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Articles from Biology and Medicine (July 1, 2014)

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A review of reserve adaptive capabilities of the individual. Ustinova, Olga Ivanovna Report 2873
Analysis of the effect of filtering elements on EEG and EMG recorded with high sensitivity channel based on nanoelectrodes. Avdeeva, Diana Konstantinovna; Turushev, Nikita Vladimirovich; Ivanov, Maxim Leonidovich; Yuzhakova, Report 1686
Antioxidant pathospermia therapy for treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Belyi, Lev Evgenyevich; Konshin, Ilya Igorevich Report 2198
Application of physical education in the rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease. Magomedova, Saida; Damadaeva, Angela Report 3461
Assessment of the capability of organism's cardiorespiratory system for adaptation: a review. Ustinova, Olga Ivanovna Report 3515
Autism spectrum disorders: an intervention approach based on genomic analysis. Lao, Jose I. Report 10098
Biological method for increasing adaptive potential of Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Bertoni), producer of native sugar substitute. Trukhachev, Vladimir I.; Starodubtseva, Galina P.; Voiskovoy, Alexander I.; Krivenko, Alla A.; Donet Report 3840
Carotenoids-antioxidants of D. radiodurans stimulate regeneration in mice. Prazdnova, Evgeniya Valer'evna; Dem'yanenko, Svetlana Vladimirovna; Chistyakov, Vladimir Anatol'evic Report 2338
Developing a coordinated response to counter the public health menace of street children. Shrivastava, Saurabh RamBihariLal; Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh; Ramasamy, Jegadeesh Editorial 1270
Development of a new insecticidal and acaricidal preparation for protection of cattle from zoophilous flies in Northern Kazakhstan. Aubakirov, Marat Zhaksylykovich; Domatsky, Vladimir Nikolaevich; Baikenov, Marat Tokmeilovich; Beysh Report 2437
Disturbance of spermatogenesis in men's population living in environmentally unwell areas of Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan. Kinayatov, Margulan; Kenzhin, Zhandos; Yeshmagambetova, Aliya; Kultanov, Berikbay; Dosmagambetova, R Report 1190
Do flashing red lights help improve hand hygiene compliance at the front entrance of a large hospital? D'Egidio, Gianni 579
Dynamics and structure of sexually transmitted infection (STI) incidence rate in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Islamov, Yerlan; Tsoy, Natalya; Bayev, Asylzhan; Bekmukhambetov, Yerbol; Mamyrbayev, Arstan Report 2915
Dynamics of the alpha-biological diversity of aquatic organisms of the activated sludge. Vitalyevich, Leontyev Vyacheslav Report 3175
Effect of sodium selenite on testicular damage induced by Cisplatin in adult male rats. Donmez, Dilek Burukoglu; Bozdogan, Seren Report 2317
Endangered soil resistance estimation using biotesting methods. Zynovievna, Eremchenko Olga; Evgenievich, Shestakov Igor Report 4790
Evaluation of "quality of life" in patients with myocardial infarction during the complex medical rehabilitation. Magomedova, Saida; Malamagomedova, Saniyat; Damadaeva, Angela; Magdieva, Natella Report 3559
Evaluation of adolescent child health in the Republic of Kalmykia. Nastinova, Galina Erdneevna; Nastinova, Kermen Ivanovna Report 2830
Features of growth and meat productivity of new factory lines of Saryarka lambs. Smagulov, Darkhan; Sadykulov, Tuleukhan; Adylkanova, Sholpan; Koishibaev, Azamat Report 2803
First data on the phytoliths of some medicinal plants of Primorye region, Russian Federation. Golokhvast, Kirill Sergeevich; Chaika, Vladimir Victorovich; Ugay, Sergey Maksimovich; Seredkin, Iva Report 3389
Free radicals, antioxidants and disease. Sharma, Neeti Report 4737
Haematological changes in Trypanosoma brucei brucei infected Wistar rats treated with a flavonoid mixture and/or diminazene aceturate. Kobo, P.; Ayo, J.O.; Aluwong, Tagang; Zezi, A.U.; Maikai, V.A. Report 3570
How safe ladies hand bags are: a microbiological view. Jaya Chandra, T.; Aswini Sowndarya, J.; Sirisha, I.; Sharma, Y.V. Report 1453
Immunosuppression induced by HIV infection. Elfaki, Mohamed G. Report 1247
