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1.7 mln tonnes Carbon to be sequestered after BTT completion: Amin Aslam. May 23, 2019 1090
Biodiversity: Key to human health and food security. May 22, 2019 945
India : Traditional food systems evolved over a period time has proved to be healthier, more balanced and nutritious. May 22, 2019 578
FAO calls for stronger action against rapid decline of biodiversity. May 22, 2019 556
Canada : Asian consumers have growing awareness of biodiversity and want brands to protect it. May 22, 2019 757
United States : Harris, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Protect Americas Precious Biodiversity and Help Combat Mass Extinction Crisis. May 22, 2019 298
Ireland : The Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine celebrates National Biodiversity Week. May 22, 2019 355
Philippines : Protect biodiversity amid climate crisis. May 22, 2019 359
Biodiversity grants on offer to farmers. May 21, 2019 179
Wildlife and death; EXPERTS REVEAL FEARS FOR IRELAND'S BIODIVERSITY; Natural world is 'screaming' alert of looming devastation; Climate change & lack of food leads to ecosystem collapse. May 21, 2019 904
Germany : Climate change has long-term impact on species adaptability. May 21, 2019 573
Inventories Of Biodiversity In Natural Areas In The Aix-marseille-provence Metropolitan Area. May 21, 2019 233
Saving El Nido and its rich biodiversity. May 20, 2019 1758
UN report: Save species from extinction. May 20, 2019 1802
Philippine govt needs to invest in environmental RandD. May 20, 2019 877
Nat Geo announces series on Sharjah's biodiversity. May 20, 2019 160
Pakistan has a chance to reverse biodiversity loss. May 20, 2019 828
Papua New Guinea : Local action to protect biodiversity: the tree kangaroo in Papua New Guinea. May 20, 2019 382
Inventories Of Biodiversity In Natural Areas In The Territory Of The Metropole Aix-marseille-provence. May 20, 2019 239
World states mark International Day of Biological Diversity Wednesday. May 19, 2019 406
DENR kicksoff International Day of Biological Diversity on May 22. May 18, 2019 411
Environmental impacts of a reduced flow stretch on hydropower plants/Impactos ambientais do trecho de vazao reduzida em usinas hidreletricas. Souza-Cruz-Buenaga, F.V.A.; Espig, S.A.; Castro, T.L.C.; Santos, M.A. May 18, 2019 11027
Event hears of role of farmers in biodiversity; Ecology: Scientists lag behind reality 'in the field'. May 17, 2019 432
Mechanism Of Support For The Implementation Of Projects Favorable To Biodiversity In The Brussels-capital Region. May 17, 2019 329
Services For The Delivery Of Training Actions Within The Greenprint Project Subsidized By The Biodiversity Foundation In The Framework Of The Empleadaverde Program. May 17, 2019 129
Germany : Producing food whilst preserving biodiversity. May 16, 2019 290
Providing Of Technical Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (secunderabad Zone). May 14, 2019 195
Providing Of Technical Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (kukatpally Zone). May 14, 2019 195
Providing Of Technical Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (serilingampallyzone). May 14, 2019 193
Providing Of Outsourcingtechnical Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (khairatabad Zone). May 14, 2019 195
Providing Of Outsourcing Technical Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (charminar Zone). May 14, 2019 197
Providing Of Field Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (head Office) (package7). May 14, 2019 197
Providing Of Field Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (secunderabad Zone) (package6). May 14, 2019 197
Providing Of Field Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (kukatpally Zone) (package5). May 14, 2019 197
Providing Of Field Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (serilingampally Zone) (package4). May 14, 2019 197
Providing Of Field Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (khairatabad Zone)(package 3 ). May 14, 2019 198
Providing Of Field Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (charminar Zone). May 14, 2019 195
Providing Of Technical Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis To Urban Biodiversity Wing, Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (l.b.nagar Zone) (6 Packages). May 14, 2019 205
Providing Of Field Assistants (supervisors) On Outsourcing Basis To Urban Biodiversity Wing Ghmc For A Period Of (1) Year (l.b.nagar Zone) (package 1). May 14, 2019 205
