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Pentraxin-3 and inflammatory biomarkers related to posterolateral thoracotomy in Thoracic Surgery. Apr 30, 2019 3470
Supply Of Consumables And Massive Sequencing Equipment To Characterize Biomarkers In Malignant Solid Neoplasms, Liquid Biopsy/Mutational Load In The Anatomy Service Of The Hgua. Apr 30, 2019 137
Innovate Biopharmaceuticals larazotide shows improvements in NASH biomarkers. Apr 29, 2019 213
Development Service And Demonstration Phase Of Biomarkers. Apr 17, 2019 137
MedAware Systems Presenting New Research on Biomarkers in Predicting Alzheimer's Disease at AAIC 2019. Apr 4, 2019 338
Proteomics insights into the pathology and prognosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Alsagaby, Suliman A.; Alhumaydhi, Fahad A. Report Apr 1, 2019 7786
Belmt No. 229/19-pea Reagents For The Determination Of Molecular Biological Markers Of Prostate Cancer. Mar 28, 2019 135
Provision Of Massive Sequencing Test For The Characterization Of Biomarkers Of Solid Tumors As Well As The Leasing And Maintenance Of The Equipment For The Len Welfare Complex. Mar 4, 2019 155
Early-Life Cadmium Exposure and Bone-Related Biomarkers: A Longitudinal Study in Children. Igra, Annachiara Malin; Vahter, Marie; Raqib, Rubhana; Kippler, Maria Report Mar 1, 2019 13466
Risk factors and laboratory markers used to predict leakage in esophagojejunal anastomotic leakage after total gastrectomy/Total gastrektomi sonrasi ozefagojejunal anastomoz kacaginda risk faktorleri. Cetin, Durmus Ali; Gundes, Ebubekir; Ciyiltepe, Huseyin; Aday, Ulas; Uzun, Orhan; Deger, Kamuran Cum Report Mar 1, 2019 4618
Neural and cardiac injury markers in fetal growth restriction and their relation to perinatal outcomes/Fetal buyume kisitliliginda kardiyak ve noral hasar belirteclerinin perinatal sonuclarla iliskisi. Yakistiran, Betul; Katlan, Doruk Cevdi; Yuce, Tuncay; Koc, Acar Report Mar 1, 2019 3534
Re: Genomic Markers in Prostate Cancer Decision Making. Cucchiara, V.; Cooperberg, M.R.; Dall'Era, M.; Lin, D.W.; Montorsi, F.; Schalken, J.A.; Evans, C.P. Editorial Mar 1, 2019 340
Effect of Consultation and Follow-up Phone Calls on Biochemical Indicators and Intradialytic Weight Gain in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis. Hanifi, Nasrin; Ezzat, Leila Salimi; Dinmohammadi, Mohammadreza Report Mar 1, 2019 6149
Accelerating cancer biomarker development using the latest mass spectrometry tools and techniques. Xuan, Yue Mar 1, 2019 2010
Evaluation of Anticoagulant Proteins and Fibrinolytic System Markers in Children with Pneumonia. Yalaki, Zahide; Alioglu, Bulent; Ciftci, Nurdan; Arikan, Fatma Inci Report Mar 1, 2019 3188
Seromolecular Prevalence of BEFV Antibodies, Their Correlation with Physiological Biomarkers and Identification of Risk Factors under Field Conditions. Report Feb 28, 2019 4356
Belmt 229/19-ea Reagents For The Determination Of Molecular Biological Markers Of Prostate Cancer. Feb 23, 2019 134
Ab-ser1-19-008. The Hiring Of Research And Development Services For The Search For Innovative Solutions For Development, And The Demonstration Phase Of Devices/Tests Based On Biomarkers. Feb 8, 2019 101
Development Service And Device Demonstration Phase/Liquid Biopsy Test And Biomarkers. Feb 6, 2019 161
Evaluation of Biomarkers in Multiple Ipsilateral Synchronous Invasive Breast Carcinomas. Navale, Pooja; Bleiweiss, Ira J.; Jaffer, Shabnam; Nayak, Anupma Report Feb 1, 2019 4245
Prognostic Value of Blood Lactate and Lactate Clearance in Refractory Cardiac Arrest Treated by Extracorporeal Life Support. Joufroy, Romain; Saade, Anastasia; Philippe, Pascal; Carli, Pierre; Vivien, Benoit Report Feb 1, 2019 4225
Beyond Weight Loss: Other Measures of Progress: How to know if your new healthy habits are working, without looking at weight. Dennett, Carrie Jan 29, 2019 433
Onxeo has identified predictive biomarkers for AsiDNA. Jan 4, 2019 316
Chitinase-3-like protein 1 levels in bipolar disorder. Sahin, Basak; Inanli, Ikbal; Caliskan, Ali M.; Uysal, Sema Report Jan 1, 2019 4804
