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Articles from BioMed Research International (October 31, 2019)

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A Preliminary Study of Biliary Microbiota in Patients with Bile Duct Stones or Distal Cholangiocarcinoma. Chen, Bingrong; Fu, Seng Wang; Lu, Lungen; Zhao, Hang Report 7227
A Review on Flavonoid Apigenin: Dietary Intake, ADME, Antimicrobial Effects, and Interactions with Human Gut Microbiota. Wang, Minqian; Firrman, Jenni; Liu, LinShu; Yam, Kit 14410
A Study of the Change in Sodium and Potassium Ion Concentrations in Stored Donor Blood and Their Effect on Electrolyte Balance of Recipients. Antwi-Baffour, Samuel; Adjei, Jonathan Kofi; Tsyawo, Felix; Kyeremeh, Ransford; Botchway, Felix Abek Report 3492
Antibacterial Effect of Curcumin against Clinically Isolated Porphyromonas gingivalis and Connective Tissue Reactions to Curcumin Gel in the Subcutaneous Tissue of Rats. Sha, Aram Mohammed; Garib, Balkees Taha 8391
Antiplasmodial Activity Assay of 3-Chloro-4-(4-chlorophenoxy) Aniline Combinations with Artesunate or Chloroquine In Vitro and in a Mouse Model. Sifuna, Martin Wekesa; Wambui, Milka; Nganga, Joseph Kang'ethe; Kariuki, Daniel Wainaina; Kimani, Fr 5728
Association between Eating Away from Home and Hyperuricemia: A Population-Based Nationwide Cross-Sectional Study in China. Liu, Zifeng; Su, Xiaoting; Xiao, Mianli; Zhou, Peien; Guo, Jianwei; Huang, Yixiang; Zhan, Yiqiang 5581
Association between Handgrip Strength, Mobility, Leg Strength, Flexibility, and Postural Balance in Older Adults under Long-Term Care Facilities. Wisniowska-Szurlej, Agnieszka; Cwirlej-Sozanska, Agnieszka; Woloszyn, Natalia; Sozanski, Bernard; Wi 7834
Biological Influence of Nonswelling Microgels on Cartilage Induction of Mouse Adipose-Derived Stem Cells. Liu, Zheng; Wang, Jun 6994
Calcium Fluxes in Work-Related Muscle Disorder: Implications from a Rat Model. Hadrevi, J.; Barbe, M.F.; Ortenblad, N.; Frandsen, U.; Boyle, E.; Lazar, S.; Sjogaard, G.; Sogaard, 10242
CDK1, CCNB1, CDC20, BUB1, MAD2L1, MCM3, BUB1B, MCM2, and RFC4 May Be Potential Therapeutic Targets for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Integrated Bioinformatic Analysis. Yang, Wan-Xia; Pan, Yun-Yan; You, Chong-Ge 7424
Cell Chromatography-Based Screening of the Active Components in Buyang Huanwu Decoction Promoting Axonal Regeneration. Yan, Xiangli; Wang, Shengxin; Yu, Aiming; Shen, Xiao; Zheng, Haozhen; Wang, Lisheng 4557
Characterization of the Biological Fingerprint and Identification of Associated Parameters in Stress Fractures by FTIR Spectroscopy. Mata-Miranda, Monica Maribel; Guerrero-Ruiz, Melissa; Gonzalez-Fuentes, Juan Ramon; Hernandez-Toscan 6731
Chlorogenic Acid Attenuates Kidney Ischemic/Reperfusion Injury via Reducing Inflammation, Tubular Injury, and Myofibroblast Formation. Arfian, Nur; Wahyudi, Danny A.P.; Zulfatina, Ingesti B.; Citta, Arsitya N.; Anggorowati, Nungki; Mul 6169
Comparison between Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis and Conventional Open Plating for Midshaft Clavicle Fractures: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zhao, Enzhe; Zhang, Rui; Wu, Dou; Guo, Yao; Liu, Qiang 5689