Wild plants can help keep grassland alive and well; Agricultural scientists now appreciate need to increase biodiversity. May 13, 2019 474
Conserving critical forest biodiversity in Guinea through sustainable agricultural livelihoods. May 13, 2019 135
Enabling rural poor to help protect biodiversity of Dja, Cameroon. May 13, 2019 137
Enhanced biodiversity, water-security, and forest recovery in northern Guinea. May 13, 2019 131
Empowering Ivorian communities to conserve biodiversity and improve their livelihoods. May 13, 2019 127
Strengthening Malian forest management to protect biodiversity and alleviate poverty. May 13, 2019 131
United States : Chairwoman Johnsons Statement on United Nations Biodiversity and Ecosystems Assessment. May 13, 2019 166
Loss of biodiversity puts current, future generations at risk. May 13, 2019 1826
Asean strategizes to meet 2050 Vision on biodiversity. May 13, 2019 1010
Printing Of Coffee Table Book On Biodiversity Of New Forest Of Icfre, Fri. May 10, 2019 101
Tender For The Cleaning Service Of The Offices Of The Foundation Biodiversity Operational Zone Lot I And Altitude Area Lot Ii. May 8, 2019 120
Identification And Integrated Analysis Of Potential Climate Refuges For Biodiversity In Euskadi For The Promotion Of Their Capacity To Adapt To Climate Change (klimatek 2019 Project). May 7, 2019 110
Rental, Maintenance, Planting, Maintenance Of Several Green Terraces, Adaptation Of Plantations To A Biodiversity Project For The Cdc In Paris. May 7, 2019 249
Macron promises measures to help biodiversity after extinction warning. May 7, 2019 308
Nature's Dangerous Decline 'Unprecedented'. May 7, 2019 1591
Environment Minister stresses need for raising G7 commitment to conserve biodiversity. May 7, 2019 400
Rental, Maintenance, Planting, Maintenance Of Several Green Terraces, Adaptation Of Plantations To A "biodiversity" Project For C.d.c. In Paris Reference Number: 19001400. May 6, 2019 251
Assessment On Axis 4 "sustainable Biodiversity" Of The Feder-esf Burgundy 2014-2020 Operational Program. May 6, 2019 130
Evaluation Of Axis 4 For Sustainable Biodiversity Of The Operational Program Feder-esf Burgundy 2014-2020. May 6, 2019 135
UN biodiversity meet wraps up, report due Monday. May 5, 2019 364
Indicators Of The State Of Biodiversity In Aragon Through The Breeding Bird Monitoring Program. Years 2019-2022. May 4, 2019 110
Modern breeding reduced horse diversity within centuries: Study. May 3, 2019 646
Community tree planting, to absorb carbon and increase biodiversity. May 2, 2019 114
DENR fetes UNDP for biodiversity project at Mission: PHL rites. May 1, 2019 347
Saving Nature key to human wellbeing: UN biodiversity chief. May 1, 2019 713
Philippines : Discovery of new species proves PH is haven for biodiversity. Apr 30, 2019 561
United States : Grant Program for Saint Lucian Entities to Conserve Biodiversity and Natural Resources. Apr 30, 2019 839
European Monitoring Of Biodiversity In Agricultural Landscapes (embal). Apr 30, 2019 210
UNESCO Conf. warns of dramatic degradation of global biodiversity. Apr 29, 2019 368
Emirates helps safeguard wildlife & biodiversity. Apr 28, 2019 461
3 cricket species discovered on Siargao Island. Apr 28, 2019 663
Loss of biodiversity. Apr 25, 2019 338
Baseline Studies For Ambient Air Quality, Water, Soil, Terrestrial And Aquatic Ecology And Biodiversity For The In And Around Quarry No. 4 And 7of The Abandoned Jagannath Mine Void, Talcher, District. Apr 25, 2019 171
Printing & Supply Of Scientific Books For Karnataka Biodiversity Board. Apr 24, 2019 108
Haiti: Program for preservation and enhancement of biodiversity (PVB). Apr 23, 2019 331
Philippines : Legarda Joins Earth Day Call: Protect Our Species. Apr 23, 2019 672
Australia : Protecting Queensland unique biodiversity this Earth Day. Apr 23, 2019 413
Switzerland : FAO reports on decline of biodiversity. Apr 22, 2019 145
Legarda calls for stronger biodiversity protection to prevent further loss of species. Apr 21, 2019 718
Accompaniment To The Animation Of The Use Of The Eva Tool In The National Parks Of The French Agency For Biodiversity. Apr 20, 2019 151
Delivery Of Information Boards With Their Assembly As Part Of The Task Creating Mini-centers Of Ecological And Cultural Education In The Project Entitled Maintaining Biodiversity Of Meadows And Mountain Pastures Through Running A Pastoral Economy Co-finan. Apr 20, 2019 214
Regional Biotrade Project Southeast Asia. Apr 17, 2019 248