Evaluation of FTO rs9939609 and MC4R rs17782313 Polymorphisms as Prognostic Biomarkers of Obesity: A Population-based Cross-sectional Study. Mozafarizadeh, Mina; Mohammadi, Mohsen; Sadeghi, Soha; Hadizadeh, Morteza; Talebzade, Tayebe; Houshm Report Jan 1, 2019 4415
Short-Duration Rapid Chilling of Mastectomy Specimens Does Not Interfere With Breast Cancer Biomarker and Molecular Testing. Kumarapeli, Asangi R.; Bellamy, William; Olgaard, Ericka; Massoll, Nicole; Korourian, Soheila Report Jan 1, 2019 3891
Study identifies potential biomarkers for an increased risk of SCARs. Nogrady, Bianca Jan 1, 2019 585
Erratum: "Urinary Phthalate Metabolites and Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in Pregnant Women: A Repeated Measures Analysis". Correction notice Jan 1, 2019 176
Neural Respiratory Drive Measured Using Surface Electromyography of Diaphragm as a Physiological Biomarker to Predict Hospitalization of Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients. Zhang, Dan-Dan; Lu, Gan; Zhu, Xuan-Feng; Zhang, Ling-Ling; Gao, Jia; Shi, Li-Cheng; Gu, Jian-Hua; Li Report Dec 5, 2018 4423
Diagnostic Value of Sensitive Biomarkers for Early Kidney Damage in Diabetic Patients with Normoalbuminuria. Zhang, Dong; Han, Qiu-Xia; Wu, Ming-Hui; Shen, Wan-Jun; Yang, Xiao-Li; Guo, Jia; Pan, Shao-Kang; Liu Report Dec 5, 2018 1212
Provision Of Blood Biomarkers Processing Services For Trinity College Dublin (tcd). Dec 4, 2018 130
Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for the screening of patients with metabolic liver disease risk. Munteanu, Mona Report Dec 1, 2018 1788
Re: Biomarkers in Active Surveillance. S., Loeb; J.J., Tosoian Editorial Dec 1, 2018 313
Creatine Phosphokinase and Urea as Biochemical Markers of Muscle Injuries in Professional Football Players. Osorio, Juan J; Mendez, Edgar A; Aguirre-Acevedo, Daniel; Osorio-Ciro, Jorge; Calderon, Juan C; Gall Report Dec 1, 2018 6827
Cystatin C--a biomarker for the early risk assessment of renal impairment. Callaghan, Emma Dec 1, 2018 1433
The hunt for cancer and infectious disease biomarkers. Bogue, Captain Amy L. Dec 1, 2018 1436
Effects of Rhodiola rosea supplementation on mental performance, physical capacity and oxidative stress biomarkers in healthy men. McLean, Wendy Author abstract Dec 1, 2018 918
Ampersand Capital Acquires Pacific Biomarkers to Expand Clinical Immunology Lab Services. Nov 21, 2018 231
Ampersand Capital Acquires Pacific Biomarkers to Expand Clinical Immunology Lab Services. Nov 21, 2018 234
BioArctic announces grant award from EU Horizon 2020 for participation in research consortium for better diagnostic tools and biomarkers for Parkinson's. Nov 13, 2018 253
BioArctic announces grant award from EU Horizon 2020 for participation in research consortium for better diagnostic tools and biomarkers for Parkinson's. Nov 13, 2018 249
A Prospective Study of Environmental Exposures and Early Biomarkers in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Design, Protocols, and Preliminary Data from the MARBLES Study. Hertz-Picciotto, Irva; Schmidt, Rebecca J.; Walker, Cheryl K.; Bennett, Deborah H.; Oliver, McKenzie Report Nov 1, 2018 16314
Oxidized low-density lipoprotein as an inflammatory marker in the cardiovascular disease. Hari, Padmaja Report Nov 1, 2018 2481
Diagnostic Performance of Intestinal Fusobacterium nucleatum in Colorectal Cancer: A Meta-Analysis. Peng, Bo-Jian; Cao, Chuang-Yu; Li, Wei; Zhou, Yong-Jian; Zhang, Yuan; Nie, Yu-Qiang; Cao, Yan-Wen; L Report Nov 1, 2018 4769
Urinary Extracellular Vesicle: A Potential Source of Early Diagnostic and Therapeutic Biomarker in Diabetic Kidney Disease. Xu, Wei-Cheng; Qian, Ge; Liu, Ai-Qun; Li, Yong-Qiang; Zou, He-Qun Report Nov 1, 2018 6910
Exploring Potential Biomarkers Underlying Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease by Differential Co-expression Analysis. Izadi, Fereshteh; Soheilifar, Mohammad Hasan Report Oct 1, 2018 5323
A State-of-the-Science Review of Mercury Biomarkers in Human Populations Worldwide between 2000 and 2018. Basu, Niladri; Horvat, Milena; Evers, David C.; Zastenskaya, Irina; Weihe, Pal; Tempowski, Joanna Report Oct 1, 2018 13032
