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Biology, assessment, and management of North Pacific Rockfishes; proceedings.


Biology, assessment, and management of North Pacific Rockfishes; proceedings.

Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium (23rd: 2005: Anchorage, AK) Ed. by Jonathan Heifetz et al.

U. of Alaska Sea Grant


550 pages




They are commercially important because they include such species as the ocean perch, environmentally important because their distribution indicates the health of their waters, and scientifically important because as yet will still have much to learn about their life histories, population dynamics, growth, genetic populations structure and numbers. These proceedings from the September 2005 symposium contain research on these very issues and more, including several papers about the life history of species in Pacific waters, more on population structure and speciation, including several genetic studies differentiating data among rockfishes, and two papers on aging and growth including one using radiometric ages. Other papers cover fishery management, habitat requirements and stock assessment, including an article on an unexploited species in the California current and a survey of trawler catches.

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