Virgin Islands (British) : Governor Pledges To Protect The Territorys Biodiversity. Apr 17, 2019 304
Supply, Delivery And Transportation Of Tall Plants To Urban Biodiversity Wing, Ghmc (recall). Apr 17, 2019 183
Community seeks funds to enhance biodiversity. Apr 16, 2019 361
Mission:PHL Envoys and Expats Awards: UNDP bags Development Aid Partner Award for Biodiversity. Apr 14, 2019 430
Protecting biodiversity toward a healthy Asean community. Apr 14, 2019 556
Development Of Facade On Reptile Biodiversity On The Rooftop Of Reptile House From Entrance Gate Side At Nzp, New Delhi. Apr 13, 2019 117
Germany : How much nature is lost due to higher yields? Apr 11, 2019 760
Bulgarian Environment Minister: Proposed Changes to Biodiversity Law Concern Natura 2000 Network. Apr 9, 2019 247
Studies help to land biodiversity career; 'UNIVERSITY GAVE ME THE SKILLS NEEDED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE'. Apr 8, 2019 815
Baseline Studies For Ambient Air Quality, Water, Soil, Terrestrial And Aquatic Ecology And Biodiversity For The In And Around Quarry No. 4 And 7of The Abandoned Jagannath Mine Void, Talcher, District. Apr 6, 2019 168
Austria : Biodiversity: Government submits implementation of an EU regulation on the Nagoya Protocol. Apr 5, 2019 144
Copernicus C3s_427 Sectoral Information System To Support Biodiversity Sector (united Kingdom-reading: Research And Development Services And Related Consultancy Services). Apr 5, 2019 103
Protection And Sustainable Use Of Forest Ecosystems And Biodiversity. Apr 5, 2019 135
Protection And Sustainable Use Of Forest Ecosystems And Biodiversity In Laos Ii (profeb Ii). Apr 5, 2019 180
Project Management For The Rehabilitation Of Brine Storage Basins On The Rhine Island, Public Reception And Enhancement Of Biodiversity. Apr 4, 2019 140
Preserve, document indigenous knowledge. Apr 3, 2019 562
Project Management For The Rehabilitation Of Brine Storage Basins On The Rhine Island, Public Reception And Development Of Biodiversity Reference Number:. Apr 2, 2019 133
Carlow Town Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan. Apr 2, 2019 371
Brazil : United States and Brazil to Partner in First-ever Private-sector-driven Biodiversity-focused Impact Investment Fund for the Brazilian Amazon. Apr 1, 2019 264
Conserving Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction. Book review Apr 1, 2019 156
ACB: Forests and people intertwined for development. Mar 31, 2019 1426
Asean, EU empower youth leaders in conserving biodiversity. Mar 31, 2019 454
Biodiversity Monitoring - Grassland Treatment, Arable Land Grasslanding, Bio-bandages. Mar 29, 2019 266
Adjustment Of The Final Accesses Of The Flaubert Bridge On The Left Bank Of The Seine - Follow-up Services For Environmental Measures And Monitoring Of Biodiversity In The Works Phase. Mar 29, 2019 239
Germany : Duckweed: The low-down on a tiny plant. Mar 28, 2019 676
Australia : Rewarding biodiversity on farm. Mar 28, 2019 546
Workshop on 'Biosecurity and Biodiversity' held. Mar 27, 2019 163
Consultation And Elaboration Of An Atlas Of The Communal Biodiversity. Mar 27, 2019 102
Squandered wealth. Mar 26, 2019 759
Study: Climate warming accelerates tallgrass prairie biodiversity. Mar 25, 2019 196
Repopulation, For The Improvement Of The Biodiversity, Of The Place Pea Martn, In The Mount Dehesa And Aggregates, N 89 Of The C.u.p., In Cabezn De Cameros. Mar 23, 2019 121
Phase 4 Of The European Business And Biodiversity Platform (2020-2022). Mar 22, 2019 165
Hiring Of Administrative Assistance For Various Areas Of The Biodiversity Foundation In Specific Areas Of Action. Mar 22, 2019 115
Hiring Administrative Assistance For Various Areas Of The Biodiversity Foundation In Specific Areas Of Action. Mar 22, 2019 186
UfM on International Day of Forests: Scaling up forest and landscape restoration in the Mediterranean. Mar 21, 2019 607
Workshop held to validate 6th National Report of Pakistan on Biological Diversity. Report Mar 20, 2019 674
Academia-industry partnership urged to solve biodiversity issues. Mar 20, 2019 637
Achievement Of The Wide Range Of Pressures Relative To Biodiversity, The Aquatic Environment. Mar 20, 2019 115
Standby Services And Press Panorama Is On Biodiversity, Water And Aquatic Environments. Mar 18, 2019 107
United States : Deputy Secretary-General Stresses Need to Change Consumption, Production Patterns While Tackling Biodiversity Loss, Climate Change, at Environment Assembly. Mar 15, 2019 945