Evaluating the Potential of Three Sperm Surface Antigens as Egg-adhesion Biomarkers for Human Sperm Selection. Heidari, Mahnaz; Darbandi, Sara; Darbani, Mahsa; Amirjanati, Naser; Bozorgmehr, Mahmood; Zeraati, Ho Report Oct 1, 2018 5471
Supply Of A System For The Characterization Of Biomarkers In Cfna (snvs, Indels, Cnvs And Fusions) Through Massive Sequencing. Sep 21, 2018 113
Effect of Regulatory Network of Exosomes and microRNAs on Neurodegenerative Diseases. Li, Dong; Li, You-Ping; Li, Yun-Xiang; Zhu, Xiao-Hua; Du, Xiao-Gang; Zhou, Min; Li, Wen-Bin; Deng, H Report Sep 20, 2018 7216
Cancer Biomarkers Market - Future Growth Challenges and Opportunities. Sep 19, 2018 526
Suggested Biomarkers for Major Depressive Disorder. Hacimusalar, Yunus; Esel, Ertugrul Sep 1, 2018 11942
Evaluation of Oxidative Stress and Thiol-Disulfide Parameters According to the Body Mass Index in Adult Individuals. Sogut, Ibrahim; Aydin, Almila Senat; Gokmen, Emel Saglam; Atak, Palmet Gun; Erel, Ozcan; Degrigo, Uz Sep 1, 2018 4405
Prognostic-disability Biomarkers in Multiple Sclerosis: Review of the Literature from the Last Five Years/Multipl Skleroz Olgularinda Prognoz-Ozurluluk Biyoisaretcileri: Son Bes Yila Ait Literaturun Gozden Gecirilmesi. Kiylioglu, Nefati Sep 1, 2018 10267
Evaluation of serum biomarkers for detection of preeclampsia severity in pregnant women. Report Aug 31, 2018 3124
Prevalence, Risk Factors and Host Biomarkers of Ovine Theileriosis. Ullah, Naimat; Durrani, Aneela Zameer; Avais, Muhammad; Ahmad, Nisar; Ullah, Sana; Khan, Muhammad Sh Report Aug 31, 2018 3961
EARLY PREDICTABILITY FACTORS IN PROGNOSTICATION OF COLORECTAL CARCINOMAS--A STUDY. Haldar, Bikram; Khondaker, Sahid; Chattopadhyay, Bitan Kumar; Mukhopadhyay, Madhumita Report Aug 27, 2018 2800
Bone Metabolic Markers in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. Qiao, Yan; Wang, Bei; Yang, Jiao-Jiao; Fan, Yan-Feng; Guo, Qian; Dou, Zhan-Jun; Huang, Ya-Qiong; Fen Report Aug 20, 2018 4858
Kompanse Kalp Yetmezligi Olan Hastalarda Notrofil-Lenfosit Orani, Trombosit-Lenfosit Orani ve Ortalama Trombosit Hacminin Arastirilmasi/Investigation of Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio, Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio and Mean Platelet Volume in Patients with Compensated Heart Failure. Yurtdas, Mustafa; Ozdemir, Mahmut; Aladag, Nesim Aug 1, 2018 3612
Procalcitonin-Guided Antibiotic Treatment in Lower Respiratory Tract Infections/Prokalsitonin Rehberliginde Alt Solunum Yolu Enfeksiyonlari Antibiyotik Tedavisi. Balci, Merih Kalamanoglu; Balcan, Baran; Yildizeli, Sehnaz Olgun; Ceyhan, Berrin Aug 1, 2018 4311
A National Multicity Analysis of the Causal Effect of Local Pollution, N[O.sub.2], and P[M.sub.2.5] on Mortality. Schwartz, Joel; Fong, Kelvin; Zanobetti, Antonella Aug 1, 2018 10939
Bone Lead Levels and Risk of Incident Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma: The VA Normative Aging Study. Wang, Weiye; Moroi, Sayoko; Bakulski, Kelly; Mukherjee, Bhramar; Weisskopf, Marc G.; Schaumberg, Deb Report Aug 1, 2018 10393
Correlation of Serum CCL3/MIP-1a Levels with Disease Severity in Postmenopausal Osteoporotic Females. Wan, Hui; Qian, Tie-Yong; Hu, Xiao-Jing; Huang, Ci-You; Yao, Wei-Feng Report Aug 1, 2018 4592
Increased Serum Cystatin C in Early Parkinson's Disease with Objective Sleep Disturbances. Xiong, Kang-Ping; Dai, Yong-Ping; Chen, Jing; Xu, Jin-Min; Wang, Yi; Feng, Ping; You, Shou-Jiang; Li Report Aug 1, 2018 3922
Limited Role of Promoter Methylation of MGMT and C13ORF18 in Triage of Low-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion. Sun, Lu-Lu; Liu, Yuan; Sun, Xiao; Pan, Lei; Wu, Dan; Wang, Yu-Dong Report Aug 1, 2018 3358
Identification of Potential Biomarkers for Urine Metabolomics of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Based on Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Zou, Ying; Zhu, Fu-Fan; Fang, Chao-Ying; Xiong, Xi-Yue; Li, Hong-Yun Report Aug 1, 2018 3279
