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Comparison of Methods for Assessing the Assimilation Capacity of the Kazakhstani Sector of the Ili River. Nurseitova, A. T.; Jamalov, J. K.; Azimov, A. A.; Nurseitov, D. B.; Tursunov, E. A. Jan 1, 2021 4188
Applicability Evaluation of the Hydrological Image and Convolution Neural Network for Prediction of the Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Total Phosphorus Loads in Agricultural Areas. Song, Chul Min; Kim, Jin Soo Nov 1, 2020 9642
Improvement of the Water Quality in Rainbow Trout Farming by Means of the Feeding Type and Management over 10 Years (2009-2019). Elisa, Fiordelmondo; Magi, Gian Enrico; Mariotti, Francesca; Bakiu, Rigers Report Sep 1, 2020 7303
Determination of Physicochemical Parameters and Levels of Heavy Metals in Food Waste Water with Environmental Effects. Ma, Jingxi; Wu, Shuqing; Shekhar, N.V. Ravi; Biswas, Supriya; Sahu, Anoop Kumar Aug 31, 2020 7023
Appraisal of Chromium Contents from Different Tanneries and Drains of Sialkot. Riaz, Amin; Zia, Abid May 1, 2020 3301
Water Quality Assessment by Means of Bio-Indication: A Case Study of Ergene River Using Biological Diatom Index. Tokatli, Cem; Solak, Cuneyd Nadir; Yilmaz, Elif Case study Apr 1, 2020 4389
Assessment of phytoremediation potencial of Allium cepa L. in raw sewage treatment/Avaliacao do potencial de fitorremediacao da Allium cepa L. no tratamento do esgoto bruto. Bertan, A.S.; Baumbach, F.P.; Tonial, I.B.; Pokrywiecki, T.S.; Dusman, E. Apr 1, 2020 4607
Removal of Nutrients from Fertilizer Plant Wastewater Using Scenedesmus sp.: Formation of Bioflocculation and Enhancement of Removal Efficiency. Pham, Thanh-Luu; Bui, Manh Ha Mar 1, 2020 6224
Re: Government Completes Payments of all Bdcs Legacy Debts. Feb 19, 2020 816
Chemical Traits of Fermented Alfalfa Brown Juice: Its Implications on Physiological, Biochemical, Anatomical, and Growth Parameters of Celosia. Bakonyi, Nora; Kisvarga, Szilvia; Barna, Dome; Toth, Ibolya O.; El-Ramady, Hassan; Abdalla, Neama; K Report Feb 1, 2020 11400
Investigation of the Soan River Water Quality Using Multivariate Statistical Approach. Zakaullah,; Ejaz, Naeem Jan 1, 2020 8072
Ogie Diaz slams Jay Sonza for 'ugly' remark on Maria Ressa: 'Wala yatang salamin, pahiramin'. Nov 14, 2019 415
CHARACTERIZATION OF THE PYROLYTIC WATER FROM SHALE OIL INDUSTRY. Maaten, Birgit; Jarvik, Oliver; Loo, Lauri; Konist, Alar; Siirde, Andres Report Dec 1, 2018 3402
Potential Applications of Some Indigenous Bacteria Isolated from Polluted Areas in the Treatment of Brewery Effluents. Oljira, Temesgen; Muleta, Diriba; Jida, Mulissa Jan 1, 2018 8332
Physicochemical Parameters and Fish Assemblages in the Downstream River of a Tropical Hydroelectric Dam Subjected to Diurnal Changes in Flow. Nyanti, Lee; Noor-Azhar, Noor-Iskandar; Soo, Chen-Lin; Ling, Teck-Yee; Sim, Siong-Fong; Grinang, Jon Jan 1, 2018 5904
Water Quality Assessment of Tributaries of Batang Baleh in Sarawak Using Cluster Analysis. Ling, Teck-Yee; Soo, Chen-Lin; Heng, Teresa-Lee-Eng; Nyanti, Lee; Sim, Siong-Fong; Grinang, Jongkar; Jan 1, 2018 6161
Treatment of a Textile Effluent by Electrochemical Oxidation and Coupled System Electooxidation-Salix babylonica. Sanchez-Sanchez, Alejandra; Tejocote-Perez, Moises; Fuentes-Rivas, Rosa Maria; Linares-Hernandez, Iv Jan 1, 2018 5830
Monthly Monitoring of Physicochemical and Radiation Properties of Kufa River, Iraq. Alzurfi, Sadiq Kadhum Lafta; Abojassim, Ali Abid; Mraity, Hussien Abid Ali Report Jan 1, 2018 3588
