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Procurement And Supply Of " Fully Automated Abg Analyser Which Can Measure Simultaneously The Essential Parameters: Ph, Pco2, Po2, Sao2, T Hb, Barometric Pressure, Na+, K+, Ionized Ca++, Cl-, Blood Lactate, Serum, Blood Glucose, Bilirubin, Creatinine & Bl. Jul 11, 2019 260
In vivo induction of hepatocellular carcinoma by diethylnitrosoamine and pharmacological intervention in Balb C mice using Bergenia ciliata extracts/Inducao in vivo de carcinoma hepatocelular por dietilnitrosoamina e intervencao farmacologica em camundongos balb c usando extratos de Bergenia ciliata. Dar, K.K.; Ali, S.; Ejaz, M.; Nasreen, S.; Ashraf, N.; Gillani, S.F.; Shafi, N.; Safeer, S.; Khan, M Jul 9, 2019 7035
Supply Of Reagents For The Determination Of Acid-base Balance Parameters, Ionized Bilirubin Calcium Along With The Lease Of The Apparatus. Jul 3, 2019 187
Home light therapy helps jaundiced tots; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy. Jun 4, 2019 448
Gentamicin and Vancomycin Interference on Results of Clinical Chemistry Parameters on Abbott Architect c8000. Brencic, Tina; Nikolac, Nora Jun 1, 2019 8486
Model for end-stage liver disease and pneumonia: An improved scoring model for critically ill cirrhotic patients with pneumonia. Gao, Feng; Cai, Meng-Xing; Lin, Miao-Tong; Zhang, Ling-Zhi; Ruan, Qian-Zi; Huang, Zhi-Ming Jun 1, 2019 4870
Diagnostic Or Laboratory Reagents For Ultrasound Vokib. May 10, 2019 124
Diagnostic Or Laboratory Reagents For Ultrasound Vokib. May 9, 2019 122
Reagents And Consumables For Automatic Biochemical Analyzer Bs-200 Production Mindray (prc). May 5, 2019 117
Local Purchase Of Medicines Out Of Dglp Funds,glucose Kit Kit, cholestrol Kit Kit,urea Kit Kit,creatinine Kit Kit,triglyceride Kit Kit,hdl Kit Kit,uric Acid Kit Kit,serum Protein Kit Kit,serum Bilirubin Kit Kit,serum Albumin Kit Etc. Apr 26, 2019 180
Diagnostic Or Laboratory Reagents For Ultrasound Vokib. Apr 9, 2019 132
ASSESSMENT OF CASES OF ACUTE VIRAL HEPATITIS IN CORRELATION WITH LIVER PROFILE. Patel, Pavan D.; Nair, Shruti; Jadhav, Nitin; Patange, Aparna; Patel, D. M.; Botre, Amit Report Apr 8, 2019 3208
Evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of aqueous extract of Phyllanthus fraternus in Wistar rats. Alasyam, Naveen; Pokala, Naveen; John, Premendran Mar 1, 2019 1956
Reagents And Consumables For Automatic Biochemical Analyzer Bs-200 Production Mindray (prc). Feb 23, 2019 117
Labor.reag., Calibr., Counter, Blood Gas Analysis.old.bas. Feb 4, 2019 535
A Novel Non-invasive Technique of Measuring Bilirubin Levels Using BiliCapture. Rizvi, Moattar Raza; Alaskar, Farah Mansoor; Albaradie, Raid Saleem; Rizvi, Noor Fatima; Abdulwahab, Report Jan 1, 2019 4401
Supply Of 1.01 blood Urea Make Erba 3 kit1.02 serum Bilirubin Kit Make Erba 3 kit1.03 total Cholestrol Kit Make Erba 3 kit1.04 serumtriglycerkle Kit Make Erba 3 kit1.05 sgot Make Erba 3 kit1.06 sgpt Make Erba 3 kit1.07 alkaline Phosphate Make Erba 3 kit. Nov 30, 2018 187
Supply Of Biochemical Analyzers - Biochemical Analyzers (cpv: 38434500-1), With The Concession Of Accompanying Equipment. Nov 6, 2018 499
Supply Of Cat B Stores. 1) Blood Uiea Make Erba. 2) Serum Bilirubin Kit Make Erba. 3) Total Cholestrol Kit Make Erba. Oct 29, 2018 188
THYROID FUNCTION ABNORMALITIES IN CHRONIC LIVER DISEASES. Govindan, Navaneeth Puthiyedath; Kannath, Mridulkumar Report Oct 15, 2018 4168
Home Remedies for Jaundice. Sep 13, 2018 993
Encefalopatia heptica inducida en cerdos por semillas y vainas de Senna occidentalis. Chileski, Gabriela Soledad; Rios, Elvio Eduardo; Lertora, Walter Javier; Gimeno, Eduardo Juan; Choli Sep 1, 2018 3168
Bilirubin Regents & Direct Ldl Cholestrol Reagent. Aug 7, 2018 146
Comparative Clinical Study of the Effectiveness of MEKRITEN in Patients with Chronic Suppurative Otitis/Kronik Supuratif Otitis Mediali Hastalarda MEKRITEN Etkinliginin Karsilastirmali Klinik Calismasi. Mukhitdinov, Abror; Olimov, Nemat; Olimova, Shirinkhan Clinical report Aug 1, 2018 3493
Neonatal giant cell hepatitis: a case study. Patil, Vanita; Musaad, Samarina Case study Aug 1, 2018 1404
Gallbladder problems. Etingin, Orli R. Aug 1, 2018 328
THYROID HORMONE LEVELS IN NEONATAL HYPERBILIRUBINEMIA. Praveena, Vithpala; Reddy, Mettu Pradeep; Jaju, Jyotsna Bhagirath; Rishabyadati; Sudheer, N. Report Jul 9, 2018 2830
Test Strips For Visual Analysis Of Urine And On A Closed Type Device "urisis" At Least 10 Parameters: - Relative Density, - Acidity (ph), - Leukocytes, - Nitrites, - Protein, - Glucose, - Ketone Bodies, - Urobilinogen, - Bilirubin, - Blood. The Package Co. Jul 8, 2018 204
Supply Of Consumables And Reagents For The Needs Of The Clinical Laboratory, Microbiological Laboratory, Department Of Transfusion Hematology And Department Of Functional Diagnostics At Dr. Ivan Seliminski. Jun 30, 2018 586
Effect of sildenafil citrate on the liver structure and function in obstructive jaundice: An experimental study. Simsek, Tamer; Ersoy, Omer Faik; Ozsoy, Zeki; Yenidogan, Erdinc; Kayaoglu, Huseyin Ayhan; Ozkan, Nam Report Jun 1, 2018 4552
Biochemical Laboratory Reagents, With Accompanying Equipment. May 29, 2018 420
A Set Of Reagents For Determination Of The Concentration Of Total And Direct Bilirubin In Serum By The Method Of Endrassic-grof. May 27, 2018 149
TO STUDY THE ASSESSMENT OF LIPID ABNORMALITIES IN PATIENTS SUFFERING FROM GALLSTONES. Gupta, Mahesh; Singh, Vivek; Gupta, Pooja; Gupta, Preety Report May 21, 2018 3026
This antioxidant could improve heart health. May 20, 2018 440
This natural antioxidant can cut heart disease risk. May 19, 2018 275
Reagents And Consumables For The Automatic Biochemical Analyzer Bs-200 Manufactured By Mindray (prc). May 18, 2018 143
Tender For Procurement Of Micro Method Bilirubin Analyzer (microbilirubinometer) For Nicu. May 18, 2018 147
