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Bio-psycho-social perspectives on interpersonal violence.


Bio-psycho-social perspectives on interpersonal violence.

Ed. by Martha Frias-Armenta and Victor Corral-Verdigp.

Nova Science Publishers


376 pages



Psychology of emotions, motivations and actions


Convinced that violence against individuals can be prevented and its impact reduced by effective intervention informed by an understanding of its causes, psychologists share theoretical perspectives and empirical findings on personal and contextual variables influencing acquaintance and stranger violence; institutional violence; and interventions, methods, and evaluations. Among the topics are child maltreatment, self-regulation, and parenting; the role of family communication and school adjustment in violent behavior by adolescents; institutional constraints to violence in prison and aggressiveness in inmates; media effects on antisocial behavior in children and adolescents; and a quantitative revision of recidivism by juvenile offenders in Spain.

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Date:Dec 1, 2010
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