Potential of Duckweed (Lemna minor) for the Phytoremediation of Landfill Leachate. Daud, M.K.; Ali, Shafaqat; Abbas, Zohaib; Zaheer, Ihsan Elahi; Riaz, Muhammad Ahsan; Malik, Afifa; H Jan 1, 2018 6593
Assessment of a Physicochemical Indexing Method for Evaluation of Tropical River Water Quality. Sim, Siong Fong; Tai, Szewei Elaine Jan 1, 2018 7943
Reduction in Organic Waste through Recovery from Waste Paper Recycling Mill. Report Dec 31, 2017 4302
Adobo patE, 'ubod' and pomelo salad-how fave Pinoy dishes can become festive holiday fare. Recipe Dec 21, 2017 650
What Asean leaders had for gala dinner-'sinigang na maya-maya sa miso,' 'bistek' sushi, 'ensaladang ubod at alugbati'. Nov 23, 2017 480
Impact of Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNP) and port related establishments on seawater quality of the Uran coast, Navi Mumbai. Pawar, Prabhakar R. Report Oct 1, 2017 15409
Alcohol eyed in Pampanga River fish kill. Oct 1, 2017 560
Optimization of Crude Oil and PAHs Degradation by Stenotrophomonas rhizophila KX082814 Strain through Response Surface Methodology Using Box-Behnken Design. Virupakshappa, Praveen Kumar Siddalingappa; Krishnaswamy, Manjunatha Bukkambudhi; Mishra, Gaurav; Me Jan 1, 2017 5294
Application of Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Evaluation of Surface River Water Quality of a Tropical River. Ling, Teck-Yee; Soo, Chen-Lin; Liew, Jing-Jing; Nyanti, Lee; Sim, Siong-Fong; Grinang, Jongkar Technical report Jan 1, 2017 6765
Quantification and characterization of the production of biogas from blends of agro-industrial wastes in a large-scale demonstration plant/Quantificacao e caracterizacao da producao de biogas a partir de misturas de residuos agroindustriais em uma planta de demonstracao em larga escala. Konrad, Odorico; Akwa, Joao Vicente; Koch, Fabio Fernandes; Lumi, Marluce; Tonetto, Jaqueline Oct 1, 2016 5012
Treatment of bio-oil refinery storm water by a simulated constructed wetland: a sustainable management alternative. Kraszewska, Katherine; Borazjani, Hamid; Baldwin, Brian; Seale, R. Daniel; Jeremic, Dragica Report Sep 1, 2016 3797
Desempeno de las lagunas anaerobia con bafle divisor y facultativa de la PTAR de Santa Fe do Sul (Sao Paulo, Brasil). Matsumoto, Tsunao; Sanchez Ortiz, Ivan Andres Jul 1, 2016 5052
An Investigation on Indigenous Material as a Filter Medium for Decontamination of Greywater. Jun 30, 2016 2811
Water quality, primary productivity and carbon capture potential of microalgae in two urban manmade lakes, Selangor, Malaysia. Omar, Munay Abdulqadir; Azmai, Mohammad Noor Amal; Omar, Hishamuddin; Ismail, Ahmad Report Mar 1, 2016 8269
Riverine Ecosystem Assessment of Cagayan de Oro River for Sustainable Resource Utilization. Zoleta, Judy Marie R. Dec 1, 2015 4547
Prediction of five-day biochemical oxygen demand ([BOD.sub.5]) from chemical oxygen demand (COD) values in raw and biologically treated domestic sewage. Uwidia, Ita Erebho; Ejeomo, Christopher Report Sep 1, 2015 2071
Many Shades of Grey. May 26, 2015 837
COD, BOD and heavy metal removal from ground water treatment by using WASRA system: a case study on Universiti Malaysia Pahang mosque. Razak, Abdul Syukor Abd; Rahman, Norbaizurah; Zamri, Nur Azzimah; Sulaiman, Suryati; Burhanudin, Noo Case study Jan 1, 2015 1984
' Clean' Hindon just a paper tiger. Dec 18, 2014 314
Dissolved oxygen level touches zero in Yamuna. Oct 7, 2014 693
Visayas Newsbits for September 21, 2014. Sep 20, 2014 561
Sewage treatment plants in compliance; airport system still not 100% operational. Apr 28, 2014 476
