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Big plant, small space.

In July's "Big Plant in a Small Space" by Blake Ellis, in Figure 4 the chilled water expansion tanks (and makeup) are shown connected to the upper and lower return mains. I am wondering if there should also have been a makeup and expansion tank connection to the "headered" loop, which facilitates the use of any pump to serve any chiller.

Asif Kadiani, P.E., Member ASHRAE, Springfield, Ill.

The Authors Respond

We don't believe the makeup water/ expansion tank should be connected to the cross-tie loop (the loop facilitating the use of any pump to serve any chiller). The cross-tie loop is connected on the discharge side of the chilled water supply pumps. The makeup water/expansion tank is connected to the CHWR headers, which are on the suction side of the chilled water supply pumps. The suction side of the pumps is where we wanted to control the system pressure.

Blake E. Ellis, P.E., Member ASHRAE and Raymond J. Mosier, P.E., Member ASHRAE, Kansas City, Mo.

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Author:Kadiani, Asif
Publication:ASHRAE Journal
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2013
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