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DNA cops make sure deadly viruses don't get rebuilt. Jul 8, 2018 1436
MPs welcome Biological Weapons Prohibition Bill. Jun 17, 2018 685
United States : Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers Offers North Korea Bill. Jun 9, 2018 510
Is Russia violating the biological weapons accord? May 29, 2018 1134
UN chief presents new agenda for disarmament. May 25, 2018 489
The dangers of DIY gene editing. May 23, 2018 1790
John Bolton: US wants to take North Korean nukes to Tennessee. May 14, 2018 341
Expert: Chemical Agent in Former Russian Spy Case Produced in Western Labs. Apr 19, 2018 396
Trump wants to eliminate all North Korea's weapons of mass destruction. Apr 19, 2018 458
Training course for biological weapons inspectors. Apr 4, 2018 372
Austria,Kyrgyzstan : OSCE-supported training course on export control and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction held in Bishkek. Apr 4, 2018 323
Libya could be precedent for North Korea. Mar 26, 2018 566
US says North Korea assassinated Kim Jong-nam with chemical weapon. Mar 7, 2018 101
Monitoring of export control, formation of LRC approved. Feb 5, 2018 411
U.S. congratulates India on Joining Australia Group. Jan 24, 2018 234
Iran's Civil Defense Chief Warns of ISIL Access to Biological Weapons. Jan 23, 2018 312
Japan : Indias Participation in the Australia Group. Jan 22, 2018 218
How serious is the North Korean anthrax threat? Dec 27, 2017 1156
Defected North Korean Solider Had Anthrax Antibodies: Report. Dec 26, 2017 557
Report: North Korea Testing Biological Warheads for its Missiles. Dec 21, 2017 280
North Korea Rejects Biological Weapons Rumors, Accuses US of Fabricating Pretext for Attack. Dec 21, 2017 508
North Korea Denies Developing Biological Weapons. Dec 21, 2017 501
United States : Cardin, Van Hollen and Delaney Laud NDAA Provision that would Forestall Closure of Ft. Detrick Biodefense Lab. Conference notes Nov 17, 2017 597
Homeland Security Plans Biological Weapons Simulation Tests In Oklahoma. Nov 14, 2017 450
Americans hushed up evidence Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction. Nov 5, 2017 266
MASS DECEPTION; brown: the u.s. lied to get britain into iraq war. Nov 5, 2017 987
Humoral and cellular immune response of mice challenged with Yersinia pestis antigenic preparations. Leal, Elida A.; Moreira, Josimar D.; Nunes, Fernanda F.; Souza, Larissa R.; Martins, Janaina M.; Tol Report Nov 1, 2017 4336
Spokesman: S. Arabia Poisoning Yemen's Water by Biological Weapons. Oct 28, 2017 340
Former CIA Chief: Nuclear War with Russia, Biological Weapons, Climate Change Only Existential Threats to US. Oct 28, 2017 379
North Korea Likely Building Biological Weapons Program, Report Says. Report Oct 24, 2017 391
Pakistan says it has taken action to prevent non-state actors from acquiring chemical arms. Oct 20, 2017 348
Pakistan says it has taken action to prevent non-state actors from acquiring chemical arms. Oct 20, 2017 346
Firm uses technology to trace bioweapons threat. Oct 7, 2017 594
n korea has plague & anthrax weapons. Oct 7, 2017 162
Homeland Security Struggling To Fund Chem-Bio Defense. Machi, Vivienne Oct 1, 2017 1896
United States : HHS spurs new antibiotic development for biodefense and common infections. Sep 12, 2017 611
At UN, Pakistan asserts its credentials to become Nuclear Suppliers Group's member. Jun 30, 2017 555
Boundaries for biosecurity. Evans, Nicholas Letter to the editor Jun 22, 2017 555
Bahrain : The National Committee on Prohibition of Weapons of Mass Destruction holds its Meeting at Ministry of Foreign Affairs. May 11, 2017 102
National WMD committee holds meeting. May 10, 2017 119
Terrorists Could Kill Millions With Biological Weapons, Bill Gates Warns. Feb 20, 2017 519
Nigeria : DHQ support sought on Biological and Chemical weapons. Nov 15, 2016 172
Ukraine : Eighth BWC Review Conference takes place in Geneva. Conference news Nov 11, 2016 326
Belarus : Delegation of Belarus participates in the work of the 8 Review Conference of the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons. Conference news Nov 10, 2016 236
Qatar reaffirms obligations to Prohibition Convention. Nov 9, 2016 270
