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Big gap between EPOS perception and adoption.

70% of small and medium retailers can see the benefits of EPOS systems (computerised tills), yet only 40% percent have actually adopted them, according to a new survey by pfa Research for EPOS and ecommerce systems supplier Actinic. Out of a sample of over 100 SME retailers, only 12% did not think an EPOS system would bring any benefits--although 18% did not know enough about them to express an opinion. Stock control was the most widely recognised benefit, cited by almost a third of respondents, and was also most commonly cited as the main reason for adopting EPOS (by 21% of users), followed by control of the business and accounting and reporting (10%). Other benefits such as enhanced security and increased efficiency were recognised by fewer than 10% of those interviewed. The results indicate that there is still some way to go before all of the benefits of EPOS are widely recognised, and before a majority of businesses move to adopt the technology. Chris Barling, CEO of Actinic, comments: "Businesses in the UK still seem to find it hard to invest in things that will make them more efficient, even when they recognise the need. This is in stark contrast with the US retail market, which is considerably more productive than the UK, and where it's hard to find a retailer without an EPOS system." Other findings of the research included:. There is more widespread use of off-the-shelf EPOS packages (54%) compared with bespoke systems. Over half of all EPOS systems are installed by an EPOS specialist. The average cost of a system is 5,200 [pounds sterling]. 71% of EPOS users had no problems with their system. Among non-adopters, 5% have firm plans to implement EPOS, 56% have decided against and 39% are undecided. 5% of companies with an EPOS system have plans to replace it. Copies of the flail research report are available to download at
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2007
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