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Biographies added to the label archive.

Harold Arndt

Peter Bancroft

Florian Cajori

Jean-Pierre Cand

Frederick Canfield

Allan Caplan

Fred W. Cassirer

Steven C. Chamberlain

Lawrence H. Conklin

Mahlon Dickerson

Martin Ehrmann

Russell Filer

John Frankenfield

Richard V. Gaines

Gilbert Gauthier

Cal Graeber

E. Mitchell Gunnell

Friedrich Kohl

Richard Kosnar

William Larson

Luis Leite

Harold D. Levey

Walt Lidstrom

Jesse "Jay" Lininger

Athos Locatelli

Tom Loomis

Orlando Lyman

Arthur Montgomery

Thomas P. Moore

George W. Robinson

Washington A. Roebling

Eugene Schlepp

St. Ignatius College

Edward Swoboda

Brad van Scriver (and family)

Herbert W. Werner

Robert W. Werner

John S. White

David P. Wilber

Joseph Willcox

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Publication:The Mineralogical Record
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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