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Computational Analysis of Gynura bicolor Bioactive Compounds as Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV Inhibitor. Rozano, Lina; Zawawi, Muhammad Redha Abdullah; Ahmad, Muhamad Aizuddin; Jaganath, Indu Bala Technical report Jan 1, 2017 8593
Improved scFv Anti-LOX-1 Binding Activity by Fusion with LOX-1-Binding Peptides. Hu, Wei; Xie, Qiuhong; Xiang, Hongyu Report Jan 1, 2017 4892
Effects of Concentration and Surface Pressure on MBP Interaction with Cholesterol in Langmuir Films. Zhang, Lei; Hao, Changchun; Xu, Guoqing; Sun, Runguang Report Jan 1, 2017 4274
Functional Characterization of the N-Terminal C2 Domain from Arabidopsis thaliana Phospholipase D[alpha] and D[beta]. Rahier, Renaud; Noiriel, Alexandre; Abousalham, Abdelkarim Report Jan 1, 2017 11262
Cocaine photo-affinity analogs bind in the substrate binding pocket of the dopamine transporter. Krout, Danielle; Dahal, Rejwi Acharya; Pramod, Akula Bala; Sharma, Babita; Tomlinson, Michael; Foste Author abstract Apr 1, 2015 463
QSAR Study of flavonoids as platelet-activating factor (PAF) receptor binding antagonists. Abdullah, N.H.; Kiong, L.S.; Noorbatcha, I.A. Report Mar 1, 2014 2774
Noncovalent interactions of tiopronin-protected gold nanoparticles with DNA: two methods to quantify free energy of binding. Prado-Gotor, R.; Grueso, E. Report Jan 1, 2014 5841
Aromatic amino acid mutagenesis at the substrate binding pocket of Yarrowia lipolytica lipase Lip2 affects its activity and thermostability. Wang, Guilong; Liu, Zimin; Xu, Li; Yan, Yunjun Report Jan 1, 2014 4436
Effects of water models on binding affinity: evidence from all-atom simulation of binding of tamiflu to A/H5N1 Neuraminidase. Nguyen, Trang Truc; Viet, Man Hoang; Li, Mai Suan Report Jan 1, 2014 7599
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in microRNA binding sites: implications in colorectal cancer. Bhaumik, Panchalee; Gopalakrishnan, Chandrasekhar; Kamaraj, Balu; Purohit, Rituraj Report Jan 1, 2014 5310
EVALUATION OF GENETIC DIVERSITY IN OPEN POLLINATED GUAVA BY iPBS PRIMERS. Mehmood, Asim; Jaskani, Muhammad Jafar; Ahmad, Saeed Abstract Dec 31, 2013 4555
Structure and function studies on enzymes with a catalytic carboxyl group(s): from ribonuclease [T.sub.1] to carboxyl peptidases. Takahashi, Kenji Report Jun 1, 2013 16823
Collagen binding provides a sensitive screen for variant von Willebrand disease. Flood, Veronica H.; Gill, Joan Cox; Friedman, Kenneth D.; Christopherson, Pamela A.; Jacobi, Paula M Report Apr 1, 2013 5875
Understanding the role of immunoaffinity-based mass spectrometry methods for clinical applications. Ackermann, Bradley L. Editorial Dec 1, 2012 2094
Central nervous system activities of two diterpenes isolated from Aloysia virgata. Wasowski, Cristina; Marder, Mariel Report Mar 15, 2011 6416
Human Complement Component C8: Structure-Function Analysis of the C8[gamma] Subunit. Parker, Chasta; Ortlund, Eric; Schreck, Steven F.; Lebioda, Lukasz; Sodetz, James M. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 298
Simple sugars are key to complex sex. Weiss, Rick Feb 27, 1988 601

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