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BioTransformations Ltd.

Newcastle hi-tech firm BioTransformations Ltd is developing a powerful specialist technology for treating cancer, invented and developed in the North-East.

Tumours are targeted using an antibody-based technology which is then selectively and accurately activated, at the tumour site, by illumination.

This selectively kills cancer cells, leaving normal tissue unaffected and triggers the body's curing mechanisms.

The dramatic impact that this treatment can have on a range of cancer types was captured and visualised by a high-impact, high-definition 3D animated video produced by an Instep team at Northumbria University within a week of the commission being placed.

Founder of BioTransformations Prof Colin Self was delighted: "The video presents the power of our new cancer-killing technology superbly. Considering its low cost to us and speed at which it was produced we didn't expect Pixar ( but we certainly got it! It should be invaluable in the current round of presentations we are making to prospective international customers and investors."
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 11, 2006
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