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Biomarker Technologies LLC Seeking Series A Funds for Clinical Studies on New Blood Test for Breast Cancer.

PHOENIX -- Biomarker Technologies LLC, the worldwide technology provider of the BT Test(TM), a blood diagnostic for the detection of breast cancer, announced today it is seeking to raise Series A Funding to conduct clinical studies of the in-vitro diagnostic test for subsequent FDA approval.

The company received initial funding in 2004 from angel investors and is in due diligence with numerous potential licensees.

"This funding is critical to help us expedite the FDA approval process," said William Gartner, CEO and president of Biomarker Technologies LLC. "We are very excited to complete the testing necessary to bring this blood test to market quickly in order to begin to save thousands of women's lives through the earlier detection of breast cancer."

The company is currently conducting a pilot study on the BT Test to further validate the test's performance in a 100-patient blind pilot study and expects results within 60 days. In previous studies involving more than 250 subjects, the BT Test successfully identified non-treated breast cancer in women with a greater than 95% sensitivity and specificity, outperforming mammography.

Breast Cancer Facts

--Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, striking one out of every seven women. However, with early detection, the five-year survival rate is about 97% when the cancer has not spread at the time of diagnosis.

--The American Cancer Society Inc. (ACS) estimates that approximately 45,000,000 mammograms were conducted in 2004. In 2005, ACS estimates that more than 211,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed and 40,410 women will die of the disease in the United States alone (more than 376,000 worldwide).

--Additionally, ACS estimates 45% of women over 40 years of age do not get their annual mammogram as recommended because of the fear, pain and/or anxiety associated with the procedure.

About the BT Test

The BT Test is designed to detect the presence of breast cancer at the molecular level, unlike mammography, which only detects masses or gross changes in breast tissue via X-ray imaging. The BT Test is an IP-protected blood test that offers women a more comfortable test method and greater convenience while providing caregivers higher sensitivity, early detection capabilities, broader range of age applicability and ease of administration. The test measures five key cancer-associated biomarkers and, when combined and adjusted for age, has shown the potential to detect early stage breast cancer.

This combination of comfort and accuracy gives the BT Test the potential to save tens of thousands of women's lives annually by detecting this devastating disease at the earliest stages.

About Biomarker Technologies LLC

Biomarker Technologies LLC is a translational in-vitro diagnostic company focused on breast cancer. The company is poised to bring the BT Test to market as fast as possible with both U.S. and global approvals. Founded by William Gartner, president and CEO, and Everett Warren, chairman, Biomarker Technologies is located at 1440 E. Missouri Ave., Suite 225, Phoenix, AZ 85014, and can be reached at 602-468-0067. For more information about the company and the BT Test, visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 19, 2005
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