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Bills in the New York State Senate.

S.1563 PADAVAN Provides protections to parents who decline to have their children immunized on the basis of religious beliefs; allows a parent to submit an affidavit stating that the parent, parents or guardian hold genuine and sincere religious beliefs.

Same as Uni. A.3064

01/22/2007 referred to Health

01/09/2008 referred to Health

S.1570 DUANE Establishes the state division of AIDS services within the office of temporary and disability assistance to provide access to benefits and services to every person with clinical/ symptomatic HIV illness requesting assistance and to ensure the provision of benefits and services to such eligible persons; defines terms.

No 'Same As' in Assembly

01/23/2007 ref: Social Services, Children and


01/09/2008 ref: Social Services, Children and


S.1571 DUANE Enacts the "Dignity For All Students Act"; authorizes the commissioner of education to establish policies and procedures affording all students in public schools an environment free of harassment and discrimination based on actual or perceived race, national origin, ethnic group, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender or sex; requires reporting harassment and discrimination to such commission; makes exemptions.

Same as A.3496

01/23/2007 referred to Education

01/09/2008 referred to Education

S.1574 PADAVAN Authorizes tuition assistance program (TAP) financial aid officers to make income adjustments in special circumstances in determining a student's applicable income for an award.

Same as A.1929-A

01/23/2007 referred to Higher Education

01/09/2008 referred to Higher Education

06/10/2008 PASSED SENATE

06/10/2008 delivered to Assembly

06/10/2008 referred to Higher Education


S.1612 MAZIARZ Establishes no person who sells gasoline in this state shall charge a price for such gasoline except at a whole cent price per unit.

No 'Same As' in Assembly

01/23/2007 ref: Consumer Protection

01/09/2008 ref: Consumer Protection

S.1627 MAZIARZ Provides that no death benefit shall be allowed to a surviving parent who has failed or refused to provide for, or has abandoned a child while such child is under the age of twenty-one years.

No 'Same As' in Assembly

01/23/2007 referred to Labor

02/07/2007 PASSED SENATE

02/07/2007 delivered to Assembly

02/07/2007 referred to Labor

01/09/2008 died in assembly

01/09/2008 returned to Senate

01/09/2008 referred to Labor

02/05/2008 PASSED SENATE

02/05/2008 delivered to Assembly

02/05/2008 referred to Labor


The state legislature reconvenes January 2009. Use this "off" season to scheduling a talk with your local Assemblyman or Senator to discuss the issues that matter to you.

NY Senate-- (518) 455-2800

NY Assembly-- (518) 455-4100

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Publication:The Informed Constituent (Albany, NY)
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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