Comparison of Clinical Outcomes of Two-Level PELD and Foraminoplasty PELD for Highly Migrated Disc Herniations: A Comparative Study. Wu, Xinbo; Fan, Guoxin; He, Shisheng; Gu, Xin; Yang, Yunfeng Report 4825
Comparison of Preoperative Neutrophil-Lymphocyte and Platelet-Lymphocyte Ratios in Bladder Cancer Patients Undergoing Radical Cystectomy. Wang, Ruiliang; Yan, Yang; Liu, Shenghua; Yao, Xudong 4453
Comparison of the Effectiveness of High-Intensity Interval Training in Hypoxia and Normoxia in Healthy Male Volunteers: A Pilot Study. Zebrowska, Aleksandra; Jastrzebski, Dariusz; Sadowska-Krepa, Ewa; Sikora, Marcin; Giulio, Camillo Di 8871
Comparison of Whole-Body Electromyostimulation versus Recognized Back-Strengthening Exercise Training on Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Study. Weissenfels, Anja; Wirtz, Nicolas; Dormann, Ulrike; Kleinoder, Heinz; Donath, Lars; Kohl, Matthias; Clinical report 6978
Computational Study on the Biomechanics of Pupil Block Phenomenon. Wang, Wenjia; Song, Hongfang; Liu, Zhicheng Report 5483
Corrigendum to "Genome-Wide Identification of Long Noncoding RNAs in Human Intervertebral Disc Degeneration by RNA Sequencing". Zhao, Bo; Lu, Minjuan; Wang, Dong; Li, Haopeng; He, Xijing Correction notice 173
Curcumin Inhibits Proliferation of Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Human Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells by Inhibiting EBV Nuclear Antigen 1 Expression. Liu, Limei; Yang, Jiaomin; Ji, Wuguang; Wang, Chao 5575
Current Trends in the Evaluation of Osteochondral Lesion Treatments: Histology, Histomorphometry, and Biomechanics in Preclinical Models. Maglio, M.; Brogini, S.; Pagani, S.; Giavaresi, G.; Tschon, M. 16552
Diabetes and Younger Age Are Vital and Independent Risk Factors for Acute Pancreatitis in Patients with Severe Hypertriglyceridemia. Li, Qiang; Hou, Chaoqun; Peng, Yunpeng; Zhu, Xiaole; Shi, Chenyuan; Zhang, Kai; Tu, Min; Guo, Feng; 3602
Drug-Loaded Microbubbles Combined with Ultrasound for Thrombolysis and Malignant Tumor Therapy. Gong, Qian; Gao, Xingxing; Liu, Wenfang; Hong, Tingting; Chen, Chuanpin 8638
Drugs and Clinical Approaches Targeting the Antiapoptotic Protein: A Review. Han, Zeping; Liang, Jiening; Li, Yuguang; He, Jinhua Clinical report 3930
Effect of Ambient PM2.5-Bound BbFA and DahA on Small Airway Dysfunction of Primary Schoolchildren in Northeast China. Kang, Zhen; Liu, XiaoBo; Yang, Chao; Wang, Cheng; Miao, XinXiuNan; Na, XiaoLin 6209
Effect of Larval Nutritional Regimes on Morphometry and Vectorial Capacity of Aedes aegypti for Dengue Transmission. Gunathilaka, Nayana; Upulika, Hasini; Udayanga, Lahiru; Amarasinghe, Deepika 7560
Effect of Periapical Diseases in Development of MRONJ in Immunocompromised Mouse Model. Rao, Nian Jing; Yu, Ru Qing; Wang, Jing Yi; Helm, Alexandra; Zheng, Li Wu 4575
Effects of Pyrene on Human Liver HepG2 Cells: Cytotoxicity, Oxidative Stress, and Transcriptomic Changes in Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzymes and Inflammatory Markers with Protection Trial Using Lycopene. Ma, Jin-Kui; Eldin, Walaa Fathy Saad; Ghareeb, Waleed Rizk El-; Elhelaly, Abdelazim Elsayed; Khedr, 5176
Effects of Systemic or Local Administration of Zoledronate on Implant Osseointegration: A Preclinical Meta-Analysis. He, Yao; Bao, Wei; Wu, Xiang-Dong; Huang, Wei; Chen, Hong; Li, Zhengyun Report 9803
