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BioNutraTech Helps Families Maintain Septic Systems Safety with Green Product.

HOUSTON -- BioNutraTech today officially launched its Septikos[R] product as a family-friendly way to keep septic tanks and systems safe. The all-natural product provides a long-lasting solution to sustain continued breakdown of sludge and build-up while maintaining a safe, efficient and odor-free septic system.

"Sludge and containments in your septic system can cause viruses and bacteria like E. coli to leak underground into ground water and other areas," BioNutraTech president Sandra Hruza explained. "This can present health problems to families. But Septikos uses eco-friendly, proven science to reduce sludge and pathogens while keeping your loved ones healthy."

Many competing products add microbes or enzymes to septic systems, delaying degradation until after native and additive microbes battle for dominance. Additionally, users are expected not to use any water for six hours or more after product use, an obvious inconvenience. In contrast, Septikos works immediately to reduce pathogens while reducing grease build up, opening up plugged drain fields and users are able to use their water immediately after application. Septikos also uses a built-in time release that ensures the product works over a longer period of time.

Feedback from current customers has been positive about addressing septic problems and pro-actively maintaining safe systems. "I was most impressed when searching online that Septikos was the one product that said it would work to open the drainage lines and clear out the debris that was building up all those years," Charles from Connecticut wrote. "Septikos was all that was needed, and it did target the issues I was experiencingO all without dangerous acids or chemicals."

Septikos is available online through BioNutraTech's website for less than $10 per month. Free shipping and discounts of 10 percent are offered when two or more bags are purchased.

About BioNutraTech, Inc.

BioNutraTech creates eco-friendly and cost effective bioremediation solutions by producing natural products for the enhanced cleanup and maintenance of our environment. We have 18 plus years experience working with clients to remediate residential and municipal wastewater, hydrocarbons, groundwater, grease traps, animal bedding and litter. Our granular products are made up of bio-specific nutrients that are easy to apply and have no adverse effects to vegetation, animals, or humans. BioNutraTech's products are registered with the EPA and approved by NSF. Visit us online at
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Date:Feb 25, 2013
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