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Articles from Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal (September 1, 2021)

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A Comparative Study of Safety and Efficacy of Oral Terbinafine and Itraconazole in Patients of Tinea Corporis/Tinea Cruris Infection, A Randomized Open Label Parallel Group Study. Brigida, S.; Elizabeth, Arul Amutha; Soujania, G.; Poornima, R. Report 3109
A Comprehensive Study on Supratrochlear Foramen of Human Humerus and its Clinical Significance--A Review. Lalita, B.T.; Francis, Yuvaraj Maria; Balaji, K.; Raghunath, Gunapriya; Kumaresan, M. Report 6146
A Deep Learning-Based Transfer Learning Framework for the Early Detection and Classification of Dermoscopic Images of Melanoma. Singh, Lokesh; Janghel, Rekh Ram; Sahu, Satya Prakash Report 7662
A Study On High and Low level Drug Resistance Pattern among Clinical Isolates of Enterococci. Rajan, Reena; Karthikeyan, D. Report 4206
Acute and Repeated Dose Toxicity Study of Clevira Syrup--A Polyherbal Formulation. Narayanamurthy, Uma; Mirunalini, R.; Subha, V.; Manimekalai, K.; Sakthibalan, K.; Paul, C. Arther; N Report 4287
Acute Toxicity Study and Antidiabetic Activity of Marine alga-Halimeda gracilis Chooranam (HGC) in Freshwater Zebrafish Model. Anadh, J.V. Sabari; Nayaka, Swapna R.; Usha, N.S.; Subha, V.; Manimekalai, K.; Syed, nd Mushraf Report 3186
Acute Tumor Lysis Syndrome: A Metabolic Emergency in Cancer Patients. Attina, Giorgio; Tepedino, Raffaele; Ruggiero, Antonio Report 4751
Ameliorative Potential of Aqueous Extract of Broccoli Sprouts Against Triazophos Induced Ovarian Toxicity in Wistar Rats. Sharma, Dharmender; Sangha, Gurinder Kaur Report 6732
Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Selenium and Alpha-tocopherol in Mouse Models of Pain Induced with Fluoride Exposure. Reddy, N. Chandra Shakar; Reddy, K. Pratap Report 4998
Analysis of Pneumonia, Hospitalization, and Fatality Among COVID-19 Cases by Mexican States in Women Under 19 Years: An Ecological Study. Flores-Vargas, Gilberto; Padilla-Raygoza, Nicolas; Navarro-Olivos, Efrain; Gallardo-Luna, Maria de J Report 4364
Anti-Arthritic Evaluation of Ginger, Colchicum and Detoxified Nux-Vomica combination for Poly Herbal Unani Formulation. Mian, S.S.; Tajuddin; Upadhyay, S. Report 3845
Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Cancer Activity of Mentha Piperita Against Mcf-7 Cells. Saravanan, Renuka; Natesan, Ravichandran; Samiappan, Sumathi C.; Ramalingam, Sivakumar Report 3800
Antidiarrheal Activity of Four Different Species of Litsea Available in Bangladesh. Bulbul, Israt Jahan; Uddin, Md. Ekhtiar; Nahar, Nusratun; Kuddus, Md. Ruhul; Haque, Mohammad Rashedu Report 4828
Antifungal Activity of the Bark Extract of Michelia Alba Against Curvularia Verruculosa Fungal the Cause of Leaf Spot Disease on Rice. Bawa, I. Gusti Agung Gede; Bogoriani, Ni Wayan Report 2697
Antioxidant Activity and In-Silico Study of Anthraquinone Glycosides Extracted from Cassia Fistula Against the Main Protease (7BUY) In SARS-COV2. Dawood, Yessar A.; Al.Fadal, Sabaa Ali Mohammed; Almousawi, Ula M. Noor; Hejjaj, Murtakab Y. Al- Report 2234
Assisted Reproductive Technologies for Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Hassan, Muhjah Falah; Sengupta, Pallav; Dutta, Sulagna Report 2397
Association of Genetic Polymorphism in Apolipoprotein A5 and Lipoprotein Lipase Genes with Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Rural South Western Maharashtra. Durgawale, Pratik P.; Datkhile, Kailas D.; Patil, Virendra C.; Devkar, Vasant V.; Dabane, Sarjerao A Report 6864
Change of Urinary Nitrite Excretion in Primary Enuresis after Indomethacin Treatment. Bader, Hisham W.; Youssef, Hala A.; Armaneous, Ayman F.; Azmy, Ashraf M.; Youness, Eman R.; Abouelna Report 2454
Cognitive Disorders and Oxidative Stress Status Attenuated by Chrysophyllum Perpulchrum Extract in Alzheimer-like Rat Model of Intracerebroventricular [A[beta].sub.1-40] injection. N'Go, Pacome Kouadio; Tehoua, Lazare; Ahami, Omar Touhami Ahmed; Azzaoui, Fatima-Zahra; Aboussaleh, Report 5681