Canada : Biodiversity Act Helps to Protect Ecosystems. Mar 15, 2019 254
Professional Consultant Services For Skill Development Program On Ecological Biodiversity At Neeri. Mar 14, 2019 157
Biodiversity key to sustainable food production. Mar 14, 2019 519
Asean calls for improvement in key biodiversity area identification. Mar 13, 2019 610
United Kingdom : Protecting, Restoring and Enhancing the Environment Sses Biodiversity Report 2018. Report Mar 11, 2019 502
Israel : Scientists Reveal a Treasure Trove of Biodiversity Secrets in the Worlds Web Browsing Behavior. Mar 11, 2019 661
Biodiversity Database Launched in Sudan. Mar 11, 2019 469
'Unique species in the brink of extinction'. Mar 11, 2019 2122
Dual-Polarisation Weather Radar for Advanced Monitoring of Aerial Biodiversity (BioDAR). Mar 7, 2019 446
Kenya,United Kingdom : Sustainable trade as a means to protect biodiversity. Mar 7, 2019 570
Germany : Biological diversity stabilizes species interactions. Mar 7, 2019 382
Finland : Restoration of Urban Longinoja Brook Wins Finnish Biodiversity Award 2017-2018. Mar 6, 2019 475
Realization Of The Scenographic Equipment Of The House Of Biodiversity. Mar 6, 2019 122
Philippines : World Wildlife Day: Ensure life below water to protect food security and biodiversity. Mar 5, 2019 364
Protect And Preserve The Rich Biodiversity Available. Mar 5, 2019 115
United Kingdom : Catastrophic outlook for African savannahs due to rise in CO2 levels. Mar 4, 2019 524
Realization Of The Scenographic Equipment Of The House Of Biodiversity Reference Number: 19s0023. Mar 4, 2019 144
Hiring Of The Maintenance Service Of The Computer Equipment, Servers, Monitoring And Security Of The Network In The Biodiversity Foundation. Mar 1, 2019 119
Providing Of Manpower Services To The Office Of Karnataka Biodiversity Board. Mar 1, 2019 110
Business and biodiversity. Mar 1, 2019 792
Genetic Diversity Analysis of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains Isolated from Intensive Care Unit in Iran. Goudarzi, Mehdi; Fazeli, Maryam; Eslami, Gita; Pouriran, Ramin; Hajikhani, Bahareh; Dadashi, Masoud Report Mar 1, 2019 5031
Evaluation of SSR and SNP markers in Rubus glaucus Benth progenitors selection/ Avaliacao dos marcadores SSR e SNP na selecao de progenitores em Rubus glaucus Benth. Lopez, Ana Maria; Barrera, Carlos Felipe; Marulanda, Marta Leonor Mar 1, 2019 6792
Rootstock-scion interaction: 3. Effect on the composition of Cabernet Sauvignon wine/Interacao entre porta-enxerto e copa: 3. Efeito na composicao do vinho Cabernet Sauvignon. Miele, Alberto; Rizzon, Luiz Antenor Mar 1, 2019 7130
Vertically stratified arthropod diversity in a Florida upland hardwood forest. Chapin, Kenneth James; Smith, Kaitlyn Hanna Report Mar 1, 2019 3889
Tick Bites on Humans in Southwestern Region of Turkey: Species Diversity/Turkiye'nin Guney Bati Bolgesinde Insanlardaki Kene Isiriklari: Turlerin Cesitliligi. Bakirci, Serkan; Aysul, Nuran; Bilgic, Huseyin Bilgin; Hacilarlioglu, Selin; Eren, Hasan; Karagenc, Report Mar 1, 2019 4417
Novel Molecular Signatures of Chikungunya Virus in Puerto Rico. Lopez, Pablo; De Jesus, Omayra; Garcia-Justiniano, Jetsimary; Rivera-Amill, Vanessa Mar 1, 2019 4130
Colombia : Colombia prepares its argument for the II Session of the Intergovernmental Conference for the development of an instrument that regulates biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Conference news Feb 28, 2019 346
Netherlands : Mixed and strip cultivation contribute to biodiversity. Feb 28, 2019 485
Netherlands : Biodiversity as cornerstone to food security and sustainable development. Feb 28, 2019 381
Genetic Diversity Comparison of Pampus minor between Chinese and Malaysian Populations Inferred from mtDNA Cytb. Report Feb 28, 2019 5679
Molecular Characterization of Heat Shock Protein 70-1 Gene of Capra aegagrus blythi. Report Feb 28, 2019 4518
Short Communication - Genetic Diversity and Geographic Differentiation in Northern Snakehead (Channa argus) Based on Mitochondrial Cyt b Gene. Report Feb 28, 2019 2572
FAO warns of biodiversity loss, praises biodiversity-friendly practices. Financial report Feb 27, 2019 1445
Address Editing, Enveloping, Routing, Distribution, Delivery And Posting Services For Caisse Des Dpts Et Consignations And Cdc Biodiversity. Feb 26, 2019 212
Business and biodiversity, looking beyond corporate growth. Feb 26, 2019 771
Dwindling biodiversity threatens food security: UN. Feb 25, 2019 406
