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Big greenhouse rooms; simple and relatively inexpensive ways to add living space.

Big greenhouse rooms

Instead of using partial greenhouse components, these two additions attach full-size factory-built greenhouses directly to the backs of two-story houses. The roof peaks of the new rooms reach to just below the upper-story windows.

At left, an unheated 16-by 24-foot greenhouse opens to Connie and Joe Samuel's family room in San Juan Capistrano, California. A perimeter foundation supports the unit. Sliding glass doors between the new room and the house itself can be removed from spring through fall.

Dark gray glass was used for the roof, and light gray for the sides. A ceiling fan, roof vents, and three exterior sliding doors provide air circulation.

Inside, automatic sprinklers irrigate plants in the ground; drip tubing waters hanging plants.

Similar in size to the Samuels' addition, the greenhouse attached to Lenore and James Ross's house (above) sits on 24-inch-high brick walls.

To link this new family room to the kitchen, architects Day and Armantrout of Redlands, California, removed the bearing wall between the areas and replaced it with a hidden beam supported by two Doric columns. The beam's height created space for recessed lighting panels above the sink.

Photo: Pillars and beam replace former bearing kitchen wall, open house to new greenhouse room. Shadecloth, tinted glass, ridge vents, and side windows give owners control of climate

Photo: Decking material continues from patio into greenhouse addition. From house, double doorway leads to relaxing room filled with hanging and in-ground plants, hammock
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Date:Oct 1, 1986
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