Reagents And Consumables For The Automatic Biochemical Analyzer Bs-200 Manufactured By Mindray (prc);alanine Aminotransferase Aspartate Aminotransferase-alkaline Phosphatase Amylase Pancreatic. May 17, 2018 121
Short Communication - Clinico-Biochemical Effects of Xylazine-Ketamine and Isoflurane on Rabbits Undergoing Ovariohysterectomy. Maan, Muhammad Kashif; Khan, Muhammad Arif; Bokhari, Shehla Gul; Ijaz, Muhammad; Akbar, Hamid; Umar, Report Apr 30, 2018 2845
Supply Of Kit & Reagent For The Year 2018-19--10 Paramiter Urine Strip, Abg Strip, Abo-rh, Albuminc Glucose Strip Asq L Itre, Alkaline Phosphatase Bilirubin Kit Total & Direct Blood Sugar-orthotoludian Blood Urea-dam, Creatinine, Crp , Cholestrol, Dengue. Apr 23, 2018 133
A STUDY OF CLINICAL PROFILE OF DENGUE FEVER IN A TERTIARY CARE CENTRE. (Original Research Article). Chandra, Kalpana; Kumar, Praveen; Saha, Kalyan Kumar; Kumar, Amarendu; Shankar, Manish Report Apr 16, 2018 2408
Effects of aflatoxin B1 combined with ochratoxin A and/or zearalenone on metabolism, immune function, and antioxidant status in lactating dairy goats. Huang, Shuai; Zheng, Nan; Fan, Caiyun; Cheng, Ming; Wang, Shang; Jabar, Adil; Wang, Jiaqi; Cheng, Ji Report Apr 1, 2018 7445
Abdominal pain with high transaminases. Paauw, Douglas S. Apr 1, 2018 691
Pseudothrombocytopenia in Case of Acute Viral Hepatitis A/Akut Hepatit A Virus Enfeksiyonu Olgusunda Psodotrombositopeni. Bicakci, Zafer Apr 1, 2018 1304
Delivery Of Laboratory Reagents And Consumables And X-ray Films For The Needs Of St. Panteleymon Ad. Mar 20, 2018 367
Effect of ursodeoxycholic acid and vitamin E in the prevention of liver injury from methotrexate in pediatric leukemia. Bordbar, Mohammadreza; Shakibazad, Nader; Fattahi, Mohammadreza; Haghpanah, Sezaneh; Honar, Naser Mar 1, 2018 4428
Purchase Of Laboratory Reagents For Solar Photometer And Automatic Coagulometer Ak-37;a Set Of Reagents For Determination Of Protein In Urine And Liquor. Feb 14, 2018 134
Purchase Of Supplies For The Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory;1.1.test Strips For The Determination Of: -glucose, Protein, Ketone Bodies, Urobilinogen, Bilirubin In Urine, Albumin And Creatine In Urine, Specific Weight, Glucose, Protein In Urine. 1.2. Test. Feb 13, 2018 136
A Newborn with Hypothermia and Hyperammonemia. Nguyen, Khanh Quynh N.; Jones, Patricia M.; Patel, Khushbu Feb 1, 2018 1380
Consumables For Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory. Jan 17, 2018 123
Prognostic Factors in Liver Cirrhosis Patients with Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding. Goldis, Adrian; Lupusoru, Raluca; Goldis, Ramona; Ratiu, Iulia Report Jan 1, 2018 4043
Severe Cholestasis and Bile Cast Nephropathy Induced by Anabolic Steroids Successfully Treated with Plasma Exchange. Khoury, Christelle El; Sabbouh, Toni; Ferzli, Hussein Farha Antoine Jan 1, 2018 2425
Knowledge Level and Determinants of Neonatal Jaundice: A Cross-Sectional Study in the Effutu Municipality of Ghana. Adoba, Prince; Ephraim, Richard K.D.; Kontor, Kate Adomakowaah; Bentsil, Joseph-Josiah; Adu, Patrick Jan 1, 2018 5289
Transcutaneous Bilirubin Measurements Can Be Used to Measure Bilirubin Levels during Phototherapy. Alsaedi, Saad Abdullah Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 2810
The U-Shaped Association between Bilirubin and Diabetic Retinopathy Risk: A Five-Year Cohort Based on 5323 Male Diabetic Patients. Liu, Miao; Wang, Jianhua; He, Yao Jan 1, 2018 4841
Enhancement of Electrochemical Performance of Bilirubin Oxidase Modified Gas Diffusion Biocathode by Porphyrin Precursor. Pinchon, Erica; Arugula, Mary; Pant, Kapil; Singhal, Sameer Jan 1, 2018 5589
Repeated Autologous Bone Marrow Transfusion through Portal Vein for Treating Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis after Splenectomy. Zhang, Weiwei; Teng, Mujian; Liu, Baochi; Liu, Qiling; Liu, Xin; Si, Yanhui; Li, Lei Jan 1, 2018 4122
Albumin-Bilirubin Grade as a Novel Predictor of Survival in Advanced Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma. Wang, Yong; Pang, Qing; Jin, Hao; Zhou, Lei; Hu, Xiaosi; Qian, Zhen; Man, Zhongran; Yang, Song; Liu, Jan 1, 2018 4909
Blood Ammonia Level Correlates with Severity of Cirrhotic Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy. Kalla, Ferial El-; Mansour, Loai; Kobtan, Abdelrahman; Elzeftawy, Asmaa; Ali, Lobna Abo; Abd-Elsalam Jan 1, 2018 6655
Effects of Late Evening Snack on Cirrhotic Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Guo, Ying-jie; Tian, Zi-bin; Jiang, Na; Ding, Xue-li; Mao, Tao; Jing, Xue Jan 1, 2018 7067
Influence of Methylprednisolone Pulse Therapy on Liver Function in Patients with Graves' Orbitopathy. Miskiewicz, Piotr; Jankowska, Anna; Brodzinska, Kinga; Milczarek-Banach, Justyna; Ambroziak, Urszula Jan 1, 2018 6388
Serum Metabonomics Analysis of Liver Failure Treated by Nonbioartificial Liver Support Systems. Wu, Chunyan; Zhu, Ying; Yu, Mengqian Jan 1, 2018 6451
Therapeutic Effect of Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells at Various Passages on Acute Liver Failure in Rats. Zhang, Yongting; Li, Yuwen; Li, Wenting; Cai, Jie; Yue, Ming; Jiang, Longfeng; Xu, Ruirui; Zhang, Li Jan 1, 2018 6069
Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Masquerading as Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Qasrawi, Ayman; Abughanimeh, Omar; Ghanimeh, Mouhanna Abu; Arora-Elder, Simran; Yousef, Osama; Tamim Jan 1, 2018 2486
Acute Isolated Hyperbilirubinemia as a Presentation of Alcoholic Liver Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review. Hossain, Muhammad Rajib; Pandey, Ramesh Kumar; Islam, Mohammad Faridul; Datar, Praveen; Gayam, Vijay Jan 1, 2018 1794
