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Biosafety Management Agency Declares GMO Foods Safe. Apr 29, 2022 553
Food: The biotech challenge. Apr 25, 2022 838
Fighting hunger with biotech food. Apr 21, 2022 909
Boost for Regulation of Genetically Modified Foods. Apr 21, 2022 1948
Shopper shares hidden meaning behind coded fruit stickers and people are bemused; Shoppers have been searching their fruit for a tiny code on the sticker that tells you how it was grown. Joshua Bollum's video on the topic was watched three million times. By, John Bett Apr 17, 2022 458
Only time will tell how food trends pan out; VIEWS OF WALES. Apr 16, 2022 241
4 countries approve 10 GMO crops. Apr 3, 2022 322
Embrace GM Foods To Enhance National Food Security - Experts. Mar 24, 2022 1093
Future Of Food Security: Engineered Food, Business, And Science Intersect. Mar 24, 2022 1077
Genetically Modified Foods: Business, Feeding And Public Concerns. Mar 23, 2022 1036
Genetically modified foods: business, feeding and public concerns. Mar 23, 2022 1060
Shift to organic foods is good news for farmers, experts say. Mar 5, 2022 1126
Genetically modified purple tomatoes to be sold in US shops. Mar 3, 2022 251
Genetically modified purple tomatoes to be sold in US shops. Mar 2, 2022 248
The secret to McDonald's world-famous fries. Arab News Jan 13, 2022 298
USDA's new labeling for genetically modified foods goes into effect. Laura Reiley The Washington Post Jan 2, 2022 252
GM CORN ON HOLD. Jan 1, 2022 229
GMO or No? Jaffe, Greg; Moyer, Lindsay Jan 1, 2022 1024
China set to give safety OK to more GMO corn varieties. Dec 29, 2021 248
Origin Agritech completes production trials of drought resistant GMO corn. Dec 20, 2021 170
Food Security: U.S. Nigeria Launches Biotech Cowpea Outreach. Dec 14, 2021 335
Eating Is Believing: U.S./Nigeria Launches Biotech Cowpea Outreach. Dec 9, 2021 337
Issues arising from COVID-19 vaccination order. Dec 2, 2021 1228
Farmers 'll get genetically modified maize in 18 months - NABDA boss. Nov 15, 2021 302
Royals should not back net-zero goal. Nov 11, 2021 241
Royals should be apolitical. Nov 11, 2021 224
NAST PHL vouches for safety of GMOs Bt eggplant, 'Golden Rice'. Nov 10, 2021 656
The dangers of genetic products. Nov 1, 2021 926
Bayer releases new GM corn hybrid seeds in PH. Oct 19, 2021 424
National Biosafety Agency Commences Sensitisation On Biosafety Food. Oct 14, 2021 288
Saudi Arabia's TRSDC teams up with Austrian biotech for sustainable food production. Arab News Oct 4, 2021 218
Agriculture Industry Updates. Sorell, Amanda Oct 1, 2021 535
Kenya rules out GMO maize imports to tame cost of animal feeds. Sep 23, 2021 212
NIP boosts local food production by promoting new technologies. Sep 13, 2021 518
As Scientists Make Progress On GM Maize, Nigerian Farmers Battle Armyworm. Aug 31, 2021 1853
How food aid sometimes serves US interests. Aug 26, 2021 201
Mill Owners, Traders Accuse Ebonyi Rice World GM Of Fuelling Leadership Crisis. Aug 17, 2021 390
Ggenetically modified maize inches closer to Kenyan plate. Jul 29, 2021 821
Filipinos may soon plant Golden Rice; Bt talong good for food, feed. Jul 26, 2021 704
Filipinos may soon plant, eat Golden Rice; Bt talong good for food, feed but still needs regulatory steps. Jul 24, 2021 1673
Importers of unapproved GMO foods risk 5-year jail -Ebegba, NBMA boss. Jul 21, 2021 2174
We'll send to jail those who violate GMO rules -Ebegba, NBMA DG. Jul 4, 2021 1590
GPA urges FG to ban GMO foods, gene drive products, others. Jul 1, 2021 332
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 24, 2021 10772
Guaranteed structured investments - not. Peter McGahan May 6, 2021 740
FG allays fears over GM foods, says beans, fruits safe. May 6, 2021 354