Address Book Publishing, Mailing, Routing, Distribution, Delivery And Mailing Services For Cashier Deposits And Consignments And Cdc Biodiversity Reference Number: 19001200. Feb 24, 2019 220
UN on Azerbaijan's biodiversity. Feb 23, 2019 464
United Kingdom : Balfour Beatty discusses the link between Biodiversity Net Gain and wellbeing in Inside Ecology. Feb 23, 2019 223
European Monitoring Of Biodiversity In Agricultural Landscapes (embal). Feb 23, 2019 218
D/o Biodiversity Park At Tilpath Valley.sub Head Supply Of S.t.p. Treated Water Through Tankers From Stp Mahrauli For Plantation At Tilpath Valley Biodiversity Park. Feb 21, 2019 196
Good Practices For Enhancing Biodiversity And Active Protection Of Gallon Grasslands Of The Silesia And Cracow Region - Biogalmany. Feb 20, 2019 259
Creation Of The House Of Biodiversity, Extension And Rehabilitation Of The Forest House In The Forest Of Buzet-sur-tarn. Feb 18, 2019 124
Support for UN Convention on Biological Diversity gathering steam. Feb 17, 2019 247
United States : The Engines of Genetic Diversity. Feb 16, 2019 932
Preserving, Restoring and Managing Colombian Biodiversity Through Responsible Innovation. Feb 15, 2019 257
Supply Of Ammunition For The French Agency For Biodiversity. Feb 15, 2019 184
Realization Of Ecological Diagnostics On 8 Municipalities In The Framework Of Atlas Of The Communal Biodiversity. Feb 15, 2019 129
Intellectual Services Contract To Carry Out A Biodiversity Study On The Development Of The Porte De La Villette In Paris 19 Th Arrondissement. Feb 13, 2019 131
Market Of Intellectual Services Of Realization Of A Study Biodiversity Relative To The Development Of The Porte De La Villette In Paris 19th District. Reference Number 2018v36072450. Feb 11, 2019 138
Production Of A Report On Tools Developed By The Biodiversity Protection Community. Feb 8, 2019 334
Production Of A Report On Ecosystem Based Responses To Mediterranean Biodiversity Challenges Based On The Next Biodiversity Protection Community Capitalisation Event. Report Feb 8, 2019 298
Protection Of The Environment And Biodiversity In Jordan (proteb Ii). Feb 7, 2019 102
Hiring Of Legal Services In Data Protection In The Biodiversity Foundation. Feb 5, 2019 110
United States : USAID/Tetra Tech ARD: West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change Program (WA BiCC). Feb 4, 2019 574
Malaysia's Asean Biodiversity Hero bags Midori Prize for Biodiversity. Feb 4, 2019 624
D/o Biodiversity Park At Tilpath Valley.sub Head-supply Of S.t.p. Treated Water Through Tankers From Stp Mahrauli For Plantation At Tipath Valley Biodiversity Park. Feb 3, 2019 194
Edaphic fauna in a vegetation gradient in the Sete Cidades National Park/Fauna edafica em um gradiente vegetacional no Parque Nacional de Sete Cidades. Nunes, L.A.P.L.; Araujo, A.S.F.; Pessoa, M.M.C.; Sousa, R.S.; Silva, J.D.C.; Matos-Filho, C.H.A. Feb 1, 2019 5162
Storage protein variability in natural populations of mate (Ilex paraguariensis) in Brazil/Variabilidade de proteinas de reserva em populacoes naturais de erva-mate (Ilex paraguariensis) no Brasil. Gregianini, Tatiana Schaffer; Winge, Helga Feb 1, 2019 4067
Family farming and school meals in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil/ Agricultura familiar e alimentacao escolar no estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. Rockett, Fernanda Camboim; Correa, Rafaela da Silveira; Pires, Gabriela Cheuiche; de Souza Machado, Feb 1, 2019 8833
Philippines : ASEAN biodiversity expert urges private sector to take part in global effort vs. plastic pollution. Jan 31, 2019 540
Philippines : ASEAN Biodiversity Hero from Malaysia awarded with Midori Prize for Biodiversity. Jan 31, 2019 594
France : Vote in the National Assembly of the bill creating the French Office of Biodiversity. Jan 29, 2019 363
Strengthening biodiversity and ecotourism focus of Tunisian-Algerian workshop. Jan 28, 2019 182
Community seed banks create tomorrow's biodiversity Edens. Jan 28, 2019 1539
IUCN, SECMC to conserve biodiversity in Thar. Jan 15, 2019 442
Genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationship analyzed by microsatellite markers in eight Indonesian local duck populations. Hariyono, Dwi Nur Happy; Maharani, Dyah; Cho, Sunghyun; Manjula, Prabuddha; Seo, Dongwon; Choi, Nuri Report Jan 1, 2019 4381
Genetic characterization and population structure of six brown layer pure lines using microsatellite markers. Karsli, Taki; Balcioglu, Murat Soner Report Jan 1, 2019 5683
