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Disease Models and Imaging Techniques Used in Pre-Clinical Studies--Endocrine Models/Klinik Oncesi Calismalarda Kullanilan Hastalik Modelleri ve Goruntuleme Teknikleri-Endokrinolojik Modeller. Serim, Burcu Dirlik; Kula, Mustafa Report Mar 1, 2019 4225
An Ex Vivo Porcine Spleen Perfusion as a Model of Bacterial Sepsis. Chung, Wen Y.; Wanford, Joseph J.; Kumar, Rohan; Isherwood, John D.; Haigh, Richard D.; Oggioni, Mar Technical report Jan 1, 2019 7559
A Three-Dimensional Model to Study Human Synovial Pathology. Broeren, Mathijs G.A.; Waterborg, Claire E.J.; Wiegertjes, Renske; Thurlings, Rogier M.; Koenders, M Technical report Jan 1, 2019 7403
Reevaluating the Role of Megalin in Renal Vitamin D Homeostasis Using a Human Cell-Derived Microphysiological System. Chapron, Brian D.; Chapron, Alenka; Phillips, Brian; Okoli, Miracle C.; Shen, Danny D.; Kelly, Edwar Report Sep 22, 2018 8630
Adjusting Neural Network to a Particular Problem: Neural Network-Based Empirical Biological Model for Chlorophyll Concentration in the Upper Ocean. Krasnopolsky, Vladimir; Nadiga, Sudhir; Mehra, Avichal; Bayler, Eric Report Jan 1, 2018 4976
Adaptation to climate change: a comparative analysis of modeling methods for heat-related mortality. Gosling, Simon N.; Hondula, David M.; Bunker, Aditi; Ibarreta, Dolores; Liu, Junguo; Zhang, Xinxin; Report Aug 1, 2017 12071
Some simple formulas for posterior convergence rates. Jiang, Wenxin Report Jan 1, 2014 6335
Red onions, Elodea, or decalcified chicken eggs? Selecting & sequencing representations for teaching diffusion & osmosis. Lankford, Deanna; Friedrichsen, Patricia Report Aug 1, 2012 4573
Modified cat swarm optimization for IIR system identification. Deivaseelan, A.; Babu, P. Report Apr 1, 2012 3691
A cell culture model for diabetic neuropathy studies. Jaiswala, Ashvin R.; Bhushan, A.; Daniels, C. K.; Lai, J.C.K. Author abstract Jun 1, 2010 205
A preliminary theoretical model of hydrodynamics in the inner ear. Yu, Vivian M.; Strykowski, Paul J.; Odland, Rick M. Report Apr 1, 2010 1344
Considerations about a 3D matrix based model for a porous scaffold and a cell suspension. Robu, Andreea; Stoicu-Tivadar, Lacramioara; Neagu, Adrian Report Jan 1, 2010 1592
Positive solutions to an elliptic biological model. Chase, Benjamin; Kang, Joon H. Report Aug 1, 2009 2623
A method for manufacturing skeleton models using 3D scanning combined with 3D printing. Serban, Ionel; Rosca, Ileana; Druga, Corneliu Report Jan 1, 2009 1642
Selection of optimal muscle set for 16-channel standing neuroprosthesis. Gartman, Steven J.; Audu, Musa L.; Kirsch, Robert F.; Triolo, Ronald J. Report Sep 1, 2008 5470
A simple functioning double helix model. Belin , Charles W., Jr. Feb 1, 2008 345
A review of the use of the health belief model for weight management. Daddario, Diane K. Dec 1, 2007 2502
Fabrication of medical models by three-dimensional printing (3DP). Cruz, Fernando Report Jan 1, 2007 1706
Tools predict community pneumonia's course. Boschert, Sherry Jan 1, 2007 613
Model selection and cross validation in additive main effect and multiplicative interaction models. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Dias, Carlos T. dos S.; Krzanowski, Wojtek J. May 1, 2003 9214
Microcosms as models for generating and testing community theory. Drake, James A.; Huxel, Gary R.; Hewitt, Chad L. Apr 1, 1996 5084
Microcosm experiments have limited relevance for community and ecosystem ecology. Carpenter, Stephen R. Apr 1, 1996 2439
An examination of some metaphorical contexts for biologically motivated computing. Paton, R.C.; Nwana, H.S.; Shave, M.J.R.; Bench-Capon, T.J.M. Jun 1, 1994 7030
A bioeconomic model of the harp seal in the Northwest Atlantic. Conrad, Jon; Bjorndal, Trond May 1, 1991 6726
The validation of the biopsychosocial model. Brody, Howard editorial Mar 1, 1990 1340
Angina pectoris: a validation of the biopsychosocial model. Medalie, Jack H. Mar 1, 1990 5498

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