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Big sale: Get Intellexer Summarizer and Categorizer with 50 % discount.

Minks, Belarus, November 17, 2010 --( EffectiveSoft Company announces a 50 % discount on its desktop software tools for experts - Intellexer Summarizer and Categorizer. This is limited time offer: it is possible to buy Intellexer Summarizer, Summarizer Pro and Categorizer at half price only until the end of 2010.

Intellexer Summarizer and Categorizer are semantic solutions intended for knowledge retrieval and data management. Categorizer will automatically organize a large amount of text files, and Summarizer will spare you reading the entire document and save your time for leisure.

Save up to 50% with special sale offer from EffectiveSoft by ordering Summarizer or Categorizer tools in this year.

EffectiveSoft's products are based on semantic platform Intellexer SDK (a unique product released by R&D department for knowledge management).

In addition to proprietary products development EffectiveSoft company enhances existing customer application with the power of semantic technologies.

Intellexer Summarizer is a stand-alone application designed for data management, information research and document summarization. This desktop software analyses texts and extracts its main ideas into concise and clear summary. By request Intellexer Summarizer can produce theme-oriented summaries (e.g. politics, economics, and scientific article, patent). Users can analyze documents of any size and contents due to this tool.

Intellexer Summarizer Pro is intended for professional use in various business fields and possesses an outstanding quality of summarization due to combination of linguistic, statistical and heuristic algorithms.

Benefits for users and key features of Intellexer Summarizer:

- High accuracy of summarization (due to the linguistic core enhancements)

- Relevant summary results

- Summarization of any text file (included PDF in Pro version) or web documents

- Stylish and user-friendly interface

- It includes concept tree - a tool for document analysis

- Summary size management

- Smooth integration into Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox and Windows shell

Order Intellexer Summarizer with 50% off and read more about this software at the official website

Intellexer Categorizer is smart desktop software from the family of Intellexer SDK-based semantic solutions. This stand-alone application is created by EffectiveSoft R&D department for quick document categorization. Categorizer automatically classifies documents and assigns them to user-defined categories. Precise document comparison and categorization is performed with the power of complicated semantic technologies based on Natural Language Processing.

How Intellexer Categorizer works:

To organize a bulk amount of document user creates catalogue structure and assigns etalon document for every category. The remaining work is performed automatically:

- Categorizer analyses etalon documents

- Searches for similar documents in pre-defined folders

- Calculates the relevance of documents to categories

- Allows to move/copy files to the created structure of folders

Key advantages for end-users:

- Intuitive and easy to use program interface will accelerate your work

- Comprehensive semantic analysis of the entire document

- Information handling on the level of meaning for better results

- High accuracy of categorization and flexibility of settings

- Time saving technologies at your services

Find out more about Intellexer Categorizer here

About EffectiveSoft:

EffectiveSoft is named one of the leading semantic software development companies, located in Eastern Europe. EffectiveSoft specializes in the development of semantic solutions for knowledge and document management, offshore software development, software testing and consulting services. With more than 9 years of hands on experience in software development industry EffectiveSoft caters to requirements of customers from the USA, Sweden, Israel, Italy and other countries.

Company Contact information:

Alexandra Solonaya

Marketing department

+375 17 2846000

Sales (at) effectivesoft (dot) com

EffectiveSoft Ltd.

Ya.Kolasa St., 3

220013 Minsk, Belarus


Contact Information:

EffectiveSoft, Ltd.

Alexandra Solonaya, Marketing Department

+375 17 2846000
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