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Big-time accuracy checking.

The WGT series of Gear Checkers is capable of inspecting bearings and ring gears up to 19.68' in diameter. In the dual-arm machine design, the CMM measuring arms are each mounted to a table that is mounted on a large granite base. The measuring arms feature linear guideways for the X-axis. The Y- and Z-axes feature tuned preloaded roller bearings providing minimum friction and operational wear. The base units are positioned opposite each other with a rotary fi xture table in between. Both arms measure the large rings concurrently and the metrology of each measuring arm is harmonized through the use of a calibration tool. The ring gears and bearings are located and clamped on the 7.21'-diameter hydrostatic rotary table that can handle loads up to 100,000 lb. The complete circumference of the rings are inspected by a single inspection part program. The two measuring arms are equipped with Renishaw SP80 Scanning probes. Xspect Solutions, Inc., Wixom, MI

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Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:May 1, 2009
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