United States : Secretary-General Warns of Glaring Gaps in Ability to Prevent, Respond to Catastrophic Biological Attack, at Review Conference Opening. Conference news Nov 8, 2016 183
United States : PositiveID's Chief Technology advisor chairs Healthcare Innovation Panel at National Defense Industrial Association Health Affairs Biodefense Summit. Oct 26, 2016 279
Pakistan urges steps to prevent non-state actors from acquiring chemical and biological weapons. Oct 20, 2016 393
United Kingdom : Joint Ministerial Statement on the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. Oct 19, 2016 221
Development Of Therapeutic Products For Biodefense & Emerging Infectious Diseases. Sep 22, 2016 110
Belarus : Delegation of Belarus participates at the work of the preparatory committee for the Review Conference of the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons. Conference news Aug 11, 2016 184
New 'Smart Second Skin' for Anti-Bioweapon Suits Developed. Aug 10, 2016 411
United Arab Emirates : UAE reiterates support for international efforts to develop effective measures to protect bio-security. Aug 10, 2016 584
Ukraine : Second Meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the Eighth BWC Review Conference takes place in Geneva. Conference news Aug 10, 2016 288
'secret' gulf war jabs have made me unfit for work Ministry denies all claims of cover-up Saddam's biological weapons arsenal; 25 years on, first Gulf War veteran is to receive pay-out over vaccinations he believes have left him near-crippled by catalogue of debilitating illnesses. Jul 17, 2016 1476
Time to take proactive approach towards bio-defence preparedness. Jun 23, 2016 484
New filter system brings relief to allergy sufferers: Audi has announced its own advanced air-conditioning filter, similar to Tesla's Bioweapon Defense Mode, but on a high-volume production model car. From June 2016, compact Audi models will bring a breath of fresher air to their occupants, thanks to a new air-conditioning filter that not only removes fine particulates and harmful gases from the air, but also neutralises most allergens. Jun 1, 2016 537
Emergency and first aid in cases of the use of chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear weapons. Tekin, Erdal; Aslan, Sahin Report Jun 1, 2016 2374
Arrested ISIS Militants Reportedly Planned 'Biological' Attacks. Mar 3, 2016 342
City firm develops bioweapon rapid-test device. Jan 16, 2016 631
A Chinese admission of false Korean War allegations of biological weapon use by the United States. Leitenberg, Milton Report Jan 1, 2016 5407
Fiji : Fiji participates at UN convention on Biological weapons convention. Dec 23, 2015 332
Report: ISIL Trying to Make Biological Weapons in Iraq. Nov 13, 2015 306
Army Spokesman: Saudi Forces Use Chemical, Biological Weapons in Yemen's Ma'rib. Oct 13, 2015 302
Iran's Top Security Official: S. Arabia Using Biological Weapons in Yemen. Oct 6, 2015 344
Tesla Motors launches the Model X with bio-weapons defence system. Sep 30, 2015 371
UAE ready to deal with bioterrorism threats, experts say. Apr 29, 2015 622
Global Biodefense Market Size and Forecast Up to 2020: Grand View Research, Inc. Jan 22, 2015 211
Kuwait commends efforts by Biological, Toxin Weapons Prohibition Convention (BTWC). Conference notes Dec 2, 2014 141
Bioweapons a new trend in emerging sciences. Nangyal, Hasnain; Den, Nighat Zia ud Nov 30, 2014 1082
Bioweapons a new trend in emerging sciences. Nov 23, 2014 1202
Raising the stakes: a laptop seized in Syria suggests Islamic State is pushing to develop a nightmare Black Death terror weapon amid intelligence fears the jihadists, who have long sought chemical and biological capabilities, are planning major attacks on the West. Blanche, Ed Nov 1, 2014 729
Ministry: Powder sent to y-stanbul consulates not biological weapon. Oct 27, 2014 221
Bio-defense research: an even quieter pollutant. Hynes, Pat Sep 22, 2014 394
Ebola: not an effective biological weapon for terrorists. Hummel, Stephen Sep 1, 2014 2800
United States : NC BIOTECHNOLOGY CENTER invests $1M in budget in bio-defense and agricultural projects. Aug 22, 2014 218
Chemical and biological warfare: teaching the forbidden at a state university. Claborn, David M.; Payne, Keith Report Jul 1, 2014 5141