Coalition Campaigns In Bayelsa Against GMO Foods. Apr 29, 2021 507
Sanction Okotie, Suleman, Oyakhilome for Spreading Misinformation About COVID-19 in Nigeria. Apr 5, 2021 464
Farmers, Stakeholders Elated As TELA Maize Shows Significant Resilience On Field. Mar 17, 2021 1119
Women, not GMO, hold key. Mar 14, 2021 290
The Causal Model of Public Acceptance of Genetically Modified Food: An Invariance Analysis. Hu, Longji; Li, Hui; Tan, Suqiu; Zhang, Yi Mar 5, 2021 8791
State to introduce Bt maize to boost yield, food security. Feb 22, 2021 425
Labelling geneedited food may limit its success. Feb 6, 2021 227
ON THIS DAY. Feb 1, 2021 193
Efficiency of biological control for fall armyworm resistant to the protein Cry1F/Eficiencia do controle biologico da lagarta-do-cartucho resistente a proteina Cry1F. Souza, C.S.F.; Silveira, L.C.P.; Souza, B.H.S.; Nascimento, P.T.; Damasceno, N.C.R.; Mendes, S.M. Feb 1, 2021 8169
Midlothian bug genetics innovator launches insect breeding facility and creates jobs; A Midlothian-based agri-food biotech business that specialises in bugs has launched a new insect breeding facility and created several jobs. Scott Reid Jan 22, 2021 435
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jan 21, 2021 20501
Food Security: GM Maize, Beans As The Game Changer. Dec 29, 2020 1540
Genetically modified corn farms in PH expanding. Dec 2, 2020 407
Using Audience Segmentation to Determine Millennial Perceptions toward GM Foods. Burke, Katherine; Boman, Courtney D.; D'Angelo, Jeremy Dec 1, 2020 10895
House leader bats for plenary passage of the Modern Biotechnology bill. Nov 29, 2020 745
Genetically modified Golden Rice variety may hit PHL markets by 2023-PhilRice. Nov 23, 2020 375
Post-Brexit food fears revealed. Oct 19, 2020 244
Origin Agritech highlights GMO corn seed production capabilities. Oct 16, 2020 190
Another global accreditation for IAC-ICCBS. Oct 7, 2020 440
families face food crisis; HEARTBREAKING TOLL OF PANDEMIC ON CHILDREN Charity boss reveals rise in kids plunged into poverty From pa ge 1 Food fears for many children. CARLA TALBOT Oct 2, 2020 594
Morpho-Physiology and Antioxidant Enzyme Activities of Transgenic Rice Plant Overexpressing ABP57 under Reproductive Stage Drought Condition. Kamarudin, Zarifth Shafika; Shamsudin, Noraziyah Abd Aziz; Othman, Muhamad Hafiz Che; Shakri, Tasnee Report Oct 1, 2020 7673
A Summer Biotechnology Boot Camp to Increase STEM Interest Among Minority High School Students. Novick, Peter A.; Gadura, Nidhi Sep 22, 2020 6947
Using Genetically Modified Crops 'Il help attain food security in Nigeria-Expert. Sep 10, 2020 447
Nitrogen Uptake from Different Sources by Non-GMO Soybean Varieties. Rymuza, Katarzyna; Radzka, Elzbieta; Wysokinski, Andrzej Report Sep 1, 2020 8807
The Effect of Genetically Modified Food on Infertility Indices: A Systematic Review Study. Keshani, Parisa; Sharifi, Mohammad Hossein; Heydari, Mohammad Reza; Joulaei, Hassan Report Aug 31, 2020 4423
Origin Agritech signs commercialization agreement with IPP for new generation insect-resistant GMO corn gene. Aug 26, 2020 229
Origin Agritech announces commercialization agreement for new corn gene. Aug 26, 2020 181
Mineral Composition of Traditional Non-GMO Soybean Cultivars in relation to Nitrogen Fertilization. Szostak, Bogdan; Glowacka, Aleksandra; Klebaniuk, Renata; Kieltyka-Dadasiewicz, Anna Jul 31, 2020 10439
Science gives people good reasons to change their minds. Jul 25, 2020 716
Fears of threat from US imports; FOOD SAFETY. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jul 16, 2020 174
The Effect of Infographics on Recall of Information about Genetically Modified Foods. Waller, Kassie; Hill, Nellie; Meyers, Courtney; McCord, Amber; Gibson, Courtney D. Jul 1, 2020 7791