Fish Assemblage Response to Altered Dendritic Connectivity in the Red River Basin, Central Louisiana. Reuter, Catherine N.; Kaller, Michael D.; Walsh, Colleen E.; Kelso, William E. Report Jan 1, 2019 9189
Hierarchical and optimization methods or the characterization of tomato genotypes/Metodos hierarquicos e de otimizacao na caracterizacao de genotipos de tomateiro. Peixoto, Joicy V.M.; de Almeida, Rafaela S.; Rocha, Jaine P.R. da; Maciel, Gabriel M.; Santos, Nadya Jan 1, 2019 5961
Ecological aspects of regenerating species of an urban forest with 150 years old of forest succession: the risk of exotic species/Aspectos ecologicos das especies regenerantes de uma floresta urbana com 150 anos de sucessao florestal: o risco das especies exoticas. Santana, Lucas Deziderio; da Fonseca, Cassiano Ribeiro; Carvalho, Fabricio Alvim Jan 1, 2019 6834
Foraging behavioural traits of tropical insectivorous birds lead to dissimilar communities in contrasting forest habitats. Castano-Villa, Gabriel J.; Santisteban-Arenas, Rafael; Hoyos-Jaramillo, Alejandro; Estevez-Varon, Ja Report Jan 1, 2019 4236
Determinacion de la diversidad genetica de la paloma domestica Columba livia (Columbidae) a partir de genes polimorficos asociados con el color del plumaje en San Antero, Cordoba, Colombia. Rodriguez-De La Barrera, Adrian Enrique; Causil-Vargas, Luis Alfonso; Causil-Vargas, Orlando Jan 1, 2019 4113
Response of vegetation to sheep dung addition in a degraded Cerrado area/Resposta da vegetacao a adicao de esterco ovino em uma area degradada no Cerrado. Teixeira, Danilo S.; Rezende, Andreia A.; Lannes, Luciola S. Jan 1, 2019 4322
Diversity Analysis of Chinese Tibetan Naqu Yak (Bos grunniens) Populations Using mtDNA. Basang, Wang-Dui; An, Tian-Wu; Danjiu, Luo-Bu; Zhu, Yan-Bin; He, Shi-Cheng; Luo, Xiao-Lin; Ni, Wei-W Report Dec 31, 2018 3889
RAPD based Genetic Diversity of Endangered Himalayan Gray Langur (Semnopithecus ajax) Populations of Pakistan. Minhas, Riaz Aziz; Khan, Muhammad Nasim; Awan, Muhammad Siddique; Ahmad, Basharat; Bibi, Syda Shaist Report Dec 31, 2018 7609
Environment Minister showcases Egypt's experience in conserving biodiversity in COP24. Dec 16, 2018 457
The Work Will Consist Of Restoring Land In Order To Promote Biodiversity On The Park~s Territory. This Work Will Be Done On Both Private And Public Properties. Dec 13, 2018 146
Revealing the interactions between global biodiversity change and human food security. Dec 11, 2018 472
France : The Committee on Sustainable Development of the National Assembly completed the examination in committee of the bill that will create the French Office of Biodiversity in the presence of Emmanuelle Wargon. Dec 10, 2018 178
Design Of A Teaching Tool On The Theme Of Biodiversity. This Procedure Was Initiated Following The Decision Of The Contracting Authority To Refrain From Awarding A Previous Contract For Reasons Of General Interest. Dec 10, 2018 114
2 PHL-based international agencies mainstreaming agriculture biodiversity. Dec 10, 2018 343
Increasing The Biodiversity Of Public Greenery In Zkupy. Dec 9, 2018 122
Government embarks on 'genetic diversity' program on narra. Dec 8, 2018 897
Design Of A Teaching Tool On The Theme Of Biodiversity. Dec 8, 2018 179
Framework Agreement With Purchase Orders For Biodiversity Study Services And Taking Into Account The Issues Identified For The Perimeters Of The le-de-france Public Property Establishment. Dec 7, 2018 137
Two-day biodiversity workshop starts in Bishkek. Dec 5, 2018 237
Extension Of The T6 Tramway Line Between The East And La Doua Hospitals Completion Of The "biodiversity" Component Of The Impact Study. Dec 5, 2018 229
United Kingdom : Gove sets out proposals for greener developments. Dec 4, 2018 866
Climate opportunists: a threat to UK biodiversity and ecosystems. Dec 3, 2018 473
Finland : UPM strengthens the foundations of the bioeconomy with a new biodiversity commitment. Dec 3, 2018 569
United States : 196 Governments agree to scale up investments in nature and people towards 2020 and beyond. Dec 3, 2018 879
Over half of world's tropical forests destroyed. Dec 3, 2018 683
Framework Agreement For The Creation Of Brest Mtropole~s Biodiversity Atlas. Dec 2, 2018 124
UN COP14 closes in Sharm El-Sheikh, with agreement to scale up investments in nature, people. Dec 1, 2018 559
Comparison of 2016-17 and Previous Epizootics of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5 Guangdong Lineage in Europe. Alarcon, Pablo; Brouwer, Adam; Venkatesh, Divya; Duncan, Daisy; Dovas, Chrysostomos I.; Georgiades, Report Dec 1, 2018 7581