U.S. State Department assists Kyrgyz Customs Service with detection, interdiction of chemical and biological weapon. Jun 20, 2014 242
Law on biological arms gets nod. Apr 21, 2014 131
Development of therapeutic medical countermeasures for biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. Mar 19, 2014 109
Pak wary of chemical, biological weapons attacks by non-state actors. Feb 26, 2014 124
Nazis Wanted to Use Malaria-Ridden Mosquitos as Biological Weapons During World War II. Dreyfus, Hannah Feb 19, 2014 162
U.S: Syria may be able to produce biological weapons. Jan 30, 2014 267
Denmark : New Danish initiative strengthens biosecurity and improves health in East Africa. Jan 29, 2014 363
The biohacker: a threat to national security. Hummel, Stephen; Quaranta, Vito; Wikswo, John Jan 1, 2014 4429
States parties of BWC meet in Geneva Monday. Dec 8, 2013 270
Israel Secretly Holding Al-Qaida Bio-Weapons Expert Over Three Years. Nov 18, 2013 268
Experts warn of Al Qaeda biological weapons threat. Oct 1, 2013 635
Development of therapeutic medical countermeasures for biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. Sep 21, 2013 106
Development of therapeutic medical countermeasures for biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. Sep 21, 2013 117
Development of therapeutic medical countermeasures for biodefense and emerging infectious diseases. Sep 21, 2013 108
Retired Army Officer: US Supplied Chemical, Biological Weapons to Iraq's Saddam in War on Iran. Sep 13, 2013 2520
Military claims NPA has 'biological weapons'; Reds laugh off claim. Sep 5, 2013 629
Assad's biological weapons absent from US-Russia deal. Sep 1, 2013 486
Kazakhstan,United States : U.S. brings up $102M bioweapons lab in KAZAKHSTAN. Aug 31, 2013 133
BioDefense introduces new Zylast Lotion. Aug 1, 2013 115
BioDefense introduces new Zylast Lotion. Aug 1, 2013 111
Chemical and Biological Weapons: Positions, Prospects and Trends. Jun 30, 2013 4447
The critical nature of building biodefense capacity in Africa. Kerr, Ralph F. Jun 22, 2013 4085
Denmark : Denmark promotes UN efforts at preventing use of biological weapons - international tabletop exercise in Copenhagen. May 30, 2013 421
William Florence, DTRA, to Present on Biodefense Vaccines at GTC's Vaccines Conf., July 8-10, Boston. May 23, 2013 428
Mississippi man linked to ricin letters charged with biological weapons use. Apr 28, 2013 943
United States : $714 MILLION is offered by Obama for biodefense project in Kansas. Apr 15, 2013 299
'China bird flu is US biological weapon'. Apr 10, 2013 742
Ricin: technical background and potential role in terrorism. Shea, Dana A.; Gottron, Frank Report Apr 1, 2013 2392
Scent of 'germ' warfare raises fear in the MidEast. van Aalst, Jill Bellamy; Lopez, Clare; Khalili, Reza Feb 8, 2013 709
DTRA Awards US$3.3M Contract to PsiOxus Therapeutics to Develop Biodefence Vaccine Adjuvants. Jan 18, 2013 940
WHO Cautions against Production of New Bio-Weapon by London, Tel Aviv. Oct 9, 2012 524
Life sciences and related fields; trends relevant to the Biological Weapons Convention. Book review Oct 1, 2012 147
Rib-X Reports Preclinical Studies at ICAAC with Novel Classes of RX-04 Antibiotic Compounds Demonstrating Potent and Rapid Efficacy in a S. pneumoniae Lung Model of Infection and Activity Against a Diverse Spectrum of Biodefense Pathogens. Sep 12, 2012 1244
The fate of Syria's chemical and biological Weapons. Shoham, Dany Editorial Aug 7, 2012 102
The fate of Syria's chemical and biological weapons. Shoham, Dany Editorial Aug 7, 2012 104
ISRAEL - July 30 - Israel's Barak Sees No Threat Of Chemical Attack. Aug 4, 2012 107
Israel warns it would vehemently react in case Syria's chemical and biological weapons happen to be shifted to Hezbollah. Jul 25, 2012 274
Assad regime gives bioweapon warning; Fresh EU sanctions 'to stop killing'. Jul 24, 2012 577
Syria may use chemical, biological weapons against foreign attack. Jul 24, 2012 736
Dengue Mosquitoes are being used as a biological weapon! Jun 14, 2012 1966
University of Washington, University of Texas Medical Branch and Kineta, Inc. Granted $8.1 Million for Biodefense Antiviral Drug Development. May 8, 2012 1293
