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Biopharma: A study conducted by Nature Biotechnology finds that between 2000 and 2003, more than 60 biopharmaceuticals were approved, joining the 84 already authorized in the US and/or the European Union. This means that during the last three years, biopharmaceuticals have made up more than one-quarter of all new drugs approved. Hepatitis, which has infected more than two billion people worldwide, is most frequently targeted by the new medicines; other major targets include diabetes, hemophilia, myocardial infarction and cancer. While biopharma therapies have had an important impact on illness, they have been far from perfect, prompting 15 safety alerts or warnings since 2000. Even so, the study predicts that biopharma medicine will continue to make inroads into other markets, such as veterinary medicine.

Source: Nature Biotechnology
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Date:Oct 15, 2003
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