Elevated Preoperative Serum CA125 Predicts Larger Tumor Diameter in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Low AFP Levels. Zhou, Sanshun; Wang, Zusen; Li, Manjiang; Wu, Liqun 4903
Era of Genomic Medicine: A Narrative Review on CRISPR Technology as a Potential Therapeutic Tool for Human Diseases. Kotagama, Odatha W.; Jayasinghe, Chanika D.; Abeysinghe, Thelma 12793
Establishment and Initial Testing of a Medium-Sized, Surgically Feasible Animal Model for Brucellar Spondylodiscitis: A Preliminary Study. 5166
Evaluation of Drug Susceptibility of Microorganisms in Odontogenic Inflammations and Dental Surgery Procedures Performed on an Outpatient Basis. Bogacz, Mateusz; Morawiec, Tadeusz; Smieszek-Wilczewska, Joanna; Janowska-Bogacz, Katarzyna; Bubilek 10018
Evaluation of RealStar[R] Alpha Herpesvirus PCR Kit for Detection of HSV-1, HSV-2, and VZV in Clinical Specimens. Yip, Cyril C.Y.; Sridhar, Siddharth; Leung, Kit-Hang; Cheng, Andrew K.W.; Chan, Kwok-Hung; Chan, Jas 4223
Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Recombinant Adenovirus Expressing the Spike Protein of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus in Pigs. Liu, Xinsheng; Zhao, Donghong; Zhou, Peng; Zhang, Yongguang; Wang, Yonglu 5809
Extended-Spectrum [beta]-Lactamases among Enterobacteriaceae Isolated from Urinary Tract Infections in Gaza Strip, Palestine. Tayh, Ghassan; Laham, Nahed Al; Yahia, Houssem Ben; Sallem, Rym Ben; Elottol, Abed Elkader; Slama, K 7226
External Control Viral-Like Particle Construction for Detection of Emergent Arboviruses by Real-Time Reverse-Transcription PCR. Borghetti, Ivo Alberto; Zambenedetti, Miriam Ribas; Requiao, Luciana; Vieira, Deusilene Souza; Krieg 2455
Extracorporeal Life Support: The Next Step in Moderate to Severe ARDS--A Review and Meta-Analysis of the Literature. Aretha, Diamanto; Fligou, Fotini; Kiekkas, Panagiotis; Karamouzos, Vasilis; Voyagis, Gregorios Clinical report 7832
Extraction and Characterization of Inulin-Type Fructans from Artichoke Wastes and Their Effect on the Growth of Intestinal Bacteria Associated with Health. Zeaiter, Zahraa; Regonesi, Maria Elena; Cavini, Sofia; Labra, Massimo; Sello, Guido; Di Gennaro, Pat 6478
Geographic Variations in Intertrochanteric Femoral Fractures in China. Yang, Qian-Hao; Chen, Yi-Xuan; Zhu, Dao-Yu; Ai, Zi-Sheng; Gao, You-Shui 5918
Glycemic and Insulinemic Responses of Vegetables and Beans Powders Supplemented Chapattis in Healthy Humans: A Randomized, Crossover Trial. Akhtar, Saeed; Layla, Anam; Sestili, Piero; Ismail, Tariq; Afzal, Khurram; Rizvanov, Albert A.; Asad 6247
Gold Standard Evaluation of an Automatic HAIs Surveillance System. Villamarm-Bello, Beatriz; Uriel-Latorre, Berta; Fdez-Riverola, Florentino; Sande-Meijide, Maria; Gle 7652
GYY4137 Attenuates Sodium Deoxycholate-Induced Intestinal Barrier Injury Both In Vitro and In Vivo. Chen, Zeyang; Tang, Jianqiang; Wang, Pengyuan; Zhu, Jing; Liu, Yucun 5443
Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals from Smoked Corbicula fluminea Collected on Roadside Vendors at Kelantan, Malaysia. Dee, Koh Han; Abdullah, Faizuan; Nasir, Siti Nor Aini Md; Appalasamy, Suganthi; Ghazi, Rozidaini Moh 7914
Helicobacter pylori Infection following Endoscopic Resection of Early Gastric Cancer. Li, Lan; Yu, Chaohui 4254
