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Big turnout for Big Blue despite heat, humidity.

The USHA/ICHA Junior Big Blue Nationals and Adult Singles Championships continued to gain momentum this year.

With over 130 participants in 16 divisions, Team ICHA, led by President Cesar Sala and founder Paul Williams, completed the event in a single day at the North Meadow courts in Central Park in Manhattan.

The August weather in New York was hot and humid and the competition fierce, making stamina an important factor.

The 19-and-under singles featured 19 players. Kenneth Lim overcame Jefferson Xu in the final 21-15.

Shnae Cummings continued her domination in the girls divisions, slamming in the 19-and-under by winning the singles and taking the doubles with Liz Torres.

David Velez proved he is deserving of a New York City "A" card by dominating the 11-player open division. Finally, Ronald Beard followed up his USHA 50-plus wallball title by winning the 35-plus adult championship over Jack Safos.

The growth and success of this event shows that the USHA and the ICHA are working together to provide the highest level of quality events for juniors.

"We are really excited about the turnout," said USHA board member Jared Vale. "The USHA and ICHA are committed to continued collaboration to growing the junior events and ensuring their longevity."


First round: Jose Merlin (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) d. Jose Tufino (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) 17; Jefferson Xu (Staten Island, N.Y.) d. Jeffrey Martinez (Flushing, N.Y.) 9; Jesus Garcia (New York) d. Andy Qu (Flushing, N.Y.) 6.

Round of 16: Kenneth Lim (College Point, N.Y.) d. Merlin 12; Cesar Ayala (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Jalen Jett (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 13; Alex Acteopan (Queens, N.Y.) d. Justin Quach (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 15; Matthew Salgado (Cypress Hills, N.Y.) d. Jose Quiroz (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) 9; Xu d. Chun Chen (Flushing, N.Y.) 20; Brian Lee (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Bernardo Brandt (Lakewood, N.J.) 13; Victor Yuan (Bayside, N.Y.) d. David Kim (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 5; Danny Huang (Flushing, N.Y.) d. Garcia 16.

Quarters: Lim d. Ayala 18; Acteopan d. Salgado 13; Xu d. Lee 16; Huang d. Yuan 17.

Semis: Lim d. Acteopan 12; Xu d. Huang.

Final: Lim d. Xu 15.


First round: Dennis Yu (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Tan Dinh (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 0; Andrew Tam (Flushing, N.Y.) d. Edward Li (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 18; Mario Flores (New York) d. Mateo Chimbo (Corona, N.Y); Alex Acteopan (Queens, N.Y.) d. Thomas Chan (Flushing, N.Y.); Carson Loh (Flushing, N.Y.) d. Ismael Sinani (Elmhurst, N.Y.) 12; Jonathan Carranza (Glendale, N.Y.) d. Eddy Rojas (East Elmhurst, N.Y.) 16; Justin Zhen (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Vincent Chen (Flushing, N.Y.) 7; Joseph Lau (Staten Island, N.Y.) d. Hugo Pelaez (Ridgewood, N.Y.) 6; Nazir Marston (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Jose Quiroz (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) 5; Michael Li (New York) d. Daniel Oh (Fresh Meadows, N.Y.) 17; Bryan Almachi (Queens, N.Y.) d. Shuquan Huang (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 5; Jeanpierre Garcia (Elmhurst, N.Y.) d. Ahmed Daiyan (Ozone Park, N.Y.) 10; Jhim Lopez (New York) d. Justin Wang (Flushing, N.Y.) 3; Amit Sarker (New York) d. Kevin Liang (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 13.

Round of 16: Joseph Arellano (Staten Island, N.Y.) d. Yu 8; Flores d.Tam 16; Acteopan d. Loh 10; Zhen d. Carranza 8; Marston d. Lau 5; Almachi d. Li 5; Lopez d. Garcia 9; Steven Poon (Flushing, N.Y.) d. Sarker 11.

Quarters: Arellano d. Flores 4; Acteopan d. Zhen 18; Marston d. Almachi 9; Lopez d. Poon 15.

Semis: Arellano d. Acteopan 6; Marston d. Lopez 6.

Final: Arellano d. Marston 7.

15 under

First round: Pradeep Giri (Elmhurst, N.Y.) d. Kaiyue Li (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 7.

Quarters: Giri d. James Lopez (New York) 13; Freddy Ortiz (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) d. Aaron Siu (New York) 7; Mario Flores (New York) d. Tan Dinh (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 6; Israel Beltran (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) d. Raymond Huang (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 14.

Semis: Ortiz d. Giri 6; Beltran d. Flores 18.

Final: Beltran d. Ortiz 18.