Changes in limnological variables of water reservoir in Juiz de Fora due to land use/Alteracoes em variaveis limnologicas de manancial de Juiz de Fora devido ao uso da terra. Rocha, Cezar H.B.; Freitas, Fabiano A.; da Silva, Thiago M. Apr 1, 2014 4838
Periphytic diatom as bioindicators in urban and rural streams/Diatomaceas perifiticas como bioindicadores em corregos urbanos e rurais. Moresco, Carina; Rodrigues, Liliana Jan 1, 2014 7270
Phytoremediation potential of Vetiver system technology for improving the quality of palm oil mill effluent. Darajeh, Negisa; Idris, Azni; Truong, Paul; Aziz, Astimar Abdul; Bakar, Rosenani Abu; Man, Hasfalina Report Jan 1, 2014 5898
Treatment of industrial wastewater at Gebeng area using Eichornia Crassipes Sp. (Water Hyacinth), Pistia Stratiotes Sp. (Water Lettuce) and Salvinia Molesta Sp. (Giant Salvinia). Razak, Abdul Syukor bin Abd.; Wahid, Zularisam bin Ab; Zakaria, Ideris bin; Said, Mohd. Ismid bin Mo Report Oct 30, 2013 3438
Treatment of industrial wastewater at Gebeng area using Eichornia Crassipes Sp. (Water Hyacinth), Pistia Stratiotes Sp. (Water Lettuce) and Salvinia Molesta Sp. (Giant Salvinia). Razak, Abdul Syukor bin Abd.; Wahid, Zularisam bin Ab; Zakaria, Ideris bin; Said, Mohd. Ismid bin Mo Report Oct 1, 2013 3438
Qualitative research and evaluation of landfill leachate/Kokybiniai savartyno filtrato tyrimai ir vertinimas. Kacinskaja, Irina; Baziene, Kristina; Vasarevicius, Saulius Report Aug 1, 2013 3346
Assessment of liver damage in male albino rats after repetitive heat stress of moderate level. Agrawal, Sudhanshu; Gupta, Deepika Jul 1, 2013 3082
Analysis of the main characteristics of pollution in the Vilnia river/ Pagrindiniu vandens uzterstumo vilnios upeje charakteristiku analize. Margenyte, Laura; Zigmontiene, Ausra; Tomasevskis, Eduardas Report Oct 1, 2012 2199
Determination of organic matter by UV absorption in the ground water/Organiniu medziagu pozeminiame vandenyje nustatymas taikant UV bangu absorbcija. Albrektiene, Ramune; Rimeika, Mindaugas; Zalieckiene, Elena; Saulys, Valentinas; Zagorskis, Alvydas Abstract Jun 1, 2012 3510
Comparative study of the use of coagulants in biologically treated Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME). Jami, Mohammed Saedi; Muyibi, Suleyman Aremu; Oseni, Munirat Idris Report May 1, 2012 2257
Impacts of biological additives, part 2: septic tank effluent quality and overall additive efficacy. Pradhan, S.; Hoover, Michael T.; Clark, G.H.; Gumpertz, M.; Cobb, C.; Strock, J. Report Dec 1, 2011 4994
Efficiency of bioaugmentation in the removal of organic matter in aquaculture systems/Eficiencia da bioadicao na remocao de materia organica em sistemas aquaculturais. Lopes, R.B.; Olinda, R.A.; Souza, B.A.I.; Cyrino, J.E.P.; Dias, C.T.S.; Queiroz, J.F.; Tavares, L.H. May 1, 2011 5591
Pollution of Large, Subtropical Rivers-River Kabul, Khyber-Pakhtun Khwa Province, Pakistan) : Physico-Chemical Indicators. Report Dec 31, 2010 8774
Hydrochemistry and phytoplankton composition of two tidal creeks in South-Western Nigeria. Adesalu, Taofikat; Bagbe, Micheal; Keyede, Dare Report Sep 1, 2010 5456
Evaluacion del sistema de tratamiento de aguas residuales de industria avicola. Caldera, Yaxcelys; Gutierrez, Edixon; Luengo, Mirvia; Chavez, Javier; Ruesga, Leopoldo Report Jul 1, 2010 5009
Advanced technology like reverse osmosis in tannery effluent treatment to enhance the reusing potential of treated effluent at various stages of tanning process. Gokulakrishnan, K.; Balamurugan, K. May 1, 2010 2287
