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Bills in the New York state Assembly.

A.7079 KOON Provides for an income tax credit for physicians who agree to practice their specialty in areas designated by the regents as a designated physician shortage area.

Same as S.3423

04/05/2005 referred to Health

A.7055 MCENENY Requires evacuation drills be conducted at least twice a year at all buildings owned or leased in whole by the state or any agency thereof.

Same as Uni. S.4028

04/05/2005 ref. to Governmental Operations


05/09/2005 delivered to Senate

06/06/2005 PASSED SENATE

06/30/2005 delivered to Governor

07/12/2005 SIGNED INTO LAW chap. 207

A.7027 COLTON Provides for making a swastika, commonly known as the emblem of Nazi Germany, on property without permission of owner a class E felony; also makes burning of a cross a class E felony.

Same as S.4120

04/05/2005 referred to Codes


05/31/2005 delivered to Senate

05/31/2005 referred to Rules

A.7018 BARRAGA Establishes members of the Senate and Assembly shall not serve more than six consecutive terms; provides such term limitation shall not apply to current members of the Senate and Assembly.

No 'Same as' in Senate

04/04/2005 referred to Governmental Operations

04/19/2005 to Attorney-General for opinion

04/26/2005 opinion referred to Judiciary

A.7003 TOKASZ Establishes an additional mandatory penalty of a minimum term of imprisonment of five days if a person operates a vehicle while such person has more than .15 but less than .20 of one per centum of alcohol in his or her blood; establishes an additional mandatory penalty of a minimum term of imprisonment of ten days if a person operates a vehicle while such person has .20 of one per centum or more of alcohol in his or her blood.

Same as S.2276

04/01/2005 referred to Transportation

A.6980 HOYT Protect historic districts and landmarks from demolition by neglect by allowing regulations prohibiting improper or lack of maintenance.

Same as S.4991

04/01/2005 referred to Tourism, Arts and Sports Development


06/06/2005 delivered to Senate

06/06/2005 referred to Rules

A.6950 BRENNAN Enacts New York state campaign finance reform act and makes other changes regarding election contributions and expenditures and defines covered elections; covers contribution limits for all campaigns and eliminates the use of "soft money" contributions; requires more frequent reporting requirements; enhances penalties for violations.

No 'Same as' in Senate

04/01/2005 referred to Election Law

A.6929 P.RIVERA Prohibits a court from denying class certification for purposes of class action lawsuits solely because the action involves governmental operations.

No 'Same as' in Senate

03/31/2005 referred to Codes


05/02/2005 delivered to Senate

05/02/2005 referred to Codes

A.6925 P.RIVERA Requires secondary schools to include within their health education course the medical and legal ramifications of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use during pregnancy.

No 'Same as' in Senate

03/31/2005 referred to Education
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Publication:The Informed Constituent (Albany, NY)
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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