Haemato-Biochemical and Ruminal Liquor Profile of Buffaloes with Rumen Impaction. Turkar, Sujata; Uppal, S.K.; Sharma, A.K. Report Jan 1, 2018 2369
Vitamin D and Nonskeletal Complications among Egyptian Sickle Cell Disease Patients. Hamdy, Mona; Salama, Niveen; Maher, Ghada; Elrefaee, Amira Report Jan 1, 2018 5625
Supply Of Kit For Estimation Of Bilirubin. Nov 19, 2017 107
Light-Up Pajamas Treat Infant Jaundice. Nov 7, 2017 145
Supply Of Medical Stores:1 niv distilled Water Bott Of 05 Ltrs bott 2 170205 alkaline Phosphatase Kit Coral (ml) kit 3 170152 hdl Kit Coral(ml) kit 4 171003 kits For Estimation Of Bilirubin(coral) kit 5 170196 kits For Estimation Of. Nov 5, 2017 203
The albumin-bilirubin score predicting the mortality of patients with decompensated cirrhosis. Cardoso, Mariana Ferreira; Alexandrino, Goncalo; Anapaz, Vera; Branco, Joana Carvalho e; Carvalho, R Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2017 752
Albumin-bilirubin, Child-Pugh, and model for end-stage liver disease scores for the assessment of prognosis in cirrhotic patients. Zhu, Jia; Guo, Xiaozhong; Qi, Xingshun Nov 1, 2017 521
MOBILE APPS: App detects pancreatic cancer from the whites of your eyes. Oct 1, 2017 254
HYPERBILIRUBINEMIA IN ACUTE APPENDICITIS AND ITS ROLE IN PREDICTING COMPLICATIONS, PARTICULARLY APPENDICULAR PERFORATION. Mahajan, Atul; Nanda, Anupam; Sharma, Neeraj; Thakur, Rohit; Kaundal, Rajat; Deep, Raman; Kumari, Pa Report Sep 21, 2017 2889
CLINICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND MANAGEMENT OF Rh-D HAEMOLYTIC DISEASE OF NEWBORN. Vilambil, Sajith; Dharmadas, Meena; Usha, Kumari Krishnakumariamma Chakrapani; Shahulhameed, Shaiji Report Sep 21, 2017 4681
Plasmapheresis in a child with cold antibody autoimmune hemolytic anemia: case report. Ozdemir, Zeynep Canan; Bor, Ozcan; Dinleyici, Ener Cagri; Kiral, Eylem Case study Sep 1, 2017 2419
Profile of hepatic involvement in dengue infections in adult Pakistani population. Report Aug 31, 2017 3478
Ph No.:40547 Bilirubin - Total Kit For Erba Xl-640 Auto Analyser. Aug 29, 2017 125
Ph No.:40295 Serum Bilirubin Kit - 25 Colorimetric Method. Aug 29, 2017 123
Sirum Bilirubin Kit T Plus D 200ml Suitable For Semi Auto Analyzer. Aug 6, 2017 338
Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer (non Invasive Bilirubin Analyzer) As Per Attached Specification In 01 Page. Jul 31, 2017 247
Correlation of haemolytic factors and hydroxyurea treatment in sickle cell anaemia with pulmonary hypertension. Bhaisare, Sunil D.; Rathod, Bharatsing D.; Dave, Keyur Kishor Report Jul 27, 2017 3159
Cambios en la Bioquimica Serica en Crias de Alpaca con Diarrea. Rodriguez G., Jose; Barrios-Arpi, Manuel; Vasquez C., Maria; Lira M., Boris; Morales C., Siever; Luc Jul 1, 2017 3260
Beyonce's twins being treated for jaundice. Jun 21, 2017 177
Serum Bilirubin Concentrations in Patients With Takayasu Arteritis. Peng, You-Fan; Deng, Yi-Bin Report Jun 1, 2017 3786
Supply Of Laboratory, Blood Bank Chemicals& Equipments Glucose Kit, Creatinine Kit, Sgot Kit, Total Protein Kit, T. Bilirubin Kit, Auto Diluents, Triglycerides, Uric Acid, Pseudo Cholinestase, Cover Slip Square, Test Tube Brush, Cbc Analyser Controls. May 27, 2017 162
Comparison of Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer reading with serum bilirubin level in evaluating jaundice in newborn more than 32 weeks gestation-a diagnostic test evaluation. Jayaram, Sankar K.R.; Jayakumar, C.; Pillai, Anupama S.; Jose, O. Report May 1, 2017 2959
The effects of high-fat diets composed of different animal and vegetable fat sources on the health status and tissue lipid profiles of male Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). Donaldson, Janine; Madziva, Michael Taurai; Erlwanger, Kennedy Honey Report May 1, 2017 9462
A quality improvement project to decrease serum Bilirubins and increase appropriate phototherapy use by following the AAP guidelines in a well nursery. Flynn, Mary E. Report May 1, 2017 4018
Fifty Shades of Yellow. Dietzen, Dennis J. Editorial May 1, 2017 1502
Utilization of Reflex Testing for Direct Bilirubin in the Early Recognition of Biliary Atresia. Lam, Leo; Musaad, Samarina; Kyle, Campbell; Mouat, Stephen Report May 1, 2017 4188
Supply Of Bilirubin, Cholestrol, Triglyceride, Hdl Kit, Calcium Kit. Apr 12, 2017 122
Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Transcutaneous Bilirubin Analyzer On Rate Contract For Two Year. Apr 11, 2017 140
Reagent Pack For Nova Phox Ultra Without Co Oxmetry And Bilirubin .make Nova Biomedical .usa. Apr 7, 2017 212
Supporting the clinical lab in chemistry, microbiology, and hematology. Lenhoff, Alan Report Mar 1, 2017 980
Serum total bilirubin levels are negatively correlated with metabolic syndrome in aged Chinese women: a community-based study. Zhong, P.; Sun, D.M.; Wu, D.H.; Li, T.M.; Liu, X.Y.; Liu, H.Y. Clinical report Feb 1, 2017 4300
Comparative Study between Plastic and Metallic Stents for Biliary Decompression in Patients with Distal Biliary Obstruction. Cabral, Joao Guilherme G.; Taglieri, Eloy; Pelosof, Adriane; Rosendo, Daniel; Ardengh, Jose Celso Report Jan 1, 2017 3919
Preoperative Serum IL-12p40 Is a Potential Predictor of Kasai Portoenterostomy Outcome in Infants with Biliary Atresia. Goda, Shaimaa Samy; Khedr, Mohamed Ahmed; Elshenawy, Soha Zaki; Ibrahim, Tarek Mohamed; Araby, Hanaa Report Jan 1, 2017 5607
Child-Pugh Parameters and Platelet Count as an Alternative to ICG Test for Assessing Liver Function for Major Hepatectomy. Au, Kin-Pan; Chan, See-Ching; Siu-Ho Chok, Kenneth; Chi-Yan Chan, Albert; Cheung, Tan-To; Kwok-Chai Report Jan 1, 2017 4187
Urinalysis and Clinical Correlations in Patients with P. vivax or P. falciparum Malaria from Colombia. Tobon-Castano, Alberto; Escobar, Sebastian Barrera; Castro, Cecilia Giraldo Report Jan 1, 2017 9055
