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Binge Worthy Mysteries.

DVD statistics used to be amazing in libraries. I don't know about yours, but they're rapidly declining in mine. A large part of this decline is due to streaming services. More and more people are joining online services. While not everyone can afford streaming services, it does influence our decision making. How much money will we spend on a dying collection?

TV series seem to be circulating rather well still, as bingeing a show is a popular pastime. Mystery shows and detective shows follow the episodic-type of plot that readers of series books love. The plot is easy to understand and rarely deviates from the overarching theme. Red herrings are thrown in to increase suspense. Action and danger await the heroes as they attempt to save the day. Often, both a male and female star as leads, with sexual tension that inevitably leads to an on-screen romance. There's comfort in reading series books as there is in watching these types of shows.

With that in mind, I'm recommending shows that cross over with teens and adults--to get the most bang for your buck and to make your patrons happy.


(Eight seasons and one spin-off series with only one season)

Jack Bauer is having the worst day of his life when his wife and daughter are kidnapped by a terrorist organization. They want Bauer to assassinate presidential candidate David Palmer, the man Jack's protecting. The group behind the attacks has reasons to want both Bauer and Palmer dead.

Plot twists, betrayals, secrets, and the filming of events in real-time make this show hard to stop watching.


(Twelve seasons and one spin-off series that lasted one season, The Finder) Temperance Brennan, a brilliant forensic anthropologist, works for the Jeffersonian Institute Medico-Legal Lab in Washington, D.C. While this lab is fictional, it's based on the Smithsonian Intuition and mirrors their relationship with the FBI. After FBI agent Seeley Booth finds a body in the lake, he calls Dr. Brennan for help. Of course, their opposite characteristics make for great banter, but they don't love working together. Their fate is sealed when they solve the case and their superiors like the results.

Philosophical questions, sexual tension, great banter, pop culture references, action, and danger make this a fun series to watch. Plus, it's loosely based on the books by Kathy Reichs.


(Three seasons)

When the body of an eleven-year-old boy is washed up on shore, the whole English town becomes a suspect in the murder. The murder in this small, close-knit town has everyone talking. Everybody's hiding something, and soon secrets start coming out.

With David Tennant starring as the lead investigator, those who love Doctor Who might enjoy his performance. Plot twists and multiple murder suspects will keep watchers guessing until the very end.


(Eight seasons and a book series) After suffering from writer's block, bestselling author Richard Castle can't believe his stroke of luck when the police call him in for a copy-cat murder based on his books. He's able to work with the police and he decides to base his next book character on the lead investigator. Detective Kate Beckett isn't thrilled with the idea of an author shadowing her and getting in the way of her work, but she can't deny that he has a certain flair for storytelling that helps solve her cases.

Strange cases with a pop-culture flair, a great father-daughter relationship, sexual tension, flirty banter, along with the typical action and danger, make this series one to watch.


(Five seasons)

Annie Walker is summoned for fieldwork one month before her training officially ends. She has been killing it on the farm, but she soon discovers life on the job isn't quite the same. Things get messy. She's asked to pose as a call girl who speaks Russian to gather intel, but her target is killed before she gets what she needs. She wants to impress her new boss; Annie takes initiative to get the information she needs. She's determined to make a success out of her first mission. She doesn't want to get burned again, but Annie doesn't know the agency is keeping her because of her past connections. They only want to know if she can separate her work from her personal life.

Annie's sass and determination will attract teens, but they'll stay for the missions, the relationships among the operatives, and the friendship between Auggie and Annie.


(Five seasons)

One man hires a team of criminals to help him, and he hires an honest man with a troubled past to keep them on target. The individuals usually work alone, so trusting people doesn't come naturally to them. Their plan is to do this one job and never see each other again, except something goes wrong after they pull the heist. With revenge as a common motivator, the team decides to get even. In order to play the con, they add another player to the team, a grifter. After they succeed together, they realize they can do more as a team, helping people who have been wronged.

The quirks of the characters, their banter, and their elaborate heists will steal the viewers' attention.


(Eight seasons and a movie coming out in December) Shawn Spencer's father, a police detective, has been teaching him the skills he's honed in hopes that his son will follow in his footsteps. Shawn calls in his observations to the police, making them suspicious of his knowledge. Convinced that he knows more than he should, they arrest him for murder. He manages to convince the police that his knowledge comes from his psychic powers. Sticking to his story, he opens a psychic detective agency and ropes his childhood best friend into helping him.