Relationships between Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Clinical Assessments, Biomarkers, and Treatment. Li, Min; Wang, Li; Liu, Jiang-Hong; Zhan, Shu-Qin Report Aug 1, 2018 6879
Biomarkers to prevent stillbirth detected. Jul 26, 2018 306
Longevity Biotech Begins Study to Identify Inflammatory Biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease. Jul 19, 2018 286
Serum biomarkers for the evaluation of liver fibrosis: The need for better tests. Zeybel, Mujdat; Idilman, Ramazan Jul 1, 2018 1133
Diagnostic value of combined serum biomarkers for the evaluation of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C infection: A multicenter, noninterventional, observational study. Koksal, Iftihar; Yilmaz, Gurdal; Parlak, Mehmet; Demirdal, Tuna; Kinikli, Sami; Candan, Mehmet; Kaya Clinical report Jul 1, 2018 5331
An examination of two critical IHC biomarkers. Weinreich, Jonathan Jul 1, 2018 868
Emerging diabetes biomarkers offer new insights. Borses, Doug Jul 1, 2018 1923
Brainsway launches project to identify PTSD biomarkers. Jun 7, 2018 190
Brainsway launches project to identify PTSD biomarkers. Jun 7, 2018 186
A Study of the Relationship Between Cystatin C and Metabolic Bone Disease in Preterm Infants. Korkut, Sabriye; Memur, Seyma; Halis, Hulya; Bastug, Osman; Korkmaz, Levent; Ozdemir, Ahmet; Gunes, Report Jun 1, 2018 4574
The relevance of some new biomarkers (e.g. oxidative stress) in psychiatry as evidenced by non -invasive methods in saliva, tears, urine or feaces. Oana, Cojocariu Roxana; Ciobica, Alin; Timofte, Daniel Report Jun 1, 2018 6161
Serum procalcitonin levels of patients with candidemia hospitalized in Intensive Care Units. Yazdani, Mohammad; Khorvash, Farzin; Hakamifard, Atousa Report May 1, 2018 2195
ALZHEIMER'S DIAGNOSIS: Biomarkers will gain greater role in assessing treatments. Sullivan, Michele G. May 1, 2018 2102
Inflammatory and insulin resistance markers in gestational diabetes mellitus. Atam, Virendra; Daga, Prachi; Gupta, Arpit; Mittal, Madhukar; Mehrotra, Seema; Agrawal, Smriti Report May 1, 2018 1749
The Use of Biomarkers in Marketing Research/O Uso de Biomarcadores em Pesquisas de Marketing. Pastore, Cristina Maria de Aguiar; Maffezzolli, Eliane Cristine Francisco; Mazzon, Jose Afonso Ensayo May 1, 2018 10352
Replacing surveillance cystoscopy with urinary biomarkers in followup of patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer: Patients' and urologic oncologists' perspectives. Sayyid, Rashid K.; Sayyid, Abdallah K.; Klaassen, Zachary; Hersey, Karen; Goldberg, Hanan; Perlis, N Report May 1, 2018 4872
Bristol-Myers Squibb Partners with Illumina to Develop Diagnostic Oncology Assay to Measure Predictive Genomic Biomarkers. Apr 18, 2018 250
Quadrant, SUNY & Penn partnership to commercialise epigenetic biomarkers for autism spectrum disorder, Parkinson's disease and mTBI. Apr 11, 2018 255
Quadrant, SUNY & Penn partnership to commercialise epigenetic biomarkers for autism spectrum disorder, Parkinson's disease and mTBI. Apr 11, 2018 251
Lactic acid as an adjuvant marker in pregnancy-associated sepsis. Agarwal, R.; Yadav, R.K.; Garg, S.; Srivastava, H.; Radhakrishnan, G.; Tiwari, A. Report Apr 1, 2018 2054
Bias Amplification in Epidemiologic Analysis of Exposure to Mixtures. Weisskopf, Marc G.; Seals, Ryan M.; Webster, Thomas F. Report Apr 1, 2018 9947
Urinary semaphorin 3A as an early biomarker to predict contrast-induced acute kidney injury in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention. Ning, Li; Li, Zhiguo; Wei, Dianjun; Chen, Haiyan; Yang, Chao; Wu, Dawei; Wang, Yanchun; Zhang, Jingw Report Apr 1, 2018 4227
Elementary screening of lymph node metastaticrelated genes in gastric cancer based on the co-expression network of messenger RNA, microRNA and long non-coding RNA. Song, Zhonghua; Zhao, Wenhua; Cao, Danfeng; Zhang, Jinqing; Chen, Shouhua Report Apr 1, 2018 4800
Inflammatory biomarkers responses after acute whole body vibration in fibromyalgia. Ribeiro, V.G.C.; Mendonca, V.A.; Souza, A.L.C.; Fonseca, S.F.; Camargos, A.C.R.; Lage, V.K.S.; Neves Report Apr 1, 2018 6114