Influence of mineral water of Remontnensky and Har-Buluk deposits on structural and functional state of gastric mucosa in experimental ulcer genesis of rats. Norminovna, Abushinova Nadezhda; Evgenjevna, Badmaeva Saglar; Aleksandrovna, Elbikova Aysa; Evgenjev Report 2246
Influence of stevioside and heavy metals on physiological and biochemical parameters of winter wheat. Nevmerzhitskaya, Julia Yurevna; Mikhailov, Alexander Leonidovich; Strobykina, Anastasia Sergeyevna; Report 1966
Integrative bioinformatics approaches to analyze molecular events in pluripotency. Narad, Priyanka; Upadhyaya, K.C. Report 4194
Low-Intensity Light Therapy (1068 nm) protects CAD neuroblastoma cells from [beta]-amyloid-mediated cell death. Duggett, Natalie A.; Chazot, Paul L. Report 5241
Medicinal plants need biological screening: a future treasure as therapeutic agents. Khan, Haroon Editorial 1161
Microelement composition of soil and vegetation in a forest-steppe reserve in technogenesis conditions. Eremchenko, Olga Zinovyevna; Moskvina, Natalia Viktorovna; Shestakov, Igor Evgenyevich Report 3220
Misleading chest pain. Derakhshanfar, Hojjat; Bozorgi, Farzad; Noori, Shamila Clinical report 2270
Natural ways of health rehabilitation through health workshops. Ustinova, Olga Ivanovna Report 2800
New devices for invasive blood pressure detection and the prototype for a long-term invasive distance control of cardiovascular system. Silina, Ekaterina Vladimirovna; Stupin, Victor Aleksandrovich; Kolesnikova, Ekaterina Alexandrovna; Report 2619
Novel treatment strategies for neurological and neurodegenerative diseases. Kaja, Simon; Payne, Andrew J. Editorial 775
Optic neurodegeneration: time to act. Gueven, Nuri Report 5364
Potential fecundity and lifespan of adult reindeer warble flies (Oedemagena tarandi L. and Cephenomyia trompe Modeer) in the tundra zone of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) of the Russian Federation. Reshetnikov, Aleksander Dmitriyevich; Barashkova, Anastasia Ivanovna; Prokopyev, Zasim Sidorovich Report 1954
Prediction and early detection of diseases based on analysis of human saliva composition using implantable biosensor systems. Ivanov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich; Mikhaylov, Dmitriy Mikhaylovich; Starikovskiy, Andrey Victorovich; S Report 1846
Short review of devices for detection of human breath sounds and heart tones. Zhdanov, Dmitry Sergeevich; Bureev, Artem Shamilyevich; Khokhlova, Lyudmila Anatolyevna; Seleznev, A Report 3358
Silicon microstructures (mycoliths) found in the Inonotus obliquus fungus. Golokhvast, Kirill Sergeevich; Chaika, Vladimir Victorovich; Ugay, Sergey Masimovich; Seryodkin, Iva Report 1376
Some physiological and biochemical indices in young cattle fattened using antioxidant and absorbent preparations in feeding. Temiraev, Victor Khamitsevich; Kairov, Valery Ramazanovich; Kalagova, Rita Vladimirovna Report 2914
State of the body of rabbits suffering from psoroptosis receiving Sel-Plex. Sidorova, Claudia Aleksandrovna; Maslova, Elena Nikolaevna; Cheremenina, Natalia Anatolievna; Domats Report 2118
Status of rare and endangered species of lichen populations in the Perm Territory. Shkaraba, Ekaterina Mikhailovna; Selivanov, Alexey Evgen'evich; Shajakhmetova, Zoya Modarisovna; Kar Report 2334
Structural approach to the inverse problems of computational diagnostics in cardiology. Baranov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich; Avdeeva, Diana Konstantinovna; Pen'kov, Pavel Genad'evich; Yuzhako Report 4851
Systems approaches for understanding environmental toxicology. Miao, Zewei Editorial 1241
Taxonomic and typological features of the flora of the "Small Pinewood" ecological path in the "Lower Kama" National Park (Tatarstan). Afonina, Elena Aleksandrovna Report 2258
The correlation between the health indicators and physical development of men aged 25-30 who regularly play minifootball. Yakimovich, Victor Stepanovich; Burlykov, Vladimir Danzanovich; Proshkin, Sergey Nikolaevich Report 1661
The effect of parameters of electrocardiograph measuring channel on recordings of micropotentials of the heart. Avdeeva, Diana Konstantinovna; Kazakov, Veniamin Yur'evich; Natalinova, Nataliya Mihajlovna; Maksimo Report 1329
The role of Gp91phox NADPH oxidase during the gestational period of mice. Hiramoto, Keiichi; Yamate, Yurika; Sato, Eisuke F. Report 2050

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