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Bills in the New York state Senate.

S.108 MALTESE Proposes an amendment to the constitution providing the electors with the power of initiative, indirect initiative and referendum.

Same as A.4629

01/06/2005 Referred to Judiciary

01/12/2005 To Attorney-General for Opinion

01/28/2005 Opinion referred to Judiciary

S.125 SEWARD Reduces the minimum age for possession and use of a rifle or shotgun at a shooting range from 12 to 8 years of age, provided that the young person is under the immediate supervision, guidance and instruction of a qualified adult.

Same as A.628

01/06/2005 Referred to Codes

S.169 MORAHAN Restricts consecutive hours of work by nurses; provides that no health care employer shall require a nurse to remain on duty for a period longer than 8 consecutive hours or 40 hours in a 7 day workweek except as consistent with the nurse's regularly scheduled work hours, and that no such employer shall require a nurse to work more than that nurse's regularly scheduled work hours except in certain specified emergency situations; provides such provisions do not prohibit a nurse from voluntarily working overtime; adds definitions; provides that the refusal of a nurse to work beyond regularly scheduled hours shall not constitute professional misconduct if such nurse notified the supervisor of his or her unavailability under such provisions.

Same as A.1199

01/07/2005 Referred to Labor

S.173 MORAHAN Allows a freeze to be placed upon real property taxes assessed against persons 65 years of age or older having earnings of not more than $32,000 and who have held title to the property for at least two years prior to making an application; requires county to provide notification of those provisions.

No corresponding Assembly bill

01/07/2005 Referred to Aging

S.186 BALBONI Creates the crime of unlawful dissemination of spyware and establishes such crime as a class A misdemeanor; expands eavesdropping to include information that is intercepted by the use of spyware; requires an authorization agreement to be provided to a computer user by a person or entity that provides software for download.

Same as A.2682

01/10/2005 Referred to Codes

S.309 SALAND Creates the crime of aggravated rape when a defendant, knowing he or she is a carrier of HIV, engages in certain sexual intercourse acts; such crime is a class A-II felony.

Same as A.5057

01/12/2005 Referred to Codes

S.312 SALAND Includes school buses within the definition of "school grounds" for the purposes of controlled substances offenses.

Same as A.5533

01/12/2005 Referred to Codes

02/08/2005 PASSED SENATE


02/08/2005 referred to Codes

S.336 MALTESE Authorizes the seizure of vehicles of drivers patronizing prostitution from such vehicles and provides that such vehicles shall be delivered to the district attorney of the county where such seizure was made except in the cities of New York, Yonkers and Buffalo where such vehicles shall be delivered to the custody of the police department of such cities.

Same as A.5059

01/13/2005 Referred to Codes

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Publication:The Informed Constituent (Albany, NY)
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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