Adding biomarkers beats NICE guidelines for detecting preeclampsia. Nogrady, Bianca Clinical report Apr 1, 2018 494
Assessing Periodontal Disease by Measuring Molecular Biomarkers of Inflammation in Gingival Crevicular Fluid. Rudick, Courtney P.; Miyaomoto, Takanari; Lang, Melissa; Agrawal, Devendra K. Report Apr 1, 2018 354
Novel Modification of HistoGel-Based Cell Block Preparation Method: Improved Sufficiency for Molecular Studies. Rekhtman, Natasha; Buonocore, Darren J.; Rudomina, Dorota; Friedlander, Maria; Dsouza, Crisbane; Agg Report Apr 1, 2018 4872
Novel renal biomarker evaluation for early detection of acute kidney injury after transcatheter aortic valve implantation. Arsalan, Mani; Ungchusri, Ethan; Farkas, Robert; Johnson, Melissa; Kim, Rebeca J.; Filardo, Giovanni Report Apr 1, 2018 4448
Identification of Circular RNAs as a Novel Biomarker for Ovarian Endometriosis. Xu, Xiao-Xuan; Jia, Shuang-Zheng; Dai, Yi; Zhang, Jun-Ji; Li, Xiao-Yan; Shi, Jing-Hua; Leng, Jin-Hua Report Mar 18, 2018 4442
Supply Of Scientific Pet/Mri Equipment For Humans For The Platform Of Experimental Radiology And Image Biomarkers And Adaptation Of Spaces For Their Installation. Mar 10, 2018 179
Supply Of Consumables For The Analysis Of Biomarkers In Liquid Biopsy And Samples Of Paraffined Tumor Within The Framework Of The Project H2020 - Iasis. Mar 8, 2018 275
Supply Of The Necessary Products For The Determination Of Biomarkers Of Heart Failure, Sepsis And Inflammation (nt-probnp, Procalcitonin, Calprotectin And Ac Citrullinated Peptide) For The Clinical Analysis Laboratory. Mar 7, 2018 142
Liver cancer: New method identifies splicing biomarkers. Mar 3, 2018 493
Onalabs: Non-invasive smart wearable solution for continuous monitoring of physiological parameters and biomarkers for chronic patientswith cardiac and respiratory diseases from the neonate to the elderly. Mar 1, 2018 294
A roadside test for marijuana intoxication? It isn't as easy as it sounds. Mar 1, 2018 393
Capsule Typing of Haemophilus influenzae by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry. Mansson, Viktor; Gilsdorf, Janet R.; Kahlmeter, Gunnar; Kilian, Mogens; Kroll, J. Simon; Riesbeck, K Report Mar 1, 2018 6786
Frontal Theta Asymmetry as a Biomarker of Depression. Dharmadhikari, A.S.; Tandle, A.L.; Jaiswal, S.V.; Sawant, V.A.; Vahia, V.N.; Jog, N. Report Mar 1, 2018 4377
Within-Day, Between-Day, and Between-Week Variability of Urinary Concentrations of Phenol Biomarkers in Pregnant Women. Vernet, Celine; Philippat, Claire; Calafat, Antonia M.; Ye, Xiaoyun; Lyon-Caen, Sarah; Siroux, Valer Report Mar 1, 2018 9973
Novel Kidney Injury Biomarkers Among Anabolic Androgenic Steroids Users - Evidence of Subclinical Kidney Disease. de Francesco Daher, Elizabeth; Fernandes, Paulo Henrique Palacio Duarte; Meneses, Gdayllon Cavalcant Report Mar 1, 2018 2405
The Efficacy of Haematologic Parameters in the Diagnosis of Missed Abortus/Hematolojik Parametrelerin Missed Abortus Tanisina Etkileri. Uysal, Gulsum; Cagli, Fulya; Karakilic, Eda Ulku; Akkaya, Hatice; Aksoy, Huseyin; Acmaz, Gokhan Report Mar 1, 2018 4045
The relationship of serum endocan levels and anti-TNF-alpha therapy in patients with ankylosing spondylitis. Kadayifci, Fatma Zehra; Karadag, Makbule Gezmen Report Mar 1, 2018 2914
THE ROLE of PAI-1 GENE 4G/5G POLYMORPHISM AND DIAGNOSTIC VALUE of BIOMARKERS IN ALLERGIC AND NON-ALLERGIC ASTHMA PHENOTYPE. Lampalo, Marina; Jukic, Irena; Bingulac-Popovic, Jasna; Safic, Hana; Ferara, Nikola; Popovic-Grle, S Report Mar 1, 2018 3953
Jumpair: Decubitus ulcers diseases diagnoses by means of smart ict anti-decubitus system based on known ulcers activity biomarkers. Feb 24, 2018 242
Experimental Biology and Medicine Journal Publishes Article on Minimally Invasive Biomarkers for Multiple Sclerosis. Feb 20, 2018 200
Banyan Biomarkers Inc wins US FDA's marketing clearance of first blood test to aid in the evaluation of concussion in adults. Feb 15, 2018 310
Banyan Biomarkers Inc wins US FDA's marketing clearance of first blood test to aid in the evaluation of concussion in adults. Feb 15, 2018 306