Hemoglobinopathies in the North of Morocco: Consanguinity Pilot Study. Laghmich, Achraf; Ismaili, Fatima Zahra Alaoui; Zian, Zeineb; Barakat, Amina; Nourouti, Naima Ghaila 3959
Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate: Modified Two-Lobe Technique versus Traditional Three-Lobe Technique--A Randomized Study. Xu, Congcong; Xu, Zhen; Lin, Caixiu; Feng, Sheng; Sun, Mingwei; Chen, Jijun; Zheng, Yichun Clinical report 5469
Inhaling Hydrogen Ameliorates Early Postresuscitation EEG Characteristics in an Asphyxial Cardiac Arrest Rat Model. Chen, Gang; Li, Jingru; Wang, Jianjie; Chen, Bihua; Li, Yongqin 5756
Integrated Analysis of mRNA Expression, CpG Island Methylation, and Polymorphisms in the MITF Gene in Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos). Lin, Ruiyi; Lin, Weimin; Zhou, Shiye; Chen, Qiaohui; Pan, Jiahua; Miao, Yuanxin; Zhang, Mengwen; Hua 5889
Integrating Bacterial Identification and Susceptibility Testing: A Simple and Rapid Approach to Reduce the Turnaround Time in the Management of Blood Cultures. Pereira, Dariane C.; Goldani, Luciano Z. 4703
Intermittent Hypoxic Training at Lactate Threshold Intensity Improves Aiming Performance in Well-Trained Biathletes with Little Change of Cardiovascular Variables. Czuba, Milosz; Bril, Grzegorz; Poszczyca, Kamila; Piotrowicz, Zofia; Chalimoniuk, Malgorzata; Roczni 12445
Intra-Articular versus Subacromial Corticosteroid Injection for the Treatment of Adhesive Capsulitis: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review. Shang, Xiaoke; Zhang, Zhong; Pan, Xuelin; Li, Jian; Li, Qi 9529
Keap1 Cystenine 151 as a Potential Target for Artemisitene-Induced Nrf2 Activation. Liu, Shanshan; Xu, Shengmei; Wei, Renrong; Cui, Zhizhong; Wu, Xiaoyun; Wei, Renxiong; Xie, Li; Zhou, 3131
Leucine Regulates the Exocrine Function in Pancreatic Tissue of Dairy Goats In Vitro. Cao, Yangchun; Liu, Kai; Liu, Shimin; Guo, Long; Yao, Junhu; Cai, Chuanjiang 4446
Lipid Metabolism Alterations in a Rat Model of Chronic and Intergenerational Exposure to Arsenic. Rivas-Santiago, Cesar; Gonzalez-Curiel, Irma; Zarazua, Sergio; Murgu, Michael; Cardona, Alonso Ruiz; 10812
Locomotive Syndrome Stage 1 Predicts Significant Worsening of Future Motor Performance: The Prospective Yakumo Study. Kobayashi, Kazuyoshi; Imagama, Shiro; Ando, Kei; Machino, Masaaki; Tanaka, Satoshi; Morozumi, Masayo Clinical report 4776
Lovastatin Enhances Cytotoxicity of Temozolomide via Impairing Autophagic Flux in Glioblastoma Cells. Zhu, Zhiyuan; Zhang, Pingde; Li, Ning; Kiang, Karrie Mei Yee; Cheng, Stephen Yin; Wong, Vincent Kam- 6513
Low-Abundance Dietzia Inhabiting a Water-Flooding Oil Reservoir and the Application Potential for Oil Recovery. Gao, Peike; Wang, Hongbo; Li, Guanxi; Ma, Ting 5528
Manganese-Doped Cerium Oxide Nanocomposite Induced Photodynamic Therapy in MCF-7 Cancer Cells and Antibacterial Activity. Atif, M.; Iqbal, Seemab; Fakhar-E-Alam, M.; Ismail, M.; Mansoor, Qaisar; Mughal, Lubna; Aziz, Muhamm 7428
Methods of Cryoprotectant Preservation: Allogeneic Cellular Bone Grafts and Potential Effects. Martin, W. Blake; Sicard, Renaud; Namin, Shabnam M.; Ganey, Timothy 4959