Comparison of Anti-Inflammatory Efficacy of Ocimum Sanctum, Azadirachta Indica and their Combination with Aspirin in Chemically Induced Acute Inflammation. Kewlani, Aakash; Bhalerao, Seema; Bhide, Harshavardhan; Deshpande, Teja; Tilak, Abhijeet; Dharkar, N Report 4051
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Pregnancy. Bhattacharya, Koushik; Bhattacharya, Soumita; Sengupta, Pallav; Dutta, Sulagna; Choudhuri, Gargi Ray Report 8720
Correlation Between Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Conventional Semen Parameters among Different age Groups. Chopra, Shruti; Varma, Ajit; Jain, Seema; Jain, Sangeeta; Choudhary, Devendra Report 2686
Current Perceptions on Advanced Molecular Diagnostics for Drug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Ramasamy, Pushparaju; Sounderrajan, Vignesh; Vijayakumar, Kevin Kumar; Harshavardhan, Shakila Report 5492
Differential Expression of micro RNAs and their Association with the Inflammatory Markers in Familial Mediterranean Fever Patients. Abdelkawy, Rania Fawzy Mahmoud; Kholoussi, Shams; Eissa, Eman; Hamed, Khaled; Raouf, Haiam Abdel; Ba Report 3944
Differential Modulatory Effect of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate in Suppression of Tumor Proliferation. Algazeery, Ahmed; Sayed, Ashraf S. El-; Deeb, Fatma M. El-; Ma, Nomier Report 4062
Dinoxin B Withanolide from Datura inoxia Mill as an Effective Phytocompound Against Urinary Tract Infection causing Staphylococcus aureus. George, Ruby; Mathur, Priti; Tandon, Chandni Report 5317
Effect of Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index on Clinical Outcomes of Intra-Uterine Insemination Patients. Chopra, Shruti; Varma, Ajit; Jain, Seema; Jain, Sangeeta; Choudhary, Devendra Report 3537
Effectiveness Study of Typical and Atypical Antipsychotics on Patients with Schizophrenia using WHO Disability Assessment Schedule (WHODAS 2.0). Agrawal, Ratna; Rath, Bhabagrahi Report 2645
Evaluation of the Curative and Protective Role of Fresh Chicory Juice in Treatment of Hepatic Fibrosis in Male Albino Rats. Algazeery, Ahmed; Moustafa, Ahmed H.; Sayed, Ashraf S. El-; Rizk, Marwa G.; Sabbah, Norhan A. Report 5609
Frequency and Predictors of Potential Drug Interactions among Psychiatry Outpatients on Treatment with Antidepressant Medications. Zaabi, Mouza S.R Al; Sridhar, Sathvik Belagodu; Tadross, Talaat Matar; Shariff, Atiqulla Report 4827
Genetic Algorithm Approach to Find the Estimated Value of HMM parameters for NS5 Methyltransferase Protein. Katiyar, Nidhi; Nath, Ravindra; Katiyar, Shashwat Report 5504
Growth Factors in Wound Healing--A Review. Vaidyanathan, Lalitha Report 5694
In-vitro Antibacterial Activity of crude Garlic (Allium Sativum) Extract Against Clinical Isolates of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Mohammed, Salma Osman Noorelhuda; Abuzeid, Nadir Musa Khalil; Abdelghani, Sara; Eltayeb, Lienda Bash Report 3857
Inhibitory Power of Papaya Leaves to the Adhesion of Streptococcus Mutans Bacteria to Neutrophils. Kurniati, Nining Report 3519
Insights from the Interfaces of Corona Viral Proteins: Homomers Versus Heteromers. Nilofer, Christina; Mohanapriya, Arumugam Report 7796
Isolation and Partial Purification of Bioactive Compounds from Sponge Sigmadocia Fibulata (Schmidt) Collected from West Coast of Mumbai, India. Bhadekar, N.S.; Zodape, G.V. Report 3608
Microbial Tyrosinase: Biochemical, Molecular Properties and Pharmaceutical Applications. Sayed, Ashraf S.A. El-; Maamoun, Hanaa Salah; Rabie, Gamal H.; Morsy, Yara; Ali, Mostafa G.; Rady, A Report 8678
Mode Analysis of Tectorial Membrane in Cochlea. Kitamura, Toshiaki Report 2993
Neuroprotective Potentials of Cocculus hirsutus Leaf Extract Against 6,7-Epoxytropine Tropate-Induced Memory Impairment in Rats. Gorla, Uma Sankar; Rao, G.S.N. Koteswara; Kulandaivelu, Umasankar; Alavala, Rajasekhar Reddy; Panda, Report 4635
