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Bins laden but are they filled properly?

Dear Editor Recently the council launched a new bin system - unfortunately it was implemented in haste.

I have a blue bin, a green bin and a brown bin. I do not have a recycling bin for glass and plastic.

Since early October I have been unsuccessfully requesting this bin.

Initially, I was told the bin men understand there's a lack of the correct recycling bins and that it would be okay to mix general waste with the glass and plastic bottles.

There was obviously a misunderstanding somewhere as the bin men refused to lift my bin.

My neighbour received her recycling bin within three days of requesting it.

Meanwhile, I've had bags of rubbish ripped open by foxes and others thrown into my garden by passers-by, and still I wait.

With a family of five, I can't afford to store additional waste which will undoubtedly attract vermin. This is why I'm obsessive in making sure I am doing everything and more to ensure my rubbish is collected.

Now, two months and two days later I am still to receive the correct bin. Could someone advise me where these bins are kept, so that I can go and retrieve one myself as I simply do not have the time as a working mum to play musical bins and to keep making trips to the dump that are not deducted from my council tax payments.

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Publication:Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser (Lanarkshire, Scotland)
Date:Dec 20, 2017
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