Watch for the friendship, the comedy, and the Sherlock Holmes-like observations.


(Based on the YA books by Sara Shepard, seven seasons with a spin-off, Ravenswood, that lasted one season) After Alison goes missing, the four remaining girls in the clique drift apart. One year later, they begin to receive messages taunting them for their mistakes and threatening to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. The messages are signed "A." At first, the girls believe that Alison is responsible for the messages. It becomes apparent, however, that she is not. The former friends start looking for clues to the identity of "A."

Watch this for all the plot twists, the drama, the romance, and the friendships.


(Seven seasons)

Based on the books by Tess Gerritsen, Detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles, solve murders. Both are brilliant at their work. Their friendship centers the show; both are very different from each other. Jane is tough and works hard to gain the respect of her fellow police officers. She comes from a large family that drives her crazy most of the time, even though they mean well. Maura's intelligence and blunt manner of speaking make her socially awkward. Their friendship proves that opposites do attract. Their co-workers add depth to the series.

Watch this one for the friendship and for two females who kick butt and take names.


(A Netflix series with more in the works) Bobby Lee is an ex-military sniper, one of history's best. When his former commander, now working for the secret service, asks for help in stopping a presidential assassination, he doesn't hesitate. Bobby Lee works out the most likely scenario for the attempt, but what he doesn't realize is that the whole job is a set-up to frame him for the assassination attempt that failed to kill the president of the United States, but killed the Ukrainian president. Now, Bobby is being hunted but he's not about to go down without a fight. He's going to prove his innocence and keep his family safe from harm.

Give this one to teens who like twisty plots, betrayals, and government conspiracies.


(Six seasons)

Neal Caffrey is a brilliant con man, but one man made it his mission to catch him. He did and now Caffrey is in prison, but he strikes up a deal with the FBI to help catch criminals like himself. Of course, Caffrey has an ulterior motive: He wants to find his missing girlfriend and an item from his past. It's hard to sneak around Peter, his FBI handler, but he does his best with the help of his equally crooked best friend. Neal charms his way through their work, but he doesn't fool Peter.

While the cases the two solve are fun, it is the push and pull of the relationship between Peter and Neal that will keep teens on the edges of their seats, wondering when--and if--Neal will mess up.


24. Season 1. DVD. Color. 1152 minutes. Produced and distributed by Fox Network, 2014. $9.96. Unrated. 4Q 4P

Bones. Season 1. DVD. Color. 946 minutes. Produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox, 2015. $9.69. Unrated. 4Q 4P

Broadchurch. Season 1. DVD. Color. 368 minutes. Produced and distributed by Entertainment One, 2014. $19.50. Unrated. 4Q 3P

Castle. Season 1. DVD. Color. 430 minutes. Produced and distributed by ABC Studios, 2009. $13.81. Unrated. 4Q 4P

Covert Affairs. Season 1. DVD. Color. 494 minutes. Produced and distributed by Universal, 2011. $17.36. Unrated. 4Q 4P

Leverage. Season 1. DVD. Color. 584 minutes. Produced and distributed by Paramount Home Video, 2009. $13.21. Unrated. 4Q 4P

Pretty Little Liars. Season 1. DVD. Color. 963 minutes. Produced and distributed by Warner Home Video, 2011. $14.49. Unrated. 4Q 4P

Pysch. Season 1. DVD. Color. 671 minutes. Produced and distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, 2011. $17.94. Unrated. 4P 4Q

Rizzoli & Isles. Season 1. DVD. Color. 434 minutes. Produced and distributed by Warner Home Video, 2011. $14.82. Unrated. 4Q 4P

Shooter. Season 1. DVD. Color. 416 minutes. Produced and distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, 2017. $19.96. Unrated. 4Q 4P

White Collar. Season 1. DVD. Color. 683 minutes. Produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox, 2010. $8.89. Unrated. 4Q 4P

Jennifer Rummel has been a YA librarian for over ten years, but recently switched to become a children's and young adult librarian. She thinks being a librarian really is the best job in the world. She loves reading and chatting about books on her blog: When she's not reading, she's chasing her dream of becoming an author, watching movies or TV, baking, crafting, or cuddling with her crazy but adorable dog.

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