PCOS Modulatory Activity of Tinospora cordifolia leaves--An Insilico Approach. Devi, M. Sri; Muralidharan, P.; Hari, Rajeswary; Lavanya, M.; Abiraamavalli, T. Report 2990
Performance based Evaluation of Algorithmson Chronic Kidney Disease using Hybrid Ensemble Model in Machine Learning. Yadav, Dhyan Chandra; Pal, Saurabh Report 4887
Physiological Beneficial Changes in the Respiratory System in Adolescents with Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis as a Result of the use of a set of Yogic Exercises. Medvedev, Ilya N.; Kachenkova, Ekaterina S.; Zbrueva, Yulia V.; Nalobina, Anna N.; Kulkova, Irina V. Report 4642
Renal Outcome and Health Related Quality of Life of Living Related Donors In Pediatric Kidney Transplantation. Fathallah, Mohamed G.; Fadel, Fatina I.; Saadi, Gamal Eldin; Mawla, Mohamed A. Abdel; Salah, Doaa M. Report 3115
Reticulocyte Hemoglobin Content as a Best Indicator of Iron Deficiency in Female Patients with Diffuse Non-scarring Hair Loss. Jasim, Zahraa; Aledan, Hayder Report 1840
Screening the Therapeutic Potential of Methanolic Stem Extract of Cissus arnottiana. Selvi, P.; Murugesh, S.; Yuvarajan, R.; Rajasekar, A. Report 3617
Seroprevalence of Cytomegalovirus Antibodies among COVID-19 Patients. Ibrahim, Mohamed N. Report 2596
Serum Osteoprotegerin Level as a Risk Factor for Atherosclerosis in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients: A Cross Sectional Study. Shrookmousa; Laymouna, Ahmed; Mohamed, NagwaAbd El Ghaffar; Wadie, Mary; Philip, Mariana V. Report 6716
Significance of Acute Phase Reactants as Prognostic Biomarkers for Pneumonia in Children. Hamid, Enas Abdel; Ali, Walaa; Ahmed, Hanaa; Megawer, Amre; Osman, Wafaa Report 7368
Study of Multifaceted Effect of Vitexnegundo Leaves Aqueous Extract and Decoction for Pain Relief in Experimental Models. Khatavkar, P.S.; Dawane, J.S.; Sarak, Avinash Report 3350
Sub-Acute Oral Toxicity Study of Ethanol Extract of Oroxylum Indicum Leafin C57BL/6 Mice. Reduan, Mohd Farhan Hanif; Mastika, Mohammad Rasul Arif; Hamid, Fathin Faahimaah Abdul; Noralidin, N Report 4384
Subclinical Rejection and Immunosuppression in Pediatric Kidney Transplant Recipients : Single Centre Study. Fadel, Fatina I.; ElBaky, Abeer M. Nour ElDin Abd; Mawla, Mohamed A. Abdel; Moustafa, Wesam I.; Saad Report 5403
Synthesis Processing Condition Optimization of Citrate Stabilized Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles using Direct Co-Precipitation Method. Yusuf, Mubarika Sekarsari; Sutriyo; Rahmasari, Ratika Report 4474
The Effect of Circulating Oxidized LDL and High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein on Coronary Heart Disease Susceptibility in a South Indian Population. Jaishankar, Thirunavukkarasu; Shivasekar, Meera; Vinodhini, V.M. Report 4165
The Effect of Curcumin vs. Curcumin Combined Antibiotic Ointmentson the Healing of Skin Wound. Abbas, Emad K.; Echrish, Hussein H.; Mohammed, Sabaa A. Report 3264
The Effect of Regular Physical Activity on the Cardiovascular System in Students. Pryanikova, Natalia G.; Dorontsev, Alexander V.; Marandykina, Oksana V.; Volobuev, Alexey L.; Sharag Report 5029
The Potential of Medicinal Plants as Galactagogue in Indonesia: A Review from Medical Perspective. Khairani, Astrid Feinisa; Adzdzikri, Teuku Muhammad; Menggala, Shafa Tasya; Bashari, Muhammad Hasan; Report 8719
The Recent Updates on Approaches and Clinical Trials Status of Covid-19 Vaccines Developed Globally. Chaudhary, Sachin; Shorbagi, Abdel-Nasser El-; Gupta, Ramesh Kumar; Kumar, Amit Report 6784
The Role of Bisphosphonates in Childhood Diseases. Attina, Giorgio; Mastrangelo, Stefano; Ruggiero, Antonio Report 3528
To Study Demographics as Risk Factor for Mortality Associated with COVID-19 : A Retrospective Cohort Study. Bakshi, Amandeep Singh; Sharma, Neetu; Singh, Jasbir; Batish, Sandeep; Sehgal, Vijay Report 2384
Two-Pore Channels in Cancer Hallmarks: An Update Review. Sediqi, Nelofar; Jahidin, Aisyah Hasyila; Hasan, Mizaton Hazizul; Zakaria, Yuslina Report 11320

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