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Bilingual Minds: Emotional Experience, Expression, and Representation.


Bilingual minds; emotional experience, expression, and representation.

Ed. by Aneta Pavlenko.

Multilingual Matters Ltd.


324 pages



Bilingual education and bilingualism; 56


In this collection of 11 articles in this new discipline of study, contributors examine the complex linkages among memory, language, cognition and emotion, covering such topics as the bilingual self, translingual memoir, desire and the language market, affective displays in French v. Portuguese, expressing anger and humor in multiple languages, translating guilt and shame across the Mediterranean, monlingual and bilingual memory and the labeling and conceptualization of envy and jealousy in Russian and English, cognitive approaches to the study of emotion in monolingual and bilingual memory, choosing a first language as more emotional, and the theory and methods of bilingual autobiographical memory. Distributed in the US by UTP Distribution.

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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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