Hillary Clinton Warns of Bioweapon Threat From Gene Assembly. Dec 7, 2011 108
AIU Ph.D Asks: Could Invasive Species Become the Next Biological Weapon? Nov 9, 2011 545
A vocabulary of dis-ease: argumentation, hot zones, and the intertextuality of bioterrorism. Ayotte, Kevin J. Report Jun 22, 2011 13081
PPD Awarded U.S. Army Contract to Support Biodefense and Vaccine Development Programs. May 31, 2011 802
Iran Blasts US for Failure of Campaign against Biological Weapons. May 28, 2011 504
Research and Markets: Francisella Tularensis: Biology, Pathogenicity, Epidemiology, and Biodefense. Mar 30, 2011 495
The dangerous decline in the department of defense's vaccine program for infectious diseases. Hall, Kenneth E. Mar 22, 2011 7843
Curveball admits everything was a lie. Feb 25, 2011 1386
Janabi (Curveball) admits to lying about Iraqi biological weapons program: Guardian. Feb 15, 2011 476
Aduro BioTech Receives "Outstanding Scientific Achievement" Award for Biodefense. Nov 30, 2010 472
Morphotek[R], Inc. Awarded $2.5 Million from U.S. Department of Defense to Continue Development of Therapeutic Antibodies Against Microbial Bioweapons. Oct 21, 2010 757
NIH funds advanced development of three biodefense vaccines. Oct 7, 2010 143
Saudi Arabia calls on countries for joining Convention on Prohibition of Biological Weapons. Aug 23, 2010 331
YSMO director flies to Geneva to participate in 2010 BWC meeting. Conference news Aug 22, 2010 275
Experts to Discuss Responses in the Case of Alleged Use of Biological Weapons. Aug 22, 2010 672
Universal Detection Technology Bioweapons Detection Kits Combat Black-Market Botox, Bioterrorists. Jun 21, 2010 635
Research challenge: how to defend against still-undefined chemical, biological attacks. Jean, Grace V. Jun 1, 2010 1500
First VP Lambasts Production of Biological Weapons. May 6, 2010 142
Bioterror in the age of biotechnology. Gerstein, Daniel M. Apr 1, 2010 5604
The illogic of the biological weapons taboo. McCauley, Phillip M.; Payne, Rodger A. Report Mar 22, 2010 12988
Report: U.S. not ready for attack. Anderson, Jane Brief article Mar 1, 2010 106
Cards in wrong order. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 112
Breeding Bio Insecurity: How U.S. Biodefense Is Exporting Fear, Globalizing Risk, and Making Us All Less Secure. Zelkowitz, Rachel Brief article Feb 13, 2010 264
Universal Detection Technology in Deal with WellCrown International Resources to Distribute Bioweapons Detection Equipment in Malaysia. Feb 9, 2010 567
Abu Sayyaf, communists accused of using biological weapons, landmines. Feb 5, 2010 321
Botox might turn out to be the next bioweapon of mass destruction. Jan 27, 2010 328
Former U.K. Health Protection Agency Director Rejoins Emergent BioSolutions to Head Biodefense Business. Dec 1, 2009 681
Hawaii Company Supports DoD Mission to Protect Forces Against Bioweapons. Oct 15, 2009 573
North Korea Has Stockpiles of Biological Weapons According to Report; Universal Detection Technology to be Selected by U.S. Department of Commerce to Prepare South Korea. Oct 6, 2009 470
N Korea said to have 13 types of biological weapons. Oct 5, 2009 290
Universal Detection Technology Receives Initial Purchase Order For Biological Weapon Detection Equipment. Sep 28, 2009 410
Universal Detection Technology Enters Agreement for Distribution of Biological Weapon Detection Equipment in Israel. Sep 21, 2009 438
Universal Detection Technology Awarded U.S. Army Contract for Detection of Anthrax, Ricin and Other Biological Weapons. Sep 9, 2009 450
Venom hunters: scientists probe toxins, revealing the healing powers of biochemical weapons. Sanders, Laura Aug 15, 2009 2966
Stopping 'superbugs': office strives to prevent spread of bio-weapons. Nordmann, Brian Jul 1, 2009 1243
Advaxis Applies for $2.0 Million U.S. Bio-Defense Grant. May 20, 2009 458
Bioweapons: postmodern ruminations on a premodern modality. Cecire, Ruth Report Mar 22, 2009 8383
Data on PolyMedix Antimicrobial Compounds Presented at American Society of Microbiology 7th Annual Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting. Feb 25, 2009 504
Now, tiny "lab-on-a-chip" to detect pollutants, disease and biological weapons. Feb 18, 2009 355
Terrorists Could Use 'Insect-Based' Biological Weapon. Feb 4, 2009 274
