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Billy Anders Case.

I doubt anyone will make a mistake of inferring Massad Ayoob is not masterful in what he does. I believe any detective alive will agree the "evidence" displayed by his article (Ayoob Files, Sept/Oct 2006) has impaled his credibility on his own words. He's off-base in building a case for, rather than against, several items in Billy Anders Case. Maybe it can't be helped because of literary parlance, but Ayoob's early build up of carnal info regarding the perp lets the reader in on things neither he, nor the responding police knew before the situation had a chance to unfold. From the time Anders and Hedman arrived on the scene, and up to Anders finally sitting in disbelief before going to jail, Ayoob apparently feels the frustration every cop alive feels under such circumstances.

The question on the timing of the handcuff application would lead others to believe Anders forgot all of his training and experience. By not securing the downed perp before doing anything else, we are asked to believe Anders was both very seasoned, but stupid. I believe Anders should have called for an ambulance before going to Hedman, and I believe there was no reason to remove the camcorder tape except to hide the evidence. The justice system made the right call according to the letter of the law. Frankly, they had no choice.

Richard Ziert

Alta Loma, Calif.

Mas responds: Given the judge's rulings and sentencing went totally in the direction of my testimony, I think it's apparent that my credibility didn't take a hit. I wasn't making a case for a jury, I was telling the story of what happened. Most stories begin at the beginning. Thus, the sequence as it was presented. After having been shot at, with ambulance response remote, I can't fault Anders for going to his partner's assistance before requesting one. If his partner had been bleeding-out immediate attention could have saved his life and bought time to go back to radio for assistance. If he had wanted to hide the tape in that remote area with no one to watch him, it would have stayed hidden. Instead, he secured the tape, and it wasn't his fault it wasn't found (right where he told other officers it was) immediately.

Sorry, Mr. Ziert, but the evidence shows Anders was telling the truth, and your presumptions are wrong. Massad Ayoob.

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Title Annotation:SPEAK OUT
Author:Ziert, Richard
Publication:American Handgunner
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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