Ethanol, biscuits and other benefits of good old cassava. Interview Jun 12, 2020 627
FG Okays PBR Cowpea, Nigeria's First GMO Food Crop. Jun 10, 2020 957
Source Interests, News Frames, and Risk Delineation: A Content Analysis of U.S. Newspapers' Coverage of Genetically Modified Food (1994-2015). Li, Xigen; Liang, Zerui; Wu, Xiaohua Jun 1, 2020 9140
Soybeans Market 2020 Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trend and Forecast to 2026. May 20, 2020 755
Overexpression of GmRIQ2-like (Glyma.04G174400) Enhances the Tolerance of Strong Light Stress and Reduces Photoinhibition in Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.). Deng, Jing; Li, Dongmei; Yin, Huayi; Ma, Li; Zhang, Jiukun; Zhang, Binbin May 1, 2020 8273
Seeds of n-GM Soybean Varieties Cultivated in Poland and Their Processing Products as High-Protein Feeds in Cattle Nutrition. Niwinska, Barbara; Witaszek, Kamil; Niedbala, Gniewko; Pilarski, Krzysztof May 1, 2020 7912
Incorporating Communication Factors in the Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict Chinese University Students' Intention to Consume Genetically Modified Foods. Li, Li; Bautista, John Robert Apr 1, 2020 8635
Ford, GE to produce 50,000 ventilators in 100 days. Mar 31, 2020 807
Kenya, US deal 'more symbolic than economic'. Mar 21, 2020 555
UK to make WTO food safety stand. EXCLUSIVE CATHERINE NEILAN @CatNeilan Feb 21, 2020 264
Toxic Drift: In Hawai'i, an epicenter of GM corn testing, pesticide poisoning complaints persist. Pala, Christopher Jan 1, 2020 3547
Organic food. Muhammad Hassan Ameen - Rawalpindi Dec 29, 2019 103
Farmer-scientist group on GMO rice: Unnecessary, unwanted. Dec 19, 2019 370
Non-GMO Foods Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2026. Dec 18, 2019 1175
What Nigeria Will Benefit From The Commercialised GM Cowpea. Dec 17, 2019 1331
Nigeria Commercialises First Transgenic Food Crop. Dec 15, 2019 1065
Agri biotech vital for food security: Fawad. Dec 14, 2019 196
A Handbook of Food Crime: Immoral and Illegal Practices in the Food Industry and What To Do About Them. Book review Dec 1, 2019 183
Bioengineered Foods Market Size, Sales, Demand, Trends, Drivers, Regions and Growth Forecast to 2023: By Radiant Insights, Inc. Nov 22, 2019 1077
Animal feed millers want state to allow GM yellow maize imports. Nov 14, 2019 482
GM foods: The battle for Africa. Nov 4, 2019 1249
GM foods: The battle for Africa. Kedem, Shoshana Nov 1, 2019 1197
Expression Levels of the [gamma]-Glutamyl Hydrolase I Gene Predict Vitamin [B.sub.9] Content in Potato Tubers. Robinson, Bruce R.; Salinas, Carolina Garcia; Parra, Perla Ramos; Bamberg, John; de la Garza, Rocio Nov 1, 2019 8408
GMO Soybean Market 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast to 2024. Oct 22, 2019 977
NA body briefed on genetically modified crops. Oct 18, 2019 341
Developing Wheat that Fights Celiac Disease. Clinical report Oct 1, 2019 275
Breeders urge Nema to issue permit for GMO performance trials. Sep 25, 2019 532
GMO Corn Market: Increasing Awareness on the Presence of Biotoxins in GMO Crops has Emerged as a Key. Sep 24, 2019 696
GMO Corn Market 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast to 2024. Sep 24, 2019 1193
Brazil dedicates 2400 scientists for GM food research, wants 'active cooperation' with Gulf: Minister. Sep 24, 2019 707
NBMA Receives Application To Introduce GM Maize That Resists Armyworm. Sep 24, 2019 516
Non-GMO Foods Market by Product, Distribution Channel, and Geography - Global Forecast & Analysis (2019-2023). Sep 23, 2019 841
GMO Corn Market: Increasing Awareness on the Presence of Biotoxins in GMO Crops has Emerged as a Key. Sep 23, 2019 709
GMO Soybean Market Analysis and Value Forecast Snapshot by End-Use Industry 2017-2026. Aug 17, 2019 764