Iron Supplementation Effects on Redox Status following Aseptic Skeletal Muscle Trauma in Adults and Children. Deli, Chariklia K.; Fatouros, Ioannis G.; Paschalis, Vassilis; Tsiokanos, Athanasios; Georgakouli, K Report Jan 1, 2017 9524
Modulatory Effect of Fermented Papaya Extracts on Mammary Gland Hyperplasia Induced by Estrogen and Progestin in Female Rats. You, Zhenqiang; Sun, Junying; Xie, Feng; Chen, Zhiqin; Zhang, Sheng; Chen, Hao; Liu, Fang; Li, Lili; Jan 1, 2017 6399
Giant Splenorenal Shunt in a Young Patient with Autoimmune Hepatitis/Primary Biliary Cholangitis Overlap Syndrome and Portal Vein Thrombosis. Chegai, F.; Cavallo, A.U.; Forcina, M.; Giuricin, V.; Castellani, F.; Greco, L.; Manuelli, M.; Manzi Jan 1, 2017 2702
Rare Reported Left Hepatic Subcapsular Biloma and Management. Brown, Sarah; Giuseppucci, Pablo; Esper, Christopher Case study Jan 1, 2017 1575
Laboratory and Genetic Biomarkers Associated with Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity in Hemoglobin SC Disease. Santiago, Rayra Pereira; Vieira, Camilo; Adanho, Corynne Stephanie Ahouefa; Santana, Sanzio Silva; G Report Jan 1, 2017 7575
Evaluation of Adrenal Function in Nonhospitalized Patients with Cirrhosis. Moini, Maryam; Sarvestani, Mitra Yazdani; Shams, Mesbah; Nomovi, Masood Report Jan 1, 2017 3870
Establishing a Porcine Model of Small for Size Syndrome following Liver Resection. Golriz, Mohammad; Ashrafi, Maryam; Khajeh, Elias; Majlesara, Ali; Flechtenmacher, Christa; Mehrabi, Report Jan 1, 2017 5693
Hemadsorption with Adult CytoSorb[R] in a Low Weight Pediatric Case. Cirstoveanu, Catalin Gabriel; Barascu, Ileana; Stancu, Samantha Mc Kenzie Case study Jan 1, 2017 2939
Atypical Complications of Graves' Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review. Baagar, Khaled Ahmed; Siddique, Mashhood Ahmed; Arroub, Shaimaa Ahmed; Ebrahim, Ahmed Hamdi; Jayyous Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4052
Shigella sonnei Bacteremia Presenting with Profound Hepatic Dysfunction. Shogbesan, Oluwaseun; Rettew, Andrew; Shaikh, Bilal; Abdulkareem, Abdullateef; Donato, Anthony Case study Jan 1, 2017 3138
Ayurvedic Liver Detoxification Supplements To Cleanse Toxins From Body. Dec 13, 2016 575
Deranged Liver Function in a Neonate. Peake, Roy W.A. Nov 1, 2016 854
Total And Direct Bilirubin Kit,. Oct 27, 2016 395
171003 Kit For Estimation Of Bilirubin. Oct 10, 2016 104
Corolyzer 200 System Pack Kit Or Similar For Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer Consisting Of 10 Reagents--1) Albumin 320ml-01, 2)bilirubin 300ml-01, 3)cholesterol 240ml-01, 4)creatinine 240ml-01, 5)glucose 240ml-01, 6)sgot 200ml-01, 7)sgpt 200ml-01, 8. Oct 7, 2016 159
S Bilirubin Total System Pack Reagent R1 6 X 44 Ml R2 3 X 22 Ml. Sep 24, 2016 350
S Bilirubin Direct System Pack Reagent R1 6 X 44 Ml R2 3 X 22 Ml. Sep 24, 2016 350
Reagent For Bilirubin, Direct Method, Pack Of R1-6x44 Ml., R2-3x22 Ml. Sep 14, 2016 150
Supply Of Medicines : Serum Alkline Phosphatase (50ml) Erba, Serum Amylase 12x3 Ml Autopack Erba, Aptt(40)ml With Cacl2 Seimens, Serumtotal Bilirubin(4x50 Ml) Erba, Serum Calcium (2x50ml) Erba, Serum Ckmb. Sep 12, 2016 188
CHANGES IN BLOOD MORPHOLOGYAND CHOSEN BIOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS IN ULTRA-MARATHON RUNNERS DURING A 100-KM RUN IN RELATION TO THE AGE AND SPEED OF RUNNERS. Jastrzebski, Zbigniew; Zychowska, Malgorzata; Jastrzebska, Maria; Prusik, Krzysztof; Prusik, katarzy Sep 1, 2016 10731
S Bilirubin Kit 1x2x150 Ml Kit R1 R2 R3. Aug 21, 2016 141
Supply Of S. Bilirubin (direct) (dpp Method)s. Bilirubin ( Conjugate) (dpd Method). Aug 17, 2016 151
Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer (non Invasive Bilirubin Analyzer) As Per Attached Specification In 01 Page. Aug 12, 2016 181
Supply Of Transcutaneous Bilirubin Analyzer. Aug 4, 2016 106
Modeled perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) exposure and liver function in a Mid-Ohio Valley community. Darrow, Lyndsey A.; Groth, Alyx C.; Winquist, Andrea; Shin, Hyeong-Moo; Bartell, Scott M.; Steenland Aug 1, 2016 7985
Supply Of Urea (2x50ml), Total % direct Bilirubin, Glucose, Chilesterol, createnine, Uric acid, Albumin, etc. Jul 25, 2016 106
Supply of S. Bilirubin Total Plus Direct 200ml Suitable For Use In Semi Automated Analyzer. Jul 23, 2016 101
Reagent Pack For Abg Machine ( Nova Phox Ultra Without Co-oxmetry And Bilirubin) At Icu / Brsh Make - Nova Biomedical, Usa. Jul 21, 2016 226
Bilirubin direct 1x8x25 ml. Jul 8, 2016 110
Bilirubin total 1x8x25 ml. Jul 7, 2016 110
Relacion entre los valores bioquimicos sericos fetal y maternal en alpacas. Rodriguez G., Jose; Barrios-Arpi, Manuel; Lopez-Torres, Bernardo; Rodriguez G., Alejandro; Revuelta Jul 1, 2016 4004
Predictors of early treatment discontinuation and severe anemia in a Brazilian cohort of hepatitis C patients treated with first-generation protease inhibitors. Miotto, N.; Mendes, L.C.; Zanaga, L.P.; Goncales, E.S.L.; Lazarini, M.S.K.; Pedro, M.N.; Goncales, F Report Jul 1, 2016 6930
Supply of pathology items.Glucose, Uric Acids, Bilirubin. Jun 30, 2016 148
Intellipap auto adjust cpap/transcutaneous bilirubin analyzer. Jun 15, 2016 105
Bilirubin total kit (250 test/kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Jun 13, 2016 110
Bilirubin direct kit (350 test/kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Jun 13, 2016 110
Bilirubin direct 1x8x25 ml. Jun 13, 2016 107
Bilirubin total 1x8x25 ml. Jun 13, 2016 107
Gallstones may show no signs: they're believed to be a rarity and have no ill effects unless a life-threatening blockage occurs. Jun 1, 2016 863
Intellipap auto adjust cpap/transcutaneous bilirubin analyzer. May 20, 2016 105
Purchase of Biochemistry Materials:21.Direct Bilirubin Cartridge 8x4022.Enzyme Calibrator 6x 2.0ml (Verifier)23.Glucose Cartridge 4x360. May 12, 2016 144