Aplicacion de indices filogeneticos para la definicion de prioridades de conservacion en los paramos del noroeste de los Andes. Alzate, Fernando; Alvarez, Astrid; Miranda-Esquivel, Daniel Rafael; Morrone, Juan J. Dec 1, 2018 5154
Diversidad de hormigas en tres coberturas de un paisaje cafetalero neotropical. Garcia-Cardenas, Rocio; Montoya-Lerma, James; Armbrecht, Inge Dec 1, 2018 7953
Variabilidad estacional de la estructura comunitaria y abundancia de copepodos, modificada por la transicion El Nino-La Nina (2010) en el Pacifico, Mexico. Kozak, Eva R.; Olivos-Ortiz, Aramis; Franco-Gordo, Carmen; Pelayo-Martinez, Gloria Dec 1, 2018 9952
Efecto de la riqueza de especies y estructura de la vegetacion en el almacenamiento de carbono en sistemas agroforestales de la Amazonia, Bolivia. Gomez Cardozo, Ernesto; Xavier Rousseau, Guillaume; Celentano, Danielle; Farinas Salazar, Heriberto; Dec 1, 2018 7753
Anfibios amenazados se refugiaron bajo la sombrilla del gato grande: evaluacion de la conservacion del jaguar Panthera onca (Carnivora: Felidae) y la herpetofauna endemica en Centro America. Figel, Joe J.; Castaneda, Franklin; Patricia Calderon, Ana; de la Torre, J. Antonio; Garcia-Padilla, Dec 1, 2018 5862
Genetic Diversity of Fungi Producing Mycotoxins in Stored Crops. Eltariki, Fuzia Elfituri Muftah; Tiwari, Kartikeya; Ariffin, Indang Ariati; Alhoot, Mohammed Abdelfa Report Dec 1, 2018 4207
DIVERSIDAD E IMPORTANCIA DE LAS ABEJAS SILVESTRES: MUCHO MAS QUE MIEL Y ABEJORROS. Martinez-Peralta, C.; Rosas-Echeverria, M.V.; Platas-Neri, D.A. Dec 1, 2018 2614
Undescribed color polymorphism of the Asiatic palm weevil, Rhynchophorus vulneratus Panzer (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Indonesia: biodiversity study based on COI gene. Sukirno, Sukirno; Tufail, Muhammad; Rasool, Khawaja Ghulam; Aldawood, Abdulrahman Saad Report Dec 1, 2018 6005
Biodiversity Support 2018-21. Nov 29, 2018 113
UN honors Egypt's efforts in organizing biodiversity conf. Nov 29, 2018 164
Hong Kong : Zoological Education Exhibition to explore biodiversity in Hong Kong. Nov 29, 2018 603
United States : GloFouling Partnerships Project launched to protect Marine Biodiversity. Nov 29, 2018 843
United States : Global project launched to protect marine biodiversity. Nov 29, 2018 689
Beef, soybeans' production destroying biodiversity. Nov 28, 2018 576
'Kaliwa Dam will destroy Sierra Madre biodiversity'. Nov 28, 2018 449
'Our consumption choices are driving biodiversity loss'. Nov 28, 2018 895
Supply Of Transport Tickets And Accommodation Solutions For Staff Of The French Agency For Biodiversity. Nov 28, 2018 158
IWBN organises photo gallery for women's role in conserving biodiversity. Nov 27, 2018 133
Kuwait incubator of biodiversity, migratory bird refuge - France Amb. Nov 26, 2018 310
Fouad announces winners of biodiversity awards. Awards list Nov 26, 2018 208
Asean tackles actions on biodiversity and human health at Egypt meet. Nov 26, 2018 599
Environment Min. inaugurates development of Ras Muhammad National Park. Nov 25, 2018 553
IUCN announces Ras Mohammed, Wadi Al-Hitan on its Green List. Nov 25, 2018 272
Fouad, Al-Mashat inaugurate 1st phase of Ras Mohammed Protected Area during COP14. Nov 24, 2018 467
Inventories Of Biodiversity In Natural Area In The Territory Of The Metropole Aix-marseille-provence. Nov 24, 2018 238
Inventories Of Biodiversity In A Natural Area In The Aix-marseille Provence Metropolis. Nov 23, 2018 238
Supply And Delivery Of Necessary Games To The Directorate Of Gardens And Biodiversity. Nov 23, 2018 175
'China-backed dam will destroy Sierra Madre biodiversity'. Nov 23, 2018 272
Construction Of Cement Concrete Road On Existing Tar Road At Coastal And Marine Biodiversity Center, Airoli, New Mumbai 400708. Nov 22, 2018 161
Egypt's initiative aims to organise application of Rio conventions, not actual combination: COP14. Nov 21, 2018 626
Costa Rica : Costa Rica presents the For All Coalition Initiative at the Conference on Biological Diversity. Conference news Nov 20, 2018 200
Morocco : UN Biodiversity Conference Kicks Off in Egypt with the Participation of Morocco. Conference news Nov 20, 2018 202
'A healthy biodiversity translates to healthy people'. Nov 19, 2018 365
Sisi inaugurates 14th Biological Diversity Conference. Conference news Nov 17, 2018 273
Environment minister: President Sisi supports ecological issues. Nov 17, 2018 188
