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Bio/math duo.

Recent advances such as the sequencing of the human genome have resulted in emerging fields of biology. And biological ideas inspire new information science concepts and methods. Because higher education is exposing students to mathematical and biological sciences connections more, it's time for high schools to catch up.

High schools have made some progress in this area, say Fred Roberts, director of the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, a consortium based at Rutgers University that's been involved in math-science interfaces for more than a decade.

DIMACS's Bio-Math Connect Institute takes it a step further. The annual summer program allows teachers of both subject areas to develop classroom materials and plan interdisciplinary follow-up activities for their schools. It's the second BMCI but the first time math and biology teachers will be paired. As one math teacher who attended in 2004 said, "I now have the knowledge and confidence to bring specific examples of how math is used in current biology research."
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Title Annotation:Curriculum update: the latest developments in math, science, language arts and social studies
Author:Ezarik, Melissa
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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