Procurement of bilirubin. May 3, 2016 103
Gallstones may show no signs: they're believed to be a rarity and have no ill effects unless a life-threatening blockage occurs. May 1, 2016 727
Medical equipments. Apr 30, 2016 302
Procurement Of Phototherapy Unit Single Surface (Led), Diathermy, Bilirubin Analyzer. Apr 30, 2016 127
Intellipap auto adjust cpap/transcutaneous bilirubin analyzer. Apr 22, 2016 105
Study to predict newborn at risk of developing neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia by measuring cord blood bilirubin. Kumaran, Uthaya; Arya, Ajay Kumar; Rakholia, Ritu Report Apr 18, 2016 5112
(ph no.:40548) bilirubin - direct kit for erba xl - 640 auto analyser. Mar 16, 2016 110
(ph no.:40547) bilirubin - total kit for erba xl-640 auto analyser. Mar 14, 2016 109
(ph no.:40041) bilirubin - kit 2 x 125 ml (direct total). Mar 14, 2016 109
International electronic contest reagents and consumables for biochemical analyzers with simultaneous concession equipment attendant. Feb 27, 2016 370
Supply of various laborotory equipments: 1. Blood Sugar kit (Glucose)2. Cholesterol Kit CHDL3. Urea Kit4. Greatinine Kit5. Bilirubin Kit6. Uric Acid Kit7. SGPT Kit8. SGOT Kit9. ALP Kit10. Triglyceride. Feb 19, 2016 465
Supply meter level of bilirubin in the newborn 1pc mattress and water "warm nest" 2 of art. Feb 4, 2016 361
358/2016 order Amount 3500 Code 12658 Direct bilirubin, reagent for the determination of, test. Jan 31, 2016 106
Development of a method and system for non-invasive quantitative estimation of bilirubin in human body. Jan 20, 2016 103
Bilirubin total 4 x 100 test cobas c iii kit and bilirubin direct 2 x 50 test cobas c iii kit. Jan 5, 2016 122
Perfil bioquimico sanguineo hepatico del cocodrilo de tumbes (Crocodylus acutus) criado en cautiverio. Zender A., Jhonathan; Li E., Olga; Suarez A., Francisco; Hoyos S., Luis; Silva S., Walter; Arroyo H. Jan 1, 2016 2956
Determinacion del Perfil Bioquimico Sanguineo Hepatico y Renal en Alpacas (Vicugna pacos) Aparentemente Normales. Flores N., Sergio; Li E., Olga; Gavidia C., Cesar; Hoyos S., Luis; Barrios-Arpi, Manuel Jan 1, 2016 3636
Exchange transfusion for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 2006 to 2011. Ballot, Daynia E.; Rugamba, Gilbert Report Jan 1, 2016 3246
Detection of autoantibodies to vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-3 in bile duct ligated rats and correlations with a panel of traditional markers of liver diseases. Duval, Florent; Cruz-Vega, Delia Elva; Gonzalez-Gamboa, Ivonne; Gonzalez-Garza, Maria Teresa; Ponz, Jan 1, 2016 5594
Upregulation of Heme Oxygenase-1 in Response to Wild Thyme Treatment Protects against Hypertension and Oxidative Stress. Mihailovic-Stanojevic, Nevena; Miloradovic, Zoran; Ivanov, Milan; Bugarski, Branko; Jovovic, Durdica Jan 1, 2016 6615
Changes in Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Enzyme Activities in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetes Mellitus in Rats: Role of Alhagi maurorum Extracts. Sheweita, S.A.; Mashaly, S.; Newairy, A.A.; Abdou, H.M.; Eweda, S.M. Jan 1, 2016 6126
Hyperbilirubinemia Protects against Aging-Associated Inflammation and Metabolic Deterioration. Zelenka, Jaroslav; Dvorak, Ales; Alan, Lukas; Zadinova, Marie; Haluzik, Martin; Vitek, Libor Jan 1, 2016 5910
Imaging Findings of Duodenal Duplication Cyst Complicated with Duodenal Intussusception and Biliary Dilatation. Diez, Eduardo Torres; Daben, Raul Pellon; Del Pozo, Juan Crespo; Sanchez, Francisco Jose Gonzalez Case study Jan 1, 2016 1440
Reagent pack for abg machine ( nova phox ultra without co-oxmetry and bilirubin) make - nova biomedical, usa. Dec 18, 2015 222
Transcutaneous bilirubinometer (non invasive bilirubin analyzer). Dec 18, 2015 180
Supply of Bilirubin, Sgot, S6pt, Alk Phosphatase, Total Protein, Albumin, Gama Gt, Cholestrol, Triglycerides -I. Cholestrol Oncometer Glucdmeter Strip, Lancet Cotton Roll, Semi Automatk Analyzer, B. Dec 7, 2015 119
Serum Bilirubin and 6-min Walk Distance as Prognostic Predictors for Inoperable Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension: A Prospective Cohort Study. Gong, Juan-Ni; Zhai, Zhen-Guo; Yang, Yuan-Hua; Liu, Yan; Gu, Song; Kuang, Tu-Guang; Xie, Wan-Mu; Mia Clinical report Dec 5, 2015 4050
Comparison of modified discriminant function and Glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score in predicting one month mortality. Vasumathi, G.; Geetha, S.; Rengaraj, G. Dec 3, 2015 3179
Biochemical and technological studies on the effect of pomegranate peel in addition to pan bread and its effect on the pollution of cadmium chloride in mice. Elgindy, Asma Ahmed Easa; Elsarha, Enath Samir Report Dec 1, 2015 7813
Predictors of large esophageal varices in cirrhotic patients presenting to a tertiary care centre in south India. Anita, P.; Rahul, D.; Rao, Kondadasula Panduranga; Prabhakar, B.; Kumar, B. Ramesh; Ravikanth, K.; A Clinical report Nov 30, 2015 3448
Transcutaneous bilirubin analyzer. Nov 27, 2015 111
Micromethod bilirubin analyzer. Nov 27, 2015 111
A study of haemoglobin patterns among the students of RIMS. Thiyam, Urmila; Haobam, Sunita; Singh, Y. Mohen; Sharma, Durlav Chandra Clinical report Nov 23, 2015 1590
Bilirubin auto , mfg.:- crest, rfcl, arkray. Nov 20, 2015 170
Bilirubin total kit (250 test per kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Nov 20, 2015 111
Direct bilirubin Alkaline phosphatase Gamma glutamyl transferase (ggt). Nov 19, 2015 128
Bilirubin direct kit (350 test per kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Nov 14, 2015 111
Incidence of neonatal hyperbilirubinemea in term new borns at KBNTGH. Mujumdar, V.G.; Changty, Siddaling; Amarkhed, Preethi; Nazeer, Nabeel; Harshavardhan Nov 12, 2015 1566