Sisi : Egypt attaches importance to biological diversity. Nov 17, 2018 539
Egypt, UK work to develop post 2020 Biodiversity Global Framework. Nov 17, 2018 220
Genres bridge: Joining forces for genetic resources and biodiversity management. Nov 17, 2018 435
Maripoldata: The politics of marine biodiversity data: Global and national policies and practices of monitoring the oceans. Nov 17, 2018 363
New Zealand : International Declaration on Biodiversity. Nov 17, 2018 279
Philippines : Duterte, guest of honor at the Subaraw Biodiversity Festival of Puerto Princesa. Nov 16, 2018 389
Philippines : President Duterte graces 1st Subaraw Biodiversity Festival in Palawan. Nov 16, 2018 508
Philippines : A healthy biodiversity translates to healthy people international biodiversity expert. Nov 16, 2018 330
Development Of A Complete Project Documentation For The Task Titled Development Of The Andrzejwka Water Reservoir Together With The Adjacent Area To Protect And Promote Biodiversity. Nov 16, 2018 254
Reproductive And Genetic Procedures For Preserving Biodiversity Of Fish And Aquaculture. Nov 16, 2018 160
Environment min. probes with Japanese counterpart joint coop. Nov 15, 2018 151
Biodiversity conf. marks watershed stage in environment history in Egypt. Nov 15, 2018 150
Kuwait affirms adherence to protecting biodiversity. Nov 15, 2018 303
Center For The Promotion Of Livestock And Biodiversity, In The Psiloritis Natural Park. Nov 15, 2018 438
Molla urges merging biological diversity into energy sector. Nov 15, 2018 175
Fouad stresses Egypt's commitment for African environmental issues. Nov 14, 2018 498
Madbouli chairs African ministerial meeting in Biological Diversity Conference. Nov 14, 2018 261
Ministry of Environment signs two agreements with UNDP. Nov 14, 2018 299
Kuwait supports resolutions on biodiversity -- official. Nov 14, 2018 330
Oman calls for quick, serious effort to arrest biodiversity decline. Nov 14, 2018 238
African Ministerial Summit on Biodiversity kicks off in Sharm El-Sheikh ahead of COP14. Nov 13, 2018 555
Egypt : Governments meet in Egypt to build momentum for a New Deal for Nature and People 2018 UN Biodiversity Conference held under the theme of "Investing in Biodiversity for People and Planet". Conference news Nov 12, 2018 682
Health Secretary Duque: Biodiversity affects health. Nov 12, 2018 746
Protection Of Biological Diversity In The Southern Sub-region - Development Of The Park On A Plot In Pakoslawice. Nov 10, 2018 148
Automation Of The Extent Of Physical Damage To Predominant And Special Habitats Marine Biodiversity Indicator. Nov 9, 2018 200
Sisi welcomes hosting Biological Diversity Conf. in Sharm El Sheikh Tuesday. Nov 7, 2018 247
Biodiversity loss threatens human survival expert. Nov 7, 2018 488
Introduction To Biodiversity Training In County Louth. Nov 6, 2018 115
Safeguarding Biodiversity in the Galapagos Islands by Enhancing Biosecurity and Creating the Enabling Environment for the Restoration of Galapagos Island Ecosystems. Nov 5, 2018 120
GMS-FBP Greater Mekong Sub-region Forests and Biodiversity Program (PROGRAM). Nov 5, 2018 126
Conserving Biodiversity in the Changing Arctic. Nov 5, 2018 126
United States : NSF announces new awards for research to better understand Earths biodiversity. Nov 5, 2018 504
Biodiversity linked to health - ASEAN. Nov 1, 2018 278
Morphological characterization of insect galls and new records of associated invertebrates in a Cerrado area in Bahia State, Brazil/ Caracterizacao morfologica de galhas de insetos e novos registros de invertebrados associados em uma area de Cerrado do Estado da Bahia, Barreiras, Brasil. Lima, V.P.; Calado, D. Nov 1, 2018 4664
Reservoir longitudinal gradient promotes ordered losses on diversity and density of Ephemeroptera community/O gradiente longitudinal de um reservatorio promove perdas ordenadas na diversidade e densidade da comunidade de Ephemeroptera. Melo, S.M.; Pinha, G.D.; Ragonha, F.H.; Fontes-Junior, H.M.; Takeda, A.M. Nov 1, 2018 4795
Genetic diversity and divergence among Korean cattle breeds assessed using a BovineHD single-nucleotide polymorphism chip. Kim, Seungchang; Cheong, Hyun Sub; Shin, Hyoung Doo; Lee, Sung-Soo; Roh, Hee-Jong; Jeon, Da-Yeon; Ch Report Nov 1, 2018 5564
Cr/2018/20 (a) -development Of A Combined Marine And Terrestrial Biodiversity Indicator. Oct 31, 2018 103
Beavers are good for biodiversity; BOFFINS SAY.. Stirling scientists say rodents bring benefits. Oct 31, 2018 556

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