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Bilcare is an international, integrated service provider to the global pharmaceutical industry, offering packaging research, clinical trial supplies services, anticounterfeiting and an acclaimed research academy. Bilcare operates state-of-the-art quality certified manufacturing and research facilities in India, Singapore, USA and the UK, and has regional offices in Brazil, Germany, China and Australia. Bilcare provides solutions that address many of the industry's key concerns, including counterfeit drugs, compliance, costs, communication and convenience. With its global centre of excellence in Pune, India, Bilcare's research has resulted in over 70 global patent filings for novel packaging materials, processes, systems and technology solutions. Bilcare Technology protects pharmaceutical brands and provides authentication and security along the entire drug supply chain. Its technology combines barcodes with a proprietary nano-tag or "fingerprint"--a low cost, impossible-to-copy anticounterfeiting system.

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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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