Evaluation of hyperbilirubinemia as a new diagnostic marker for acute appendicitis and its role in the prediction of appendicular perforation. Patil, Rajshekhar; Reddy, Palla Abhishek Nov 12, 2015 5888
Total bilirubin 6x44ml/3x22ml for fully automatic analyser xl-300. Nov 5, 2015 185
Non invasive bilirubin analyser. Nov 2, 2015 114
Self limiting postoperative hyperbilirubinemia in acute abdominal conditions: a study at Rims, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. Giridhar, T.; Sukumar, P.; Pavani, M.; Rajesh, R.K. Clinical report Oct 29, 2015 1900
Transcutaneous bilirubinometer (non invasive bilirubin analyzer) as per attached specification in 01 page. Oct 26, 2015 180
supply of Bilirubin Kit (4x60ml), Makc-Erba. Oct 25, 2015 134
supply of Bilirubin Kit (4x60ml). Make-Erba. Oct 25, 2015 134
Bilirubin direct kit (350 test per kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Oct 8, 2015 111
Bilirubin total kit (250 test per kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Oct 8, 2015 111
Multistix for urine chemistry, 9 parameter i.E-protien, glucose, ph, bilirubin, nitrite, blood, ketone, urobilinogen, sp.Gravity. the firm to supply the paper roll and controls for quality control and. Oct 7, 2015 305
Supply of Transcutaneous bilirubin analyzer. Oct 6, 2015 112
Glycosylated Hemoglobin Bilirubin Total Phosphatase Albumin Cholinesterase Lipase Vitros. Sep 21, 2015 101
Bilirubin as an indirect measure of laboratory performance of Bilirubin determinations. Ganji, Suresh Babu; Kasagani, Swetha; Revupalli, Suneetha; Kavali, Sudhakar; Chidugulla, Suresh Kuma Clinical report Sep 21, 2015 2529
Bilirubin direct kit (350 test per kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Sep 19, 2015 111
Bilirubin total kit (250 test per kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Sep 19, 2015 111
Multistix for urine chemistry, 9 parameter i.E-protien, glucose, ph, bilirubin, nitrite, blood, ketone, urobilinogen, sp.Gravity. the firm to supply the paper roll and controls for quality control and. Sep 19, 2015 305
(ph no.:40548)bilirubin-direct kit for erba xl -640auto analyser plus. Sep 16, 2015 117
Order 2253/2015 Code 12658 Quantity 5,250 Direct bilirubin, reagent for the determination of, test. Sep 14, 2015 108
Plasma Glucose(GOD/POD method); BUN(UV kinetic method); S.Creatinine (Jaffe method); S.Uric Acid method)(Uricase); S. Bilirubin method)(Direct)(DPD); S.Bilirubin (DPD method). Aug 10, 2015 161
Supply of Micromethod bilirubin analyzer. Jul 23, 2015 106
(ph no.:40041) bilirubin - kit 2 x 125 ml direct total. Jul 16, 2015 116
Anaesthetic management of patient with Gilbert's syndrome. Hiremath, Vishwanath Rachayye Disease/Disorder overview Jul 9, 2015 1717
Supply of reagents and consumables for the biochemistry determination of bilirubin, analytical standards and internal standards for drugs / toxic dosages by chromatography and associated benefits, for. Jul 7, 2015 258
Diferencias entre sintomas clinicos y paraclinicos al ingreso a urgencias de pacientes militares colombianos con malaria severa y no severa. Bastidas, Alirio R.; Benavides, Mateo; Ortegon, Maira; Juliana Proanos, Nadia Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 5081
The effect of massage on neonatal jaundice in stable preterm newborn infants: a randomized controlled trial. Report Jun 30, 2015 3616
Direct bilirubin higher than total bilirubin? Ball, Matthew; Miller, Irene; Cotten, Steven W. Clinical report Jun 1, 2015 384
Effect of phototherapy on hypocalcemia. Srinivasa, S.; Renukananda, S.; Srividya, G.S. Mar 23, 2015 1558
An infant with persistent jaundice and a normal newborn direct bilirubin measurement. Harpavat, Sanjiv; Devaraj, Sridevi; Finegold, Milton J. Clinical report Feb 1, 2015 3639
S. bilirubin total system pack reagent pkt size 6 x 44 ml r 1 3 x 22 ml r2. Jan 23, 2015 102
Total direct bilirubin kit incubation time less than or equal to 8 minutes -flow cell temperature 370c-with program sheet for olympus au - 400. Jan 22, 2015 228
Hepatic dysfunction in falciparum malaria. Chandra, Subhash; Dhawale, Sanjay; Chouhan, Arvind Clinical report Jan 5, 2015 3209
Association between serum bilirubin and estimated glomerular filtration rate among diabetic patients. Katoh, Takeaki; Kawamoto, Ryuichi; Kohara, Katsuhiko; Miki, Tetsuro Jan 1, 2015 4071
Jaundice in pregnancy an approach. Kumar, Rakesh; Bhushan, Mridul; Chaudhari, Niraj; Choudhary, Rajendra; Nigam, P. Dec 25, 2014 2865
Observation of neonatal jaundice in relation to physiological changes and septicemia in neonatal period. Kumar, Bharat; Singh, Vijay Kumar; Kumari, Sheela; Shahnawaz, Kashif; Sarker, Gautam; Krishna, Amrit Dec 22, 2014 1434
Obstructive jaundice in gall bladder cancer and cholangiocarcinoma: management and outcome. Rathore, Rajesh Kumar Dec 1, 2014 3895
A study of changes in liver function biomarkers among malaria infected patients. Shwetha, M.S. Report Nov 10, 2014 1440
Correlation of bilirubin with liver enzymes in patients of vivax malaria. M.S., Shwetha Nov 10, 2014 1361
YKL-40 and alcoholic liver and pancreas damage and disease in 86258 individuals from the general population: cohort and Mendelian randomization studies. Kjaergaard, Alisa D.; Bojesen, Stig E.; Nordestgaard, Borge G.; Johansen, Julia S. Report Nov 1, 2014 6775
The Influence of Free Hemoglobin and Bilirubin on Heparin Monitoring by Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time and Anti-Xa Assay. Kostousov, Vadim; Nguyen, Kim; Hundalani, Shilpa G.; Teruya, Jun Nov 1, 2014 2651
Cross-sectional study of liver function in pregnant women and matched controls in a population with cassava as staple food. Truman, Sona Oct 27, 2014 2175
3622 order code 12658 direct bilirubin reagent for the determination of (compatible with equipment cobas c501) quantity 4,550. Oct 10, 2014 114