Multiannual, Intensive Strength-Endurance Training Modulates the Activity of the Cardiovascular and Autonomic Nervous System among Rowers of the International Level. Kowalik, Tomasz; Klawe, Jacek J.; Tafil-Klawe, Malgorzata; Slomko, Witold; Slomko, Joanna; Srokowska 4542
Observational Study on the Preparation of the Implant Site with Piezosurgery vs. Drill: Comparison between the Two Methods in terms of Postoperative Pain, Surgical Times, and Operational Advantages. Maglione, Michele; Bevilacqua, Lorenzo; Dotto, Federica; Costantinides, Fulvia; Lorusso, Felice; Sca 4545
Occupational Health and Safety and Turnover Intention in the Ghanaian Power Industry: The Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment. Liu, Suxia; Gyabeng, Emmanuel; Sewu, Gilbert Joshua Atteh; Nkrumah, Nana Kwame; Dartey, Bright 7263
Optimized Parameters of Diffusion-Weighted MRI for Prediction of the Response to Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer. Li, Jie; Wang, Jia; Pang, Jing; Cao, Shougen; Chen, Jingjing; Xu, Wenjian Clinical report 5734
Peptide Mix from Olivancillaria hiatula Interferes with Cell-to-Cell Communication in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Gasu, Edward Ntim; Ahor, Hubert Senanu; Borquaye, Lawrence Sheringham 7199
Polymorphisms of the Chicken Mx Gene Promoter and Association with Chicken Embryos' Susceptibility to Virulent Newcastle Disease Virus Challenge. Mpenda, Fulgence N.; Keambou, Christian T.; Kyallo, Martina; Pelle, Roger; Lyantagaye, Sylvester L.; 3833
Possible Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors on Hearing Loss Development. Wicinski, Michal; Malinowski, Bartosz; Puk, Oskar; Gorski, Karol; Adamkiewicz, Dawid; Chojnacki, Grz 7630
Prediction of MicroRNA and Gene Target in Synovium-Associated Pain of Knee Osteoarthritis Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis. Wang, Haiming; Hu, Yue; Xie, Yujie; Wang, Li; Wang, Jianxiong; Lei, Lei; Huang, Maomao; Zhang, Chi 4709
Predictors for Unfavorable Early Outcomes in Elective Total Hip Arthroplasty: Does Extreme Body Mass Index Matter? Hung, Chun-Yu; Chang, Chih-Hsiang; Lin, Yu-Chih; Lee, Shen-Hsun; Chen, Szu-Yuan; Hsieh, Pang-Hsin 6100
Preliminary Investigation of the Diagnosis of Neonatal Congenital Small Bowel Atresia by Ultrasound. Hao, Ju; Zhang, Yao; Tianyu, Li; Bo, Shi; Shu, Feng; Feng, Shi; Chao, Ji; Ying, Huang 2904
Preliminary Study on the Effect of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens TL on Cecal Bacterial Community Structure of Broiler Chickens. Hong, Yuxuan; Cheng, Yingxian; Li, Yanjuan; Li, Xiaowen; Zhou, Zutao; Shi, Deshi; Li, Zili; Xiao, Yu Report 7838
Preliminary Study on the Efficient Electrohysterogram Segments for Recognizing Uterine Contractions with Convolutional Neural Networks. Peng, Jin; Hao, Dongmei; Liu, Haipeng; Liu, Juntao; Zhou, Xiya; Zheng, Dingchang Report 5189
Primary Cilia Blockage Promotes the Malignant Behaviors of Hepatocellular Carcinoma via Induction of Autophagy. Liu, Lian; Sheng, Jia-Qi; Wang, Mu-Ru; Gan, Yun; Wu, Xiao-Li; Liao, Jia-Zhi; Tian, De-An; He, Xing-X 5976
Prognostic Nutritional Index and Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio Are Respectively Associated with Prognosis of Gastric Cancer with Liver Metatasis Undergoing and without Hepatectomy. Gao, Jialiang; Wang, Yimin; Li, Fengke; Zhu, Ziyu; Han, Bangling; Wang, Rui; Xie, Rui; Xue, Yingwei 4690