GMO Corn Market Market Plying for Significant Growth During 2026. Aug 17, 2019 736
GMO Corn Market Market Plying for Significant Growth During 2026. Aug 16, 2019 751
GMO Soybean Market Analysis and Value Forecast Snapshot by End-Use Industry 2017-2026. Aug 16, 2019 779
Influence of Heat Processing on DNA Degradation and PCR-Based Detection of Wild-Type and Transgenic Maize. Bitskinashvili, Kakha; Gabriadze, Inga; Kutateladze, Tamara; Vishnepolsky, Boris; Mikeladze, David; Jul 31, 2019 6917
Feeding 10 billion people will require genetically modified food. Jul 20, 2019 822
University of California awarded US CRISPR-Cas9 patent related to production of genetically modified cells. Jul 16, 2019 220
University of California awarded US CRISPR-Cas9 patent related to production of genetically modified cells. Jul 16, 2019 216
Fluid Lecithin Market Key Players, Supply-Demand, Investment Feasibility and Forecast 2029. Jul 1, 2019 952
Fluid Lecithin Market Projections Highlighting Primary Trends until 2029. Jul 1, 2019 937
Global GMO Corn Market Estimated to Record Highest CAGR by 2017 to 2026. Jun 26, 2019 749
GMO Soybean Market Predictions Highpoint Enhanced Sales during Forecast Period, 2017-2026. Jun 26, 2019 825
Benefits of GM maize technology showcased. Jun 21, 2019 295
Benefits of GM maize technology showcased. Jun 21, 2019 397
Trump orders simpler path for genetically engineered food. Jun 16, 2019 562
Strong refusal to use GM maize seeds in Pakistan. Jun 9, 2019 997
GMO tug of war. Jun 8, 2019 905
Effects of non-genetically and genetically modified organism (maize-soybean) diet on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, carcass weight, and meat quality of broiler chicken. Zhang, Song; Ao, Xiang; Kim, In Ho Jun 1, 2019 4868
KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES AND PERCEPTIONS TOWARDS GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS IN ZIMBABWE. Chagwena, D.T.; Sithole, B.; Masendu, R.; Chikwasha, V.; Mapongam, C.C. Survey Jun 1, 2019 4333
Wild Earth Raises $16M for Biotech Vegan Food. May 22, 2019 539
Committee chief flayed for supporting GMO maize. May 22, 2019 444
BiH the first country in the region with producers that carry 'GMO-free' label. May 21, 2019 776
Concern at ministry's decision on GM maize. May 11, 2019 183
High Demand Drives Propyl Gallate Market Progress through 2018-2027. May 8, 2019 924
High Demand Drives Propyl Gallate Market Progress through 2018-2027. May 7, 2019 970
Breaking Down Bioengineered Foods' New Disclosure Standard: What grocers need to know about the new USDA directive. Lowe, Rachel May 1, 2019 919
New York food chain Shake Shack to offer Filipino food. Apr 30, 2019 485
New York fast food Shake Shack to offer Filipino food. Apr 30, 2019 483
GMO Soybean Market Projections Analyzed To Inspect Growth Trends during Forecast Period. Apr 25, 2019 684
GM Maize to increase crop yields and enhance exports. Apr 25, 2019 194
Global GMO Soybean Market: Future Forecast Indicates Impressive Growth Rate. Apr 16, 2019 757
GMO Corn Market to Discern Steadfast Expansion During 2017 to 2026. Apr 12, 2019 635
GMO Soybean Market Extensive Growth Opportunities to be Witnessed by 2026. Apr 12, 2019 725
GMO Soybean Market worldwide growing by size, share, demand, regional analysis by 2022. Apr 11, 2019 671
GMO Corn Market Growth with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2028. Apr 11, 2019 683
GMO Soybean Market Showcases Future Status of Prime Manufacturers Across Major Economies during 2017. Apr 3, 2019 606
Monsanto Wants to Disguise Its Genetically Engineered Foods as "Biofortified" But NHF Is Standing in Its Way... Tips, Scott C. Report Apr 1, 2019 2937
