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Articles from Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal (June 1, 2020)

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A Comparative Antidiabetic Activity of the Three Plants Found in Terai and Duars Region of West Bengal, India. Sharma, Uttam; Das, Sabyasachi; Deb, Soumya; Sahu, Ram Kumar; Fattepur, Santosh Report 4276
A Comparison between Valsalva Maneuver and Eutectic Mixture of Local Anaesthetic to Relieve Venepuncture Pain. Dixit, Shivani; Vasudevarao, Sunil B.; Kamath, Shaila Report 2930
Active Compounds Activity from the Medicinal Plants Against SARS-CoV-2 using in Silico Assay. Laksmiani, Ni Putu Linda; Larasanty, Luh Putu Febryana; Santika, Anak Agung Gde Jaya; Prayoga, Putu Report 3764
Adiponectin Level Association with MDA in the Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Sharma, Rachna; Satyanarayana, P.; Anand, Pallavi; Kumari, Ganpati Aruna Report 4821
Analytical and Immunopharmacological Studies of Flavonoids: Mangifera Indica and Syzygium Cumini. Ghosh, Karishma; Tyagi, Shubham; Gupta, Amit Report 3856
Anti-Hyperuricemic Effects of Water-Soluble Fraction of Leaf Extract of Sukun (Artocarpus Altilis) on Mice Fed Purine-Rich Foods. Sutyarso; Kanedi, Mohammad; Rokiban, Ahmad; Wahyuni, Ayu Report 2340
Anticancer Activities of Saponins and Quinones Group through Oxidative Stress and Glycolysis Inhibition via in Silico Studies. Mustofa, Haris Nur; Wiraswati, Hesti Lina; Ekawardhani, Savira; Fianza, Pandji Irani; Windria, Saras Report 4120
Arterial Reconstruction and Bypass Repair for Diabetic Ischemic-Gangrenous Foot Ulcers; Long Lasting Implicative way for Level Salvage. Alamshah, Seyed Mansour; Moosavi, Seyed Masoud; Nazari, Iraj; Minaee, Hossain; Noroozi, Sohail; Sade Report 3148
Bacteriological Study of Enterococcus Bacteria Isolated from Different Diseases in the Female Cows. Al-Rammahi, Suhair Abdul-Kareem; Hussein, Jinan Mohammed; Kadhem, Elham Jwad; Al-Hadad, Aseel Said I Report 5366
Bioavailability and Bioequivalence of Allopurinol in Two Tablet Formulations. Al-Dalaen, Saied M.I.; Hamad, Abdul-Wahab R.; Al-Saraireh, Fawaz; Alkaraki, Rawan Nayef; Magarbeh, M Report 4948
Biological Activity of '3, 3', 4', 5, 7-Pentahydroxyflavone Isolated from Green Leafy Vegetables of Karnataka on three Bacterial Strains. Inala, Mary Shobha Rani; Karthikkeyan, Gayathree; Pinto, Sneha M.; Pamidimukkala, Kiranmayee Report 6025
Bone Marrow Aspiration and Bone Marrow Biopsy in Hematological Disorders. Joshi, Shweta; Wader, Jyotsna; Kanethkar, Sujatha Report 2504
Cell Culture Media Chronicle. Xu, Wayne Wen-Yan; Yuan, Jun; Gong, Weilun; Xie, Guohao; Ma, Yingyin; Zhang, Jiaojiao; Poon, H. Fai Report 2120
Cloning of Recombinant Human IL-29 (rhIL-29) from PBMC in Escherichia coli. Rao, J. Venkateshwara Report 2961
Correlation Between Aortic Diameter and Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT) With Functional Outcome in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients. Setyopranoto, Ismail; Rakhmawati, Nurul Report 4134
Cost of Treating Bacterial Infections in India: A Cost Minimization Analysis to Assess Price Variations. Atal, Shubham; Mathur, Akanksha; Balakrishnan, S. Report 7512
Design and Development of Potential Flavonoid Moiety for Pbp2a Inhibition for Mrsa Therapy--A Computational Technique. Sangeetha, M.; Saranya, T.S.; Sathianarayanan, S.; Vyshnavi, A.M. Hima; Namboori, P.K. Krishnan Report 2015
Detection of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities in Phenol Components and Essential oils of Cistus ladaniferus and Mentha Suaveolens Extracts. Benali, Taoufiq; Chtibi, Houda; Bouyahya, Abdelhakim; Khabbach, Abdelmajid; Hammani, Khalil Report 5606
Development of Trimethoprim Drug and Innovation of Sulfazane-Trimethoprim Derivatives as Anticancer Agents. Aljamali, Nagham Mahmood; Kareem, Imad; Alsabri, Alwan Report 4451
DEXSIT-v2: Database for the Detection of Fracture Risk Condition. Fathima, S.M. Nazia; Tamilselvi, R.; Beham, M. Parisa Report 1499