Etiological study of acute hepatocellular jaundice with special reference to acute viral hepatitis in North East India. Loitongbam, Roslin; Das, Anup Kumar; Kar, Premashish; Bora, Mitul; Dey, Swarup Ranjan Sep 1, 2014 2636
Idiopathic autoimmune hemolytic anemia presenting as massive splenomegaly in an elderly male which responded to steroid therapy. N., Deepak; Satyanarayana; T., Anil Kumar; M., Jeetendra Kumar, J. Jul 21, 2014 3715
A study of obstructive jaundice with focus on predictive factors for outcome. M., Srinidhi; Hosmani, Ramesh Clinical report Jul 21, 2014 2587
Toxic hepatitis induced by a herbal medicine: Tinospora crispa. Langrand, J.; Regnault, H.; Cachet, X.; Bouzidi, C.; Villa, A.F.; Serfaty, L.; Garnier, R.; Michel, Clinical report Jul 15, 2014 1405
A study of manifestations of severe falciparum malaria in bidar district. Vijay, Kumar B.A.; Patil, Sandeep; Balte, Sajjal; Patil, Shivraj B. Report Jul 14, 2014 2456
Monoclonal and Polyclonal Immunoglobulin Interference in a Conjugated Bilirubin Assay. Song, Lu; Kelly, Kathleen A.; Butch, Anthony W. Jul 1, 2014 3918
Protective effect of Taraxacum officinale against oxidative demage induced by lead (Pb) in rats exposed to contaminated diet. Ouarda, Mansouri; Berredjem, Radia; Abdennour, Cherif; Boulakoud, Mohamed Salah; Khelili, Kamel Report Jun 1, 2014 4204
Purchase of capillary tubes with heparin, reagent for glucose, creatinine, bilirubin, sgot / ast and sgpt / ast to the national hospital of san marcos. May 20, 2014 119
A comparison study: cord serum albumin is compared with cord serum bilirubin as a risk indicator in predicting neonatal jaundice. Venkatamurthy, M.; Murali, S.M.; Mamatha, S. Report Apr 14, 2014 2255
Purchase of albumin, bilirubin, calcium, creatinine, glucose reagents and other national hospital huehuetenango. Mar 22, 2014 102
Pediatric within-day biological variation and quality specifications for 38 biochemical markers in the CALIPER cohort. Bailey, Dana; Bevilacqua, Victoria; Colantonio, David A.; Pasic, Maria D.; Perumal, Nandita; Chan, M Report Mar 1, 2014 8976
Triple test--newborn screening redefined. N., Fysal; T., Basim Ali C.; T., Anjali; P., Shibina Report Feb 10, 2014 1672
PPAR[alpha]: a master regulator of bilirubin homeostasis. Bigo, Cyril; Kaeding, Jenny; Husseini, Diala El; Rudkowska, Iwona; Verreault, Melanie; Vohl, Marie C Report Jan 1, 2014 5976
Effect of low versus moderate dose of clofibrate on serum bilirubin in healthy term neonates with indirect hyperbilirubinemia. Eghbalian, Fatemeh; Monsef, Farnaz; Ghomi, Nazanin Alam; Monsef, Alireza Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2013 1018
Jaundice. Oct 21, 2013 314
Direct bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, glutamyltransferasa range, total cpk, ck mb. Sep 4, 2013 101
The effect of Gilbert's syndrome on the dispersions of QT interval and P-wave: an observational study/QT ve P dalga dispersiyonu uzerine Gilbert sendromunun etkisi: Gozlemsel bir calisma. Cure, Erkan; Yuce, Suleyman; Cicek, Yuksel; Cure, Medine Cumhur Report Sep 1, 2013 4920
Confirmatory testing of urine ketones and bilirubin: still necessary? Meng, Qing H.; Handy, Beverly; Wagar, Elizabeth Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2013 682
Eel's glow could reveal liver ills: fluorescent fish protein binds blood cell breakdown product. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jul 13, 2013 351
Severe sepsis treatment protocol HUPE against sepsis/Protocolo de tratamento da sepse grave HUPE contra a sepse. da Cunha, Sergio Jul 1, 2013 2316
The value of Bilicheck[R] as a screening tool for neonatal jaundice in the south of Iran. Hemmati, Fariba; Allah, Neamat; Rad, Kiyani Report Jun 1, 2013 3033
Blood test may help predict lung cancer risk. Apr 8, 2013 357
Evaluation of in vivo anti-hyperglycemic and antioxidant potentials of [alpha]-santalol and sandalwood oil. Misra, Biswapriya B.; Dey, Satyahari Report Mar 15, 2013 8200
Green teeth associated with Hirschprung's disease--a rare case report. Goyal, Swati; Mittal, Piyush Case study Mar 11, 2013 1993
Advanced bilirubin measurement by a photometric method. Penhaker, M.; Kasik, V.; Hrvolova, B. Report Mar 1, 2013 2063
Jaundice: an excess of bilirubin. Casey, Georgina Report Feb 1, 2013 3761
A possible molecular mechanism of immunomodulatory activity of bilirubin. Isogai, Hideto; Hirayama, Noriaki Report Jan 1, 2013 2170
Effect of aqueous stem bark extract of Khaya senegalensis on some biochemical, haematological, and histopathological parameters of rats. Onu, A.; Saidu, Y.; Ladan, M.J.; Bilbis, L.S.; Aliero, A.A.; Sahabi, S.M. Report Jan 1, 2013 5692
Development for high-accuracy in vitro assay of vascular endothelial growth factor using nanomagnetically labeled immunoassay. Yang, C.C.; Huang, K.W.; Yang, S.Y.; Chen, H.H.; Chen, T.C.; Ho, C.S.; Chang, S.F.; Chieh, J.J.; Hor Jan 1, 2013 3989
Neonatal transcutaneous bilirubin measurements: an opportunity to enhance laboratory utilization and improve patient care. Maisels, M. Jeffrey Report Oct 1, 2012 1505
Qualyst Transporter Solutions launches Bilirubin contract research service. Oct 1, 2012 142
Qualyst Transporter Solutions launches Bilirubin contract research service. Oct 1, 2012 138
Study of azathioprine effects on serum markers of insulin resistance in male rats. Houshmandi, Abbas; Ghassemi, Farangis; Ardeshiri, Rouhollah; Eilani, Marzie Report Oct 1, 2012 3171
Efecto hepatoprotector del extracto acuoso de Smallanthus sonchifolius (yacon) en un modelo de intoxicacion con acetaminofen. Arnao-Salas, Acela Ines; Suarez-Cunza, Silvia; Trabucco-Ricaldi, Juan; Cisneros-Chinchay, Ruth; Elen Sep 22, 2012 4068
Iron overload in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients. Ali, Sharif; Pimentel, Jason D.; Munoz, Javier; Shah, Veena; McKinnon, Rick; Divine, George; Janakir May 1, 2012 5739
