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Bills in the New York State Assembly.

A.9410 BRODSKY Makes provisions requiring every application, petition or request submitted for a variance, amendment change of zoning approval of a plat or change of a land use regulation to have appended thereto a disclosure statement setting forth any interest of a state officer, municipal officer, or municipal employee in such application.

No 'Same As' in Senate

09/12/2007 referred to Local Governments

01/09/2008 referred to Local Governments

A.9432 ORTIZ Increases penalties for promoting prostitution when an internet website is used; increases penalties for promoting prostitution or patronizing a prostitute five or more times.

No 'Same As' in Senate

09/26/2007 referred to Codes

01/09/2008 referred to Codes

A.9437 MILLMAN Includes text messaging within the no telemarketing sales calls statewide registry.

Same as S.7129

09/26/2007 ref: consumer affairs & protection

01/09/2008 ref: consumer affairs & protection

A.9452 FIELDS Requires the consumer protection board to examine and investigate the issues associated with the foreign import of toys containing toxic lead levels.

Same as S.6463-A

10/12/2007 ref: consumer affairs & protection

01/09/2008 ref: consumer affairs & protection

01/10/2008 amend and recommit to consumer

affairs & protection

01/10/2008 print number 9452a

A.9455 MCDONOUGH Requires certain agencies to report the felony convictions of all persons not citizens of the United States to the proper officer of the United States department of homeland security.

No 'Same As' in Senate

10/12/2007 ref: Governmental Operations

01/09/2008 ref: Governmental Operations

A.9459 CHRISTENSEN Authorizes regional economic development offices to provide assistance to small businesses regarding environmental compliance and pollution prevention through articles established under the environmental conservation law.

Same as S.6501

10/12/2007 referred to Small Business

01/09/2008 referred to Small Business


01/15/2008 delivered to Senate

01/15/2008 referred to Commerce, Economic

Development and Small Business

05/13/2008 PASSED SENATE

05/23/2008 delivered to Governor

06/03/2008 SIGNED INTO LAW chap.98

A.9477 HEASTIE Establishes a commission to study and develop a plan for improving education in state prisons. No 'Same As' in Senate 10/18/2007 referred to Correction 01/09/2008 referred to Correction

A.9480 LENTOL Adds etching, painting, drawing or otherwise placing or displaying a noose, a symbol of racism and intimidation, on a building or other real property without the express permission of the owner to ways of committing aggravated harassment in the first degree.

Same as S.6499

10/19/2007 referred to Codes

01/09/2008 referred to Codes


01/28/2008 delivered to Senate

01/28/2008 referred to Codes

02/26/2008 PASSED SENATE

04/25/2008 delivered to Governor

05/07/2008 SIGNED INTO LAW chap.74

A.9487 HEASTIE Establishes a notification of death hotline in the department of social services for purposes of timely ceasing public assistance payments upon the death of a recipient of such assistance.

Same as S.7542

10/22/2007 referred to Health

01/09/2008 referred to Health
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Publication:The Informed Constituent (Albany, NY)
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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