A bid for bids PM. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 257
Algeria: Return of Black Death? Report Jan 21, 2009 265
'Insect-based' biological weapons easier option than nukes for terrorists. Jan 6, 2009 274
If terrorists had biological weapons, Mumbai rampage would have been more devastating. Dec 3, 2008 493
Morphotek[R], Inc. Receives Additional $1.6M in Funding from The U.S. Department of Defense to Develop Therapeutic Antibodies Against Microbial Bioweapons. Nov 20, 2008 566
Germ weapon. Nov 5, 2008 109
Merlin Secures Contract with Battelle National Biodefense Institute to Support National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center. Oct 14, 2008 449
Inovio Awarded US Army Contract for Bio-Defense Vaccine Research Using its Electroporation Delivery Technology. Sep 23, 2008 621
Biodefense dollars not going where needed, experts warn. Aug 1, 2008 413
Morphotek(R), Inc. Receives $1.7M in Funding from the U.S. Department of Defense to Develop Therapeutic Antibodies Against Microbial Bioweapons. Jun 23, 2008 694
Combined microbiology training in support of new and emerging biowarfighting capabilities. Perkins, Dana; Wilde, Shane Jun 22, 2008 2421
Incapacitating Biochemical Weapons: Promise or Peril? Kirby, Reid Jun 22, 2008 341
Luna Announces $2.1 Million Grant for BioDefense Agent. Jun 18, 2008 525
Aethlon Medical Submits Biodefense Contract Proposal to U.S. Government. Jun 4, 2008 950
Chevron and Keenan Inaugurate $100 Million Utility Plant at National Interagency Biodefense Campus. May 8, 2008 558
Bioviolence: a growing threat; Biological technologies that were once at the furthest frontiers of science will--in the next decade--become available to anyone with a modicum of scientific training. An international law expert proposes a global security fix. Kellman, Barry Essay May 1, 2008 3822
Germ warfare under the microscope: biowarfare isn't a new threat, but rather one that's always changing. We asked MIT bioweapons expert Jeanne Guillemin to put the issue into perspective. Interview May 1, 2008 814
Aethlon Medical to Pursue U.S. Government Biodefense Contract. Apr 23, 2008 1138
Bio-defense: stemming false alarms. Williams, Robert H. Apr 1, 2008 158
Pentagon poised to resume open-air testing of biological weapons. Ross, Sherwood Mar 22, 2008 1493
Innovative Biosensors, Inc. and SecureTeq Corporation Partner to Integrate Technologies for Biodefense Security Management. Mar 3, 2008 627
Data on PolyMedix Antimicrobial Polymers Presented at American Society of Microbiology 6th Annual Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting. Feb 26, 2008 563
SIGA CEO, Dr. Eric Rose, Selected to Serve as Member of National Biodefense Science Board. Dec 20, 2007 333
AVI BioPharma to Present on NEUGENE Countermeasures to Biological Threats at U.S. Department of Defense 2007 Biodefense Research Conference. Conference news Nov 6, 2007 975
SRI International Awarded DTRA Contract to Identify Drugs Effective Against Biological Weapons. Oct 4, 2007 501
New Fort Detrick "biodefense" laboratory may reflect a Bush germ warfare effort. Ross, Sherwood Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2007 1138
Biosensors Go Beyond Medical Applications to Penetrate Security and Biodefense for Detection. Sep 18, 2007 389
VGX Pharmaceuticals Receives $1.9 Million Contract from U.S. Government to Develop Skin Micro-Electroporation for Improved Biodefense Vaccine Efficacy. Sep 10, 2007 387
Presence of UK Physicians in London Bomb Plot May Mean a Bioweapon is Next, According to PharmAthene CEO, David Wright. Jul 3, 2007 356
The evolving role of biological weapons. Kirby, Reid Jul 1, 2007 3119
Germ warfare: agencies scramble to create vaccine market. Wagner, Breanne Jun 1, 2007 1543
Government contracts focus on vaccines, emergency response. Wagner, Breanne Jun 1, 2007 978
Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Explore Biodefense, Stem Cell Research Applications with OpenArray(TM) System. Apr 17, 2007 643
Germ warfare. Chiang, Mona Apr 2, 2007 106
Securitization of international public health: implications for global health governance and the biological weapons prohibition regime. Kelle, Alexander Apr 1, 2007 8240
