical instruments. Studt, Tim Oct 1, 2006 2149
RETRO REPORT-SEPTEMBER, 2001:Gas mask fever amid panic over attacks. Sep 26, 2006 309
The rule of law and bioterrorism. Caskey, Cheryl R. Sep 22, 2006 5271
Securing life sciences research in an Age of Terrorism: bioscientists must work closely with the government to minimize the possibility that vitally important research could be misused to threaten public health or national security. Atlas, Ronald M. Sep 22, 2006 4601
Biodefense and nanotech fuel new lab construction. Sep 15, 2006 1283
No fooling the FDA. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 103
Coupons and counterterrorism. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 106
What the 1918 flu pandemic teaches us: yesterday's lessons inform today's preparedness. Barry, John M. Sep 1, 2006 2059
Bioterror focus changing public health systems. Gips, Michael A. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 301
CE courses online. Aug 28, 2006 382
Interpol experts unite to fight bioterrorism. Nuthall, Keith Aug 1, 2006 215
Responding to bioterrorism. Rubino, Peter Jul 24, 2006 630
Impact of a college course on perceptions of terrorism preparedness activities. Notoro, Stephen J. Jun 22, 2006 3200
Bio-security, nonstate actors, and the need for global cooperation. Jones, Bruce Jun 1, 2006 1547
Nonproliferation and threat reduction assistance: U.S. programs in the former Soviet Union. Woolf, Amy F. Jun 1, 2006 27987
Project BioShield. Gottron, Frank Jun 1, 2006 2837
Enlisting tobacco in the fight against Anthrax. Stemp-Morlock, Graeme Jun 1, 2006 1678
New FDA recordkeeping rules to begin June 9. May 29, 2006 314
Iraq: U.S. Military Operations. Bowman, Steve May 1, 2006 6527
Diagnostics for bioterrorism agents on the way. Evans, Jeff Apr 15, 2006 893
Animals as sentinels of bioterrorism agents. Dein, Joshua Apr 1, 2006 5010
Ricin: one drop is all it takes. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 293
Bioterror defense and its impact on the clinical laboratory. Montoya, Isaac D. Mar 22, 2006 908
Terror in the sky. Studt, Tim Editorial Mar 1, 2006 431
Vulnerabilities remain for bioterror threat. Lawrence, Marta Mar 1, 2006 347
Decontaminating children requires special skills. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 91
Bio/chem risk in airports. Lawrence, Marta Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 175
Bioterror preparedness said lacking. Magnuson, Stew Feb 1, 2006 221
Improve security through packaging: emerging technologies can help create a package that safeguards products from tampering and protects your brand from counterfeiting. Bertrand, Kate Feb 1, 2006 2171
Chief medical officer's role pondered. Magnuson, Stew Jan 1, 2006 390
The Chemical Corps in action: meeting the challenges of the contemporary operational environment. Russell, John T. Jan 1, 2006 2271
Biological Weapons: From the Invention of State-Sponsored Programs to Contemporary Bioterrorism. Kirby, Reid Jan 1, 2006 273
Liability protections for pandemic vaccine makers provided in spending law. Jan 1, 2006 338
Agricultural issues in the 109th Congress. Chite, Ralph M. Jan 1, 2006 3060
UTSA opens second bioterrorism lab. Dec 1, 2005 105
Bioterrorism recordkeeping essentials: this month, FDA expects food companies to start 'one-up, one-down' recordkeeping. Joy, David Dec 1, 2005 808
Protecting public health in the age of bioterrorism surveillance: is the price right? Schneider, Helen Cover Story Dec 1, 2005 3821
Featured article Quiz #3; "Protecting public health in the age of bioterrorism surveillance: is the price right?". Schneider, Helen Dec 1, 2005 569
Development of medical countermeasures to chemical terrorism--the NIEHS's involvement in a government-wide research effort. Nov 1, 2005 497
Public health unpreparedness. Lubell, Jennifer Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 150
Biodefense experts: vaccines 'at a crossroads'. Davidson, Margaret Nov 1, 2005 1905
Australian public and smallpox. Lowe, John B. Nov 1, 2005 2250
Public health unpreparedness. Lubell, Jennifer Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 150
Reforming the United Nations. Bratt, Duane Oct 1, 2005 1809
Bioterrorism and Food Safety. Sep 1, 2005 338
Act now for bioterrorism compliance. Firstenfeld, Jane Sep 1, 2005 1707
Terrorism and emerging infections demand precaution. Fromer, Deborah B.; Ablah, Elizabeth; Fredrickson, Doren D.; Wetta-Hall, Ruth; Cook, David J.; Molga Sep 1, 2005 2201
Innate immunity to NIAID Category B protozoa. Sep 1, 2005 1018
Grants issued. Roberts, Marta Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 104
Regulatory update. Roberts, Marta Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 130