Influence of seasonal changes of the effluent treatment plant at the tanning industry. Gokulakrishnan, K.; Balamurugan, K. May 1, 2010 2207
COD and BOD removal from textile wastewater using natural materials. Patel, Himanshu; Vashi, R.T. May 1, 2010 3703
Modeling of an industrial wastewater treatment system using historical process data. Dap-Og, Ian Kit Nehemiah Report Dec 1, 2009 3231
Recirculating vertical flow constructed wetland: green alternative to treating both human and animal sewage. Garcia-Perez, Alfredo; Harrison, Mark; Grant, Bill Report Nov 1, 2009 2663
Toxic load of tannery industries situated in Kanpur. Rao, D.P.; Saxena, Rajul; Saxena, Vishal; Singh, Abha Report Sep 1, 2009 3286
Evaluacion de la calidad de las aguas del estero Limache (Chile central), mediante bioindicadores y bioensayos. Cordova, Salome; Gaete, Hernan; Aranguiz, Fernanda; Figueroa, Ricardo Report Jul 1, 2009 6405
Relationships of chemical composition, quantity of milt to fertility and hatchability of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822). Ayoola, S.O. Report Jun 1, 2009 4861
Intelligent computational modeling and prediction of coliform growth in tropical lakes based on hybrid self organizing maps (SOM) and fuzzy logic approaches. Ahmad, Sharifah Mumtazah Syed; Turki, Mohammed Balkit; Malek, Sorayya Report May 1, 2009 2418
Cyanobacteria abundance and its relationship to water quality in the Mid-Cross River floodplain, Nigeria. Okechukwu I., Okogwu; Alex O., Ugwumba Report Mar 1, 2009 6459
Pseudomonas putida P67.2 and Pseudomonas flourescens P75 based microbial sensors for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) measurements in phenolic wastewaters of oil shale industry. Raudkivi, K.; Tutt, M.; Talpsep, E.; Kikas, T. Report Sep 1, 2008 3215
A combined system of optimization pond and constructed wetland for wastewater treatment. Azimi, A.; Mehrdadi, N.; Rahmani, A. Report Jun 1, 2008 5011
Restoration of urban lakes through aeration (A case study of Bhopal lakes). Verma, Neelam Mar 1, 2008 7023
Llygedyn o obaith ym mywyd caled Bev. Jun 2, 2007 351
Friday: Pigion Y DYDD. Jun 2, 2007 253
Saffari yn dangos mai llwyth y Masai sydd dan fygythiad; YR HERALD CYMRAEGYR HERALD CYMRAEG. May 30, 2007 1638
Nofel sy'n drysorfa ieithyddol; Y CELFYDDYDAU. May 30, 2007 288
Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2007. May 26, 2007 840
Gadael gofal, gadael ieuenctid. May 26, 2007 417
Pigion Y DYDD. May 26, 2007 258
Cwm hyfryd; BYD NATUR Bethan Wyn Jones yn atgoffa ei hun o harddwch a heddwch Cwm Pennant. May 23, 2007 745
Hen grefft mewn goleuni newydd; Symud o Lundain i ail-gydio yn ei hochr greadigol - sgwrs gydag arlunydd sy'n ail-ddiffinio'r hen grefft o greu mewn gwydr lliw. May 23, 2007 676
Y CELFYDDYDAU: Canu mawl i gomedi glasurol Moliere. May 23, 2007 651
Monday: Pigion Y DYDD. May 19, 2007 270
Lleuad a llanw'n effeithio dyn a da; LLYTHYRAU YR HERALD CYMRAEG. May 16, 2007 365
Yn Affrica eto yn aros aelod newydd o'r clan; YR HERALD CYMRAEG. May 16, 2007 1342
Chapter 23 Waste management and bioremediation. Jan 1, 2006 4240
TROUBLED WATERS. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 101
Scientists investigate microbial levels near on-site wastewater systems. Mar 1, 1999 608
Waste disposal at a salad dressing plant: study offers a solution for wastewater treatment. Dickson, Frank W.; Lee, Tze M.; Mihaylov, Bogidar V. Aug 1, 1997 1294
BOD: the modern alchemy. Clark, Douglas W. Jan 1, 1992 2256

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