Aethlon Medical Responds to U.S. Government Initiative to Develop and Acquire Broad-Spectrum Biodefense Countermeasures. Mar 28, 2007 920
CytoGenix and USAMRIID to Collaborate in Developing Biodefense synDNA(TM) Vaccines. Mar 27, 2007 452
The battle of the biolabs. Gosselin, Claire; Ecklein, Joan; Gracey, Sue Mar 22, 2007 1482
Gearing up for germ warfare. Mar 20, 2007 517
United States Department of Defense Selects Ichor Medical Systems to Develop Biodefense Vaccine. Mar 12, 2007 534
Syria Ready with Bio-Terror if U.S. Hits Iran Damascus Reportedly Hiding WMD Among Commercial Pharmaceuticals. Mar 7, 2007 1066
Biodefense: research methodology and animal models. Taylor, Kim Mar 1, 2007 409
OXIS International To Submit Promising BioDefense Compounds For Evaluation to Key Government Agencies. Feb 22, 2007 849
Accium BioSciences to Provide Microdosing Services to Affinium Pharmaceuticals in Support of a Biodefense Research Contract. Feb 12, 2007 369
Affymetrix and Tessarae Collaborate to Help Researchers Better Respond to Biodefense and Pandemic Infectious Disease Threats. Jan 23, 2007 1103
Aethlon Medical to Webcast Biodefense Treatment Update on January 25th at 4 p.m. EST. Jan 11, 2007 385
Bioscience security issues. Dando, Malcolm; Epstein, Gerald L. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 1000
AVI BioPharma Awarded $28 Million Biodefense Research Contract by Department of Defense/DTRA. Dec 4, 2006 749
Chemical and biological weapons proliferation regime (40). Squassoni, Sharon; Bowman, Steve; Hildreth, Steven A. Dec 1, 2006 4064
Emergent BioSolutions Celebrates Initial Public Offering; CEO To Ring Opening Bell on the NYSE. Nov 21, 2006 630
XOMA Successfully Completes Initial $15 Million BioDefense Contract with NIAID. Nov 6, 2006 997
Germ warfare: fresh spinach may be safe to eat again, but getting shoppers to believe it is another matter. Turcsik, Richard Nov 1, 2006 1662
Biological weapon tested in UK; ARCHIVES. Oct 27, 2006 283
Achaogen Awarded $24.7M Biodefense Contract by DTRA. Oct 26, 2006 426
Inovio Biomedical to Receive $1.1 Million from U.S. Department of Defense to Apply its Gene Delivery Technology to Vaccines Relating to Biodefense. Oct 19, 2006 1088
New Scientist Magazine References Aethlon Medical in Biodefense Trend Towards Broad Spectrum Therapeutics. Oct 16, 2006 529
Dr Scott's Surgery - Germ warfare part 2. Oct 2, 2006 321
Virulent smallpox stymied as a weapon. Oct 1, 2006 344
Chem/bio tools growing for Homeland Security: being prepared has been the watchword for the past five years as governments work to create a network of sensors and analytical instruments. Studt, Tim Oct 1, 2006 2149
DOR BioPharma Awarded Two Grants Totaling $5.3 Million to Advance Ricin Toxin and Botulinum Toxin Vaccine Programs. Sep 29, 2006 1715
Biodefense and nanotech fuel new lab construction. Sep 15, 2006 1283
GenVec Receives NIAID Biodefense Program Grant for Development of Broadly Applicable Vaccine Technology. Aug 29, 2006 487
XOMA Awarded New $16 Million BioDefense Contract with NIAID; Contracts Now Total $31 Million for XOMA to Produce Anti-Botulism Antibodies to Support Human Clinical Trials. Jul 31, 2006 1132
Unit 731 planned germ warfare against U.S. forces after end of war. Jul 24, 2006 562
Inside Building 33: A Look Behind the Doors of the New $186 Million NIH Biodefense Lab in Maryland, an Industrial Info News Alert. Jun 20, 2006 248
AVI BioPharma to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 19, 2006 369
Isonics Corporation To Present at Rodman & Renshaw's 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference on Monday, June 19th. Jun 16, 2006 465
Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Conference Presenter Profiles. Jun 16, 2006 2439
Hemispherx Biopharma to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference; Company's Biodefense Shield and Avian Influenza Program Highlighted. Jun 15, 2006 830
Medialink to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference on June 19. Jun 15, 2006 971
Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 14, 2006 450
Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Conference June 19th, 2006; Join Us for One of the Premier Events on the Technology Calendar! Calendar Jun 14, 2006 562