Owlet moths (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea) associated with Bt and non-Bt soybean in the brazilian savanna/Noctuoides (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea) associados a soja Bt e nao-Bt no Cerrado brasileiro. Luz, P.M.C.; Specht, A.; Paula-Moraes, S.V.; Malaquias, J.V.; Ferreira, L.F.M.; Otanasio, P.N.; Dini Apr 1, 2019 6682
Major stakeholders reject sowing of GM corn seeds. Mar 26, 2019 455
Lift GMO ban to cure chronic hunger. Mar 26, 2019 726
DA launches probe into GM corn seeds 'price fixing'. Mar 14, 2019 506
Say no to GM maize. Mar 1, 2019 913
Consumers' Evaluations of Genetically Modified Food Messages. Ruth, Taylor K.; Rumble, Joy N. Report Mar 1, 2019 8863
Pipeline buys 4 Minnesota sites from SunOpta. Feb 27, 2019 246
SunOpta Sells Specialty and Organic Soy and Corn Business to Pipeline Foods. Feb 26, 2019 236
SunOpta Sells Specialty and Organic Soy and Corn Business to Pipeline Foods. Feb 26, 2019 246
DowDuPont wins final OK for global launch of new GMO soybeans. Feb 23, 2019 251
Kazakhstan, US to construct plant for production of non-GMO soybean seeds. Feb 5, 2019 299
New USDA Standard requires food manufacturers to ensure bioengineered foods are appropriately disclosed. Dec 20, 2018 351
Insights on Global GMO Soybean Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions till 2026. Dec 5, 2018 242
GMO Corn Market Insights on Future Growth Prospects and Industry Trends Analyzed till 2026. Dec 5, 2018 425
GMO Corn Market Insights on Future Growth Prospects and Industry Trends Analyzed till 2026. Dec 4, 2018 1170
Insights on Global GMO Soybean Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions till 2026. Dec 4, 2018 1241
Perceptions and Attitudes: Analyzing Opinion Leaders in Relation to Genetically Modified Foods. Randolph, Levy G.; Rumble, Joy N.; Carter, Hannah S. Dec 1, 2018 8088
Next generation of biotech food heading to grocery store near you. Nov 18, 2018 807
Gene-edited food is coming, but will shoppers buy? Nov 14, 2018 1240
Genetically modified foods workshop kicks off. Oct 17, 2018 204
Illegal importers of GM food, grains will be clamped down a DG NBMA. Oct 16, 2018 708
Stakeholders warn against introducing GM maize seed. Oct 7, 2018 373
MEAT THE FUTURE. Lurie, Peter G. Oct 1, 2018 511
Cat Food Ingredients Owners Want to Avoid: We're all starting to read cat-food ingredients lists. Oct 1, 2018 293
Where Can I Find Vegan Infant Formula? B., Whitney Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2018 157
Natreon Obtains Non-GMO Project Verification for Ingredient Portfolio. Oct 1, 2018 168
Commercialization of biotech corn to spur growth of maize production. Sep 29, 2018 297
Genetic modified seed produce contaminated food causing cancer to people: Dr. Shahida. Sep 29, 2018 128
6 Key Takeaways on GMO Soybean Market from Fact.MR's Report for Forecast Period 2017 -- 2026. Report Sep 25, 2018 737
6 Key Takeaways on GMO Soybean Market from Fact.MR's Report for Forecast Period 2017 -- 2026. Report Sep 25, 2018 737
GM food is health hazard. Sep 24, 2018 548
4 Key Insights from Fact.MR's Forecast on Global GMO Corn Market for 2017 - 2026 Period. Sep 24, 2018 705
4 Key Insights from Fact.MR's Forecast on Global GMO Corn Market for 2017 - 2026 Period. Sep 24, 2018 705
Why Can't Food Be Genetically Engineered and Organic? Miller, Henry I.; Cohrssen, John J. Sep 22, 2018 1909
4 Key Insights on Global GMO Corn Market from Fact.MR's Forecast for 2017 - 2026 Period. Sep 22, 2018 704
Making the environmental case for soya; Soya is synonymous with the booming free-from, plant-based trend, but despite the inherent green credentials, production can be controversial. Here's how Alpro is squaring the circle. Kevin White Sep 22, 2018 849
4 Key Insights on Global GMO Corn Market from Fact.MR's Forecast for 2017 - 2026 Period. Sep 21, 2018 704
Bishkek hosts TURKPA meeting on environmental protection. Sep 14, 2018 173