New tech helps in identifying biomarkers for diseases. Feb 12, 2018 570
The clock is ticking: Toward biomarkers for aging? Lenhoff, Alan Editorial Feb 1, 2018 618
Potential Value of Datura stramonium Agglutinin-recognized Glycopatterns in Urinary Protein on Differential Diagnosis of Diabetic Nephropathy and Nondiabetic Renal Disease. Yang, Xiao-Li; Yu, Han-Jie; Zhu, Han-Yu; Zheng, Ying; Han, Qiu-Xia; Cai, Guang-Yan; Chen, Xiang-Mei Report Feb 1, 2018 4507
Reduction of Tat-interacting Protein 30 Expression Could be a Prognostic Marker in Bladder Urothelial Cancer. Li, Ye-Ping; Zhu, Jian-Fang; Huang, Ka-Te; Wang, Rong-Rong; Cai, Bing; Xie, Hui; Chen, Hong-De Report Feb 1, 2018 3874
Study to Develop Blood Biomarkers of Feline Cancer: Cornell Veterinary School researchers look for less invasive method of identifying cancer spread. Feb 1, 2018 265
Characterization of oxidative stress biomarkers in a freshwater anomuran crab/Caracterizacao de biomarcadores de estresse oxidativo em caranguejos anomuros de agua doce. Borges, A.C.P.; Piassao, J.F.G.; Paula, M.O.; Sepp, S.; Bez, C.F.S.; Hepp, L.U.; Valduga, A.T.; Pere Feb 1, 2018 4602
Dynamics of Clinically Important Proteins: Measuring Turnover of Drug Targets and Biomarkers. Anderson, N. Leigh Feb 1, 2018 1513
Metabolic Volumetric Parameters in [sup.11]C-Choline PET/MR Are Superior PET Imaging Biomarkers for Primary High-Risk Prostate Cancer. Tseng, Jing-Ren; Yang, Lan-Yan; Lin, Yu-Chun; Liu, Chung-Yi; Pang, See-Tong; Hong, Ji-Hong; Yen, Tzu Jan 1, 2018 6539
6-Gingerol Normalizes the Expression of Biomarkers Related to Hypertension via PPAR[delta] in HUVECs, HEK293, and Differentiated 3T3-L1 Cells. Lee, Yong-Jik; Jang, Yoo-Na; Han, Yoon-Mi; Kim, Hyun-Min; Seo, Hong Seog Jan 1, 2018 7977
Effect of Essential Oils from Ginger (Zingiber officinale) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Rhizomes on Some Inflammatory Biomarkers in Cadmium Induced Neurotoxicity in Rats. Akinyemi, Ayodele Jacob; Adeniyi, Philip Adeyemi Jan 1, 2018 4649
Circulating Angiogenic Growth Factors in Diabetes Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease and Exertional Leg Pain in Ghana. Yeboah, Kwame; Agyekum, Jennifer A.; Baafour, Eric Kyei; Antwi, Daniel A.; Adjei, Afua B.; Boima, Vi Report Jan 1, 2018 5611
Comparative Study of Protein Expression Levels of Five Plaque Biomarkers and Relation with Carotid Plaque Type Classification in Patients after Carotid Endarterectomy. Kyriakidis, Konstantinos; Antoniadis, Pavlos; Choksy, Sohail; Papi, Rigini M. Report Jan 1, 2018 4522
Comparison of Glycomacropeptide with Phenylalanine Free-Synthetic Amino Acids in Test Meals to PKU Patients: No Significant Differences in Biomarkers, Including Plasma Phe Levels. Ahring, Kirsten K.; Lund, Allan M.; Jensen, Erik; Jensen, Thomas G.; Brondum-Nielsen, Karen; Pederse Jan 1, 2018 9046
Phenolic-Rich Baccaurea angulata Modulates Inflammatory Biomarkers of Atherosclerosis. Ibrahim, Muhammad; Mikail, Maryam Abimbola; Ahmed, Idris Adewale; Ghani, Radiah Abdul Jan 1, 2018 6430
Additional Biomarkers beyond RAS That Impact the Efficacy of Cetuximab plus Chemotherapy in mCRC: A Retrospective Biomarker Analysis. Zheng, Peng; Liang, Chunmin; Ren, Li; Zhu, Dexiang; Feng, Qingyang; Chang, Wenju; He, Guodong; Ye, L Jan 1, 2018 6488
Gas Chromatography Coupled to High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry as a High-Throughput Tool for Characterizing Geochemical Biomarkers in Sediments. Koolenfe, Hector Henrique Ferreira; Klitzke, Clecio Fernando; Binkley, Joe; Patrick, Jeffrey; de Alb Jan 1, 2018 6464
Assessment of Salivary Adipokines Resistin, Visfatin, and Ghrelin as Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Biomarkers. Srinivasan, Mythily; Meadows, Melinda L.; Maxwell, Lisa Jan 1, 2018 3679
Noninvasive Biomarkers of Colorectal Cancer: Role in Diagnosis and Personalised Treatment Perspectives. Pellino, Gianluca; Gallo, Gaetano; Pallante, Pierlorenzo; Capasso, Raffaella; De Stefano, Alfonso; M Jan 1, 2018 19264
Addressing the Perfect Storm: Biomarkers in Obesity and Pathophysiology of Cardiometabolic Risk. Aleksandrova, Krasimira; Mozaffarian, Dariush; Pischon, Tobias Report Jan 1, 2018 9521
