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Bioethics Forum: mew York's palliative care information act: flawed but needed.


The public and the medical profession have long recognized the unmet, ongoing needs for improved palliative and end-of-life care. Advocacy and position statements, even ethical and professional standards, have proved inadequate. The legislature, however ham-handedly, has responded to nudge us toward an overdue correction.

Science, Ethics, and Politics: The Case of Avastin


On the same day that the Food and Drug Administration rescinded its approval for the breast cancer drug Avastin, the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial under the heading, "Race Against the Cure," recommending that the FDA maintain its approval. Whether or not one finds this clever, the heading (and the editorial as a whole) displays a disregard for the truth that is at once incredible and irresponsible.

Also: Nancy Berlinger gives her annual installment of Beach Blanket Bioethics; Daniel Callahan weighs in on the use of moral language in political debate; Kenneth Covinsky cautions on diagnosing preclinical Alzheimer disease; and Colleen farrell responds to an op-ed that suggests women who may have children don't belong in professional medicine.
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