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Bike race would be better use of streets than new Super Prix; Letters.

DEAR Editor, Is it not ironic that the letter from Phillip Birch supporting the return of the Birmingham Super Prix (Time to bring back street race, July 17) uses as its justification the fact that the streets of Birmingham are more suited to a racetrack than those of London.

Joking aside about the quality of driving in the West Midlands, is this really what Birmingham should be aspiring to? It's perfectly arguable that the image of Birmingham has suffered over the years precisely because our road system was a racetrack more suited to cars than people.

We have moved on from that now with the part demolition of the inner ring road, the recent funding for cycling infrastructure, investment in improved public realm and trams, and Birmingham is becoming a better place to live and to visit because of that.

Please let's not return to an event whose only legacy was to leave Birmingham with a racetrack of a road system that is dangerous, congested and polluting for those who have to live there.

Why not aspire to hosting an event such as the Tour de France instead, one only has to look at the recent success of the event in Yorkshire and London, both in the way it inspires the next generation and how it could be used to showcase what Birmingham and the West Midlands has to offer the world.

Alan Bain Bearwood


The Birmingham Super Prix circuit in the late eighties ran along Bristol Street and up to Highgate

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Title Annotation:Letters
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Date:Jul 24, 2014
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