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Big table slips over the firepit.

Big table slips over the firepit

It can be chilly near the ocean at any time of year. This was discouraging to Cindy and Jeff Taylor of Huntington Beach, California, who enjoy entertaining outdoors. The gathering spot pictured here, built into a corner of their back garden, solved the problem.

Made of concrete block faced with brick, its firepit houses gas jets set beneath a bed of large lava rocks. Like the surrounding benches (also brick-faced concrete block), the pit is 16 inches tall.

The Taylors built a redwood table to suit the firepit. Five feet wide, 8 feet long, a mere 11 inches high, and topped with five coats of marine varnish, it perches on 4-by-4 legs on the rim of the pit; 12 people can fit around it comfortably. When dinner is over, it can be lifted off and stored under pivoting cleats mounted under the eaves. The hinged legs fold flat.

Photo: Brick-rimmed firepit, ringed by benches of matching design and materials, creates a comfortable atmosphere--especially on cool evenings. Short-leg add-on oval table sits on firepit rim to transform the space into an outdoor dining room for a dozen people. Table stores under cleats on side of house
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Date:Oct 1, 1987
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