Diabetes and Retinol-Binding Protein (RBP4): The Study of Free and Exosomal RBP4 in Blood Plasma and Urine of Patients. Tan, Marselina Irasonia; Hisana, Assifa Nur; Ridwan, Ahmad; Fitri, Lulu L.; Fajar, Putri Ayu Report 3217
Diagnosis and Treatment of an Atypical Invasive Mole: A Case Report. Budiana, I. Nyoman Gede; Pemayun, Tjokorda Gede Astawa Report 1764
Effect of Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker Treatment on Adipokine of Corpulence. Rada, Feryal Hashim Report 3000
Effect of Piper Nigrum (Linn.) on Infertility Induced by Ethionamide and Para Amino Salicylic Acid in Female Sprague-Dawley Rats. Zodape, G.V.; Gaikwad, V.S. Report 3104
Effect of Pomegranate Green Tea Mouthwash in Orogranulocyte Migratory Rate in Gingivitis Patients. Malaiappan, Sankari; Abraham, Christeena Report 2068
Effective Dose and Safety Profile of Purple Sweet Potato Tablet Preparation in Rats With High Cholesterol Diet. Jawi, I. Made; Yasa, I.Wayan Putu Sutirta; Mahendra, Agung Nova; Sumardika, I. Wayan Report 3059
Efficacy of Cosmetic Formulation Containing Perilla frutescens Leaves Extract for Irritation and Aging Skin. Mungmai, Lapatrada; Preedalikit, Weeraya; Aunsri, Nattapol; Amornlerdpison, Doungporn Report 4675
Elucidation of Computational 3D Models of Protein Drug Targets for Colletotrichum Falcatum A Fungal Plant Pathogen Causing Red Rot of Sugarcane. Sreenivas, B.K. Anirudh; Imran, Sabia; Ravi, Lokesh Report 2977
Estimation of Serum Fluoride and Renal Parameters in Diabetic Nephropathy- A Facility Based Observational Case Control Study. Mohan, Krishna; Munilakshmi, U.; Saideepika, R,; Shashidhar, K.N.; Bhuneswar, Yadav Report 3133
Estimation of Survival Time of HIV/ AIDS Patients While Reducing the Number of Predictors using a Partial Correlation/ Association Technique. Grover, Gurprit; Sharma, Anurag Report 4382
Evaluation of Eustachian Tube CT Measurements in Patients with COM and Cholesteatoma. Babu, Shan; Susan, Priya; Saikiran, Pendem Report 2340
Evaluation of Role of Iron, Copper and Coconut Oil in Treatment of Acute Aluminum Phosphide Poison in Experimental Rats. Shalaby, Ezz El Din Mostafa Abd El Wahed; ElNabarawy, Nagla Ahmed; Hassan, Dalia Abd Elwahab; Negm, Report 7050
Evaluation of the Chenopodium Ambrosioides Leaf Extract from Taif Region, Saudi Arabia on Antimicroorganisms and the Assessment of its Genetic Diversity using the RAMP Assay. Althobaiti, Fayez Report 5827
Evaluative Study of Asthma Control in a Saudi Hospital. Alshammari, Elham; Alshammari, Ahlam; Alsubaie, Fatima; Alanazi, Yasmeen; Alshawi, Lujain; Bakhamis, Report 2977
Exploration of Antifungal Potential of Azadirachta Indica against Microsporum Gypseum. Sudan, Puneet; Goswami, Manish; Singh, Jitender Report 2440
Full Validation of the Method Employed to Analyze Oxycodone and Imatinib with LC-MS Using Monte-Carlo Simulation. Hamedane, O. Alami; Saffaj, T.; Ihssane, B.; Hajji, R. El; Jhilal, F.; Benchekroun, Y. Hameda; Sosse Report 4360
Isolation, Identification of Some Chemical Constituents and Antimicrobial Activity of Different Extracts from Withania somnifera Growing at Albaha Region, KSA. Ali, Ashwaq S.; Bashir, S.H.; Abdelshafeek, Khaled A. Report 5942
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Infant and Young Child Feeding among Lactating Mothers from Rural Areas of Nanded, Maharashtra. Deshpande, Mugdha; Gokhale, Devaki Report 4710
Molecular Characterization of Methicillin-Resistant and Methicillin- Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus Isolates Obtained from Human-Skin Samples in Iraq. Abed, Suha; Assie, Akeel; Abu-Elteen, Khaled; Dheeb, Batol; Abu-Qatouseh, Luay Report 5109
Optimal Number of Electrode Selection for EEG Based Emotion Recognition using Linear Formulation of Differential Entropy. Joshi, Vaishali M.; Ghongade, Rajesh B. Report 2611
Osteopontin, Malondialdehyde and Interleukin-16 Levels in Patients with Insulin Resistance and Dyslipidemia in Obese Egyptian Women. Zaki, Moushira; Kamal, Sanaa; El-Bassyouni, Hala; Hussein, Mona Abd Elmotaleb A.; Tawfeek, Hend M.; Report 3095
