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Big sweep of a trellis, made with plastic pipe.

Big sweep of a trellis, made with plastic pipe

Matching the curve of an existing gardenwall below it, this sleek trellis is formed of flexible PVC plumbing pipe. It helps set off the entry gate and provides a little more privacy for the entry courtyard.

To support the trellis, five wood "trees,'made from 4-by-12 posts, were lagscrewed along the concrete-block wall. The posts were notched, then bolted to the outside of the wall, which received a new covering of peach-colored stucco.

Atop the wall, lattice privacy panels wereadded to increase height. Two layers of ready-made lattice (cut from 4- by 8-foot sheets) sandwich UV-resistant translucent fiberglass. Panels are held by 1-by-1 stops mounted on each side of the posts.

Two pairs of 2-by-8 "branches' fill thespace between the top of the lattice and the 4-by-4 trellis supports.

The trellis supports began as 4-by-8s.Evenly spaced 2-inch-diameter holes were drilled down the center of each 8-inch face. Each board was then ripped down the center, creating a pair of troughed 4-by-4s.

Schedule 80 1 1/2-inch pipe was screwed inplace on a warm, sunny day (PVC is more flexible when warn). Pipe lengths were spaced so joints all line up at the center of a support. Splices were strendthened by inserting 1 1/2-inch dowels in the ends. All wood surfaces were stained an opaque green; the pipe was spray-painted with a matching enamel.

Remodel architects were Frank Hendlerand Oscar McGraw of Malibu, California, for Megan and Hamlin Emory.

Photo: Gracefully curving trellis made from PVC pipe tops stucco-clad garden wall

Photo: Pipes rest in half-circle troughsin cross-supports, holding trellis firm while maintaining spacing
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Date:May 1, 1987
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