Mystery behind the meat: states are passing bills to limit disclosure of livestock records--including those revealing the origins of contaminated meat. Casacchia, Chris Sep 1, 2005 1663
Simulated anthrax attacks and syndromic surveillance. Platt, Richard Sep 1, 2005 3804
Syndromic surveillance in bioterrorist attacks. Meltzer, Martin I. Sep 1, 2005 792
BioSense: implementation of a national early event detection and situational awareness system. Bradley, Colleen A.; Rolka, H.; Walker, D.; Loonsk, J. Aug 26, 2005 4308
Simulation for assessing statistical methods of biologic terrorism surveillance. Kleinman, Ken P.; Abrams, A.; Mandl, K.; Platt, R. Aug 26, 2005 4597
Evaluation of syndromic surveillance based on National Health Service direct derived data--England and Wales. Doroshenko, Alexander; Cooper, D.; Smith, G.; Gerard, E.; Chinemana, F.; Verlander, N.; Nicoll, A. Aug 26, 2005 4153
Initial evaluation of the early aberration reporting system--Florida. Zhu, Yiliang; Wang, W.; Atrubin, D.; Wu, Y. Aug 26, 2005 5129
Emergency department visits for concern regarding anthrax--New Jersey, 2001. Allegra, Paul C.; Cochrane, D.; Dunn, E.; Milano, P.; Rothman, J.; Allegra, J. Aug 26, 2005 3628
Syndromic surveillance for early location of terrorist incidents outside of residential areas. Green, Manfred S.; Kaufman, Z. Aug 26, 2005 509
Use of modeled anthrax attacks on the Mall of America to assess sensitivity of syndromic surveillance--Minnesota, 2003-2004. Nordin, James D.; Goodman, M.; Kulldorff, M.; Ritzwoller, D.; Abrams, A.; Donahue, J.; Vest, J. Aug 26, 2005 444
Clinician syndromic surveillance consequent to participation in the National Bioterrorism Syndromic Surveillance Demonstration Project (NBSSDP)--Central Texas, 2003. Pichette, Janet L.; Sherwood, E.; Valadez, A.; Jackson, J.; Neighbors, N.; Schultz, J. Aug 26, 2005 515
Automated anomaly detection processor for biologic terrorism early detection *--Hampton, Virginia. Thomas, D. Michael; Arouh, S.; Carley, K.; Kraiman, J.; Davis, J. Aug 26, 2005 555
Early detection of outbreaks using the BioDefend[TM] syndromic surveillance system--Florida, May 2002-July 2004. Uhde, Kristin B.; Farrell, C.; Geddie, Y.; Leon, M.; Cattani, J. Aug 26, 2005 447
DOR BioPharma and Dowpharma enter into a joint development agreement for oral vaccine against botulinum toxin poisoning. Aug 1, 2005 745
Bioterrorism knowledge and emergency preparedness among school nurses. Evers, Sara; Puzniak, Laura Aug 1, 2005 3745
Protecting public spaces from chemical attack. Aug 1, 2005 848
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in conjunction with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 179
New science, strategy needed to protect bases. Pappalardo, Joe Aug 1, 2005 1037
Congress poised to act on weak bio-preparedness. Pappalardo, Joe Aug 1, 2005 811
Harm's way: engineering software and microtechnology prepare the defense against bioterrorism. Thilmany, Jean Aug 1, 2005 1931
Information Technology: Federal Agencies Face Challenges in Implementing Initiatives to Improve Public Health Infrastructure. Aug 1, 2005 600
Chemical terrorism: the next threat. Hoenig, Steven L. Jul 1, 2005 1157
Proteomics' growing role in biodefense: fueled by large government grants, researchers are honing techniques that will help defend against bio-terror attacks and the spread of infectious diseases. Sidawi, Danielle; Derra, Skip Jul 1, 2005 2028
World health regulations. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 124
GPhA warns of side effects of bioterrorism legislation. Jun 6, 2005 357
"Smoke" detector promises safety. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 201
Ponder, prepare, and protect. Bersch, Carren Jun 1, 2005 594
Straight talk on bioterror from the Army's LRN Gatekeeper. Nauschuetz, William F. Cover Story Jun 1, 2005 4002
Bioterror workshops: see the "real bugs". Granen, Linette Jun 1, 2005 606
Bioterrorism preparedness: what school counselors need to know. Rank, Michael G. Jun 1, 2005 4528
New recordkeeping under the bioterrorism act: the last set of food industry regulations resulting from the events of 9/11 will be implemented soon. Krasny, Leslie T. Jun 1, 2005 1080
Southwest Washington prepares for bio-terrorism exercise. Davis, Lance May 16, 2005 424
Apartment industry participates in national terrorism simulation exercise. May 1, 2005 202
FDA issues recordkeeping rule. Swartz, Nikki May 1, 2005 395
Global health workers, police can't handle bioterror. Pappalardo, Joe May 1, 2005 402
Lung response to inhaled highly toxic chemicals. May 1, 2005 938
Bioterrorism and smallpox: policies, practices, and implications for social work. Mackelprang, Romel W.; Mackelprang, Romel D.; Thirkill, Ashley D. Apr 1, 2005 5378
Race to traceability: factory floor data systems are the lynchpin in processors' tracking programs. Pehanich, Mike Apr 1, 2005 2702
