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He's funnier than Jennings, sexier than Brokaw, and at least as reliable as Rather. He's Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who has given America something to laugh about during an endless presidential election cycle.

Not content with making mock of current events, Stewart and the Daily Show crew have just released the hilarious America: The Book (Warner Books, $24.95). At the height of election fever, Stewart took time out to answer our ridiculous questions.

You and the Daily Show writers have designed America: The Book to look like a classroom textbook. What was the biggest lie you were taught in school?

The other students insinuated that my people may have killed their savior. They didn't have a whole lot of material to back it up with, except for one book they kept quoting.

Who has a better chance of being elected president: an African-American, a gay man, a lesbian, or Rick Santorum?

Well, you know, Rick Santorum is two of those categories, but I'm not allowed to tell you which ones.

Which Daily Show guest have you had to restrain yourself from punching?

I'm going to have to go with Posh Spice, for her views on the weapons inspectors and letting them back into Iraq--I thought they were superficial and not well-thought-out.

America: The Book jokingly suggests that Antonin Scalia is the Supreme Court's sole gay member. But seriously, what is up with him and the gay stuff?

They asked him recently if he had any gay people who ever worked for him, and he said he wasn't sure, he probably had but he never asked. It's incredible that he's only concerned about it when it comes to strangers. I imagine it has something to do with the robe.

What the beck is hiding in Phyllis Schlafly's hair? And do you know a nice boy her son could date?

She's hiding hate fairies. I'm trying to think if I've got someone for her son to date, but I'd really hate to put anyone through that Thanksgiving.

Many gay people have a tough time understanding gay Republicans. Do they make any more sense to straight people?

In the universe of gay Republicans are Jews for Jesus and Retarded Death Row Inmates for Bush. They don't reflect the larger group, and they're not aware of what's in their best interest.
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Title Annotation:arts & entertainment; interview of Jon Stewart
Author:Duralde, Alonso
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Interview
Date:Nov 9, 2004
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