Top 10 Food Safety Testing and Technologies Trends is projected to $39.47 Billion by 2022. Sep 10, 2018 605
Top 10 Food Safety Testing and Technologies Trends is projected to $39.47 Billion by 2022. Sep 10, 2018 605
Frutarom Enters Beauty from Within Market in Asia. Sep 1, 2018 521
OUTLOOK. Sep 1, 2018 472
Frutarom Enters Beauty from Within Market in Asia. Sep 1, 2018 521
Examining Effects of Informational Use of Social Media Platforms and Social Capital on Civic Engagement Regarding Genetically Modified Foods in China. Wen, Nainan; Wei, Ran Sep 1, 2018 8734
Japan debates how much to regulate genetically modified food. Aug 8, 2018 791
Uzbek officials explain GM Uzbekistan's raise of car prices. Jul 31, 2018 341
Superfoods meet science; GM food has long been a contentious issue. But new techniques are focusing benefits on consumers and with a new generation seemingly more open to it, could a tipping point for acceptance soon arrive? Angelina Mason Jul 28, 2018 2337
Easing the food skills gap. Jul 26, 2018 112
On "bioengineered" disclosure specs, USDA proposes some, asks about others. Jul 23, 2018 866
Understanding GMOs: Sorting out science from superstition about genetically engineered foods. Dennett, Carrie Jul 1, 2018 924
Branded Ingredient Showcase: This directory is designed to help formulators evaluate ingredients from potential partners. Industry suppliers submitted information based on a questionnaire which was then formatted by NW staff. Questions can be directed to Directory Jul 1, 2018 3555
Fake Bt corn seeds to cut production, ISAAA warns. Jun 26, 2018 812
Dubai to screen genetically modified food. Jun 9, 2018 223
A sustainable approach. Jun 9, 2018 122
Dubai begins screening for GM food items. Jun 6, 2018 309
'Fake' seeds threaten govt's corn self-sufficiency program. Jun 5, 2018 754
Rice variety meets standards of US FDA. May 27, 2018 591
Genetically Modified Food: LHC moved against multinationals' 'hegemony'. May 26, 2018 445
Monsanto targeted by anti-GMO activists. May 24, 2018 469
Attitudes to GM are changing; second opinion. Chris Elliott May 19, 2018 374
Advocates seek a law on modern biotech. May 5, 2018 1857
The pros and cons of genetically modified food. May 1, 2018 621
Country Homesteads Beware. Peterson, Robert May 1, 2018 477
TUMOUR RUMOURS; Study highlights myths on what causes cancer. Apr 26, 2018 205
GMOs not solution to armyworm - activists. Apr 18, 2018 247
The choice: GMOs or losing half our maize. Apr 17, 2018 236
Can genetic maize rescue our farmers from Fall Armyworm? Apr 16, 2018 894
GMOs: Why we gave seed, grains importers 7 days ultimatum -DG/CEO NBMA. Apr 10, 2018 1611
Consumers, farmers demand food labels list GMO ingredients. Apr 10, 2018 711
Towards a New Regulatory Framework for GM Crops in the European Union: Scientific, Ethical, Social and Legal Issues and the Challenges Ahead. Book review Apr 1, 2018 176
The Marketing of Genetically Modified Food with Direct and Indirect Consumer Benefits: an Analysis of Willingness to Pay. Wilson, Grant Alexander; Di Zhang, David Report Apr 1, 2018 7640
How Safe Are GMO? Mar 28, 2018 615
Media Portrayal of GM Science and Citrus Greening in State and National Newspapers. D'Angelo, Jeremy; Ellis, Jason D.; Burke, Katherine; Ruth, Taylor Mar 1, 2018 8225
Australia, New Zealand decision on Golden Rice sets tone for GM food approval. Feb 28, 2018 1029
CRITICAL EYE. Megan Tatum Feb 24, 2018 262
Would You Eat Lab-Grown Meat? Feb 15, 2018 652
Genetically modified organisms can help with food security. Feb 11, 2018 554
A super tall hybrid corn for making silage. Feb 7, 2018 677
Food safety-first. Feb 6, 2018 1027
Monsanto asks government to regulate proliferating counterfeit Bt corn seeds. Feb 2, 2018 553
