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Biography of James T. Bradley.

Jim Bradley assumed the editorship of the Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science (JAAS) in late 1990, shortly after the sudden death of Professor William H. Mason. Dr. Mason had been president of the Academy and was the longstanding editor of the JAAS. When the call came from AAS President Dr. Michael E. Lisano, Bradley says, "I remember being very surprised and flattered at the request to complete Dr. Mason's term as editor. I had such tremendous respect for Bill Mason as a colleague, teacher, textbook author, mentor to graduate students and as editor of the JAAS. Bill had worked hard over many years to develop the JAAS into a highly regarded, rigorously peer reviewed journal for the Academy. That I would ever be editor for a scientific journal had never occurred to me." Bradley accepted the challenge and remained editor for the JAAS for the next 15 years.

In addition to all the nuts and bolts of editing the journal, Dr. Bradley initiated the publication of book reviews and also organized a new section for the AAS: Bioethics and History & Philosophy of Science.

Jim Bradley has had a long and distinguished career since accepting his position at Auburn University in 1976 after earning his PhD in Developmental Biology from the University of Washington, Seattle. During his time at Auburn, Bradley has authored 43 refereed scientific articles and book reviews as well as a laboratory manual for cell biology. He has also edited two volumes of readings from original sources in science and the humanities which serve as texts for an interdisciplinary, undergraduate course in world history. Since 1994 Dr. Bradley has been the director of the Human Odyssey Program that established this course of study to examine the connections between science and the humanities.

Among the awards and recognitions for his outstanding teaching and leadership are:

W. Kelly Mosley titled Professorship in Science and Humanities

Academic Freedom Award, AAUP, Auburn University Chapter

Chair, University Senate and Faculty, Auburn University

College of Science and Mathematics Outstanding Teacher Award, Auburn University

Auburn Alumni Association Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award

Most Outstanding Faculty Member in the College of Science and Mathematics awarded by Student Government Association, Auburn University

Recipient of competitive, 3-month Visiting Professorship at the University of Pisa, Italy

3-time winner of the Carmichael Award of the AAS for best research article

Dr. Bradley continues to explore new avenues of research, writing and teaching. He is currently authoring a book for the general public about the ethical issues associated with 21st century biotechnologies including cloning, stem cell research, gene therapy, genetic enhancement, human life extension and transgenic agriculture. His book title is: Twenty-First Century Biotechnology and Human Values. Along with colleagues at Auburn University, AUM and Tuskegee University, Bradley is collaborating on an NSF grant titled "Ethics of the Nonoscale". The project will develop undergraduate training in the science and ethics of nanotechnology. In addition, Dr. Bradley is developing and will teach a bioethics course called Genethics for upper level undergraduate and graduate students in the life sciences at Auburn University.

The Alabama Academy of Science expresses its deep gratitude for the diligence Jim Bradley has demonstrated through all his years as editor of the JAAS. His contributions have maintained high standards and academic excellence.

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