Wave to Present at Rodman & Renshaw Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference in New York, Monday, June 19th; Presentation to be Webcast Live at 4:10 p.m. EDT. Jun 14, 2006 228
Telkonet to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference in New York. Jun 14, 2006 342
SYS Technologies to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 13, 2006 435
NAPCO Security Systems, Inc. to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Third Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference; More Than Five Hundred Investment Professionals Expected to Attend. Jun 13, 2006 466
GigaBeam to Present at Rodman and Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 13, 2006 564
Ionatron to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Conference on June 19th, 2006. Jun 12, 2006 177
SCHEDULE CHANGE: QSGI to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 12, 2006 242
Quintessence Photonics Corporation Invited to Present at Rodman & Renshaw's 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference on June 19, 2006. Jun 12, 2006 463
PharmAthene and SIGA Technologies Sign Definitive Merger Agreement to Establish Premier Biodefense Company. Jun 9, 2006 1488
Intelli-Check, Inc. to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw Third Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 9, 2006 253
QSGI to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 8, 2006 241
GlobalOptions Group to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 8, 2006 260
TVI Corporation to Present at the Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 8, 2006 362
Electro Energy to Present at Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Investor Conference on June 19, 2006; Event to be Held at St. Regis Hotel in New York City. Jun 7, 2006 339
ImageWare to Present at Rodman and Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense and Connectivity Investor Conference. Jun 1, 2006 409
Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Security, Biodefense & Connectivity Conference June 19th, 2006; Join Us for One of the Premier Events on the Technology Calendar! May 30, 2006 572
Market profile: handheld assays for biodefense. May 15, 2006 448
Innovation needed for chem-bio gear. Magnuson, Stew May 1, 2006 349
Alnylam To Collaborate with United States Army on RNAi Therapeutics for Biodefense Threats. Apr 12, 2006 1030
Aethlon Medical CEO Named to Biodefense Panel at the 2006 Homeland and Global Security Summit. Apr 5, 2006 405
ViRexx Announces Collaboration with Defence Research and Development Canada-Suffield to Expand Chimigen'TM' Platform Technology for Use in Biodefense. Mar 31, 2006 494
Aethlon Medical and Commonwealth Biotechnologies Sign Cooperative Research Agreement. Mar 29, 2006 679
PharmAthene and SIGA Technologies Announce Plans to Merge to Establish Premier Biodefense Company. Mar 14, 2006 1385
Terror in the sky. Studt, Tim Editorial Mar 1, 2006 431
Universal Detection Joins Homeland Security and Biodefense Industry Organization ``Coalition for Countermeasures''; Group to Bring Together Leading Homeland Security Industry Companies to Improve Battle Against Terrorism. Feb 16, 2006 753
The search for Osama's 'sorcerer': Americans step up their hunt for the Egyptian in charge of Osama bin Laden's bio-war programme. Blanche, Ed Feb 1, 2006 1369
ViRexx Invited to Attend the Capitol Hill BioDefense Showcase. Jan 30, 2006 436
SRI International Launches Center of Excellence in Infectious Disease and Biodefense; Interdisciplinary Center to Advance Biotechnology Research for Critical Health Issues. Jan 18, 2006 472
Biological Weapons: From the Invention of State-Sponsored Programs to Contemporary Bioterrorism. Kirby, Reid Jan 1, 2006 273
CytoGenix and GE Healthcare Ink BioDefense Support Agreement. Dec 27, 2005 406
Hemispherx to Present at the 4th Annual Biodefense Research Meeting Sponsored by the American Society of Microbiology; Ampligen(R) and Alferon(R) in Global Clinical / Animal Trials Against Avian Influenza. Dec 20, 2005 619
U.S. Genomics Names John Canepa Chief Executive Officer; U.S. Genomics promotes acting CEO. Dec 15, 2005 497