Cry protein in the predatory mite Neoseiulus californicus and spider mite Tetranychus urticae prey fed with transgenic maize. Paulo, P.D.; Fadini, M.A.M.; Dominiquini, A.B.; Mendes, S.M.; Marinho, C.G.S. Feb 1, 2018 1510
Overexpression of a New Zinc Finger Protein Transcription Factor OsCTZFP8 Improves Cold Tolerance in Rice. Jin, Yong-Mei; Piao, Rihua; Yan, Yong-Feng; Chen, Mojun; Wang, Ling; He, Hongxia; Liu, Xiaoxiao; Gao Jan 1, 2018 7569
Gene Editing Could Rewrite the GMO Debate. Rotman, David Editorial Jan 1, 2018 455
A Complete MCDM Model for NPD Performance Assessment in an LED-Based Lighting Plant Factory. Chen, Wen-Chin; Lin, Yen-Fu; Liu, Kai-Ping; Chang, Hui-Pin; Wang, Li-Yi; Tai, Pei-Hao Jan 1, 2018 15397
EU deadlock over weedkiller goes to appeal. Nov 27, 2017 512
Imported GMO maize repatriated for lack of authorisation. Nov 21, 2017 212
Monsanto's biotech corn approved for cultivation. Oct 31, 2017 415
Int' conference on Agricultural and Food Science starts. Conference news Oct 27, 2017 414
Trade deals could bring unlabelled GM foods. Oct 17, 2017 401
Phytophagous mites on genetically modified maize with Bacillus thuringiensis genes/Acaros fitofagos em milho geneticamente modificado com genes de Bacillus thuringiensis. Ferreira, Tamara Esteves; Fadini, Marcos Antonio Matiello; Mendes, Simone Martins; Marinho, Cidalia Ensayo Oct 1, 2017 2881
Syngenta agrees to pay more than $1.4 billion to U.S. farmers who complained that the marketing of the company's genetically modified corn seeds shut them out of the Chinese market. Oct 1, 2017 108
Study Finds High Levels of Genetically Altered Organisms in Mexican Tortillas. Navarro, Carlos Sep 27, 2017 992
Let's Eat! Sustainable Food for a Hungry Planet (Orca Footprints). Sep 22, 2017 106
Delicious taste, nutritious benefits make Vitasoy an ideal drink. Sep 15, 2017 221
Biology of Trichogramma pretiosum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) fed transgenic maize pollen. Sousa, Maria F. De; Fernandes, Marcos Gino; Mota, Thiago Alexandre Report Sep 1, 2017 3971
Effects of Transgenic Soybean and Organic Soybean on Rat Penis Morphology during the Aging Process/Efectos de los Frijoles de Soja Transgenica y de Soja Organica en la Morfologia del Pene de Rata durante el Proceso de Envejecimiento. Correa, L.B.N.S.; Contreiras, E.C.; Daleprane, J.B.; Boaventura, G.T.; Figueiredo, M.A.; Chagas, M.A Sep 1, 2017 4048
Call for food regulator to have fresh powers; FOOD JON VALE Aug 2, 2017 428
Isolation of selected Four Events GM Maize (Bt11, Mon863, Mon810 and T25) product in Baghdad markets using Single Tube Multiplex PCR. Ali, Fatin Hussien Report Jul 1, 2017 2211
'Okja' film review: Creature-feature is Netflix's best film yet. Jun 27, 2017 731
What's in a Name? The influence of persuasive communication on florida consumers' attitude toward genetically modified food. Ruth, Taylor K.; Rumble, Joy N. Report Jun 1, 2017 7815
MoBiTec to Offer the First Commercially Available Bacillus Subtilis Food Grade Expression System. May 11, 2017 442
On mandatory labeling, with special reference to genetically modified foods. Sunstein, Cass R. Apr 1, 2017 26537
Lynden farm becomes becomes one of the few dairies in Washington to offer certified non-GMO milk. Apr 1, 2017 258
The Pricing Strategy of Oligopolistic Competition Food Firms with the Asymmetric Information and Scientific Uncertainty. Zhao, Li; Wang, Changwei; Peng, Xiaohui; Liu, Bin; Ahlstrom, David Report Jan 1, 2017 10636
Expression Analysis of Hairpin RNA Carrying Sugarcane mosaic virus (SCMV) Derived Sequences and Transgenic Resistance Development in a Model Rice Plant. Akbar, Sehrish; Tahir, Muhammad; Wang, Ming-Bo; Liu, Qing Report Jan 1, 2017 6593