Prospects for Malaria Vaccines: Pre-Erythrocytic Stages, Blood Stages, and Transmission-Blocking Stages. Zheng, Jingtong; Pan, He; Gu, Yinuo; Zuo, Xu; Ran, Nan; Yuan, Yuze; Zhang, Chao; Wang, Fang 6872
Psychosocial Predictors of Bruxism. Przystanska, Agnieszka; Jasielska, Aleksandra; Ziarko, Michal; Pobudek-Radzikowska, Malgorzata; Maci 6088
Pulmonary Manifestations of Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (DRESS) Syndrome: A Systematic Review. Taweesedt, Pahnwat Tonya; Nordstrom, Charles W.; Stoeckel, Jessica; Dumic, Igor 6335
Quality Characteristics and Functional and Antioxidant Capacities of Algae-Fortified Fish Burgers Prepared from Common Barbel (Barbus barbus). Hentati, Faiez; Barkallah, Mohamed; Atitallah, Ali Ben; Dammak, Mouna; Louati, Ibtihel; Pierre, Guil 10755
Rare Mutations in AHDC1 in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Yang, Song; Li, Kun; Zhu, Miao-Miao; Yuan, Xian-Dao; Jiao, Xiao-Lu; Yang, Yun-Yun; Li, Juan; Li, Lin 5021
Reconstruction of Medial Wall Blowout Fracture Defect with a Combination of Resorbable Meshed Plate and Cancellous Bone Allograft. Shin, Jongweon; Park, Song I.; Hwang, Yunsup; Kwon, Ho; Shim, Hyung-Sup 5449
Relationship between Burnout and Mental-Illness-Related Stigma among Nonprofessional Occupational Mental Health Staff. Mitake, Tomoe; Iwasaki, Shinichi; Deguchi, Yasuhiko; Nitta, Tomoko; Nogi, Yukako; Kadowaki, Aya; Nik 4077
Relationship between Random Blood Glucose, Fasting Blood Glucose, and Gensini Score in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Qin, Yuhan; Yan, Gaoliang; Qiao, Yong; Ma, Changle; Liu, Juchuan; Tang, Chengchun 6697
Relationships between Metabolic Comorbidities and Occurrence, Severity, and Outcomes in Patients with Acute Pancreatitis: A Narrative Review. Li, Xu; Guo, Xiaolin; Ji, Huifan; Niu, Junqi; Gao, Pujun 7084
Responsiveness and Predictive Ability of the Chinese Version of the Action Research Arm Test in People with Cerebral Infarction. Zhao, Jiang-Li; Zhang, Tao; Xu, Zhi-Qin; Ding, Ming-Hui; Leng, Yan; Bian, Rui-Hao; Mao, Yu-Rong; Hua 7149
Resting Level of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Is Not at Play in Cardiac Enlargement in Endurance-Trained Adolescents. Rundqvist, Louise; Engvall, Jan; Blomstrand, Peter; Carlsson, Emma; Faresjo, Maria 5005
Rs4846049 Polymorphism at the 3'-UTR of MTHFR Gene: Association with Susceptibility to Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Li, Xiaolei; Zhang, Shunguo; Yu, Feng 7327
Sarcocystis spp. in Romanian Slaughtered Cattle: Molecular Characterization and Epidemiological Significance of the Findings. Imre, Kalman; Darabus, Gheorghe; Tirziu, Emil; Morariu, Sorin; Imre, Mirela; Plutzer, Judit; Boldea, 4493
Sodium Selenite Accentuates the Therapeutic Effect of Adriamycin Prodrug (PADM) against Gastric Cancer. Tan, Shengquan; Mo, Jiapeng; Zhang, Zixiong; Huang, Chuying; Zou, Yi; Sun, Jianhua 4934
Spica Prunellae Extract Enhances Fluorouracil Sensitivity of 5-Fluorouracil-Resistant Human Colon Carcinoma HCT-8/5-FU Cells via TOP2[alpha] and miR-494. Fang, Yi; Yang, Chi; Zhang, Ling; Wei, Lihui; Lin, Jiumao; Zhao, Jinyan; Peng, Jun 6642
Study on miRNAs in Pan-Cancer of the Digestive Tract Based on the Illumina HiSeq System Data Sequencing. Lai, Chun-Hui; Liang, Xu-Zhi; Liang, Xiu-Yun; Ma, Sheng-Jun; Li, Jun-Guo; Shi, Ming-Fang; Zhu, Xu; L Report 11292