Arsenic Exposure from Drinking Water and Urinary Metabolomics: Associations and Long-Term Reproducibility in Bangladesh Adults. Wu, Fen; Chi, Liang; Ru, Hongyu; Parvez, Faruque; Slavkovich, Vesna; Eunus, Mahbub; Ahmed, Alauddin; Report Jan 1, 2018 7548
Predictive Biomarkers: Clinical Opportunity to Save Lives and Prosper. Jaffe, Russell; Mani, Jayashree Jan 1, 2018 1557
Scanning Horizon Program: Early Identification Of New And/Or Emerging Cancer Drugs In Development And Associated Biomarkers. Dec 8, 2017 170
Tau-mediated Neurodegeneration and Potential Implications in Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. Wu, Xi-Lin; Piña-Crespo, Juan; Zhang, Yun-Wu; Chen, Xiao-Chun; Xu, Hua-Xi Report Dec 1, 2017 10213
Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Risk in Children. Xu, Wen-Rui; Jin, Hong-Fang; Du, Jun-Bao Report Dec 1, 2017 5068
Foundation Medicine Inc wins US FDA approval & planned CMS coverage for first F1CDx test to detect cancer biomarkers. Dec 1, 2017 342
Foundation Medicine Inc wins US FDA approval & planned CMS coverage for first F1CDx test to detect cancer biomarkers. Dec 1, 2017 338
MicroRNA profiling identifies miR-7-5p and miR-26b-5p as differentially expressed in hypertensive patients with left ventricular hypertrophy. Kaneto, C.M.; Nascimento, J.S.; Moreira, M.C.R.; Ludovico, N.D.; Santana, A.P.; Silva, R.A.A.; Silva Report Dec 1, 2017 4981
Urine Arsenic and Arsenic Metabolites in U.S. Adults and Biomarkers of Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Endothelial Dysfunction: A Cross-Sectional Study. Farzan, Shohreh F.; Howe, Caitlin G.; Zens, Michael S.; Palys, Thomas; Channon, Jacqueline Y.; Li, Z Report Dec 1, 2017 10705
Molecular and Immune Biomarkers in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Perspective From Members of the Pulmonary Pathology Society. Capelozzi, Vera Luiza; Allen, Timothy Craig; Beasley, Mary Beth; Cagle, Philip T.; Guinee, Don; Hari Report Dec 1, 2017 8753
A study of waist circumference, hip-waist ratio as markers of Type 2 diabetes mellitus in male population of North Karnataka. Gitte, Rashmi Narayanrao; Taklikar, Raju Report Dec 1, 2017 2004
Plasma Amino-Terminal Propeptide of C-Type Natriuretic Peptide Concentration in Normal-Weight and Obese Children. Topcu, Seda; Ozhan, Bayram; Alkan, Afra; Akyol, Mesut; Orhon, Filiz Simsek; Baskan, Sevgi; Ulukol, B Report Dec 1, 2017 5242
Template for Reporting Results of Biomarker Testing of Specimens From Patients With Carcinoma of the Endometrium. Longacre, Teri A.; Broaddus, Russell; Chuang, Linus T.; Cohen, Michael B.; Jarboe, Elke A.; Mutter, Report Nov 1, 2017 3273
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Protagonist wins USD1.34m SBIR fundd for development of biomarkers of IL-23 receptor antagonist activity in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). May 25, 2017 249
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Adiponectin, Retinoic Acid Receptor Responder 2, and Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-[gamma] Coativator-1 Genes and the Risk for Obesity. da Fonseca, Ana Carolina Proenca; Ochioni, Alan Cleveland; Martins, Raisa da Silva; Zembrzuski, Vero Report Jan 1, 2017 5277
Serum Autoantibodies against STIP1 as a Potential Biomarker in the Diagnosis of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Xu, Yi-Wei; Liu, Can-Tong; Huang, Xin-Yi; Huang, Li-Sheng; Luo, Yu-Hao; Hong, Chao-Qun; Guo, Hai-Pen Report Jan 1, 2017 5518
Longitudinal Assessment of Transorbital Sonography, Visual Acuity, and Biomarkers for Inflammation and Axonal Injury in Optic Neuritis. Lochner, Piergiorgio; Cantello, Roberto; Fassbender, Klaus; Lesmeister, Martin; Nardone, Raffaele; S Report Jan 1, 2017 3737
DNA Methylation Events as Markers for Diagnosis and Management of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Dexheimer, Georgia Muccillo; Alves, Jayse; Reckziegel, Laura; Lazzaretti, Gabrielle; Abujamra, Ana L Report Jan 1, 2017 11698
