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BioGeometry and EMFs.

After Swiss-corn installed a mobile phone antenna on a church in Hemberg, Switzerland, in 2002, about a dozen residents reported sleeping disorders, headaches, and impaired concentration to the Mediation Authority for Mobile Communication and Environment (OMK). The antenna was well within legal parameters, a fact that did nothing to mollify the affected residents. Given the tensions between the residents and Swiss-com, OMK decided to contact Dr. Ibrahim Karim, an Egyptian architect who developed BioGeometry. Karim believed that he could help the residents by using his patented shapes and design principles to induce a harmonizing, beneficial energy quality. BioGeometry evolved from Karim's study of "the French system of Physical Radiesthesia [dowsing] and its Ancient Egyptian origins" and of Earth's subtle energy grids, sacred power spots, and the historical placement of buildings.

Over six days, Karim installed wood and plexiglass geometric forms on the electrical cables of the antenna, inside the church, and in the homes of the complainants. A symptom questionnaire, given to the affected residents by Dr. med. Yvonne Gilli, reflected a significant decrease in symptoms, a decrease that has continued. Residents also noticed that bats, which disappeared when the antenna was activated, returned to the area.

The success in Hemberg encouraged local government officials in Hirschberg, in the Swiss canton (state) of Appenzell, to ask Karim for help. Ten years before, a multifunction cellular tower was placed near homes and stables, leading to numerous health complaints from local residents. As in Hemberg, Karim's geometric shapes "harmonized" the antenna's radiation. Residents reported less fatigue, fewer headaches, improved sleep, and less irritability. Miscarriages among local cattle, dogs, and cats also declined. "The Appenzell project was covered by Swiss National Television step by step," Karim writes in his book Back to a future for Mankind: BioGeometry[R], "and was aired as a documentary that acknowledged the success of the project, and noted the sustained satisfaction of the residents of the village of Hemberg (the first project), two years after the BioGeometry solution was implemented."

Not surprisingly, Karim has been called a fraud and charlatan--although not by the people whom he has helped. The idea that geometric shapes can affect the quality of electromagnetic radiation is far beyond our current understanding. Yet, Karim points out in his book that shapes affect the transmission of sound in buildings (acoustics), and sound is just another form of energy. Every living being on Earth is now exposed to unprecedented amounts of human-produced electromagnetic radiation. Independent researchers have documented harmful biological effects of this nonionizing radiation; but returning to a less technological, less connected world isn't plausible. So, the question becomes, how can we make it safe for all of us? Karim's BioGeometry may be one solution. Certainly, the experiences in these two Swiss towns indicate positive effects.

"The electromagnetic waves used by television, radio, mobile communication and other types of wireless technology are carrier waves, which means that they carry information or media content over long distances with wide coverage," Karim writes. "Why couldn't they then also carry health supportive information into the subtle energy systems of life? They could carry the balancing energy quality of BioGeometry. Imagine all the waves in the atmosphere of the Earth carrying this energy. The energy balancing qualities would spread everywhere." It's a beautiful vision.

More information about Karim's work and his book is available at

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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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