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BioTrove, Inc. Presents at International qPCR Meeting in Germany.

OpenArray[TM] Technology Takes International Stage in March 28 Keynote Address

WOBURN, Mass. -- Dr. Colin Brenan, Chief Technology Officer of BioTrove Inc., is an invited speaker at the prestigious 3rd Annual International qPCR Symposium in Freising Weihenstephan, Germany. On Wednesday, March 28, Dr. Brenan will deliver a presentation entitled "Massively Parallel, Nanoliter-Scale PCR for High Throughput Genomics," discussing the impact of BioTrove's OpenArray[TM] technology on such diverse areas as pharmaceutical R&D, plant and livestock breeding, environmental testing for food or water-borne pathogens and testing for infectious diseases to monitor public health.

Recognized for his contributions in the fields of confocal microscopy, spectroscopic imaging, bio-microsystems, microsurgical robotics, and nanofluidic technologies for pharmaceutical drug discovery and research, Dr. Brenan co-founded BioTrove in 1997 to develop enabling technologies for pharmaceutical and life science researchers.

"It is an honor to be invited to speak at this prestigious symposium, and indicative of the quality of BioTrove's progress in developing a versatile, easy-to-use nanofluidics platform for accurate and precise quantitative measurement of gene expression," said Dr. Brenan. "As an example of the many revolutionary applications being developed on this platform, one of our collaborators, Dr. Bernhard Zimmermann, a research colleague of Professor David Wong in the UCLA School of Dentistry, will report at this meeting on the use of OpenArray for detection of multiple cancer biomarkers in saliva."

Dr. Zimmermann's presentation will take place on March 27 at 10:15 a.m.

"This year BioTrove, Inc. is presenting exciting research methods at the two biggest annual qPCR meetings, both here in the U.S. and overseas in Germany," commented Kevin Munnelly, Sr. Director Genomics Products and Business Unit Manager. "Our scientists and customers are demonstrating, on both a national and international level, how massively parallel qPCR enabled by the OpenArray platform can be used in a wide variety of fields, from gene expression studies, to pathogen detection, to quantitative methylation specific PCR."

Dr. Brenan's presentation follows on the heels of several BioTrove successes showcased at the recent qPCR meeting in San Diego, California on March 19-21. Two presentations, delivered by the aforementioned Dr. Zimmermann and G. Mike Makrigiorgos, Ph.D., associate professor of radiation oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, focused on BioTrove technology as an enabler of groundbreaking research. Additionally, BioTrove and BioTrove customers presented three posters entitled: "High-Throughput, Low Volume Real-Time PCR Pathogen Detection in the OpenArray Platform," "High Throughput Screening of Quantitative Methylation Dependent PCR Assays," and "Quantitative Multiplex Detection of Plant Pathogens Using PRI-lock Probes and Universal, Ultra-High-Throughput Real-Time PCR on OpenArray."

About BioTrove, Inc.

BioTrove, Inc. offers two innovative technology platforms: RapidFire[TM], which enables the acceleration of drug discovery and pipeline decisions, and OpenArray[TM], which advances genomic research in a wide range of life science fields, including agriculture, disease research, bio-defense, and public health. With more than half of the world's ten largest pharmaceutical companies as clients, and partnerships with prestigious research and public health centers around the world, BioTrove's products and services ensure that an industry committed to accuracy and speed can meet business goals.

RapidFire[TM] Mass Spectrometry (RFMS) uses an innovative microfluidic technology to facilitate analysis at faster than 10 seconds per sample, eliminating the bottleneck created by traditional mass spectrometry throughput. RFMS is routinely used in many applications including the high-throughput screening of previously intractable drug targets, cytochrome P450 inhibition and other ADME assays and directed evolution studies.

The OpenArray[TM] Platform enables genomics researchers to generate SNP and real time qPCR data in the hundreds of thousands of data points per day, significantly increasing the number of samples analyzed while significantly decreasing the time and cost required. The flexible format and nanoliter scale of the OpenArray[TM] system allows for easy adjustment of sample and assay numbers, achieving economical, high-throughput genomics.

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Date:Mar 26, 2007
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