Analysis of genetically modified food induced international trade law issues. Zhang, Jiansheng; Chen, Yanan; Li, Yu Report Jan 1, 2017 3675
Effect of economic self-interest and political orientation on Colorado's Proposition 105. Ling, Howard G.; Acikdilli, Gaye Report Dec 22, 2016 8148
National GMO labeling bill signed into law. Stonebrook, Shelley Dec 1, 2016 510
GM wonder-wheat may soon be grown in UK. Nov 6, 2016 235
Sault restaurant growing own food. Armstrong, Kenneth Nov 1, 2016 355
Yeast of burden: instead of 9 million dairy cows, Americans might soon be milking billions of microscopic creatures. Zaraska, Marta Nov 1, 2016 736
More Americans embracing plant-based, organic & non-GMO foods: dairy alternatives ranked as the favorite 'better-for-you' food. Oct 1, 2016 598
Officials didn't vet petitions, suit says. Sep 30, 2016 833
There is no consumer 'right to know': mandatory labels for GMO foods are unscientific, unnecessary, and unconstitutional. Adler, Jonathan H. Sep 22, 2016 5869
GMO labeling in the limelight: Congress passes labeling law for genetically modified organisms, following Vermont's lead. Farquhar, Doug Aug 31, 2016 801
BUST THAT MYTH; Are GM foods bad for us? Aug 29, 2016 103
Vertical Harvest Hydroponics. Anderson, Tasha Aug 1, 2016 109
Agriculture, food, and nutrition interventions that facilitate sustainable food production and impact health: an overview of systematic reviews/Intervenciones agropecuarias, alimentarias y nutricionales que favorecen la produccion sostenible de alimentos e inciden en la salud: sintesis de revisiones sistematicas. Haby, Michelle M.; Chapman, Evelina; Clark, Rachel; Galvao, Luiz A.C. Aug 1, 2016 6159
Unapproved genetically modified wheat found in Washington. Jul 30, 2016 129
Obama signs bill requiring labeling of GMO foods. Jul 30, 2016 146
Unapproved genetically modified wheat found in Washington. Jul 29, 2016 159
A mislabeled label bill. Jul 2, 2016 373
A GMO label bill, sort of. Jun 25, 2016 287
GMO Labeling Bill Gets US Senate Panel's OK. Jun 24, 2016 538
Tay's Gourmet Brings Superfood Granola to 526 Walmart Locations. Jun 11, 2016 498
Consumers confused about non-GMO vs. organic. Jun 1, 2016 170
Evaluation of foliar damage by Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to genetically modified corn (Poales: Poaceae) in Mexico. Aguirre, Luis A.; Hernandez-Juarez, Agustin; Flores, Mariano; Cerna, Ernesto; Landeros, Jeronimo; Fr Report Jun 1, 2016 4162
Effect of genetically modified Bt maize in an artificial diet on the survival of Cydia pomonella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Stenekamp, Daleen; Pringle, Ken; Addison, Matthew Report Jun 1, 2016 4488
Non-GMO project prohibits synthetic biology. May 1, 2016 182
Farm area devoted to GM crops shrank in '15. Apr 29, 2016 319
New Study: Genetically Modified Food Safety Testing Market - Global Trend & Forecast to 2020. Apr 27, 2016 539
GMO potatoes now allowed into Canada. Apr 1, 2016 119
Federal judge issues ruling banning commercial planting of genetically modified corn in Mexico. Navarro, Carlos Mar 23, 2016 1251
Bill to block state labeling of genetically modified foods. Mar 1, 2016 222
Natural Progression. Wolfe, Anna Feb 26, 2016 516
Artificial lifestyle. Feb 17, 2016 351
The battle over GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms): are GMOs the answer to feeding a hungry world, or Frankenfoods that put the environment--and us--at risk? Potenza, Alessandra Feb 8, 2016 997
Powerful rhetoric can overlook important details. Emerson, Eva Editorial Feb 6, 2016 347
GMOs under scrutiny: engineered foods have withstood safety concerns, but haven t fulfilled big promises. Ehrenberg, Rachel Feb 6, 2016 4375
TODAY: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2016. Feb 5, 2016 251

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