ImmuneRegen BioSciences appoints Dr. Paul Carlton to Bioterrorism Preparedness Advisory Board. Apr 1, 2005 437
Rural California county public health agencies joint bioterrorism/disaster preparedness Web site. Apr 1, 2005 181
Connecting the dots: biometrics--once the province of spy thrillers--comes to the U.S.-Mexican border. Brown, Greg Apr 1, 2005 995
Waxman warns of legislative pitfalls. Mar 28, 2005 674
Syndromic surveillance: public health officials have been quick to adopt this new tool for identifying emerging problems, but research is needed to assess its effectiveness. Stoto, Michael A. Mar 22, 2005 4505
Government: the fast growth in US funding for bioterror research over the past four years has come under increasing scrutiny because of safety concerns and the diversion of funding from public health research. Brief Article Mar 15, 2005 200
Security check: behind the scenes, retailers and others in the food chain prepare for the event they hope never happens. Are they doing enough? McTaggart, Jenny Cover Story Mar 1, 2005 2953
Senate begins consideration of Bioshield II. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 131
Pentagon redirects priorities in chemical-biological defense. Erwin, Sandra I. Mar 1, 2005 1163
Biosecurity benefits public health. Fitch, J. Patrick Feb 1, 2005 779
DOR BioPharma and Cambrex begin manufacturing process agreement for RiVax. Feb 1, 2005 415
Report calls for transparent bio-attack funding. Pappalardo, Joe Feb 1, 2005 325
Bioterrorism preparedness update. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 15, 2005 141
Concern about the iodide stockpile. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 15, 2005 153
Health network spies for epidemics, bioterror. Bloom, Mark Jan 15, 2005 663
Bioterrorism preparedness update. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 15, 2005 154
Concern about iodide stockpile. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 15, 2005 153
Survey: bio defenses need improvement. Pappalardo, Joe Jan 1, 2005 440
Demand for prophylaxis after bioterrorism-related anthrax cases, 2001. Besser, Richard E. Jan 1, 2005 4041
Arts and science: the Creative Arts Ensemble takes a playful yet serious approach to biotechnology, but not everyone is amused. Bocking, Stephen Jan 1, 2005 1334
The BioWatch Tool: GIS-enabled Sensor Siting. Linger, Steve P.; Brown, Michael J.; Williams, Michael D.; McPherson, Timothy N.; Streit, Gerald E.; Report Jan 1, 2005 1760
Canada proposes improvements in border food inspections. Brief Article Dec 20, 2004 279
Diagnosis prognosis more positive. Gips, Michael A. Dec 1, 2004 1061
How to think about stemming an insurgency. Kaebnick, Gregory E. Editorial Nov 1, 2004 594
No evidence Cuba's a biothreat, say experts. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 189
Fort Detrick begins big-defense additions. Pappalardo, Joe Nov 1, 2004 327
Smallpox models as policy tools (1). McKenzie, F. Ellis Nov 1, 2004 3059
Folks who drill together, save together. Libbey, Patrick M. Nov 1, 2004 764
Bioterrorism defense. Anderson, Teresa Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 141
GPhA raises questions about BioShield II bill. Oct 25, 2004 577
Bio terrorism update. Oct 20, 2004 432
Effort underway to boost bioscience security. Pappalardo, Joe Oct 1, 2004 313
Soldiers will receive enhanced chem-bio shelters. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 126
Alternative emergency sites. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Sep 15, 2004 87
The United States of America v. Steven Kurtz. Liese, Jennifer Sep 1, 2004 1009
Simulated agent mimics bio-terror weapons. Pappalardo, Joe Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 235
Food safety. Anderson, Teresa Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 153
FDA and customs outline prior notice requirements for food imports. Brief Article Aug 23, 2004 307
Bioterrorism law signed. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Aug 15, 2004 113
FDA begins bioterrorism enforcement: facility registration and import notification have been required since Dec. 12, 2003, but FDA and Customs have been focusing on education. Joy, David Aug 1, 2004 753
Bioterrorism. Anderson, Teresa Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 90
Detecting bioterror attack. Wein, Lawrence M. Letter to the Editor Aug 1, 2004 899
Only 16.6% of food processing companies registered with FDA. Brief Article Jul 27, 2004 113
GMA calls on FDA to improve bioterrorism program. Brief Article Jul 19, 2004 138
Crawford says FDA ready for next phase of import screening. Brief Article Jul 12, 2004 235
'Security of supply' treaties exclude vaccines, fuel. Erwin, Sandra I. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 152

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