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Bill C-250: an attack on freedom of speech. (News in Brief: Canada).

Ottawa--In early May, Canadians finally got some honesty and emotion into the current House of Commons debate on Bill C-250, a bill which wants to add "sexual orientation" to Canada's Hate Crimes Act.

Tory MP Elsie Wayne brought the homosexuals to their feet and the media grabbing for pens when she declared with some fervour that same-sex marriage was a lot of "nonsense", and the homosexual lifestyle "unfortunate" and "not natural". She asked why "they (i.e. "gays") have to be out there in the public always debating that they want to call it marriage? She voiced concerns that many Canadians have: "Why are they in parades? Why are they dressed up as women on floats?" See Stephen Grey's article on page (p.9) for further details.


The reactions are revealing. Scott Brison's attack, for example, accusing Wayne of "rabid prejudice" and "bigotry" illustrates clearly how Bill C-250 (adding "sexual orientation" to the Hate Crimes act) will be interpreted by the homosexual activists. Joe Clark's comments that Elsie Wayne's remarks were "extreme" illustrate how powerfully the "gay" propaganda about "discrimination" reverberates among the crowd of fence-sitting non-homosexuals. In other words, Ms. Wayne's remarks show what actually is at stake in both the Bill C-250 debate and the proposed legalization of same-sex unions: a direct attack on freedom of speech.

This is further confirmed by the reactions of two "gay" MPs, Robinson and Menard. Both have screamed and shouted "bigotry" at the mere mention of the word sodomy. This word apparently must be and will be suppressed after the Bill is passed into legislation.

Alexa McDonough (MP for Halifax) in a letter of May 23, writes as follows: "The comments made by MP Elsie Wayne could not be more in contrast with my own and those of the NDP...." According to her, the demands of homosexual activists are simply "rights" to be upheld by everyone. On May 16 Justice Minister Martin Cauchon declared in the House that Bill C-250 "was consistent with the government's views" on "sexual orientation."
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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