19-under doubles

First round: Jalen Jett/Matthew Salgado d. Jack Vizhnay/Jose Tufino 1; Eddy Rojas/Jose Merlin d. Jefferson Xu/Joseph Lau 13.

Quarters: Chun Chen/Kenneth Lim d. Jett/Salgado 3; Johnny Rodriguez/Henry Santana d. Cesar Ayala/David Kim 7; Jeffrey Martinez/Victor Yuan d. Brian Lee/Raymond Huang 8; Danny Huang/Justin Quach d. Rojas/Merlin 10.

Semis: Rodriguez/Santana d. Chen/Lim 14; Huang/Quach d. Martinez/Yuan 12.

Final: Huang/Quach d. Rodriguez/Santana 18.

17-under doubles

First round: Edward Li/Michael Li d. Hugo Pelaez/Jonathan Carranza 20; Jhim Lopez/Nazir Marston d. AndrewTam/VincentChen 1; Bryan Almachi/Julian Lopez d. Carson Loh/Thomas Chan 5; Dennis Yu/Kevin Liang d. Ahmed Daiyan/Edgar Loja 4; Israel Beltran/Jose Quiroz d. Jacob Mercado/Jose Romero 11.

Quarters: Daniel Oh/Steven Poon d. Li/Li 19; Lopez/Marston d. Almachi/Lopez 10; Yu/Liang d. Amit Sarker/Jeanpierre Garcia 14; Beltran/Quiroz d. Justin Zhen/Shuquan Huang 12.

Semis: Lopez/Marston d. Oh/Poon 9; Beltran/Quiroz d. Yu/Liang 15.

Final: Lopez/Marston d. Beltran/Quiroz.

15-under doubles round robin

1: Freddy Ortiz/Pradeep Giri d. Aaron Siu/Kaiyue Li 5; d. Braulio Minchala/Jose Romero 5.

2: Siu/Li d. Minchala/Romero 12.

Girls 19-under

Quarters: Shnae Cummings (Saint Albans, N.Y.) d. Jenny Minchala (Corona, N.Y.) 1; Jenny Wu (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Britney Chen (Whitestone, N.Y.) 11; Nancy Casimiro (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) d. Mariana Liu (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 11; Cathy Chen (Elmhurst, N.Y.) d. Laly Prado (East Elmhurst, N.Y.) 11.

Semis: Cummings d. Wu 0; Chen d. Casimiro 20.

Final: Cummings d. Chen 0.

Girls 17-under

First round: Jessica Lozada (Seaford, N.Y.) d. Ivett Avila (Elmhurst, N.Y.) 10.

Quarters: Lozada d. Yasmin Mendoza (Jackson Hts., N.Y.) 15; Barbara Hoey (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Anastasia Chen (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 13; Serena Zhu (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Amy Liang (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 9; Cathy Chen (Elmhurst, N.Y.) d. Britney Chen (Whitestone, N.Y.) 11.

Semis: Lozada d. Hoey; Chen d. Zhu 3.

Final: Lozada d. Chen 19.

Girls 15-under round robin

1: Ivett Avila (Elmhurst, N.Y.) d. Zoe He (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 19; d. Anastasia Chen (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 7.

2: He d. Chen 15.

Girls 19-under doubles

1: LizTorres/Shnae Cummings d. Laly Prado/Nancy Casimiro 10; d. Mariana Liu/Jenny Wu 5.

2: Prado/Casimiro d. Liu/Wu 5.

Girls 17-under doubles

First round: Gabriella Sullivan/Jessica Lozada d.Sarina Wang/Sherry Lin.

Semis: Sullivan/Lozada d. Jenny Minchala/Yasmin Mendoza 10; Zoe He/Barbara Hoey d. Amy Liang/Serena Zhu 1.

Final: Sullivan/Lozada d. He/Hoey 1.


First round: Diego Nieto (Brentwood, N.Y.) d. Alfredo Figueroa (NewYork) 16; Raymond Tao (New York) d. Adam Gittlitz (Kew Gardens, N.Y.) 0; Lemwhir Valette (Huntington Station, N.Y.) d. Michael Rosendo (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 7.

Quarters: David Velez (New York) d. Nieto; Jared Yu (New York) d. Isaiah Hong (Queens, N.Y.) 7; Arnold Lee (Oakland Gardens, N.Y.) d.Tao 3; Valette d. Brandon Lau (Staten Island, N.Y.) 5.

Semis: Velez d. Yu 5; Valette d. Lee 17.

Final: Velez d. Valette 16.