Ischemia-Modified Albumin as a Marker of Acute Coronary Syndrome: The Case for Revising the Concept of "N-Terminal Modification" to "Fatty Acid Occupation" of Albumin. Oran, Ismail; Oran, Bulent Report Jan 1, 2017 5913
Identification of Biomarkers for Predicting Lymph Node Metastasis of Stomach Cancer Using Clinical DNA Methylation Data. Wu, Jun; Xiao, Yawen; Xia, Chao; Yang, Fan; Li, Hua; Shao, Zhifeng; Lin, Zongli; Zhao, Xiaodong Report Jan 1, 2017 3571
Serum HMGB1 as a Potential Biomarker for Patients with Asbestos-Related Diseases. Ying, Shibo; Jiang, Zhaoqiang; He, Xianglei; Yu, Min; Chen, Riping; Chen, Junqiang; Ru, Guoqing; Che Report Jan 1, 2017 6613
Plasmatic Soluble Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products as a New Oxidative Stress Biomarker in Patients with Prosthetic-Joint-Associated Infections? Massaccesi, Luca; Bonomelli, Barbara; Marazzi, Monica Gioia; Drago, Lorenzo; Romanelli, Massimiliano Report Jan 1, 2017 4152
Usefulness of Age-Stratified N-Terminal Prohormone of Brain Natriuretic Peptide for Diagnosing Kawasaki Disease. Lee, Sang Hoon; Song, Eun Song; Yoon, Somy; Hong, Seunghee; Cho, Hwa Jin; Yang, Eun Mi; Eom, Gwang H Report Jan 1, 2017 6328
Potential Hepatoprotective Role of Galectin-3 during HCV Infection in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients. Lukic, Ruzica; Gajovic, Nevena; Jovanovic, Ivan; Jurisevic, Milena; Mijailovic, Zeljko; Maric, Veljk Report Jan 1, 2017 5427
Laboratory and Genetic Biomarkers Associated with Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity in Hemoglobin SC Disease. Santiago, Rayra Pereira; Vieira, Camilo; Adanho, Corynne Stephanie Ahouefa; Santana, Sanzio Silva; G Report Jan 1, 2017 7575
The Usefulness of Determining Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin Concentration Excreted in the Urine in the Evaluation of Cyclosporine A Nephrotoxicity in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome. Gacka, Ewa; Zyczkowski, Marcin; Bogacki, Rafal; Paradysz, Andrzej; Hyla-Klekot, Lidia Report Jan 1, 2017 4786
Differential Site-Based Expression of Pentose Phosphate Pathway-Related Proteins among Breast Cancer Metastases. Cha, Yoon Jin; Jung, Woo Hee; Koo, Ja Seung Report Jan 1, 2017 4786
Red Blood Cell Distribution Width: A Novel Predictive Indicator for Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases. Li, Ning; Zhou, Heng; Tang, Qizhu Report Jan 1, 2017 16604
Long Noncoding RNAs as Biomarkers in Cancer. Bolha, Luka; Ravnik-Glavac, Metka; Glavac, Damjan Report Jan 1, 2017 11935
Elevated Serum miR-7, miR-9, miR-122, and miR-141 Are Noninvasive Biomarkers of Acute Pancreatitis. Lu, Pan; Wang, Feng; Wu, Jia; Wang, Cheng; Yan, Jing; Li, Zhuo-ling; Song, Jia- xi; Wang, Jun-jun Report Jan 1, 2017 5494
Matrix Metalloproteinases Polymorphisms as Prognostic Biomarkers in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma. Strbac, Danijela; Goricar, Katja; Dolian, Vita; Kovac, Viljem Report Jan 1, 2017 5914
Amniotic Fluid Infection in Preterm Pregnancies with Intact Membranes. Myntti, Tarja; Rahkonen, Leena; Nupponen, Irmeli; Patari-Sampo, Anu; Tikkanen, Minna; Sorsa, Timo; J Report Jan 1, 2017 6040
Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease. Huang, Ying; Gulshan, Kailash; Nguyen, True; Wu, Yuping Editorial Jan 1, 2017 1073
Relationship of the Content of Systemic and Endobronchial Soluble Molecules of CD25, CD38, CD8, and HLA-I-CD8 and Lung Function Parameters in COPD Patients. Kubysheva, Nailya; Postnikova, Larisa; Soodaeva, Svetlana; Novikov, ViKtor; Eliseeva, Tatyana; Batyr Report Jan 1, 2017 6231
Type II Endometrial Cancer Overexpresses NILCO: A Preliminary Evaluation. Daley-Brown, Danielle; Oprea-Iles, Gabriela; Vann, Kiara T.; Lanier, Viola; Lee, Regina; Candelaria, Report Jan 1, 2017 7712
Increased Levels of S100A8/A9 in Patients with Peritonsillar Abscess: A New Promising Diagnostic Marker to Differentiate between Peritonsillar Abscess and Peritonsillitis. Spiekermann, Christoph; Russo, Antonella; Stenner, Markus; Rudack, Claudia; Roth, Johannes; Vogl, Th Report Jan 1, 2017 6227

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