EquityNet Research Initiates Coverage of Callisto Pharmaceuticals with Buy Rating and Projected 12-Month Share Price of $3.45; Report Cites Key Strategic Research Partnerships and Demand for New Anti-Cancer Drugs and Novel Treatments. Dec 2, 2005 1374
Universal Detection Presents Bio-Threat Monitoring Technology at International Homeland Security Conference; Company Discusses R&D and Products in Forum with Leading Representatives from Multi-Billion-Dollar Biodefense Sector. Dec 1, 2005 754
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Awards U.S. Genomics up to $16.2 Million for Phase II Biodefense Contract; DNA Mapping Technology to Be Prototyped as Biosensor for Pathogen Identification. Nov 30, 2005 518
Callisto Pharmaceuticals' Biodefense Development Program Selected for Presentation at Leading Scientific Conference; Company to Present Recent Research at Late Breaker Session of Interscience Conference of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. Nov 30, 2005 1188
Aethlon CEO to Present at Biotech-To-Biodefense Conference. Nov 17, 2005 415
Aethlon CEO Appointed Co-Chairman of Bioterrorism/Chemical and Nuclear Security Task Force. Nov 10, 2005 533
PowderMed's PMED ''Gene Gun'' Named to the Popular Science(R) ''Best of What's New'' for 2005; Needle-free Device for DNA Vaccine Drug Delivery Awarded Prestigious Honor in the Personal Health Category; Avian Flu Vaccine First BioDefense Application. Nov 8, 2005 918
Biodefense experts: vaccines 'at a crossroads'. Davidson, Margaret Nov 1, 2005 1905
Aethlon CEO Discusses Project BioShield Legislation and Treatment Strategies for Biological Weapons. Oct 20, 2005 598
Callisto Pharmaceuticals Announces Collaboration with the Institute of Hepatitis Viral Research to Pave the Way to Development of Next-Generation Bio-Warfare Vaccines. Oct 7, 2005 890
Detecting biological warfare agents. Walt, David R. Oct 1, 2005 2141
South Africa. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 186
Germ warfare: RWIs in public hot tubs have created bad publicity. Here's how the service industry can fight back. Dumas, Bob Sep 26, 2005 2002
Innate immunity to NIAID Category B protozoa. Sep 1, 2005 1018
The National Academies and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have released a fact sheet. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 103
Proteomics' growing role in biodefense: fueled by large government grants, researchers are honing techniques that will help defend against bio-terror attacks and the spread of infectious diseases. Sidawi, Danielle; Derra, Skip Jul 1, 2005 2028
BWC expert meeting concludes. Jul 1, 2005 312
Straight talk on bioterror from the Army's LRN Gatekeeper. Nauschuetz, William F. Cover Story Jun 1, 2005 4002
Colonial germ warfare. Gill, Harold B., Jr. Oct 1, 2004 1941
US leads in production of bioterror diseases. Hammond, Edward Mar 22, 2004 1215
Nuclear labs move into the "biodefense" business. Olson, Inga Mar 22, 2004 1765
Bioweapons in New Mexico. King, Colin Mar 22, 2004 1972
US Army Dugway proving ground: Basin for bio-testing. Erickson, Steve Mar 22, 2004 1268
Homeland security and bioterrorism applications: detection of bioweapon pathogens by microfluidic-based electrophoretic DNA analysis. Gluodenis, Thomas; Harrison, Scott Feb 1, 2004 1695
CIA warns of bioweapons future. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 123
Threats to the common good: biochemical weapons and human subjects research. London, Alex John Sep 1, 2003 7589
Northern exposure. (Articles). Capozza, Korey Aug 18, 2003 1585
Air force tackles threat analysis. Fein, Geoff S. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 204
DOD establishes Joint PEO for Chemical and Biological Defense. (News). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 232
Danger detection: old and new sensors are aimed to protect troops and commuters. Gorman, Jessica Jun 7, 2003 1979
IRAQ - May 12 - 'Dr Germ' In Custody. Brief Article May 17, 2003 123
IRAQ - May 5 - US Forces Capture 'Mrs Anthrax'. Brief Article May 10, 2003 164
IRAQ - May 9 - US Says Biological Weapon Lab Found. Brief Article May 10, 2003 144
Tomorrow in Baghdad. (Editorials). Editorial May 5, 2003 818
Weapons of mass destruction and civil aviation preparedness. Raffel, Robert May 1, 2003 2006

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