B singles

First round: Lemwhir Valette (Huntington Station, N.Y.) d. Robert Goffner (Forest Hills, N.Y.) 4; Jonathan Davila (Elmhurst, N.Y.) d. Rafael Guzman (Corona, N.Y.) 7; Max Chiang (Oakland Gardens, N.Y.) d. Adam Gittlitz (Kew Gardens, N.Y.) 8; Juan Zapata (New York) d. Tamour Iqbal (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 19; Diego Nieto (Brentwood, N.Y.) d. Julio Salas (Corona, N.Y.) 10; Jack Safos (Rockway, N.Y.) d. Alex Ly (New York) 8; Alfredo Figueroa (New York) d. Pedro Hernandez (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 10; Jefferson Zamora (Ozone Park, N.Y.) d. Javier Zamora (Ozone Park, N.Y.); Michael Carrone (Howard Beach, N.Y.) d.Trever Leach (New York) 1.

Round of 16: Valette d. Josef Gotsch (Goo, N.Y.) 12; Davila d. Chiang, def; Zapata d. Allan Luna (Brooklyn, N.Y); Nieto d. Jianneng Wu (Flushing, N.Y.); def.; Safos d. Jared Yu (New York), def.; Figueroa d. Guillermo Alvarez (Jackson Heights, N.Y.), def.; Daniel Xie (Staten Island, N.Y.) d. Zamora 6; Carrone d. Raymond Tao (New York) 7.

Quarters: Valette d. Davila 12; Nieto d. Zapata, def.; Figueroa d. Safos, def; Carrone d. Xie 18.

Semis: Valette d. Nieto 5; Figueroa d. Carrone 17.

Final: Valette d. Figueroa 8.

C singles

First round: Jefferson Zamora (Ozone Park, N.Y.) d. Julio Salas (Corona, N.Y.) 9; Javier Zamora (Ozone Park, N.Y.) d. Willie Xu (Woodside, N.Y.) 3.

Round of 32: Henry Santana (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Jefferson Zamora 12; Robert Goffner (Forest Hills, N.Y.) d. Jong Woo Han (Bayside, N.Y.) 20; Guillermo Alvarez (Jackson Heights, N.Y.) d. Steven Chapio (New York) 8; William Yang (Melville, N.Y.) d.Teodoro Garcia (Bronx, N.Y.) 0; Daniel Xie (Staten Island, N.Y.) d. Alex Ly (New York) 9; Nelson Ng (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Jeffry Sosa (Elmhurst, N.Y.) 6; Rafael Guzman (Corona, N.Y.) d. Gregorio Calabrese (Stamford, Conn.) 11; Juan Zapata (New York) d. Miguel Perez (New York) 19; Joseph Arellano (Staten Island, N.Y.) d. Joseph Delgado (Stratford, Conn.) 13; Michael Rosendo (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Bernardo Brandt (Lakewood, N.J.) 10;Tamour Iqbal (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Andy Qu (Flushing, N.Y.) 7; Jesus Garcia (New York) d.Trever Leach (New York) 11; Albert Hernandez (New York) d. Robert Shurek (Ozone Park, N.Y.); Allan Luna (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Michael Carrone (Howard Beach, N.Y.) 8; Max Chiang (Oakland Gardens, N.Y.) d. Ulysses Perez (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 5; Christopher Hernandez (Brooklyn, N.Y.) d. Javier Zamora 20.

Round of 16: Santana d. Goffner 7; Yang d. Alvarez 11; Ng d. Xie 9; Zapata d. Guzman 8; Arellano d. Rosendo 18; Garcia d. Iqbal 13; Luna d. Hernandez 10; Chiang d. Hernandez 20.

Quarters: Santana d. Yang 3; Ng d. Zapata 18; Garcia d. Arellano 18; Luna d. Chiang 13.

Semis: Santana d. Ng 20; Garcia d. Luna 19.

Final: Santana d. Garcia.

Women's B round robin

1: Loren Cielo (Brentwood, N.Y.) d. Tania Juarez (East Elmhurst, N.Y.) 7; d. Marea Rodriguez (Seaford, N.Y.) 5.

2: Juarez d. Rodriguez 3.

35+ singles

First round: Jack Safos (Rockway, N.Y.) d. Albert Hernandez (New York) 11; Ronald Beard (Dix Hills, N.Y.) d. Victor Fernandez (New York) 2.

Quarters: Safos d. Jared Vale (Floral Park, N.Y.) 15; Gregorio Calabrese (Stamford, Conn.) d. Teodoro Garcia (Bronx, N.Y.) 18; Salvatore Coticelli (Staten Island, N.Y.) d. Ulysses Perez (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 0; Beard d. Joseph Delgado (Stratford, Conn.) 5.

Semis: Safos d. Calabrese 9; Beard d. Coticelli 8.

Final: Beard d. Safos 12.
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