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Big gay following: Tyra Banks: the host of America's Next Top Model provides sassy answers to silly questions.

What's not gay about America's Next Top Model? Everything's gay on Americas Next Top Model. It's a gay man's paradise! We've got gorgeous Jay Manuel, sexy-ass Nigel Barker, drag queens, corsets, cattiness, and beautiful girls with lots of attitude. We use the words "fierce" and "fabulous" as much as we use the word "the." And I have so much makeup oil in the judging room--the drag queens all across America have got to love that!

What Victoria's Secret bra would be the best choice for a drag queen?

The Body by Victoria bra would be amazing 'cause it has no lace, so it would conceal the tissue paper used to stuff the bra.

What complaint are you already fed up with hearing from America's Next Top Model contestants?

That they think it's everybody's fault but theirs when they Lake a bad picture.

Do you and the other judges ever play tricks on the girls or on each other to keep things interesting?

We joke around with each other all the time. [Panelist] Janice [Dickinson] is 100% entertainment! We just watch her bounce around the judging room singing Outkast, jumping on the table, talking about how site's a black girl and had trouble getting jobs back in the day 'cause she's black.

What teasing nickname haunted you in elementary or junior high school?

"Five-head." The kids used to say, "Tyra's forehead is so big it's alive-head." It doesn't haunt me now, though. I love my big five-head.

The third season of America's Next Top Model was scheduled to premiere Wednesday, September 22.
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Author:White, Dave
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Date:Oct 12, 2004
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