Oxygen as a Therapeutic Drug: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Muralidharan, G.; Rao, Gundu H.R. Report 4172
Physiological Basis of Rehabilitation for Ulnar Neuritis. Karpov, Vladimir Yu.; Medvedev, Ilya N.; Kazakov, Dmitry A.; Sibgatulina, Faila R.; Shulgin, Alexand Report 2739
Physiologically Significant Rehabilitation Measures for Acute Respiratory Viral Infection. Medvedev, Ilya N.; Karpov, Vladimir Yu.; Batrakova, Irina A.; Dorontsev, Alexander V.; Skorosov, Kon Report 2874
Predicting Association between Body Weight, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension among University Students in Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia. Algameel, Magda Mahmoud Mohamed Report 2896
Prediction of Health Risk and Estimation of Associated Variables with Work Stress using Allostatic Load Index. Sabry, Saleh Mai; Ola, Ali; Nadia, Badawy; Sanaa, Rizk; Hend, Gomaa Report 5856
Relationship between Sensory Responsivity, Loneliness, and Anxiety among Indian Adults with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). Sankar, U. Ganapathy; R, Monisha.; Doss, Christopher Amalraj Vallaba; Palanivel, M.R. Report 1900
SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Clinical Data: A Review of the Literature. Padilla-Raygoza, Nicolas; Sandoval-Salazar, Cuauhtemoc; Beltran-Campos, Vicente; Ramirez-Gomez, Xoch Report 2525
Sequencing Analysis of Pyelonephritis-Associated Pili Gene of Uro-Pathogenic Escherichia coli Isolated in From Iraqi Patients Baghdad. Dhahi, Maysaa Abdul Razzaq Report 4459
Significance of Frequency Domain Features of PCG Records for Murmur Detection--An Investigation. Careena, P.; Preetha, M. Mary Synthuja Jain; Arun, P. Report 6527
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in CDKAL1 Gene are not Associated with Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Group of Egyptian Population. Darwish, Rania; Abdel-Hamid, Eman; Gohar, Nadida; Soliman, Ahmed; Naguib, Mervat Report 4342
Some Kinds of Medicinal Herbs for the Treatment of Sinusitis. Hoi, Huynh Tan Report 3330
Strengthening the General Functional Capabilities of the Body in the Conditions of a Feasible Increase in Muscle Activity after Intervention on the Heart. Zavalishina, Svetlana Yu.; Pravdov, Dmitry M.; Bakulina, Elena D.; Eremin, Maxim V.; Rysakova, Olga Report 2509
Targeting the Extracellular Polysaccharide Production (EPS) by Biofilm Forming Bacteria from Orthodontic Brackets and Wires Through Antiquorum Sensing Action of Bioactive Compounds from Curcuma longa and Zingiber officinale. Samiappan, Sumathi C.; Pandiyan, Rajesh; Palanisamy, Sampathkumar; Ramalingam, Sivakumar; Saravanan, Report 4600
The Effectiveness of Triamcinolone Injection on Risk of Postoperative Operations with the Conjunctiva Autograft Technique and Its Association with Change of VEGF mRNA Expression. Purnamanita; Budu; Hatta, Mochammad; Massi, Muhammad Nasrum; Natzir, Rosdiana; Ichsan, A.M.; Sujuti, Report 3382
The Importance of Solubility for New Drug Molecules. Coltescu, Anamaria-Roxana; Butnariu, Monica; Sarac, Ioan Report 3986
The Missing Link between HAART, Mitochondrial Damage and Insulin Resistance. Gnanasekaran, Natesan Report 3747
Therapeutic Potential of Curcumin on Immune Dysregulation in Comorbid Diabetic Asthma in Mice. Ravikumar, Nutakki; Kavitha, Chilaka Naga Report 4699
Virtual Screening of Natural Metabolites and Antiviral Drugs with Potential Inhibitory Activity against 3CL-PRO and PL-PRO. Contreras-Puentes, Neyder; Alviz-Amador, Antistio Report 3732
Work-Related Musculoskeletal Injury Risk Assessment and its Relevance to Body Mass Index for Computer Professionals. Mohan, Prasanna; Sudhan, S.G.; Dhasaradharaman, Kannan; Suresh, Anjali Report 2635
Wound Healing Effects of Calvacin Gel on Burn Wound in Rats. Buyantogtokh, Dejidmaa; Chuluunbaatar, Erdenechimeg; Tsogzol, Munkhtuul; Uranbileg, Nyamdolgor; Chim Report 3900

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