Synaptic Injury in the Thalamus Accompanies White Matter Injury in Hypoxia/Ischemia-Mediated Brain Injury in Neonatal Rats. Liu, Na; Tong, Xin; Huang, Wanjie; Fu, Jianhua; Xue, Xindong 6034
Th1- and Th17-Related Cytokines in Venous and Arterial Blood of Sclerodermic Patients with and without Digital Ulcers. Nicola, S.; Fornero, M.; Fusaro, E.; Peroni, C.; Priora, M.; Rolla, G.; Bucca, C.; Brussino, L. 3619
The Emerging Role of lncRNAs in Spinal Cord Injury. Wang, Fei; Liu, Junzhi; Wang, Xiunan; Chen, Jigang; Kong, Qingjie; Ye, Baoguo; Li, Zhenxing 7745
The Prominent Role of HMGA Proteins in the Early Management of Gastrointestinal Cancers. Costa, Nathalia Meireles Da; Pinto, Luis Felipe Ribeiro; Nasciutti, Luiz Eurico; Palumbo, Antonio, J 6364
The Superficial Venous System of the Forelimb of the Anubis Baboon (Papio anubis): The Distribution of Perforating Veins and Venous Valves. Haladaj, Robert; Barszcz, Karolina; Polguj, Michal; Topol, Miroslaw 5970
The Value of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Classification in Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cystic Lesions. Wang, Yixi; Wang, Yanjie; Fan, Zhihui; Shan, Jun; Yan, Kun 4625
Treatment with Molgramostim (Recombinant Human Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor, Rhugm-Csf, Mielogen) and Lenograstim (Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor) Improves Experimental Colitis in Rats. Papalois, Apostolos E.; Barbatis, Calypso; Chrysikos, Dimosthenis; Korontzi, Maria; Sideris, Michail 5213
Utility of Inflammatory Markers in Predicting Hepatocellular Carcinoma Survival after Liver Transplantation. Ismael, Media N.; Forde, Justin; Milla, Eduardo; Khan, Walid; Cabrera, Roniel 5773
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Is Regulated by the Canonical and Noncanonical Transforming Growth Factor-[beta] Pathway in Synovial Fibroblasts Derived from Osteoarthritis Patients. Takano, Shotaro; Uchida, Kentaro; Shoji, Shintaro; Itakura, Makoto; Iwase, Dai; Aikawa, Jun; Mukai, 3517
Virulence Factor Genes Incidence among Enterococci from Sewage Sludge in Eastern Slovakia following Safety Aspect. Laukova, Andrea; Strompfova, Viola; Scerbova, Jana; Simonova, Monika Pogany 3166
Waist Circumference Measured by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Is Interchangeable with Manual Measurement: Increased Waist Circumference Is Associated with Locomotive Syndrome Risk. Tanaka, Satoshi; Ando, Kei; Kobayashi, Kazuyoshi; Seki, Taisuke; Ishizuka, Shinya; Machino, Masaaki; 5692
Wearable Technology for Detecting Significant Moments in Individuals with Dementia. Kwan, Chelsey Lai; Mahdid, Yacine; Ochoa, Rossio Motta; Lee, Keven; Park, Melissa; Blain-Moraes, Ste 8088
White Ginseng Ameliorates Depressive Behavior and Increases Hippocampal 5-HT Level in the Stressed Ovariectomized Rats. Jang, Daehyuk; Lee, Hyun-Ju; Lee, Kyungjun; Kim, Kyu-Ri; Won, Ran; Lee, Seung Eun; Shim, Insop 4127
Wnt Signaling Protects against Paclitaxel-Induced Spiral Ganglion Neuron Damage in the Mouse Cochlea In Vitro. Wang, Xue; Han, Yuechen; Wang, Man; Bo, Chuan; Zhang, Zhenbiao; Xu, Lei; Liu, Wenwen; Wang, Haibo 6348

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