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Bill Barrows: .. and three reasons not to be.

Byline: Bill Barrows

AN idiot Newcastle United fan on Radio 5 this week gushed: "You have to say that Shearer is a living legend and Owen is a god." And Shearer has won what exactly? Owen hasn't even played for them yet and he's still negotiated 5,672 escape clauses. Hmmm...

-MRS Hendrikje Van Andel-Schipper was, until this week, the world's oldest person. She died in her sleep aged 115 but confessed to eating a herring every day. Are herrings the answer? I'd rather die aged 22 having never tasted one.

-GRANGE Hill's Mr "You Boy" Bronson - aka actor Michael Sheard - has died aged 65. In his career he played Hitler five times, Himmler three times and various other German officers. Uncannily, another Hitler impersonator, Charlie Chaplin, is also dead. Is there a curse?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 3, 2005
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