Measuring free bilirubin: the clinical perspective. Wennberg, Richard P. Editorial May 1, 2012 1761
Fluorescence sensor for the quantification of unbound bilirubin concentrations. Huber, Andrew H.; Zhu, Baolong; Kwan, Thomas; Kampf, J. Patrick; Hegyi, Thomas; Kleinfeld, Alan M. Report May 1, 2012 5642
Serum PFOA and PFOS and liver Biomarkers in adults. Brief article May 1, 2012 240
Serum perfluoroocatanoate(PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) concentrations and livder function biomarkers in a population with elevated PFOA exposure. Gallo, Valentina; Leonardi, Giovanni; Genser, Bernd; Lopez-Espinosa, Maria-Jose; Frisbee, Stephanie Report May 1, 2012 7850
Hepato-porto-biliary changes following a high energy electrical shock. Alnuaimi, Osama; Lazar, Mihai; Apostolescu, Catalin; Scheau, Cristian; Ion, Daniela Adriana Report Dec 1, 2011 2616
A 12-week interdisciplinary intervention program for children who are obese. Farris, James W.; Taylor, Laura; Williamson, Megan; Robinson, Chris Report Dec 1, 2011 7116
Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID); a case study. Christian, Christian Report Nov 1, 2011 2788
Turning catabolism into usefulness--a jaundiced view. Stocker, Roland Nov 1, 2011 914
Cryptogenic hepatitis: a case study in autoantibody negative autoimmune hepatitis. Gacad, Vincent; Waller, Kathy Clinical report Sep 22, 2011 3215
Table of reference intervals. Statistical table Aug 1, 2011 878
An alternative approach for detecting interferences in enzymatic acetaminophen assays. Zeidler, Johannes; Kavsak, Peter A. Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2011 670
Study of fatty liver syndrome frequency in dairy cattle by evaluating NEFA, APO-A, Ammoniac, Tsh and Total Bilirobin serum values in Tabriz. Rezaeisaber, Amirparviz; Nazeri, Mehrdad Report Jun 1, 2011 2820
Evaluation of biochemical and histological effectiveness of Pleurotus citrinopileatus on plasma, feces and liver in hypercholesterolemic rats. Alam, Nuhu; Yoon, Ki Nam; Lee, Jae Seong; Lee, Min Woong; Lee, Tae Soo Report May 1, 2011 5305
Antinecroinflammatory effects of atorvastatin against carbon tetra chloride-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Doustar, Y.; Mohajeri, D.; Mousavi, Gh.; Rezaii, A.; Safarmashaei, S. Report Apr 1, 2011 2703
Distribution pattern of HCV genotypes & its association with viral load. Chakravarti, Anita; Dogra, Gaurav; Verma, Vikas; Srivastava, Amit Parkash Clinical report Mar 1, 2011 3410
JAUNDICE - CAUSES AND REMEDIES. Disease/Disorder overview Feb 13, 2011 1954
Rare benign pathologies mimicking malignancy: a cautionary tale for Whipple's resections. Ariyaratnam, P.; Cooke, J.; Dasgupta, D.; Wedgwood, K. Case study Feb 1, 2011 1283
Inmunoglobulina endovenosa en la enfermedad hemolitica por Rh del neonato. Valera-Cardenas, Rosana; Negrete-Hernandez, Nairy; Reyna-Villasmil, Eduardo; Mejia-Montilla, Jorly; Report Jan 1, 2011 3153
Parametros hematologicos y bioquimicos en el hamster dorado (Mesocricetus auratus L.) alimentado con base en harina de lombriz roja (Eisenia spp.) y fuentes convencionales. Cova, L.; Garcia, D.E.; Briceno, S.; Scorza, J.V.; Montilla, F.; Medina, M.G.; Moratinos, P.; Perea, Jan 1, 2011 10528
Sustained virologic response among latino veterans; does it represent the cure of chronic hepatitis C infection? De Jesus, Joel; Nieves-Santiago, Paul; Rodriguez-Perez, Federico; Toro, Doris H. Report Dec 1, 2010 2530
Jaundice in newborns may be linked to autism. Oct 13, 2010 148
Bovine serum-based bilirubin calibrators are inappropriate for some diazo methods. Lo, Staney; Jendrzejczak, Bernardine; Doumas, Basil T. Letter to the editor May 1, 2010 2009
Proficiency testing performance in US laboratories: results reported to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 1994 through 2006. Howerton, Devery; Krolak, John M.; Manasterski, Adam; Handsfield, James H. May 1, 2010 5373
Hepatitis a bifasica en ninos colombianos: reporte de nueve casos y revision de la literatura. Fernando Barragan, Diego; Velasco Benitez, Carlos Alberto May 1, 2010 2049
Acute Epstein Barr infection presenting with hepatitis and jaundice. Papafragkakis, Haris Report Apr 1, 2010 1488
Answering your questions. Karon, Brad S. Mar 1, 2010 812
Screen doesn't prevent bilirubin encephalopathy. Schneider, Mary Ellen Oct 15, 2009 520
Panel looks at chronic bilirubin encephalopathy. Schneider, Mary Ellen Oct 1, 2009 526
Screening newborns' blood can lower risk of severe jaundice in infants. Sep 28, 2009 591
Artichoke leave extract for chronic hepatitis C--a pilot study. Huber, R.; Muller, M.; Naumann, J.; Schenk, T.; Ludtke, R. Report Sep 1, 2009 2937
Acute viral hepatitis as a confounding factor in patients with antituberculosis treatment induced hepatotoxicity. Sharma, S.K.; Singla, Rohit; Kumar, V. Sreenivas Sanjeev; Rathored, Brajesh Jha Jaishriram; Singh, S Aug 1, 2009 1101
Perfiles de caida de la bilirrubina serica luego de correccion quirurgica de la ictericia obstructiva. Irabor, David O. Clinical report May 1, 2009 2312
Yellow eye is an unreliable indicator of jaundice risk in infants: Study. Mar 25, 2009 529
Total bilirubin critical value. Baer, Daniel M. Nov 1, 2008 586
Is visual assessment a reliable way to estimate bilirubin levels? Clinical report Aug 1, 2008 248
Semiquantitative xanthochromia. Baer, Daniel M. Aug 1, 2008 559
Association between the UGT1A1 TA-repeat polymorphism and bilirubin concentration in patients with intermittent claudication: results from the CAVASIC study. Rantner, Barbara; Kollerits, Barbara; Anderwald-Stadler, Marietta; Klein-Weigel, Peter; Gruber, Ingr Clinical report May 1, 2008 4784

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