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Bill Clinton: NetanyahuEoACAOs government is an obstacle for the peace process.

PNNNew York- In a speech in New York about peace and the Middle East, former US president Bill Clinton said, Since Netenyahu won the elections, he ignored all the understandings that both sides reached at Camp David. Clinton said that God's will in Rabbin's murder along with Sharon's stroke affected the peace process as well. Clinton said he does not trust Netenyahu's declarations about being ready to negotiate the borders because he is not willing to give up the West Bank. According to Clinton, the Arab initiative for Peace presented by Saudi Arabia was great, but it still was not enough for Netenyahu. I don't think this is important for Netenyahu, Clinton said. Clinton said the Israelis who strongly support the peace process are Arabs, as opposed to those from Ashkanazi origin. He said the ones who oppose peace are the radicals and settlers who recently arrived.

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Publication:Palestine News Network (West Bank, Palestine)
Date:Sep 23, 2011
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