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Bio-Rad Releases New HaveltAll Options.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Informatics Division has announced the release of HaveltAll NMR. According to the announcement, this new product offers spectroscopists and other analytical chemists a reliable source of NMR data of over 140,000 13C and 12,000 1H spectra they can use as a reference in the first, fully integrated environment for NMR.

The HaveltAll NMR database works within and includes Bio-Rad's new KnowItAll Analytical System. With the combined power of these two products, researchers can have all of their data in one place, make predictions, search, access reference spectra, build databases with assignments, and cross-reference NMR data with other analytical techniques. They can also generate high-quality reports.

In a separate announcement, Bio-Rad introduced annual subscription-based pricing for its HaveltAll IR spectral database collection. HaveltAll IR allows researchers to import their own data and search against the reference database as well as their own databases. Searches can be based on spectrum, peak, name, structure, substructure, and property fields, such as manufacturer, technique, boiling point, etc. The HaveltAll IR Subscription also includes tools for IR functional group analysis, spectral processing, and comprehensive structure drawing and publishing.

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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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